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Best 458 Lott Ammo - Editor's Choice

What is 458 Lott ammo? 🧐

It is a powerful rifle cartridge designed for big-game hunting. It was developed by Jack Lott in the mid-1970s as a modification of the .458 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The primary purpose was to improve upon the .458 Winchester Magnum’s performance, making it more suitable for hunting the largest and most dangerous game animals in Africa, such as elephants, Cape buffalo, and rhinoceros.

458 Lott ammo

Features 📝

.458 Lott ammunition is designed for hunting large and dangerous game animals, and it possesses several key features that make it suitable for this purpose. Here are some of the notable characteristics:

🔶 High Velocity: This ammunition is loaded to achieve high velocities, which results in excellent energy and trajectory performance. The higher velocity helps deliver deep penetration and quick, humane kills.

🔶 Deep Penetration: One of the primary features is its deep penetration. This is essential when hunting large and tough game animals like elephants and Cape buffalo. The cartridge is designed to break through thick hides and bones to reach vital organs.

🔶 Stopping Power: This cartridge is renowned for its exceptional stopping power. It delivers a significant amount of energy upon impact, which can quickly incapacitate or kill the targeted animal, preventing dangerous charges or escapes.

🔶 Reloadability: Reloading enthusiasts often appreciate the .458 Lott cartridge because it can be hand-loaded with various bullet types and powder charges to tailor performance to specific hunting scenarios.

Our Top Pick
Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott 500 Grain Dangerous Game eXpanding Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition
Notice this awesome ammunition! One of the standout features is the patented Hornady InterLock nose tip and nose cavity in the bullet design. This innovation isn't just for show; it ensures positive ignition and reliable function, crucial for any shooter out there. Moreover, it enhances the bullet's weight, expansion, penetration, and terminal performance. Whether you prefer the heavy-hitting DGS bullet or the DGX bullet, Hornady offers both options. These bullets are constructed from tough copper-clad steel, known for its durability. Worried about whether your rifle is suitable for this ammo? Rest assured, any dangerous game rifle can handle this ammunition. So, whether you're heading out for a dangerous game hunt or simply want ammunition you can trust, such ammo is a reliable choice. It's accurate, consistent, and always dependable.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Benefits 🔥

.458 Lott ammunition offers several benefits, particularly for hunters pursuing large and dangerous game in Africa and other regions. Here are some of the key advantages:

✴️ While .458 Lott is primarily associated with hunting dangerous game, it can also be used for hunting other large and tough game animals, such as moose, bear, and bison. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for a range of big-game hunting scenarios.

✴️ This cartridge is known for its reliability and ability to perform in challenging hunting conditions. It can handle adverse weather, extreme temperatures, and rugged terrain, making it a dependable choice for hunters in various environments.

✴️ The high stopping power and deep penetration of such ammo contribute to ethical and humane hunting practices. It helps ensure that animals are dispatched quickly and with minimal suffering.

Benefits of 458 Lott ammo

History and Relevance 📚

The .458 Lott cartridge has an interesting history and continues to be relevant in the world of big-game hunting. Here’s an overview of its history and its ongoing relevance:

✍️ History: ✍️ Relevance:
☑️ Development: The .458 Lott cartridge was developed by American hunter and ammunition expert Jack Lott in the mid-1970s. It was created as a response to the limitations of the .458 Winchester Magnum, which was widely used for hunting large and dangerous game in Africa at the time. Lott aimed to improve upon the performance of the .458 Winchester Magnum.

☑️ Purpose: Jack Lott designed the cartridge specifically for hunting Africa’s most formidable and dangerous game animals, such as elephants, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and large predators. He wanted a cartridge that could reliably stop these massive creatures with deep penetration and quick, humane kills.

☑️ Modifications: The .458 Lott is essentially a modified .458 Winchester Magnum cartridge. Lott increased the case length and changed the shoulder angle to allow for more powder capacity and higher pressures. This modification resulted in increased velocity and energy, enhancing the cartridge’s performance.

☑️ Acceptance: It gained acceptance among hunters and professional guides in Africa for its improved performance over the .458 Winchester Magnum. It became a popular choice for big-game hunting on the African continent and is still widely used today.

☑️ Effective for Dangerous Game: This cartridge remains highly relevant for hunting large and dangerous game, particularly in Africa. It is known for its exceptional stopping power, deep penetration, and ability to quickly and ethically take down massive animals.

