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Best 470 Nitro Express Ammo - Editor's Choice

What is 470 Nitro Express ammo?🧐

It is a powerful and large-caliber rifle cartridge primarily designed for hunting big and dangerous games, particularly in Africa. It was developed in the late 19th century by Joseph Lang and has since become a popular choice among hunters seeking a cartridge with significant stopping power.

470 Nitro Express ammo


The caliber of the .470 Nitro Express is approximately .474 inches (12mm), making it a sizable round designed to deliver substantial kinetic energy upon impact.

✅ The cartridge typically uses heavy bullets, often ranging from around 500 to 600 grains in weight. These heavy bullets are intended to provide deep penetration and influential stopping power against large and dangerous game animals.

✅ This ammo is known for its exceptional stopping power, which is crucial when hunting animals like African Cape buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros, and other thick-skinned and potentially dangerous species.

✅ Due to the cartridge’s size and power, it generates substantial recoil. This requires shooters to use firearms with robust construction and proper shooting techniques to manage recoil and maintain accuracy.

Our Top Pick
Barnes Vor-TX Safari Centerfire 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 Grain
Picture this: a formidable 500-grain TSX иullet core, meticulously designed by the Barnes experts, ready to deliver unparalleled terminal performance. Delve deeper, and you'll discover the clever engineering behind the CDL crimp groove. It's the secret to unlocking that deep penetration that long-range targets demand. And speaking of long-range, these cartridges offer more than just power – they offer precision and accuracy, ensuring your shot hits the mark even at extended distances. But that's not all. These cartridges come packed with clean-burning powder. It's a subtle yet impactful detail that not only keeps your velocities in check but also contributes to a cleaner shooting experience.
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The .470 Nitro Express cartridge offers several benefits that make it a popular choice among hunters pursuing big and dangerous games, particularly in challenging hunting environments like those found in Africa. Here are some of the key advantages:

✴️ Versatility: While the .470 Nitro Express is primarily associated with hunting in Africa, it is also a versatile cartridge that can be used for a variety of game species. It is particularly well-suited for animals with thick hides and strong bone structures, making it an ideal choice for hunting buffalo, elephants, rhinoceros, and other challenging targets.

✴️ Deep Penetration: The heavy and high-velocity bullets used in the .470 Nitro Express cartridge are capable of achieving deep penetration, ensuring that the bullet reaches vital organs even when encountering tough barriers such as bones and muscle.

✴️ Quick Follow-Up Shots: Firearms chambered for this cartridge are often double rifles, allowing for a rapid follow-up shot if needed. This can be advantageous in situations where a second shot is required to ensure the target’s swift incapacitation.

✴️ Hunting Ethics: The potent stopping power of the .470 Nitro Express can contribute to ethical hunting by minimizing the risk of wounding animals and ensuring a swift and humane kill.

470 Nitro Express ammo

Hunting Applications🤠

The .470 Nitro Express cartridge is particularly well-suited for hunting large and dangerous game species, especially in situations where stopping power, deep penetration, and reliable terminal performance are crucial. Here are some of the types of games that it is best suited for:

🎯 African Cape Buffalo: It is considered an excellent choice for hunting African Cape buffalo, often referred to as the “Black Death”. These massive and robust animals have thick hides, strong bone structures, and a reputation for being extremely tough to bring down. The .470’s combination of heavy bullet weight, high velocity, and deep penetration is well-suited for ensuring a quick and humane takedown of these dangerous creatures.
🎯 African Elephant: When legally and ethically hunted, African elephants are typically targeted for management purposes. This ammo provides the necessary stopping power to penetrate the elephant’s thick hide and massive body, delivering a swift and effective kill. Proper shot placement is crucial to ensure a humane harvest.
🎯 Rhinoceros: Similar to elephants, rhinoceroses are targeted for conservation and management purposes. Such cartridges can effectively penetrate the rhino’s armor-like hide and deliver the energy needed to incapacitate these large and formidable animals.
🎯 Hippopotamus: Known for their aggressive and unpredictable behavior, hippos are another challenging and dangerous game species. The .470 Nitro Express is capable of providing the necessary stopping power to quickly dispatch a hippopotamus, which is important for the safety of the hunter and those accompanying them.
🎯 Larger African Game: It is also suitable for hunting other large African game species such as lion, leopard, giraffe, and eland. While these animals may not possess the same level of physical toughness as Cape buffalo or elephant, the cartridge’s terminal performance and deep penetration make it a reliable choice for ensuring ethical kills.
🎯 North American and Eurasian Big Game: While this ammo is often associated with African safaris, it can also be used for hunting large games in other parts of the world. In North America and Eurasia, the cartridge could potentially be used for species like brown bears, moose, bison, and other heavy-bodied animals.

