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270 Win Short Magnum Ammo - Editor's Choice

What is .270 WSM Ammo? 🧐

It is known as the .270 Winchester Short Magnum and is a fantastic and powerful cartridge designed to deliver supreme performance in terms of velocity, trajectory, and energy transfer. It was introduced to the firearms market in the early 2000s by the iconic firearms manufacturer, this cartridge was specifically engineered to bridge the gap between the .270 Winchester and the larger .300 WSM, providing shooters with a versatile and hard-hitting option that performs brilliantly in various scenarios.

 Advantages 🧨

The .270 Winchester Short Magnum  ammunition offers several distinct advantages that make it a popular choice among hunters:

  • High Velocity: It is known for its high velocity, ensuring quick, clean kills. This is particularly beneficial when hunting fast, elusive game.
  • Flat Trajectory: The flat shooting characteristic provides excellent accuracy over long distances, making it an ideal choice for hunting in large, open areas.
  • High Energy: This type of ammunition maintains high energy levels even at extended ranges, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Versatility: It is versatile, suitable for hunting a wide range of game, from deer to larger animals like elk.
  • Availability: Despite being a specialized round, this ammo is commonly available, making it easy for hunters to stock.

Remember, while this ammunition offers many advantages, its performance can vary based on the specific rifle used, the quality of the ammunition, and the skills of the shooter. Always ensure you practice proper safety measures when using any form of ammunition

Our Top Pick
Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 150 Grain
Super-X ammunition has been a trusted name since 1922, known for its high quality and performance. It is a reliable choice for hunters and shooters because of its reputation for dependability. With impressive knock-down power, consistent expansion, and deep penetration, it's an excellent choice for those looking for a proven performer in the field, especially for deer hunting.
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Types 😎

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): This type of ammunition is mainly used for target shooting and hunting small game. FMJ ammo provides excellent penetration but does not expand like soft point or hollow point bullets. Polymer Tip: This type features a polymer tip on the bullet, enhancing accuracy and ballistic performance. Polymer tip ammo is perfect for long-range hunting due to its flat trajectory.
Hollow Point: The hollow point ammo is designed for quick expansion upon hitting the target, making it suitable for hunting varmints and small games. Soft Point: Soft point ammo is ideal for big game hunting. The exposed lead tip ensures rapid expansion upon impact, delivering a lethal blow to the target.


Best 270 Win Short Magnum Ammo Review

Features 💡

The .270 Winchester Short Magnum ammunition is renowned for its unique features that enhance hunting experiences.

⚪ Its high velocity distinguishes it from other ammunition types, providing rapid target engagement, which is particularly essential when hunting fast and elusive games.

⚪ Another key feature is its flat trajectory which boosts long-range accuracy, making it an optimal choice for hunting in vast, open spaces. This ammunition also maintains high energy levels at extended ranges, ensuring reliable performance no matter the distance.

⚪ Additionally, this ammo displays great versatility, suitable for hunting a diverse range of game, from deer to larger animals like elk. Despite being a specialist round, its widespread availability ensures hunters can readily stock up as needed.

🔴 However, keep in mind that the performance of this ammunition can vary based on factors like the specific rifle used, the quality of the ammunition itself, and the shooter’s skills. As always, proper safety measures should be observed when handling any ammunition.

270 WSM Ammo Review | Best .270 WSM Ammo

Winchester S270WSMCT Expedition Big Game 270 WSM Ammo 140 GrainWinchesterBUY
Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 150 grainWinchesterBUY
Winchester DEER SEASON XP-COPPER IMPACT 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 130 grainWinchesterBUY

#1 Winchester S270WSMCT Expedition Big Game 270 WSM Ammo 140 Grain

Winchester S270WSMCT Expedition Big Game 270 WSM Ammo 140 Grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Meet the Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range ammunition – a hunter’s dream come true! This remarkable load is designed to provide unmatched performance and precision for your most challenging hunts, making it the perfect companion wherever your adventure takes you. It ensures flat shooting and pinpoint accuracy. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace the confidence of hitting your mark with ease, even at extended distances. When you’re dealing with the biggest game, controlled expansion is crucial. Thankfully, this ammunition delivers exactly that, allowing the bullet to penetrate thick hides and bones before unleashing massive knock-down power. You can trust that your shots will have the stopping power needed to take down even the most formidable targets. Crafted with top-notch craftsmanship and using high-quality brass cartridge cases, the Expedition Big Game Long Range guarantees reliable cycling and consistent performance, giving you the peace of mind that your ammunition won’t let you down in critical moments.