☑️ Versatility: While originally designed for African big-game hunting, it has also found use in hunting other large and tough game species worldwide, such as moose, brown bear, and bison. Its versatility makes it a valuable choice for hunters pursuing a range of big-game species.

☑️ Ethical Considerations: Its deep penetration and stopping power contribute to ethical and humane hunting practices. Hunters can be confident that they can dispatch their game quickly and efficiently, minimizing suffering.

☑️ African Safari Tradition: The cartridge is deeply ingrained in the tradition of African safari hunting. Many hunters are drawn to its historical significance and the sense of adventure associated with pursuing Africa’s iconic big-game species.

📌 So, this cartridge has a rich history rooted in the pursuit of Africa’s most formidable game animals. Its continued relevance lies in its ability to deliver stopping power, penetration, and versatility for hunters seeking to ethically and effectively harvest large and dangerous game, as well as those looking to participate in the time-honored tradition of African safari hunting.

Best 458 Lott Ammo Reviews

1# Federal Premium Cape-Shok .458 Lott 500 Grain Trophy Bonded Sledgehammer Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 458 Lott Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

So, what’s the deal with this ammo? Well, first off, it’s all about stopping power. As our tests have shown the 500-grain bullet is designed with a flat nose to make sure your shot stays on target, creating a deep wound cavity for an effective takedown. Its grooved shank might not sound fancy, but it improves accuracy across different rifles. So whether you’re using a variety of platforms, you can count on this ammo to perform consistently. And let’s talk about that thick, bronze jacket. It’s not just for looks. It adds to the overall accuracy of your shots. Plus, the nickel-plated case adds a touch of class and smooth performance. Overall, if you’re going after the big game, this ammo is worth considering. The core is bonded to that tough bronze jacket, so you know it means business. It’s a reliable choice for those moments when you need the utmost stopping power.

  • Substantial stopping power
  • The flat nose design
  • The thick bronze jacket contributes to the overall accuracy
  • The nickel-plated case
  • The core is securely bonded to the bronze jacket
  • Premium ammunition like this can be relatively expensive
  • It may be overkill for smaller games or target-shooting


2# Federal Premium Cape-Shok .458 Lott 500 Grain Woodleigh Hydro Solid Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 458 Lott Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

When you’re dealing with a dangerous game, you need rounds that pack a serious punch. This ammo delivers just that, with a wood-destroying cavitation bubble that creates a massive wound channel. That wound channel doesn’t close up, which is exactly what you want when you’re taking down a formidable target. Our findings show that these rounds also feature solid copper-alloy bullets that are built to penetrate as deep as possible. They won’t let you down when it counts. What’s more, these rounds are made with a patented electrochemical process that produces pure lead-free bullets. Why does that matter? Because it means these bullets can travel twice the distance. That’s a game-changer for hunters who need that extra range. So, there you have it – the Federal Premium ammo. It’s the choice of hunters who want reliable knockdown power, precision, and the ability to take down even the most challenging game.

  • Exceptional knockdown power
  • Massive wound channel
  • Solid copper-alloy bullet
  • Lead-free bullet
  • It generates substantial recoil


3# Federal Premium Cape-Shok .458 Lott 500 Grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 458 Lott Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

One thing we noticed right away is the performance boost you get from this ammo. When you use it, you can sense the difference almost immediately. Your shots become more accurate, and you’ll notice the impact on your target right from the start. These rounds are designed to deliver deep penetration, thanks to their bonded jacket and core. They retain over 95 percent of the bullet’s weight upon impact, ensuring you can effectively take down your target. The grooved shank on these rounds is a standout feature. It doesn’t matter what kind of firearm you’re using; this design improves accuracy across all gun platforms. Your shots stay on target, shot after shot. The nickel-plated case and bullet not only add a touch of durability but also help prevent corrosion. Your ammo stays in top-notch condition even in less-than-ideal storage conditions. This ammo is designed for precision, reliability, and deep penetration, and they’re suitable for all levels of shooters. So, give them a try and take your shooting to the next level!