Hunting with 470 Nitro Express cartridge

Best 470 Nitro Express Ammo | 470 Nitro Express Ammo Review

Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grainFederal PremiumBUY
Barnes Vor-Tx Safari Centerfire 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grainBarnesBUY
Nosler 470 Nitro Express Solid Ammo 500 grainNoslerBUY

1# Federal Premium Cape-Shok 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grain

Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grain

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Imagine a day at the shooting range tailored to everyone, from beginners to seasoned marksmen. Federal Premium Cape-Shok 470 Nitro Express Ammo ensures you’ll have the ammunition you need for a truly successful outing. Our research has shown that each cartridge boasts a bonded front core and a progressively tapered jacket – a recipe for controlled expansion and a precisely controlled energy release. The result? Shots that hit the mark with confidence and finesse. The ingenious A-Frame design is your secret weapon for stopping expansion, maintaining a longer shank for unparalleled deep penetration and exceptional weight retention. At the heart of this exceptional ammo lies reliable primers and propellants. These elements work harmoniously to ensure the reliability that you can depend on, shot after shot. No more worrying about misfires or inconsistency – just the peace of mind that comes from knowing your ammo is up to the challenge.

  • Versatile for all shooters
  • Controlled expansion and energy release
  • Deep penetration and weight retention
  • Resilience against recoil
  • It might be considered overpowered or unnecessary for smaller games or recreational shooting


2# Barnes Vor-TX Safari Centerfire 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grain

Barnes Vor-Tx Safari Centerfire 470 Nitro Express Ammo 500 grain

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Discover the excitement of shooting with the Barnes Vor-TX Safari Centerfire 470 Nitro Express Ammo – a thrilling adventure that won’t break the bank. A robust 500-grain TSX bullet core, expertly designed to deliver unmatched terminal performance against even the most formidable game. Delve deeper, and you’ll uncover the ingenuity of the CDL crimp groove, an innovation that unlocks deep penetration perfect for conquering those elusive long-range targets. And that’s not all – the clean-burning powder works silently to keep velocities in check. These cartridges boast a flat base hollow point (FBHP) bullet type, weighing an impressive 500 grains. Encased in brass, they’re a testament to quality and reliability. The muzzle velocity stands at a commendable 2150 ft/s, delivering astounding muzzle energy of 5133 ft-lbs – numbers that translate to unwavering power and impact. This ammo – your companions in a world of power, performance, and the art of the hunt.

Video review

  • Unmatched terminal performance
  • Deep penetration for long-range targets
  • Clean-burning powder
  • Quality construction
  • Limited availability


3# Nosler 470 Nitro Express Solid Ammo 500 grain

Nosler 470 Nitro Express Solid Ammo 500 grain

View on OpticsPlanet

Crafted with the discerning hunter in mind, this ammo stands ready to elevate your shooting experience. These bullets aren’t just projectiles; they promise of accuracy and effectiveness, ensuring that every shot meets your expectations. Every detail is attended to: cases are meticulously checked for correct length, necks are sized, chamfered, and trued for optimal performance. Even the flash holes are scrutinized for precise alignment. This dedication ensures that your ammunition is ready to perform at its best when it matters most. And there’s more. High-performance powder and bullet combinations await you. As our tests have shown the nickel-plated brass cases not only exude quality but also offer enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring your ammunition remains in prime condition. The Nosler 470 Nitro Express Solid Ammo is your invitation to a world of hunting excellence, where every shot tells a story of mastery and dedication.