  • Deadly Accuracy: It offers remarkable precision and flat shooting, ensuring hunters can consistently hit their targets even at extended distances.
  • Massive Knock-Down Power: This ammo provides incredible knock-down power, making it highly effective against big game and large animals.
  • Reliable Performance: This ammunition guarantees reliable cycling and consistent performance.
  • Cost: It can be relatively expensive compared to standard rounds. This might deter budget-conscious hunters from using it regularly.
  • Limited Lead-Free Options: While Winchester encourages ethical hunting practices, this ammo does not offer a lead-free alternative, which may be a drawback for hunters in regions with lead ammunition restrictions.

#2 Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 150 grain

Winchester SUPER-X RIFLE 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 150 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Introducing Super-X ammunition, a trusted name since 1922, renowned for its unwavering quality and exceptional performance. This time-proven ammunition has earned a legendary reputation for its dependability, making it the go-to choice for hunters and shooters alike. It lives up to its legendary reputation for reliability and performance. Its impressive knock-down power, consistent expansion, and deep penetration make it an excellent choice for deer hunters and those seeking a proven performer in the field. However, potential buyers should consider factors such as application suitability, lead-free preferences, recoil sensitivity, availability, and budget before making their purchase decision.

Video review

  • Proven Reliability: It has a rich history dating back to 1922, and its time-proven dependability has earned the trust of countless hunters and shooters over the years.
  • Impressive Knock-Down Power: The Power-Point bullet design delivers swift and effective knock-down power, making it a reliable choice for hunting deer and other game animals.
  • Consistent Expansion: With strategic notching and a contoured jacket, this ammunition ensures consistent and reliable expansion, resulting in more predictable performance during hunting encounters.
  • Deep Penetration: The alloyed lead core aids in weight retention, allowing for deeper penetration, and ensuring better performance on the larger game or in challenging hunting scenarios.
  • Recoil: The powerful performance of this ammunition may result in increased recoil, which could be a consideration for shooters sensitive to recoil or using lightweight rifles.
  • Availability: Depending on the region and local suppliers, this ammunition might not be as readily available as some other popular brands.

#3 Winchester DEER SEASON XP-COPPER IMPACT 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 130 grain

Winchester DEER SEASON XP-COPPER IMPACT 270 Winchester Short Magnum Ammo 130 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Presenting Copper Impact ammunition, a product born from our extensive expertise and dedication to serving hunters. Designed with hunters in mind, this ammunition features the Copper Extreme Point bullet, a solid copper expanding projectile that boasts an oversized impact diameter. This unique design offers several advantages, including enhanced impact trauma, superior energy transfer, and the creation of larger wound cavities for quicker knockdown. With a high ballistic coefficient bullet and an engineered boattail design, this ammunition demonstrates exceptional long-range flight characteristics, providing hunters with confidence in their shooting performance at extended distances.

  • Outstanding Impact Trauma: It excels in providing accelerated expansion and significant impact trauma.
  • Superior Ballistics for Long Range: The carefully engineered boattail and high ballistic coefficient bullet contribute to a flat trajectory, allowing hunters to confidently take precise shots at longer distances.
  • Versatile Big Game Performance: This ammunition proves its versatility and suitability for various hunting adventures.
  • Quick Knockdown: It ensures quicker knockdowns and reduces the risk of prolonged suffering for the game.
  • Not Lead-Free: This ammunition is not entirely lead-free, which might be a drawback for hunters in areas with lead ammunition restrictions.


Reloading ⚙️

Reloading ammunition can be a cost-effective and rewarding process for experienced shooters. This process involves refilling the spent cartridge with new primer, powder, and bullet, allowing for the reuse of cartridges and greater customization of loads. Beginners should approach reloading with caution, keeping in mind that it necessitates a thorough understanding of safety measures and a precise method of operation.

Reloading typically involves the following steps:

  1. 📌 Case Inspection and Cleaning: Empty brass cases should be inspected for any damage. Cases that are in good condition are then cleaned to remove any residue.
  2. 📌 Resizing and Depriming: The case is resized to its original dimensions, and the spent primer is removed.
  3. 📌 Priming: A new primer is carefully seated into the base of the case.
  4. 📌 Powder Charging: The case is filled with a carefully measured amount of powder, based on the load data for the specific bullet type.
  5. 📌 Bullet Seating: The new bullet is seated into the case to the correct depth. This is a critical step since incorrect seating can affect the ammunition’s performance.

By reloading your .270 WSM ammo, you can fine-tune your ammunition to achieve optimal performance tailored to your specific shooting requirements. However, it’s essential to adhere strictly to loading data from reputable sources and always prioritize safety when reloading.

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺


How to store ammo properly?