  • Versatile and suitable for various shooting activities
  • Retain more than 95 percent of their weight upon impact
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High price tag


4# Nosler .458 Lott Partition 500 grain Nickle Plated Cased Rifle Ammunition

Nosler 458 Lott Partition Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Nosler ammunition, specifically designed to meet the demands of those who appreciate the precision and power of the Partition bullet. The boat tail design of this bullet not only looks sleek but also delivers a unique combination of mushrooming effect and a flat trajectory, even when faced with high initial velocities. This makes it an excellent choice for those who engage in long-range shooting. If you’re hunting a larger game that’s a bit slower on its feet, this ammo should be on your radar. With its heavy bullet weight and the short recoil it offers, you can expect fast shot-to-shot recovery times. Plus, the terminal performance on larger games is top-notch. If you’re searching for reliable and consistent performance in your shooting or hunting endeavors, this ammo is worth considering. It’s a reliable companion for both the range and the field!

  • The exclusive boat tail design
  • Effective for larger and slower-moving game
  • Fast shot-to-shot recovery
  • Dependable primers
  • Specifically designed for .458 caliber rifles only


5# Nosler .458 Lott Solid 500 grain Nickle Plated Cased Rifle Ammunition

Nosler 458 Lott Solid Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Nosler is known for its precision, and this ammo lives up to its reputation. It’s crafted with meticulous attention to detail, featuring dependable Old West powders and Nosler bullets. What sets this ammo apart is its match-grade design. It’s based on the .458 Lott wildcat but with a special twist – the addition of the Partition bullet. Our research has shown that this seemingly medium-weight round now performs at a whole new level, offering a flat trajectory and impressive energy results, just like the original design. It is the nickel plating, which ensures durability and longevity. You can count on this ammo for years of big game hunting, even in the rugged and demanding conditions of the .458 Lott wildcat. So, whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a hunting enthusiast, this rifle ammo offers a reliable and high-performance option. It’s a testament to precision and quality in the shooting industry, and it’s worth considering for your shooting adventures!

  • Specially designed to offer match-grade performance
  • Flat trajectory and high-energy
  • Nickel-plated durability
  • Featuring dependable old west powders and Nosler bullets
  • Limited availability
  • It may be overkill for smaller game


6# Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott 500 Grain Dangerous Game eXpanding Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Hornady Dangerous Game 458 Lott Ammo 500 Grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Hornady is known for its commitment to quality, and this ammo lives up to that reputation. It’s crafted with high-quality materials and precise engineering to ensure premium precision and reliability. The bullet feature is the patented Hornady InterLock nose tip and nose cavity. It ensures positive ignition and reliable function, which is crucial when you’re out in the field. But it doesn’t stop there – it also adds weight and enhances expansion, penetration, and terminal performance. In other words, it gets the job done. Whether you’re into the heavy-hitting DGS bullet or the DGX bullet, Hornady’s got you covered. These bullets are constructed from tough copper-clad steel, the same material used in moles (yes, those little underground creatures). They’re built to handle the toughest game out there. So, whether you’re planning a big game hunting adventure or just want reliable and high-quality ammunition for your rifle, Hornady delivers the same level of excellence you expect from their standard ammo!

Video review

  • Premium precision and reliability
  • The patented Hornady InterLock nose tip and nose cavity
  • Diverse bullet choices
  • Designed to work with any dangerous game rifle
  • It generates significant recoil


7# Barnes Vor-Tx Safari Centerfire .458 Lott 500gr TSX FB Rifle Cartridges

Barnes Vor-Tx Safari Centerfire 458 Lott Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

The .458 Lott is a relatively recent addition to the rifle cartridge family, and it has a lot of promise. It boasts both caliber and power, making it a contender not just for high-volume hunting but also bench rest shooting. This ammo is the result of extensive development, where the design and performance characteristics of the round were meticulously fine-tuned. The design of the cartridge ensures an exceptionally high rate of chambering reliability. That’s a crucial aspect because you want your rifle to feed these rounds without a hitch, especially in hunting situations. Beyond chambering, the projectile itself must meet a certain standard. Barnes doesn’t make specific claims about why you should choose their ammo, but the quality speaks for itself. So, whether you’re a seasoned shooter or someone exploring the potential of the .458 Lott cartridge, this ammo offers a reliable option. It’s the result of careful development and promises to deliver the performance you need for your shooting adventures!

