Top-10 Water Enhancer - Editor's Choice

What are water enhancers? 🧐

They are liquid products that add flavor, sweetness, and electrolytes to plain water. Unlike artificial sweeteners and processed sugar-sweetened beverages, such enhancers are usually composed of natural flavors, derived from fruits or herbs, with added electrolytes for taste and hydration.

Water enhancers

Features 📝

  • ✨ Such enhancers can drastically alter the taste of water without compromising its health benefits. They come in a wide variety of flavors, such as citrus, berry, and tropical fruits, allowing you to enjoy a unique taste experience with every sip.
  • ✨ Not only are they delicious, but they also contain no sugar and no calories.
  • ✨ Additionally, many enhancers contain electrolytes and vitamins, making them an ideal choice for athletes or those looking to increase their daily intake of necessary nutrients.
Our Top Pick
Stur Liquid Water Enhancer
They are a natural and delicious way to enhance the flavor of your water. With a variety of fruit flavors to choose from, you can make naturally flavored water at home or on the go with our portable liquid drink mix bottles. Using is easy – simply flip open the cap, point it downwards directly into your water, and squeeze for one second per serving in 8 ounces of water (squeeze longer for more flavor)! Each portable bottle makes 20 8-ounce drinks and contains 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 100% Vitamin C per serving. It is made with natural ingredients and is perfect for those looking for a healthy alternative to artificially flavored drinks.
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Benefits ⭐️

Water enhancers are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverages without all the extra sugar and calories They can help you stay hydrated throughout the day, and they come in a variety of flavors to suit any taste. Here are some of the benefits:

  • 🥤 Hydration: You don’t have to worry about dehydration when drinking water enhanced with flavoring. Enhancers provide additional electrolytes as well as other essential vitamins and minerals to keep you hydrated while also providing delicious flavor.
  • 🥤 Variety: Because there is such a wide range of flavors available, it’s easy to find one that appeals to you. From fruity to spicy, there’s something for everyone.
  • 🥤 Lower calorie: Such enhancers are lower in calories than most sugary drinks and can help reduce your overall daily caloric intake.
  • 🥤 Low sugar: Similarly, they tend to have less sugar than most sugary drinks, making them a great option for those who want to limit their sugar intake.

Benefits of water enhancers

Tips on how to stay hydrated 💧

💡 Regular hydration is key to maintaining overall health. Staying well-hydrated helps keep your body functioning properly, including helping reduce fatigue and headaches, improving your mood, aiding digestion, and more. To make sure you’re getting enough fluids throughout the day:

  • 🥛 Start each morning with a tall glass of water – this will kickstart your day and give you an immediate boost in energy.
  • 🍏 Keep track of how much you’re drinking – set a goal for yourself and make sure you’re reaching it by the end of the day.
  • 🥛 Add some flavor to your water – use a few drops of one of the best water enhancers available on the market to give your water some flavor and help you keep drinking.
  • 🍏 Carry a refillable bottle with you – having a bottle that is easy to carry with you makes it easier to remember to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • 🥛Drink before, during, and after meals – not only will this help your digestion, but it will also remind you to drink more often.
  • 🍏 Eat high-water content foods – fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe are great sources of hydration.

Top 10 Water Enhancers 🎯

Stur Liquid Water Enhancer | Classic Variety Pack | Naturally Sweetened | High in Vitamin C & Antioxidants | Sugar Free | Zero Calories | Keto | Vegan | 5 Bottles, Makes 120 DrinksSturBuy on Amazon
Hint Water Best Sellers Pack (Pack of 12), 16 Ounce Bottles, 3 Bottles Each of: Watermelon, Blackberry, Cherry, and Pineapple, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar and Zero SweetenersHintBuy on Amazon
Stur Liquid Water Enhancer | Strawberry Watermelon | Naturally Sweetened | High in Vitamin C & Antioxidants | Sugar Free | Zero Calories | Keto | Vegan | 5 Bottles, Makes 120 DrinksSturBuy on Amazon
Crush, Orange, Liquid Water Enhancer – New, Better Taste! (4 Bottles, Makes 96 Flavored Water Drinks) – Sugar Free, Zero CalorieCrushBuy on Amazon
MiO Berry Pomegranate Liquid Water Enhancer Drink Mix (1.62 fl oz Bottle)MioBuy on Amazon
Mio Orange Tangerine Liquid Water Enhancer Drink Mix (1.62 Fl Oz Bottle)MioBuy on Amazon
Propel Powder Packets 4 Flavor Variety Pack With Electrolytes, Vitamins and No Sugar 10 Count (Pack of 5) (Packaging May Vary)PropelBuy on Amazon
Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support. Sugar-Free Energy with B12, Multivitamins, Antioxidants, Electrolytes (Combo Pack, 30 Stick Packs)PureboostBuy on Amazon
Jelly Belly Drink Mix - Variety Pack 4 Bottles, Naturally Flavored Water Enhancer, Sugar Free, Zero Calorie, Makes 96 DrinksJuicy MixesBuy on Amazon
Strike Force Energy Drink Mix - Orange Flavor - Natural Tasting Caffeine Drink - Turn Any Drink into a Healthy Energy Drink - Zero Calories, Keto Friendly, Sugar Free, Pre Workout (40 Liquid Packs)Strike ForceBuy on Amazon

