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Best Backup Iron Sights - Editors Choice

What are backup iron sights?🧐

They are a type of firearm sighting system that provides a secondary aiming option to the shooter. This device is typically mounted on the top rail of an AR-15-style rifle and can provide greater flexibility concerning sight placement for better accuracy when shooting.

Backup iron sights


Backup iron sights are an essential accessory for any shooter or hunter who wants to ensure accuracy in their aim. These sights can be used as a backup system if primary optics such as red dots or scopes become damaged or malfunction. Here are some features:

  • ✴️ Sight radius – The distance between the front and rear sight determines accuracy at different distances and plays a role in the overall effectiveness of the sight. A longer sight radius will make it easier to acquire targets accurately at longer ranges.
  • ✴️ Adjustability – Adjustable sights can be more precise than fixed iron sights by allowing users to take into account their individual preferences or environmental conditions such as windage, elevation, parallax, and target size.
  • ✴️ Eye Relief – This is the distance from your eye to the rear of the sight that allows for sufficient sighting without impacting accuracy. Longer eye relief often means that higher recoil weapons can be used with these sights without any issues.
  • ✴️ Durability – Tactical iron sights should be made from high-quality materials such as aluminum or steel to ensure that they can withstand the elements and everyday use.
Our Top Pick
Ozark Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights
Unlike cheap plastic counterparts, these sights are crafted from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring long-lasting durability for a lifetime of use with your rifle. With these rear and front sight pop-up sights, you can fine-tune the windage and elevation settings, allowing for improved accuracy and precision. The sturdy dials make adjustments a breeze, and you can easily toggle between both precision and close-quarters battle (CQB) apertures. With easy installation on any Picatinny rail, these sights are built to last and deliver reliable performance in any shooting situation.
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If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Backup iron sights offer several advantages to the modern shooter.

  • ⭐️ For one, they provide an alternative aiming system that is reliable and easy to use in case of an emergency or failure of primary optic sights.
  • ⭐️ These sights also allow for greater targeting accuracy as they are typically adjustable with windage and elevation controls.
  • ⭐️ Additionally, such sights are designed with robust construction and durable materials for long-term reliability and performance in harsh conditions.
  • ⭐️ When paired with a quality optic sight, they can provide the best of both worlds – accuracy from a distance and fast target acquisition up close. This versatility makes them ideal for hunters, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, competitive shooters, and more.

Benefits of backup iron sights

Are these sights needed anymore?🤔

Backup iron sights are still a highly important piece of equipment for many firearm users. While modern red dot sights have become increasingly popular for precision shooting, backup sights provide an extra layer of security and accuracy if the red dot sight fails or runs out of battery power.

  • ☑️ Such sight systems feature quick-detach mounting systems, offering a fast and easy transition from a magnified optic to an unmagnified one. This can be especially useful in close-quarters self-defense scenarios where fast target acquisition is essential.
  • ☑️ They also offer an additional advantage over red dot optics when it comes to low-light scenarios where vision may be impaired. Iron sights will acquire targets faster in low light, as well as allow shooters to engage with greater accuracy due to the lack of distortion from the reflected lens of a red dot sight.

😉 Overall, these sights remain an essential component of any shooter’s toolkit due to their versatility and reliability in any situation.

TOP 10 Backup Iron Sights

Feyachi 45 Degree Offset Iron Sights Flip Up BUIS Rapid Transition Backup Front and Rear Iron Sight Set Picatinny Weaver RailsFeyachiBuy on Amazon
Ultralight Flip Up Sight 45 Degree Offset Rapid Transition Front and Backup Rear SightIORMANBuy on Amazon
Marmot 45 Degree Offset Flip Up Sight Low Profile Rapid Transition Front & Rear Iron SightsMarmotBuy on Amazon
Troy BattleSight Front HK Fixed, blackTroy IndustriesBuy on Amazon
SOUFORCE Flip Up Front and Rear Iron Sights, Backup Sights Set Fit Picatinny & Weaver Rails, BlackSOUFORCEBuy on Amazon
OZARK ARMAMENT Flip Up Iron Sights - Rapid Transition Gun Sights - BUIS Flip Up Sights Rail Mount Rifle Iron Sights - Flip Up Back Up Iron Sights Front and Rear Flip Up Rifle Sights Set Pop Up SightsOZARK ARMAMENTBuy on Amazon
UTG Super Slim Flip-up Front Sight , BlackUTGBuy on Amazon
Tacticon Flip Up Iron Sights for Rifle Includes Front and Rear Sight Adjustment Tool | Rapid Transition Backup Sight BUIS Set Picatinny / Weaver RailTacticonBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Tacticon Armament 45 Degree Offset Flip Up Iron Sights for Rifle Includes Front Sight Adjustment Tool | Rapid Transition Backup Front and Rear Iron Sight BUIS Set Picatinny Rail and Weaver RailsTacticonBuy on Amazon