Video review

  • Potential powerhouse
  • Fine-tuned development
  • High standard of quality
  • Exceptionally high rate of chambering reliability
  • Ensure Smooth and consistent feeding in the rifle
  • High price tag
  • Not suitable for target shooting


Reloading 🧑‍🔧

Reloading .458 Lott ammunition requires careful attention to detail, adherence to safety protocols, and the use of the appropriate reloading equipment. Here is a general overview of the steps involved in reloading:

💡 Tools and Equipment Needed:

  • 🛠️ Reloading Press: You will need a reloading press to perform various reloading operations, such as resizing, de-priming, and bullet seating. A single-stage or progressive press can be used.
  • 🛠️ Dies: You will need a set of .458 Lott reloading dies, including a sizing die, seating die, and possibly a crimp die, depending on your preference.
  • 🛠️ Shell Holder: Ensure you have the appropriate shell holder that matches the .458 Lott cartridge case.
  • 🛠️ Powder Scale: A precise powder scale is essential for measuring and dispensing the correct amount of powder.
  • 🛠️ Powder Measure: A powder measure can help you accurately dispense powder charges.
  • 🛠️ Powder Funnel: A funnel helps to pour powder into the cases without spilling.
  • 🛠️ Calipers: Use calipers to measure case length, overall cartridge length (OAL), and other critical dimensions.
  • 🛠️ Case Trimmer: You may need a case trimmer to ensure that your cases are within the specified length.
  • 🛠️ Case Cleaning Equipment: Brass tumbler or ultrasonic cleaner to clean and prepare your cartridge cases.
  • 🛠️ Primers, Powder, and Bullets: Ensure you have the correct primers, powder, and bullets for your desired load.

📝 Steps to reload:

1️⃣ Clean and Inspect Cases: Start by cleaning and inspecting your fired cartridge cases. Remove any debris, dirt, or residue, and check for signs of damage or excessive wear.
2️⃣ Resizing and Depriming: Lubricate your cases, then use the resizing die to resize and de-prime the cases. This step ensures the cases are within the correct dimensions for reloading.
3️⃣ Primer Pocket Cleaning: Clean the primer pockets using a primer pocket cleaner or brush to remove any remaining residue.
4️⃣ Trimming: If necessary, use a case trimmer to trim cases to the specified length.
5️⃣ Priming: Install new primers in the primed cases using a priming tool.
6️⃣ Powder Charging: Carefully measure and dispense the appropriate powder charge for your load using a powder scale and measure. Ensure the powder charge is accurate and consistent.
7️⃣ Bullet Seating: Use the seating die to seat the bullet to the desired depth. Pay attention to the overall cartridge length (OAL) to ensure it complies with your firearm’s chamber specifications.
8️⃣ Crimping (Optional): If you prefer a crimped bullet, use a crimp die to apply a slight crimp to the cartridge.
9️⃣ Final Inspection: Inspect each reloaded cartridge for defects, ensuring proper primer seating, powder charge, and bullet seating depth.
🔟 Testing: Before firing your reloaded ammunition, start with a few test rounds to ensure they function correctly and safely in your firearm.

📌 Always follow the reloading data provided by the powder and bullet manufacturers, and consult reputable reloading manuals for specific load recipes for the .458 Lott cartridge. Safety should be your top priority when reloading ammunition, so never exceed recommended powder charges and follow all safety precautions.


What is it good for?

🔍 The .458 Lott is a powerful cartridge primarily designed for hunting large and dangerous game in Africa and other regions where such game is prevalent. It is known for its excellent stopping power and is suitable for a variety of hunting scenarios. Here’s what the .458 Lott is good for:

🎯 Big and Dangerous Game Hunting:  The .458 Lott is particularly well-suited for hunting large and dangerous game, including African “Big Five” animals such as elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and rhinoceros. It provides the necessary stopping power to take down these formidable and potentially dangerous creatures.
🎯 Adequate Penetration: The cartridge is known for its deep penetration, making it effective for large animals with tough hides and thick bones. It can reach vital organs even in challenging shooting situations.
🎯 Versatile:  While it excels at hunting dangerous game, the .458 Lott is also used for hunting other large species, including moose, elk, and bears. Its versatility makes it a suitable choice for a variety of big game hunting scenarios.
🎯 Short-Range Accuracy:  At shorter distances, it offers good accuracy and can provide consistent shot placement, which is crucial when hunting large games at close quarters.

❗ It’s important to note that the .458 Lott generates substantial recoil, which can be quite stout. Therefore, it is best suited for experienced shooters who are comfortable with managing recoil and shooting large-caliber rifles. Additionally, it’s essential to check local hunting regulations and laws when considering the use of the .458 Lott for hunting.

What is the difference between 458 Win Mag and 458 Lott?