Proper storage of ammunition is crucial to maintaining its performance and lifespan. Here are some guidelines on how to store your ammo properly:

  1. ✴️ Dry Environment: Ammunition should be stored in a dry environment, as moisture can lead to corrosion, which can negatively impact the performance of the ammo.
  2. ✴️ Cool Location: Store your ammo in a cool place to prevent any potential damage that can occur from high temperatures.
  3. ✴️ Original Packaging: If possible, keep your ammunition in its original packaging. This helps to protect it from physical damage and also keeps it organized.
  4. ✴️ Ammo Cans: Consider using ammo cans for storage. These containers are often designed to be airtight and waterproof, providing excellent protection for your ammo.
  5. ✴️ Elevated Storage: Keep your ammo off the floor to protect it from floor-level moisture and potential flooding.
  6. ✴️ Away from Flammable Substances: Store ammunition away from flammable substances and heat sources to reduce the risk of accidental ignition.
  7. ✴️ Locked Up: For safety reasons, it’s recommended to store ammo in a locked container or cabinet, especially if you have children in your home.

Remember, always check your stored ammunition for signs of corrosion or damage before use. And always abide by local laws and regulations regarding ammunition storage.

What is the difference between 270 WSM and 270 Win Ammo?

We made a table with the comparison. Please check

Feature 270 WSM 270 Win Ammo
Bullet diameter 0.277 inches 0.277 inches
Overall length 3.36 inches 3.34 inches
Powder capacity 54 grains 48 grains
Hunting applications Deer, elk, moose Deer, antelope, varmints
Recoil Moderate Mild


🧐 As you can see, the 270 WSM is a more powerful cartridge than the 270 Win. It has a shorter case and a larger powder capacity, which gives it more velocity and energy. This makes it a better choice for long-range shooting and for hunting larger games. However, the 270 WSM is also more expensive and more difficult to find than the 270 Win.

The 270 Win is a milder-shooting cartridge than the 270 WSM. It is also less expensive and more widely available. This makes it a good choice for hunting smaller game and for shooters who are recoil sensitive.

Ultimately, the best cartridge for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a powerful cartridge for long-range shooting or for hunting large games, then the 270 WSM is a good choice. If you are looking for a milder-shooting cartridge that is less expensive and more widely available, then the 270 Win is a good choice.

What game can I hunt with .270 WSM ammo?

It is a versatile cartridge that can be used for hunting a variety of game. It is a good choice for deer, elk, moose, and black bears. It can also be used for hunting smaller game, such as antelope and varmints. Here is a list of games that can be hunted with this ammo:

  • 🔰 Deer: It is a popular cartridge for deer hunting. It is capable of taking down deer of all sizes, from whitetail to mule deer.
  • 🔰 Elk: It is also suitable for elk hunting. It is powerful enough to take down a large elk, but it is not too powerful that it will cause excessive meat damage.
  • 🔰 Moose: It can be used for moose hunting, but it is not the most powerful cartridge for this type of game. A larger calibre, such as the .300 WinMag, would be a better choice for moose hunting.
  • 🔰 Black bear: It is powerful enough to take down a black bear, but it is not too powerful that it will cause excessive meat damage.
  • 🔰 Antelope: Try it for antelope hunting. It is powerful enough to take down an antelope, but it is not too powerful that it will cause excessive meat damage.
  • 🔰 Varmints: This can also be used for hunting varmints, such as coyotes, prairie dogs, and groundhogs.

It is important to note that this is not a perfect cartridge for all types of games. For example, it may not be powerful enough to take down a large moose or bear with a single shot. However, it is a good choice for most types of games, and it is a versatile cartridge that can be used for a variety of hunting applications.

What is the History of .270 WSM Ammo Origin?

The .270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM), a modern and popular hunting cartridge, was introduced to the shooting public by Winchester in 2002.

✳️ It was part of Winchester’s new family of proprietary short magnum cartridges, all designed to fit in a short action rifle. This family of cartridges was modelled after the .404 Jeffery’s short, fat design, which promotes efficient powder burning. The .270 WSM was developed to offer ballistics similar to the revered .270 Winchester, but in a much shorter casing, allowing it to be used in lighter, faster-handling rifles. It quickly gained popularity among hunters and shooters alike for its impressive long-range performance and versatility in hunting various game sizes.

Are there lead-free or eco-friendly options for .270 WSM ammo?

Yes, there are indeed lead-free and eco-friendly options available for .270 WSM ammo! 🌿 As awareness about environmental conservation and lead contamination grows, many ammunition manufacturers have developed alternatives to traditional lead-based bullets. These lead-free options are designed to reduce the environmental impact of shooting activities while maintaining performance and accuracy.