1# Stur Classic Variety Pack Natural Water Enhancer

Stur - Classic Variety Pack, Natural Water Enhancer

The first product we want to introduce you to is the Stur water enhancers variety pack. There are 5 different flavors in the variety pack, which are Fruit Punch, Strawberry Watermelon, Blue & Blackberry, Orange Mango, and Pomegranate Cranberry. People in the comment section say that the product is not overly sweet, which for some people may be a plus. Some people say that they did not enjoy some of the flavors (that is a subjective point of view though). Talking about the pluses of this water enhancer, we can say that the product is kosher, contains vitamin C, and is sugar-free. However, you must remember that the Stevia sweetener used in this product is not too good for your health as well. The manufacturer claims that the Stur enhancers are made from real fruit extracts, but some of the comments say that the flavors do not seem to remind of the natural taste of these fruits. However, if you are looking for a more healthy solution to your water-drinking problems, you may consider buying these water enhancers to make your water taste more pleasant.

Video review

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Tasty flavors
  • KETO friendly
  • 0 calories
  • You cannot choose from the variety of pack
  • Expensive price
  • Not used economically (quickly consumed)


2# Hint Fruit Infused Water Variety Pack

Hint Fruit Infused Water, Variety Pack

The next competitor in our top 10 is this Hint-infused water. The manufacturer claims that the product does not contain any GMO, sugar, stevia, and artificial sweeteners, which may be a great plus for someone who cares about their diet/nutrition. Infused with real fruits essences. The manufacturer also promises that the Hint-infused water can help with overcoming soda and sugary drinks addiction, however, people claim that the flavor of these is too faint, so it will not be able to help someone who is addicted to sugar. The Hint water variety pack has 12 bottles of different flavors like Cherry, Watermelon, Pineapple, and Blackberry. You can consider buying these if you want to try them out, but you should think carefully before purchasing them because the flavor may not be what you are hoping for. However, the product is natural and healthy.

Video review

  • A vegan and kosher product
  • No diet sweeteners
  • 0 calories
  • The flavor is not too distinct
  • Some people say the aftertaste is unpleasant
  • The price


3# Stur Natural Water Enhancer Sugar-Free

Stur - Natural Water Enhancer (Sugar Free)

We’ve already told you about the Stur water enhancer in our top 10, but we must say that there is a little difference between the two. The first one in our top was a variety pack, while this one includes 5 bottles of the flavor you choose yourself, and the choice is huge. You can choose between Strawberry Watermelon, Skinny Black Cherry, Pomegranate Cranberry, Peach, Orange Mango, Blue and Blackberry, Coconut Pineapple, Fruit Punch, Grape Acai, and Lemonade flavors. The manufacturer tells us that the Stur water enhancer does not consist of any artificial chemicals and sugar, except for the stevia sweetener. If you are comfortable with it, then these might be a good choice for you because people in the comment section are very satisfied with some flavors (Strawberry watermelon may be one of the best).

Video review

  • The variety of flavors
  • 0 calories
  • Sugar-free
  • Some people doubt that the product doesn’t contain any chemicals because they had allergic reactions
  • Some flavors have a chemical taste


4# Crush Orange Liquid Water Enhancer

Crush, Orange, Liquid Water Enhancer

Our next competitor is Crush liquid water enhancer and it is quite popular in America. You can buy this one in different flavors like Grape, Orange, Pineapple, and Strawberry, or you can buy the Variety Pack and try them all at once. This product doesn’t contain any calories or sugar, most people say that the flavors are pretty enjoyable. However, the Crush used to have a different formula, so the taste may be different from before and not in a good way (at least that is what the comments say). Sometimes you can buy this product in some local stores, like Walmart (they are not always in stock though), so in some cases, you can try them without ordering online. To sum up, this product does not promise any health benefits, vitamins, etc., but commentators on Amazon are quite pleased with the flavors, so if you are interested in what the Crush water enhancers taste like, you can try them.

  • Different flavors
  • Affordable price
  • Not natural
  • Contains sucralose(sweetener)
  • Can stain (the skin)


5# MiO Berry Pomegranate Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Berry Pomegranate Liquid Water Enhancer (1.62 fl oz Bottle)

The reviews on this one are very nice, most people claim that the flavors are very rich and toothsome. Although the title says Mio Berry Pomegranate water enhancer you can choose from different flavors, for example, Cherry Blackberry, Green Thunder, Peach Mango, and Strawberry Watermelon. There are some downfalls though. If you are searching for a healthy water enhancer with natural ingredients, this one may not be a perfect option for you. The Mio enhancer contains some artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and chemical ingredients (you can read about them on the Amazon website, the manufacturer is quite honest about the ingredients). However, if you are not disturbed by this fact, you can try this one because the taste might be worth it!