The .458 Winchester Magnum (often referred to as .458 Win Mag) and the .458 Lott are two distinct cartridges, although they share a similar caliber. Here are the primary differences between the two:

🔶 .458 Winchester Magnum (.458 Win Mag) 🔶 .458 Lott
🟣 Case Length:  This cartridge has a case length of 2.5 inches (63.5mm). The .458 Lott cartridge has a longer case, measuring 2.8 inches (71.12mm) in length.
🟣 Origin and Design: It was introduced by Winchester in 1956 and is based on the earlier .375 H&H Magnum case, necked up to accommodate a .458-inch diameter bullet. It was designed as a big game hunting cartridge. The .458 Lott was developed by Jack Lott in 1971 as an improvement over the .458 Winchester Magnum. It offers increased case capacity and is designed for hunting large and dangerous game in Africa.
🟣 Ballistics and Performance: It is a powerful cartridge with significant stopping power and is suitable for hunting large game, including some dangerous species. However, it has a shorter case and slightly less powder capacity compared to the .458 Lott. The .458 Lott offers superior ballistics and performance, particularly in terms of velocity and energy. Its longer case allows for more powder, resulting in higher bullet velocities and deeper penetration. It is better suited for hunting the most dangerous African game, such as Cape buffalo and elephant.
🟣 Recoil: While 458 Win Mag generates substantial recoil, the .458 Lott is known for its even more stout recoil due to the increased powder capacity and higher velocities.
🟣 Availability and Popularity: The .458 Win Mag is more widely available and has been in use since the 1950s, making it a popular choice for big game hunting. The .458 Lott is less common and is primarily favored by experienced hunters who specifically require its enhanced performance for hunting the largest and most dangerous game.

➡️ In summary, the key differences between the .458 Winchester Magnum and the .458 Lott lie in their case lengths, design origins, performance characteristics, and intended use. The .458 Lott offers superior ballistics and is better suited for hunting the most formidable African game.

How far can a .458 caliber rifle shoot?

⚡ The effective range of this rifle can vary depending on several factors, including the specific cartridge, rifle, shooter’s skill, and the intended target. However, here are some general guidelines for the effective range of these cartridges:

  • 💣 Short to Medium Range (Under 200 Yards): .458 caliber rifles are typically used for short to medium-range shooting, especially when hunting large and dangerous game. At these distances, they excel in terms of accuracy and stopping power.
  • 💣 Medium to Long Range (200 to 400 Yards): With careful shot placement and skilled marksmanship, shooters can extend the effective range of a .458 caliber rifle to around 200 to 400 yards. However, accuracy and bullet performance become more critical at these distances.
  • 💣 Beyond 400 Yards: While it’s possible to shoot a .458 caliber rifle beyond 400 yards, it becomes increasingly challenging. The substantial bullet drop, wind drift, and recoil make long-range shots less practical and less accurate. These rifles are not typically used for extreme long-range precision shooting.

📌 It’s important to note that .458 caliber rifles are primarily designed for hunting large and dangerous game at relatively close distances. They are not precision rifles intended for shooting at extreme ranges like some other caliber rifles. Therefore, when using a .458 rifle, it’s essential to know its limitations and choose appropriate shooting distances based on the game and conditions.

How hard does a 458 Lott kick?

🔰 The recoil of a .458 Lott rifle can be quite substantial, and it is known for delivering a stout kick. The recoil experienced when firing a rifle depends on several factors, including the rifle’s weight, the specific load being used, and the shooter’s physical size and shooting technique. Here are some general considerations regarding the recoil of it:

💥 Heavier Rifle, Less Recoil:  Generally, a heavier rifle will have less perceived recoil. Many .458 Lott rifles are built with added weight to help mitigate recoil.
💥 Bullet Weight and Velocity:  The specific load being used, including the bullet weight and velocity, can significantly impact recoil. Heavier bullets with higher velocities will produce more recoil.
💥 Shooter’s Size and Technique:  A shooter’s physical size, stance, and shooting technique play a role in how they perceive recoil. Proper shooting form, including a firm grip and a properly mounted scope, can help manage recoil.
💥 Muzzle Devices:  Some such rifles may be equipped with muzzle devices like muzzle brakes or recoil pads designed to reduce felt recoil.

❗ In general, shooters should be prepared for the stout recoil of a .458 Lott rifle. It’s advisable to practice proper shooting techniques, wear appropriate eye and ear protection, and consider using recoil-reducing accessories if necessary.

How powerful is this cartridge?