  • Hunter-centric design
  • Consistent performance
  • Exacting quality control
  • Tailored for dangerous game
  • Higher price point compared to standard ammunition options


Various bullet options and advantages📢

When considering bullet options for the .470 Nitro Express, it’s important to select the right bullet weight and type based on the intended game and hunting conditions. Here’s a breakdown of various bullet options and their advantages for different types of games:

🧩 Advantages: 💥 Considerations:
🟣 Solid Bullets🟣
🧩 Solid bullets, typically made of a single material such as copper or brass, offer deep penetration and reliable weight retention. They are well-suited for hunting thick-skinned and heavily muscled animals like African Cape buffalo and elephants. Solid bullets can break through bone and tough hide to reach vital organs, ensuring a clean and ethical kill. 💥 While solid bullets provide excellent penetration, they may not expand or create as wide a wound channel as expanding bullets. Shot placement is crucial to maximize their effectiveness.
🟣 Soft-Point Bullets🟣
🧩 Soft-point bullets have a partially exposed lead tip that facilitates controlled expansion upon impact. This expansion creates a larger wound channel and transfers more energy to the target, increasing stopping power. They are effective for medium to large game, including deer, antelope, and other animals with less robust anatomies. 💥 Soft-point bullets may not penetrate as deeply as solid bullets, so shot placement remains important. They are best suited for a game that doesn’t require as much penetration as a heavy, dangerous game.
🟣 Woodleigh Hydrostatically Stabilized Bullets🟣
🧩 Woodleigh offers hydrostatically stabilized bullets designed to provide consistent and controlled expansion across a range of impact velocities. These bullets are suitable for a variety of games, offering reliable expansion and deep penetration. They are known for retaining a high percentage of their original weight. 💥 Hydrostatically stabilized bullets are versatile and can be effective for both medium and large games, making them a good choice for a diverse hunting experience.
🟣 Barnes TSX and TTSX Bullets🟣
🧩 Barnes TSX (Triple-Shock X) and TTSX (Tipped Triple-Shock X) bullets are known for their excellent weight retention and consistent expansion. The tipped version offers enhanced accuracy and initiates expansion more readily. These bullets are suitable for various game sizes and are especially effective for animals with heavy bone structures. 💥 Barnes bullets offer reliable terminal performance and can be used effectively for both dangerous and non-dangerous game species.
🟣 Partition Bullets🟣
🧩 Partition bullets, such as those from Nosler, feature a dual-core design that balances expansion and penetration. The front core expands upon impact, creating a wide wound channel, while the rear core remains intact for deep penetration. Partition bullets are versatile and suitable for a wide range of game sizes. 💥 Partition bullets offer a good compromise between expansion and penetration, making them a solid choice for various hunting scenarios.
🟣 Monolithic Bullets🟣
🧩 Monolithic bullets, like those from companies such as Cutting Edge Bullets, are made from a single material (usually copper) and are designed for controlled expansion and deep penetration. They are well-suited for hunting large and tough games where high weight retention and bone-crushing performance are desired. 💥 Monolithic bullets can offer excellent terminal performance but may be more sensitive to impact velocity for optimal expansion.

😉 Ultimately, the choice of bullet weight and type should align with the specific game you intend to hunt and the shooting conditions you anticipate. Always conduct thorough testing and consider factors such as shot placement, bullet performance, and ethical considerations when making your selection.

Bullet options for the .470 Nitro Express


How many grains is a 470 Nitro Express?

✔️ It is a venerable cartridge in the realm of big game hunting and stands as a testament to the marriage of power and precision. This cartridge, often favored by hunters pursuing the most formidable of game, boasts a bullet weight that places it among the heavyweights of the ammunition world.

⏰ Central to the cartridge’s reputation is its impressive bullet weight, typically hovering around the range of 500 to 500.8 grains. This substantial heft plays a pivotal role in defining the cartridge’s character. The weight of the bullet is not merely a statistic; it’s a key contributor to the cartridge’s ability to tackle large and dangerous games.

🎯 The bullet’s weight underscores its formidable nature. This characteristic, combined with its performance and historical significance, positions it as a cartridge of choice for those seeking to engage in ethical and impactful big-game hunting experiences.

How many bullets does it take to stop an elephant?

⭐️ The number of bullets required to stop an elephant can vary significantly based on several factors, including the caliber and type of ammunition used, shot placement, the elephant’s size and health, and the skill of the shooter. In general, larger and more powerful calibers with proper shot placement are more likely to result in quicker and more humane takedowns.