1# Feyachi 45-Degree Offset Iron Sights

Feyachi 45 Degree Offset Iron Sights

This is a simple backup sight for left-handed and right-handed people which is mounted at 45 degrees and is made in the style of A2. It can be called iron only for the reason that it is made of metal, not plastic. Made by the Chinese company Feyachi from an aluminum alloy, and therefore optimally light and durable. Rather tough activation buttons protect against self-disclosure, but it takes some getting used to. The adjusting screw allows you to adjust the sight taking into account wind and height. A good option for a small budget or when your main optics are not reliable.

  • Amazon choice
  • Iron Sight (with Aluminum Alloy) Picatinny Weaver Rail
  • The sight is offset by 45 degrees
  • Hinged design (button activation)
  • Suitable for lefties and righties
  • Adjustment for wind and height
  • Included: Sight, rearview, Allen key
  • Good customer support
  • Some quality control issues
  • Addictive to activate
  • Manufacturer Chinese company (premium)


2# Iorman Ultralight Flip-Up Sight

IORMAN Ultralight Flip Up Sight

This is an ultra-light backup sight made of hard plastic. Strong enough and resilient to hold its shape, but very light and small so as not to interfere with other ammunition. After a long and fine-tuning allows you to hit targets up to 50 yards. To use, you need to press the small button and the spring mechanism activates the sight. Tilt your weapon 45 degrees and your shot will be accurate! This is a really small and light product from a Chinese factory for a small price. If you do not need a designer logo and a big name for the manufacturer, this may be a good choice as a RESERVE SIGHT.

  • 45-degree ultra-light polyphenylene sulfide backup sight
  • Quickly activated by pressing a button
  • Fully Adjustable for Windage (Dual Aperture)
  • Precision and CQB diaphragms on the rear sight with a standard front sight
  • For medium and short distances
  • For the right and left side
  • Minimum price
  • Made in China
  • Requires hex key (not included)
  • Difficult adjustment
  • Shaky construction


3# Marmot 45-Degree Offset Flip-Up Sight

Marmot 45 Degree Offset Flip Up Sight

Sometimes Chinese manufacturers are pleasantly surprised, and this is an example of such cases. “Marmot” introduced a really good sight for shooting at 45 degrees. Aluminum alloy provides excellent rigidity and does not create additional pressure or significant weight. The design is very smooth and neat. The standard Pic mount fits all things and the A2-style scope provides true pleasure. When setting the wind scale and altitude and hear a nice tactical click. This indicates that the setting will not be lost. In the cheap price range, this thing leaves plastic competitors far behind.

Video review

  • Low Profile Design 45-Degree Scope
  • Aluminum alloy with a matte finish. 21 mm Picatinny
  • Compatible with most rail systems
  • For right-handed people
  • Full adjustment for wind and altitude (A2 and rear diaphragm rear sight adjustment)
  • Quick spring opening
  • Allen key included
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in China
  • Doubtful quality control
  • The release button on the rear sight is hard (sticky)


4# Troy BattleSight Front HK Fixed

Troy BattleSight Front HK Fixed, black

This triangular sight brings us back to the old triangular shape of the gas block. This has its style and charm. Notches on the back help reduce glare and make aiming more enjoyable. There should be no problems with this sight because of the absolute simplicity and mandatory compliance of all AR sights with “industry standards”. But if difficulties nevertheless arose here is a small army trick. You can use a conventional bullet to calibrate the sight. Insert the tip of the bullet to press the piston, pushing the scope clockwise or counterclockwise. The rest is a sturdy product from American gunsmiths. The high price is a fee for quality and name.