✒️ The .458 Lott is a powerful and formidable cartridge known for its substantial energy and stopping power. It was specifically developed for hunting large and dangerous game, making it one of the most potent big game cartridges available. The cartridge’s power is evident in several key aspects:

🧩 Bullet Diameter: The .458 Lott features a bullet diameter of .458 inches (11.63mm), which is considerably larger than many common rifle cartridges. This larger bullet diameter contributes to its effectiveness.
🧩 High Muzzle Energy: It generates high muzzle energy, typically exceeding 5,000 foot-pounds (ft-lbs) of energy with standard loads. This level of energy results in deep penetration and significant tissue damage upon impact.
🧩 Excellent Stopping Power: The cartridge is renowned for its excellent stopping power, making it suitable for taking down large and dangerous game, including African “Big Five” species such as elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhinoceros.
🧩 Deep Penetration: Due to its design and substantial energy, the .458 Lott is capable of deep penetration, even through tough hide, bone, and muscle. This is crucial when hunting large and heavily muscled animals.
🧩 Effective at Close Range: It is most effective at close to medium ranges, where its energy and stopping power shine. It is commonly used for hunting in dense brush and thick vegetation where short-range encounters are common.

👍 Overall, the .458 Lott is a powerful and respected cartridge in the world of big game hunting, and it is designed to provide a high level of effectiveness and reliability when pursuing the largest and most challenging game animals.

Conclusion 🙂

In conclusion, selecting the best .458 Lott ammo is a critical decision for any hunter or shooter pursuing a large and dangerous game. Ultimately, the “best” ammo will align with your specific needs and preferences. It’s essential to consider your shooting and hunting conditions, as well as your skill level and comfort with recoil. Choose wisely, stay safe, and enjoy the adventure of hunting with this formidable cartridge!😊❤️‍🔥

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Flynn Wright
Flynn Wright
6 months ago

I’m considering purchasing a .458 Lott rifle, possibly a CZ model, without breaking the bank. My main concern is the recoil. While I’m not recoil-shy and have experience with firearms like the .375 H&H, I’m curious to hear from individuals who have firsthand experience with the .458 Lott. I’m wondering if I’ll be comfortable shooting a box or two of .458 Lott ammunition, or if I’ll end up with a sore shoulder the next day.

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Flynn Wright

    The .458 Lott definitely packs a punch and is not the most enjoyable option for recreational shooting at the range. These rifles shine when it comes to big game hunting, where you typically won’t be firing many rounds during an entire hunting trip. They’re not ideal for extended shooting sessions due to their heavy recoil.

      Trent Lewis
      Trent Lewis
      6 months ago
      Reply to  Flynn Wright

      I wouldn’t opt for factory ammo; reloading is definitely the plan. One compelling reason I’m considering the .458 Lott is my family connection to Jack Lott, the designer of this cartridge. As for recoil I can comfortably fire 20 rounds in a session, I’ll be content. 

        6 months ago

        I stumbled upon a CZ safari rifle in .458 Lott while visiting a small gun shop in south-central Iowa. Interestingly, someone had ordered the rifle, put money down, but never came to pick it up. To cut a long story short, I ended up with the CZ rifle. To be completely honest, my experience with big bore rifles is rather limited. Recently, I came across an article discussing velocity and penetration. The article mentioned a specific 400-grain .458 solid bullet traveling at .45-70 velocities (around 1600 fps) and claimed that it could penetrate through 6 feet of wet newspaper. In contrast, the same bullet in a .460 Weatherby Magnum, traveling over a thousand fps faster, achieved considerably less penetration (less than half, if I recall correctly). I’m having some difficulty grasping this concept. I’d appreciate any thoughts on this penetration test and any opinions on the .458 Lott cartridge in general.

          Titus Sanchez
          Titus Sanchez
          6 months ago
          Reply to  Frostcat

          Congratulations on acquiring the .458 Lott! I’ve had the opportunity to load for about 8 Lotts, and I’m quite fond of them. They’re known for their stopping power and versatility. You can load them to launch 500-grain bullets at around 2400 fps or adjust the velocity between 2100 and 2400 fps to suit various big bore needs. Regarding penetration, it’s a fascinating topic. Velocity plays a crucial role in penetration, but it’s a bit more nuanced than simply faster equals deeper. When dealing with hard cast bullets, there’s a point at which velocity can cause them to break up or crumble upon impact. Overall, the penetration of hard cast bullets is influenced by multiple factors, including velocity, bullet design, alloy composition, and heat treatment. It’s a fascinating area of study for those who appreciate the intricacies of ballistics and bullet performance.