➡️ For hunting large and dangerous games like elephants, experienced and skilled hunters typically opt for powerful calibers such as the .470 Nitro Express. These cartridges are designed to deliver deep penetration and substantial stopping power.

➡️ However, it’s crucial to emphasize that ethical and responsible hunting practices prioritize making accurate and effective shots to ensure the animal’s quick and humane dispatch. Shooting an elephant or any other animal with the intent to stop it should always be done with the utmost respect for the animal’s welfare and following local hunting regulations and guidelines.

❗ Ultimately, the goal should be to make every effort to ensure a humane and ethical takedown with as few shots as possible, and hunters should be prepared to follow up with additional shots if needed to minimize suffering.

What caliber is a 470 Nitro Express?

🔶 This specific caliber of ammunition, cherished among hunters embarking on African safaris and other grand pursuits, carries a legacy of power, precision, and prowess.

✔️ At its core, the .470 Nitro Express represents a caliber that stands at approximately 0.474 inches (12.0 mm). This measurement, seemingly modest in its numerical representation, holds within it a world of potential and capability.

🤠 In the hands of a skilled hunter, this ammo becomes a conduit for the pursuit of ethical and responsible hunting, where each shot carries with it the weight of conservation and the legacy of generations.

What is the difference between 458 Lott and 450 Nitro Express?

✳️ The .458 Lott and .450 Nitro Express are both powerful cartridges designed for hunting large and dangerous games, particularly in Africa. While they share some similarities in terms of purpose and application, there are notable differences between the two cartridges. Let’s explore these differences:

🔰 Caliber and Bullet Size: The .458 Lott has a caliber of .458 inches, and it typically fires bullets in the 400 to 500-grain range. This cartridge was specifically designed to address some of the limitations of the .458 Winchester Magnum, providing increased case capacity for higher velocities and energy. The .450 Nitro Express has a caliber of .458 inches as well, making it nearly identical in diameter to the .458 Lott. However, the name “Nitro Express” indicates its origins as a black powder cartridge, with a longer case than the .458 Lott.

🔰 Case Length and Capacity: The .458 Lott is based on the case of the .375 H&H Magnum, but it is lengthened to prevent it from being chambered in rifles designed for the shorter .375 H&H. This increased case length allows for a larger powder charge and higher velocities. The .450 Nitro Express typically comes in several variations, including the .450 3 1/4″ Nitro Express and .450 3½” Nitro Express. The numbers indicate the case length in inches. These longer cases were originally designed for black powder use but have been adapted for smokeless powder.

🔰 Performance and Ballistics: The .458 Lott generally offers higher velocities and muzzle energy compared to the .450 Nitro Express. This can translate to flatter trajectories and more penetration, which can be advantageous when hunting larger or more dangerous games. The performance of the .450 Nitro Express can vary based on the specific load and variant, but it typically delivers formidable stopping power suitable for dangerous game hunting. While it may not reach the same velocities as the .458 Lott, it still packs a significant punch.

🔰 Rifle Chambering and Availability: Rifles chambered for the .458 Lott are more readily available than those chambered for some variants of the .450 Nitro Express. The .458 Lott has gained popularity due to its performance characteristics and suitability for hunting a wide range of games. The .450 Nitro Express, especially in its longer variants, may be less common due to its historical origins and specific chambering requirements. However, rifles chambered for .450 Nitro Express can still be found among enthusiasts and collectors.

🤓 In summary, the .458 Lott offers higher velocities and performance, while the .450 Nitro Express, with its historical significance, still brings formidable stopping power to the field. The choice between the two may come down to personal preference, the availability of rifles, and the specific hunting scenarios one intends to tackle.

How far can it shoot?

☑️ The effective range of a .470 Nitro Express cartridge, like any firearm, depends on several factors, including the rifle’s design, the specific load being used, shooter skill, and the intended target.

🔥 It is often used for hunting big game animals like African Cape buffalo and elephants, where shots are typically taken within 100 to 150 yards (approximately 91 to 137 meters).

🔥 Some skilled marksmen may be able to achieve accurate shots out to 200 yards (approximately 183 meters), but this is less common due to the cartridge’s characteristics and intended purpose.