  • Compatible with any standard Picatinny rail
  • It is designed to work only in systems with the same planes.
  • T6 tempered aluminum with stainless steel components
  • Made in the USA
  • Will not work with a rail gas block that is higher or lower than the receiver
  • It has a black coating, so it does not reflect light
  • The actual subject may be notched


5# Souforce Premium Flip Up Mil Spec Iron Sights

SOUFORCE Premium Flip Up Mil Spec Iron Sights

This is a sturdy metal angular sight. Easy to install due to compatibility with most rail systems. It can be mounted on the left and right sides. If you do not want to scratch, use bolts, not the supplied screws. To adjust the up/down, press the small locking pin on the left. Take a flat-head screwdriver (or something small) and insert it into the round base with cutouts and rotate. Clockwise removes it, and counterclockwise returns it. When you get what you want, release the button. It is spring-loaded and allows it to pop out back between one of these cutouts. Chinese quality has left its mark on this product. A weak spring unreliably activates the sight. If you have thumbs – manual opening can bring additional troubles.

Video review

  • Aluminum Alloy 45-Degree Offset Sight
  • For lefties and righties
  • The spring-loaded mechanism for opening by button
  • Fully adjustable for windage. Precision and CQB diaphragms on the rear sight with a standard front sight
  • Universal compatibility with most Picatinny & Weaver rail systems.
  • Several sets to choose from (difference in weight and design)
  • Made in China
  • No spare parts (do not lose small parts)
  • Poor quality control
  • Unreliable opening mechanism (problematic with thumbs)
  • No documentation


6# Ozark Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights

OZARK ARMAMENT Flip Up Backup Battle Sights

Ozark’s hinged backup scope is the power of metal and the accuracy of American gunsmiths. If you do not compare this sight with an elite brand, you will get a decent product, especially for this price! Suitable for airsoft and for shooting at 100 yards with proper settings. For better adjustment, use a drop of pistol oil (before installation) to slide all the joints. The sight can look bulky and protrude 1.41 “above the rail. This is the price for high strength and reliable mount.

Video review

  • Hinged springs for the front and rear sight
  • Attractions sit 1.41 “above the rail
  • Sight adjustable up and down (wind and height)
  • Aperture Precision and CQB on the rear sight
  • Standard front sighting front
  • Full one-year warranty
  • Allen key included
  • Poor quality control
  • The locking device is sometimes lost
  • Bulky size


7# UTG Super Slim Flip-up Front Sight

UTG Super Slim Flip-up Front Sight

This is a simple backup sight for short and medium distances. Full compatibility with Picatinny rails and flexible adjustment allows for a quick and easy setup without using a lot of rounds. This is not 5 stars and is not activated by a button with a spring, but enough to do your job. The locking mechanism is a little clumsy and can be either too stiff or loose. Before use – be sure to use pistol oil for lubrication, as a plastic retainer ball hides behind durable aluminum. Without lubrication, each activation will quickly erase a small layer of plastic and this will loosen the lock. To prolong the life of the sight, try not to warm up the weapon too much.

Video review

  • UTG Dual Profile Double Aperture Hinged Rear Sight
  • Any standard scope posts will work.
  • Made of Anodized Aviation Aluminum
  • 4 x 3 x 1 inches; 1.28 oz
  • Posi-lock mechanism for a secure fit
  • Uses standard A2 sight rail for Picatinny rail
  • Rear sight adjustment without additional tools
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Caring seller
  • The heat from the gas block can melt the plastic retaining ball and block the sight
  • Adjustment discs are not fastened
  • Manual opening only
  • California offers 65
  • Production Taiwan


8# Tacticon Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights

Tacticon Armament Flip Up Iron Sights

This is an iron backup of the main sight. It is shipped in a beautiful wooden box with a universal hex key and a key for setting the front sight. Thanks to its presentable appearance, it can be a good gift for a weapon lover. This sight fits snugly enough against the rails and when folded has a very small gap. Folded height for front sight 1/2 inch, rear 7/8 inch. If in doubt whether this backup sight will fit on your rifle, simply measure 2 steps for each part. If you succeed, then sight will be a suitable backup addition. By the way, the rear sight will work successfully with the standard A2 front sight. This gives additional maneuverability when choosing a kit.

Video review

  • Made of hardened aviation aluminum alloy
  • Universal compatibility with most Picatinny & Weaver rail systems.
  • Includes wooden box, universal wrench, and front ghost adjustment tool
  • Quick button opening thanks to spring
  • Lifetime warranty and full refund if you do not like it
  • Superior service
  • Doubtful quality control
  • The actual return window may be less than what the seller claims.