            6 months ago
            Reply to  Frostcat

            I’ve had the chance to own two .458 Lott rifles over the years. The first one was built on a Model 1917 Enfield action, which I found at a pawn shop in Anchorage. I had to do some stock repairs and load ammunition for it. After a while, I decided to sell it. Later on, I had a second .458 Lott rifle custom-built. What’s truly wonderful about the .458 Lott is its versatility in terms of loading. You can tailor it to a wide range of power levels, from .45 Colt pistol levels to anything resembling .45-70, .458 Win Mag, or even full-patch .458 Lott loads. For enjoyable shooting experiences, I recommend starting with a load of around 76 grains of RL 7 powder with a 350-grain bullet and gradually working up to achieve velocities between 2400 and 2500 fps, depending on what shoots best in your particular rifle. The recoil at these levels is comparable to a .375 H&H Magnum, which I find manageable and not overly intimidating.

              Erick Hughes
              Erick Hughes
              6 months ago

              I own a CZ550 chambered in .458 Lott and have been working on developing some suitable loads. While I do have a bit of data from the Hornady manual, it’s clear that load information for this cartridge is somewhat limited. I’m hoping to tap into the collective knowledge here for any pet loads, whether they’re reduced practice rounds or full-house loads for hunting.

                6 months ago
                Reply to  Erick Hughes

                I’ve found that TAC powder works quite well in my .458 Lott loads. Since I’m shooting a Ruger #1, which doesn’t have a magazine to contend with, I have some flexibility in adjusting the overall length (OAL) of my rounds. It’s worth noting that TAC powder is manufactured by Ramshot, and it’s been a good fit for my setup.

                  Winston Jenkins
                  Winston Jenkins
                  6 months ago

                  I’m curious about using big 500-grain cast bullets in .458 Lott beast. Is it feasible to run cast bullets, perhaps just for some plinking sessions or even if you plan to load up some heavier loads for specific purposes?

                    6 months ago

                    😉 Using 500-grain cast bullets in a .458 Lott is definitely feasible, and it can be a cost-effective option for plinking sessions and even for certain hunting applications. Cast bullets are often used in this cartridge for target shooting and practice, and they can also be loaded for hunting purposes if you choose the right bullet design and load.
                    ➡️ When using cast bullets in a .458 Lott, consider the following:
                    💥 Bullet Selection: Choose cast bullets that are appropriate for your intended use. For plinking and practice, you can opt for standard lead or lead-alloy bullets. For hunting, consider hard-cast bullets designed for deep penetration and reliable expansion.
                    💥 Load Data: Always follow established load data for cast bullets in the .458 Lott. Reloading manuals and reputable online sources can provide you with specific load data for cast bullets.
                    💥 Barrel Condition: Ensure that your rifle’s barrel is in good condition and free from excessive fouling. Cast bullets can be more sensitive to fouling, so proper barrel maintenance is important.
                    💥 Velocity: Be mindful of the velocity you’re aiming for when loading cast bullets. Lower velocities are often preferred for cast bullet loads to maintain accuracy and prevent leading in the barrel.
                    Leading Prevention: Leading in the barrel can occur when shooting cast bullets. To prevent this, use appropriate bullet lubes, maintain proper bullet hardness, and clean your barrel regularly.
                    💥 Accuracy Testing: Test your cast bullet loads for accuracy at your intended shooting distances. Cast bullets can provide excellent accuracy when properly loaded.
                    ❗ In summary, running 500-grain cast bullets in a .458 Lott is a viable option, especially for plinking and practice. Just be sure to use appropriate load data, select the right bullet design, and pay attention to barrel maintenance to make the most of your cast bullet loads.

                      6 months ago

                      I had the opportunity to work with a .458 Lott for a friend some time ago. It was a CZ550 Magnum, and I must say it’s an incredibly rugged rifle. What really impressed me was its exceptional accuracy with the Hornady Dangerous Game .458 Lott 500 Grain Dangerous Game eXpanding Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. At 100 meters, they consistently hit the same point of impact, whether we were using soft or solid bullets. One thing worth noting is that you need to secure your scope very well in the rings. With the heavy recoil of the .458 Lott, any scope mounting system needs to be rock-solid to maintain accuracy and prevent any slipping or movement.