😀 In summary, this cartridge is most effective at medium to close ranges, making it well-suited for hunting large and dangerous games in its intended scenarios. While some shooters may be capable of longer shots, responsible hunting practices prioritize ethical and effective takedowns within a range where the cartridge’s characteristics can be fully utilized.


The .470 Nitro Express carries with it a legacy of power, precision, and prowess, making it an ideal caliber for hunting large and dangerous games. Ultimately, this versatile and powerful ammo is a great tool for ethical hunters who seek to pursue their passion responsibly. After reading the all info above, we hope you choose the ammo right for your special needs!😍❤️‍🔥

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Harrison Cox
Harrison Cox
7 months ago

I’m facing a decision between the 300 and the .470 Nitro Express. While I’m leaning toward the 300, I’m quite curious about how the .470 Nitro Express performs. Any recommendations?

    7 months ago
    Reply to  Harrison Cox

    While both cater to similar animal classes, you should realize that they are fundamentally incomparable due to their distinct purposes. As I weigh my options, I’ve come to understand that the .470 Nitro Express and the 300 calibers serve vastly different roles. The .470 Nitro Express appears to be tailored for close-range encounters and self-defense situations. It strikes me as a cartridge that thrives in scenarios where quick and decisive action is needed. On the other hand, the 300 caliber, often heralded as one of the best choices for big game hunting, seems to excel in a different realm. Its strength lies in offering versatility and effectiveness at ranged shots. The notion that it can confidently tackle a variety of situations and distances is particularly appealing. As I navigate this decision, I’m reminded of the importance of aligning the purpose of the cartridge with the intended hunting situation. While both cartridges share the same realm of animal classes, they are ultimately tools designed for specific tasks. Finding the right fit between the demands of the terrain, the behavior of the game, and the characteristics of the cartridge is key.

      Landry Allen
      Landry Allen
      7 months ago
      Reply to  Harrison Cox

      Understanding that these two options are designed for entirely different purposes, I’m beginning to appreciate the limitations and strengths of each. The .470 Nitro Express’s emphasis on close-range self-defense aligns with scenarios where swift, impactful shots are paramount. Meanwhile, the 300 caliber’s reputation as a reliable big game gun for ranged shots speaks to its ability to maintain precision and performance at a distance. Recognizing their distinct roles and strengths, you are guided by the understanding that the most fitting choice will depend on the nature of the hunt, the potential challenges, and your hunting preferences.

        7 months ago

        Is there anyone with experience loading 470 Nitro Express in double rifles? Any information or guidance on these matters would be highly valued.

          Case Scott
          Case Scott
          7 months ago
          Reply to  Gianttalon

          I’ve had the opportunity to use double SBS 470 NE rifles in Africa, and I found them to be manageable in terms of recoil despite their weight. However, for African hunting, I typically lean towards a 416 bolt-action rifle due to its practicality and effectiveness. That said, I do have a fondness for double rifles and currently own two, chambered cartridges that suit my needs better. Achieving proper regulation with double rifles has proven to be quite a challenge, even when following factory specifications. These rifles tend to be optimized for accuracy at a specific distance, making them less suitable for hunting beyond 100 yards. 

            7 months ago

            I’m curious if there are any readily available molds for the .470 Nitro Express cartridge. I’m wondering if any hand loaders have experience reloading for this particular cartridge.

              Emanuel Walker
              Emanuel Walker
              7 months ago
              Reply to  Magneti

              I’ve personally undertaken handloading for the .470 Nitro Express cartridge, using 500 gr bullets combined with 112 gr of H4831 powder and Fed 215 mag primers. In my experience, Accurate Molds offers a suitable 510 gr mold for this caliber, specifically the 48-510N model. 

                7 months ago
                Reply to  Magneti

                One important consideration is the size of your press. If you’re using a standard-sized press, be prepared for adjustments. The .470 Nitro Express cartridge is quite lengthy, and I found that I had to unscrew the seater die on my press to insert the bullet, then repeat the process to seat it properly. This can be a bit cumbersome. My shooting buddy, who owns the rifle, invested in a Lyman press, which has a larger working window, making the process more manageable.