9# Magpul MBUS Front & Rear Flip Up Backup Sight

Magpul MBUS Front & Rear Flip Up Backup Sight

If you are tired of Chinese fakes and metal sights looking flimsy – the original Magpul is what you are looking for. The shock-resistant polymer backup sight leaves no chance even for a small play. Sometimes there are cases when the sight has to be hammered onto the rail with a tactical hammer (very tight)! The front sight can be mounted directly on the gas block. Even after 200 shots, he will not lose shape and remain strong. If the design of your weapon is important to you, this scope has the color Flat Dark Earth. This is very stylishly combined with an FDE color rifle and many others. This seller only sells original Magpul. If you are looking for true quality among polymers – this is the offer for you.

Video review

  • Made of high-impact polymer
  • The spring-loaded hinged scope is activated from either side or by pressing from above
  • The clip and spring pressure keep the sight upright
  • Fits most handrails MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny / STANAG 4694
  • Folds on impact
  • Side wings protect double openings in the plane and spring lock of the A-pillar A2
  • Color Flat Dark Earth
  • Authentic Magpul
  • Made in the USA
  • Tightly get on the rails
  • There is no height adjustment on the rear sight
  • The rear sight does not have a lock and can lose zero (especially when folding)
  • The rear aperture is much smaller than the picture.


10# Tacticon 45-Degree Offset Flip-Up Iron Sights

TACTICON 45 Degree Offset Flip Up Iron Sights

The side standby sight made of high-quality aluminum alloy is equally well suited for both left-handed and right-handed people. A sufficiently rigid opening button protects against accidental activation but requires moderate strength for both opening and closing. The kit has assembled a universal key and a key for the front sight. It is all packed in a beautiful wooden box. Sometimes it seems that with the help of these useful pieces the seller distracts from the quality of the sight itself. We can not say that this is 100% true, but it seems the secret of the popularity of attractions from the “Tacticon armament” is very simple. They set the price for a new product at the cost level and receive positive feedback. After which Amazon recommends their product as the best. Now the price rises to normal, but a large sales portfolio can be misleading when compared with competitors. If this is true, this is not fair play.

Video review

  • The 45-degree shift for lefties and righties is made of high-quality aluminum alloy
  • # 1 Best Seller
  • Includes: wooden box, front sight adjustment tool, and mounting key
  • Activated by pressing a button
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Compatible with any hunting or tactical rifle.
  • Front sight stand fully adjustable in height
  • Rear sight fully adjustable for wind
  • The actual return window may be less than what the seller claims
  • Doubtful quality control


How to set it up?🛠️

Having a reliable set of backup iron sights (BUIS) can provide valuable assistance when it comes to achieving accuracy and precision with your rifle.

  • ➡️ First off, you’ll need to prepare the gun by making sure the rail on top of the receiver is free of obstructions like dirt or grime that could interfere with proper mounting. To do this, use a cleaning rod with patches attached to clean the top of the receiver and rail. Make sure all surfaces are dry and free of any debris before attaching your BUIS.
  • ➡️ Once the rail is completely prepped for installation, you can begin attaching it. Start by loosening the screws on each side of the sight base so that they’re just loose enough to slide onto the rail but not so loose that they fall off during installation. Once these screws are in place, you can attach one side of the sight base into position first, followed by tightening both screws securely.
  • ➡️ On most BUIS systems, there will be three adjustment knobs located along either side of the sight base: elevation adjustment knob (corresponding with vertical movement), windage adjustment knob (moving left/right), and aperture tension knob (used for adjusting reticle brightness). Securely tighten each one using either a flathead or Phillips screwdriver as needed until all three are locked in place.
  • ➡️ Next, you’ll want to adjust your front post/aperture circles depending on how far away your target will be at various distances; for example, use smaller circulars around 100 yards and larger circulars around 300 yards if necessary. To adjust these settings, loosen the aperture tension knob and rotate the front post/aperture circles until your desired elevation and windage setting are achieved. Then simply tighten the knob to lock it in place.
  • ➡️ Finally, you can adjust the BUIS reticle for precise aiming at various distances. This will be done by loosening the screws on either side of the sight base, then adjusting the elevation and windage knobs until you achieve your desired aiming point. Make sure to securely tighten the screws once again after adjusting.


Where do you mount backup iron sights?

