What is rimfire ammo?

Rimfire ammo is a type of ammunition that uses a rimfire cartridge to fire projectiles. The rimfire cartridge is different from other types of ammo in that the priming compound is located in the rim of the cartridge case. When the firing pin strikes the rim, the priming compound is ignited and the powder charge in the cartridge case is then ignited. This type of ammunition is used in a number of firearms, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Rimfire ammo is popular because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to produce. It is also considered to be very reliable.


There are two main types of rifle ammunition: centerfire and rimfire. Centerfire ammo uses a primer located in the center of the cartridge case, while rimfire ammo uses a primer located in the rim of the cartridge case. Rimfire ammo is typically less expensive than centerfire ammo.

Rimfire main benefit is the lack of a cartridge primer. This gives rimfire ammunition a very small “sweet spot” in terms of firing pin impact, and also makes rimfire weapons very safe to use and store. They are also generally less expensive than centerfire ammunition.

Rimfire rounds are generally limited to short-range shooting, due to the lower velocity of the bullets. However, some types of rimfire ammo (such as the .22 WMR) can be used for long-range shooting.

Rimfire guns are often used for plinking, target practice, and small game hunting. The most popular rimfire caliber is the .22 LR, which is used in a wide variety of rifles and pistols.

Rimfire ammo features:

  • Less expensive than centerfire ammo
  • Available in a wider variety of calibers
  • Lighter weight
  • Less recoil

What are some of the most popular types of rimfire ammunition?

The most popular types of rimfire ammunition include:

  • 22 Long Rifle: is by far the most popular type of rimfire for plinking (target practice).
  • 17 HMR: The 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR) is a relatively new type of rimfire that has quickly become popular among shooters. It is used in a variety of firearms, including pistols and rifles.
  • 22 WMR: The 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) is another popular type of rimfire. It is slightly more powerful than the 22 Long Rifle and is often used for hunting small game.

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What are some tips for choosing the right type of rimfire ammunition?

When choosing rimfire ammunition, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The type of firearm you will be using: Different types of rimfire ammunition are better suited for different types of firearms.
  • The purpose of the ammunition: Rimfire ammunition is available in a variety of different bullet weights and designs. The type of bullet you choose should be based on the purpose of the ammunition. For instance, if you are looking for ammunition for hunting, you will want to choose a heavier bullet that is designed to expand upon impact.
  • Your personal preferences: Ultimately, the type of rimfire ammunition you choose should be based on your personal preferences. Some shooters prefer the 22 Long Rifle because it is less expensive and more widely available, while others prefer the 17 HMR because it is more powerful and accurate. There is no right or wrong answer – it ultimately comes down to what you feel most comfortable with.

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Briefly: Rimfire ammo is a type of ammunition that is used in firearms. It gets its name from the rim that is at the base of the cartridge. This type of ammo is typically less expensive than other types of ammo, and it is also typically less powerful. Rimfire ammo is typically used in small caliber firearms, such as pistols and rifles.

Rimfire ammunition is made using a process called rimfire priming. In this process, the primer is located inside the rim of the cartridge. When the firearm is fired, the firing pin strikes the rim of the cartridge, which ignites the primer. This causes the powder to ignite, which then propels the bullet out of the barrel.