🟣 Copper is a popular choice for lead-free bullets. These projectiles are designed to expand upon impact, offering effective terminal performance for hunting applications. Copper-alloy bullets, such as Barnes TSX and Hornady GMX, are known for their reliability and consistent performance in the field.

🟣 Frangible bullets are specially designed to break apart upon impact, reducing the risk of ricochets and minimizing lead exposure. They are commonly used in shooting sports, training, and steel target shooting.

🟣 For shotgun hunters, non-toxic shot alternatives, such as steel or bismuth, are available for waterfowl hunting where lead shot is restricted to protect aquatic ecosystems.

Conclusion ✒️

And there you have it, folks! The captivating world of .270 WSM ammo awaits you with its power, precision, and versatility. Whether you’re venturing into the wilderness for a hunt or aiming for bullseyes at the range, this ammo is a top-tier choice that won’t disappoint. Remember, safety first, and enjoy the thrill of shooting with this incredible cartridge. So, gear up, take aim, and let the .270 WSM unlock new levels of shooting satisfaction for you. Until next time, happy shooting, and may your targets always be within reach!

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8 months ago

Can I use .270 WSM ammo in a rifle chambered for .270 Winchester?

    8 months ago
    Reply to  Troyan

    No, it is essential to use the correct ammunition for your firearm. .270 WSM and .270 Winchester are not interchangeable, as they have different dimensions and pressure specifications. Always use the appropriate ammunition designated for your rifle.

      8 months ago

      It is easy to load the 270 wsm cartridge with several types of gunpowder, including 4350, 4831, H1000, Retumbo, Rldr 17, 19, 23, or 26, as well as MagPro. You can use either 140 or 150-grain bullets to find an accurate load. RAMSHOT Magnum and some Viht are also effective. The author has successfully hunted deer, bears, hogs, and elk with 140-grain Accubonds and 150-grain Partitions. For steel or paper targets, they recommend using the 140 Berger or 145 ELD-X. When hunting elk, they suggest using the 150-grain Trophy Bonded Tipped or AccubondsI took into consideration temperature sensitivity, and my preferred load was 60 grains of Rldr 17 for Accubonds However, for the 129 LRX, I recommend trying around 62 grains of H4350. If you’re using the 150 TBT, 68 grains of Rldr 26 should shoot just over 1/2 moa out to 500 yards. As for the Bergers, Retumbo in the range of 68 to 70 grains worked well for me. I used Nosler brass and CCI 250 Mag primers. Remember that these were specific to my rifle, so your results may differ. It’s important to start with a low load and work your way up. Best of luck!

        8 months ago

        Hello! Can I use .270 WSM ammo for long-range shooting?

          8 months ago
          Reply to  Derek

          Yes, you can use .270 WSM ammo for long-range shooting. It is a popular cartridge for long-range hunting and target shooting. It has a good balance of power and accuracy, making it a versatile choice for long-range shooting.

          🟥 The .270 WSM cartridge is a belted magnum cartridge that was introduced in 1998. It is based on the .30-06 Springfield cartridge, but it has a shorter case and a larger powder capacity. This gives the .270 WSM more velocity and energy than the .30-06, making it a better choice for long-range shooting.

          The .270 WSM is capable of reaching out to distances of 1,000 yards or more. However, it is important to use a good scope and to practice regularly if you want to be accurate at long ranges.

            8 months ago

            I have some brass and CCI MAG primers for my Ruger M77 270 WSM, and I want to develop a load that can be used for both bench shooting and elk hunting. However, I’m not sure which powder and bullet to use. I currently load for other guns like 308, 6.5, 243, 223, and 30-30. Any suggestions on where to start? Powders are limited in availability.

              8 months ago
              Reply to  nkk

              I achieve very good accuracy and velocity using 130gr bullets with either H4831SC or IMR4955.

                8 months ago
                Reply to  nkk

                I hunt elk with a factory twist barrel, it’s recommended to use a bonded hunting bullet such as Accubond or a copper solid Barnes. Hammer bullets are also effective but not suitable for practice shooting. Additionally, h4831sc powder is preferred due to its temperature stability.

                  8 months ago
                  Reply to  nkk

                  My gun was loaded with 140gr Nosler Accubond bullets and shot moa at the factory. Now, I only have Federal 150gr fusions left, which also shoot moa. I appreciate your suggestion of using Barnes bullets for hunting, as I’m a fan of them as well.

                    8 months ago
                    Reply to  nkk

                    I found a suitable ammunition combination of 140gr accubonds and Magpro for my wife’s elk hunt. She successfully used the 140ab for the hunt. Currently, I have switched her to 124gr hammer hunters with imr 4350 and found a great load, which she can use for deer hunting in California and for elk hunting outside the state whenever she gets another tag.