☑️ Backup iron sights (BUIS) are typically mounted on the top rail of a firearm, specifically on the receiver or handguard that features a Picatinny or Weaver rail system. The specific location may vary depending on personal preference and the design of the firearm, but there are a few common mounting options:

  • 🔷 Co-witness: One popular method is to mount the BUIS directly behind a primary optic, such as a red dot sight or holographic sight, in a co-witness configuration. This allows the shooter to use either the primary optic or the iron sights without needing to remove or adjust the BUIS.
  • 🔷 Offset Mount: Another option is to mount the BUIS at a 45-degree angle on the side of the firearm’s rail system. This is known as an offset mount and provides a secondary sight option for engaging targets at close range or from unconventional shooting positions.
  • 🔷 Rear Sight Only: In some cases, shooters may choose to mount a rear BUIS only, especially if the firearm already has a fixed front sight post or if they prefer to use a non-folding front sight. The rear BUIS can be mounted directly on the rear portion of the rail system, providing a backup sighting option.
How much space do these sights take?

❇️ The amount of space occupied by backup iron sights (BUIS) can vary depending on the specific design and configuration of the sights. However, in general, BUIS are designed to be compact and low-profile to minimize interference with other accessories or optics mounted on the firearm.

  • 🔰 The overall width of BUIS can range from around 0.5 inches (12.7mm) to 1 inch (25.4mm), depending on the specific model and sight type. The height of BUIS can vary as well, but they are typically designed to sit relatively close to the top rail of the firearm to maintain a streamlined profile.
  • 🔰 When folded down, most BUIS will typically have a height profile of around 0.5 to 0.8 inches (12.7-20.3mm) above the rail. When deployed or flipped up for use, the sight post or aperture will add additional height depending on the specific sight design.

📌 It’s important to consider the space available on the firearm’s rail system when choosing and mounting BUIS to ensure compatibility with other accessories and optics. Additionally, it’s recommended to verify the specific dimensions and specifications of the BUIS model you are considering, as different manufacturers may have variations in size and design.

Are all backup iron sights the same height?

🤨 No, not all backup iron sights (BUIS) are the same height. BUIS comes in various designs and heights to accommodate different firearm platforms, optic setups, and user preferences. The height of BUIS can vary based on factors such as the sight type (e.g., folding, fixed), the specific model or brand, and the intended use.

  • 🟣 Some BUIS is designed to be a lower 1/3 co-witness, meaning that when the BUIS are in the up or deployed position, they sit slightly higher than the centerline of the optic. This configuration allows the shooter to see the iron sights in the lower portion of the optic’s field of view.
  • 🟣 On the other hand, some BUIS are designed for an absolute co-witness, where the iron sights align with the centerline of the optic when deployed. This configuration can provide a more consistent sight picture between the iron sights and the optic.

🛟 It’s important to consider the specific requirements of your firearm and optic setup when selecting BUIS, including the desired co-witness height, compatibility with the rail system, and overall ergonomics to ensure optimal performance and usability.

Is such sights an open sight?

😉 Yes, backup iron sights (BUIS) are typically open sights. Open sights, also known as iron sights, consist of a front sight and a rear sight that is aligned to allow the shooter to aim at the target. BUIS serves as a secondary or backup sighting system in case the primary optic or electronic sight on the firearm becomes inoperable or unavailable.

  • ✳️ Open sights are designed with a physical front post or blade and a rear aperture or notch. The shooter aligns the front sight with the rear sight, placing the target within the center of the rear sight aperture or aligned with the top of the rear sight notch. This alignment allows for accurate aiming and target engagement.
  • ✳️ Open sights have been widely used for many years and are known for their simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. They do not rely on batteries or electronic components, making them a dependable backup option in various shooting scenarios.
Are this type of iron sights more accurate than a scope?

💡 Back-up iron sights (BUIS) and scopes serve different purposes and have different strengths when it comes to accuracy.

  • 🧩 BUIS are typically designed as close- to mid-range sighting systems and offer a simple, reliable, and intuitive aiming method. They provide a clear sight picture and can be effective in engaging targets accurately within their intended range. BUIS isis often used as a backup option when the primary optic or electronic sight fails or becomes unavailable.
  • 🧩 Scopes, on the other hand, are specialized optics designed for precise aiming and target engagement at various distances. Scopes offer magnification, allowing for better target identification and increased accuracy over longer ranges. They often feature reticles with adjustable elevation and windage turrets, which can be calibrated for specific bullet trajectories, wind conditions, and distances. This allows shooters to compensate for factors that may affect shot placement and achieve more precise accuracy.

📌 In general, scopes provide greater accuracy potential compared to BUIS due to their magnification capabilities and adjustable reticles. They enable shooters to aim with higher precision, particularly for long-range shooting or when engaging smaller targets.


Backup iron sights are a great accessory for any gun enthusiast, and with the right knowledge, you can make sure you choose the best product for your needs. We hope this article has provided useful information about such sights to help guide your decision-making process. Investing in quality sights is always a smart move because they provide additional accuracy when aiming at targets from a distance or close range. Whether hunting or plinking cans off fences, having reliable backups will ensure you have more accurate shots each time!😉👍


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9 months ago

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the following topic: Should every rifle have backup iron sights, even if you already have an optic installed? I’m somewhat skeptical of their necessity and consider them more as nice extras rather than essential components. However, I’m open to discussing and hearing different perspectives on this matter.

    Yusuf Phillips
    Yusuf Phillips
    9 months ago
    Reply to  Angilbert

    In my opinion, backup iron sights should be a part of any rifle setup, especially for emergencies, self-defense, or any purpose beyond competition or range shooting. It’s crucial to consider that relying solely on optics can be risky because unforeseen circumstances can occur in the field. Issues like battery failure, leaks, electronic malfunctions, accidental damage to the optic, theft, or equipment failure can all render the optic useless. Even a minor incident like a dropped firearm or a broken strap can have serious consequences. Additionally, factors such as a loosened zero, optic instability, or damaged mounts can significantly impact performance. Therefore, having backup iron sights provides a reliable fallback option that can be crucial in critical moments. If you also looking for it – I recommended paying attention to the Ozark Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights!

      9 months ago
      Reply to  Angilbert

      I have decided to have two Tacticon Armament Flip-Up Iron Sights as a backup for my Eotech optic. These sights are lightweight, so they don’t add much extra weight to my setup. Most of the time, they are folded down and out of the way, causing no issues. However, I believe it’s important to have a contingency plan in case Eotech fails for any reason. With the pop-up sights, I can achieve a proper co-witness and continue to engage targets effectively. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I have reliable backup iron sights readily available if needed.

        9 months ago

        I’d like to gather everyone’s input and experiences regarding backup iron sights. Currently, I’m using some cheap and unreliable flip-up sights as a backup for my red dot. I’m specifically looking for sights that offer a true co-witness with the red dot. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

          Robert Cox
          Robert Cox
          9 months ago
          Reply to  Filibert

          If you have a rail system, then I believe the standard Magpul Magpul MBUS Front & Rear Flip-Up Backup Sight should work fine. I buy it recently and I like it! Try it!

            Conner Foster
            Conner Foster
            9 months ago

            I’m currently in search of high-quality backup iron sights for my SBR (Short Barrel Rifle). I’m wondering what your recommended go-to option would be for a reliable and solid metal flip-up sight set.

              9 months ago
              Reply to  Conner Foster

              I have found the UTG Super Slim Flip-Up Front Sight to be excellent. I purchased it, and they have consistently impressed me with their solid construction. In terms of affordability and quality, these sights have been my top choice.

                Matias Jenkins
                Matias Jenkins
                9 months ago
                Reply to  Conner Foster

                I highly recommend going with the Troy BattleSight Front HK Fixed for your backup iron sights. Despite Troy not being a flawless company, their folding sights have become my go-to choice after experimenting with various other options. Ultimately, I believe that opting for these sights will leave you satisfied with their performance and reliability.

                  Brandon Robinson
                  Brandon Robinson
                  9 months ago

                  After building my first AR, I realized it didn’t come with iron sights or the “optics ready” designation that some manufacturers offer. I initially purchased a cheap $60 red dot sight, but I found that it constantly ran out of battery, which was frustrating. As a temporary solution, I decided to invest in a set of iron sights because they should be more reliable and affordable. Can you recommend some AR iron sights that I should consider?

                    9 months ago

                    As I was looking for iron sights to replace my unreliable red dot sight on my AR, I came across the Magpul MBUS Front & Rear Flip Up Backup Sight, which are widely regarded as a good starting point. They offer durability and functionality without breaking the bank.