  • 0 calories
  • Pleasant taste
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium (Sweeteners)


6# MiO Orange Tangerine Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO Orange Tangerine Liquid Water Enhancer (+Vitamins)

This product is probably one of the best in our top 10(review-wise). The people in the comment section say that the tangerine taste is one of the best flavors by the Mio company. Although the ingredients are not natural and there are some chemicals in the bottle, the Mio enhancer contains a little percentage of some vitamins (Niacinamide, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, less than 2%). Of course, this is not a substantial amount of these vitamins for your daily nutrition, but the fact is quite pleasant though. Another good thing is that the package is convenient and compact, so you can carry it around wherever you go without having any trouble.

Video review

  • 0 calories
  • Contains Vitamin B3, B6, and B12
  • Affordable price
  • Contains chemicals and artificial sweeteners


7# Propel Powder Packets Four-Flavor Variety Pack With Electrolytes

Propel Powder Packets Four-Flavor Variety Pack With Electrolytes

You can see different flavors in this variety pack, which are Lemonade (1), Berry (1), Grape (2), and Kiwi Strawberry (1). The great thing about this product is that it provides electrolytes, vitamin B, and antioxidant vitamins C and E, which might be a great thing for your daily nutrition and hydration, especially during the heat, when your body losses lots of water and nutrients. The advertising on Amazon is false though, which is a great failure. The thing is that advertising says that these powder packets don’t contain any sugar or calories, but the reviews say that the sugar is mentioned in the ingredients on the packets. This information may be important for those, who don’t eat sugar for any reason. Other than that, this product generally doesn’t have any other remarks, so if the sugar does not bother you, it may be worth trying.

  • Enjoyable flavors
  • Convenient to take with you
  • Contains sugar(that fact is not mentioned on Amazon)


8# Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support

Pureboost Clean Energy Drink Mix + Immune System Support

This product is a healthy energy drink made from natural ingredients. The important thing is that the drink contains 25 pure micronutrients, multi-vitamins, antioxidants, and herbs (you can read about them on the website), it also has electrolytes (950 mg of Potassium & 100 mg of Magnesium) to help with rapid hydration. It may be accurate during a workout when you lose a good amount of water by sweating. However, you should remember that a person might have individual intolerance to some ingredients, so you should carefully read the composition of the Pureboost energy drink before purchasing it. None of the comments mentioned cases of allergy, but you should be aware of the possibility. The thing that almost all negative comments claim is that the taste of these is pretty bad and it feels like just a mix of vitamins and minerals without any pleasant flavor to it. Of course, taste is a subjective thing and some people seem to enjoy it, but you should be careful about it if you think of buying this product.

Video review

  • No sugar, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Non-GMO.
  • Convenient packaging
  • People are complaining about the flavor


9# Juicy Mixes Jelly Belly Drink Mix Variety Pack

Jelly Belly Drink Mix - Variety Pack (Naturally Flavored Water Enhancer)

The Jelly Belly Drink mix has a strong and distinct flavor, you can choose from available flavors (Berry Blue, Green Apple, Island Punch, Lemon Drop, Summer Variety Pack, Tutti Fruitti, a Classic Variety Pack, and Very Cherry). What we can say about the product is that it contains sucralose and some people find the drink too sweetened (subjective). There is also a negligible amount of sugar (the information from the packaging). The composition of the water is not quite bad, however, if you are very attentive to your diet this product may not fit you as it contains red 40, potassium sorbate, and sucralose. Despite this, people in the comments praise some flavors (like the green apple one), so maybe you can try them out if you are interested. All in all, we would recommend this product, but you should read the reviews on the flavors before choosing one, or you can try them all and see for yourself which one you like best.

Video review

  • A strong flavor (means you will have to add less and the product will last longer)
  • Zero carbs and calories
  • Some of the flavors are obnoxious (subjectively)


10# Strike Force Energy Drink Mix Healthy Water Enhancer

Strike Force Energy Drink Mix Healthy Water Enhancer

Last but not least in our top is the Strike Force Energy drink mix. This one is an American brand and has pretty good reviews on Amazon. These are Liquid Energy Packs (not a powder) and they may be more convenient to use since the powder one can do some mess. You can choose different flavors and count (10 or 40 for one flavor). The flavors are Grape, Lemon, Orange, Original, and Variety. The next thing that we have to mention is that the drink can boost your energy as it contains some caffeine. Whether it is a disadvantage or not is totally up to you. Altogether, we would recommend trying this product, if you’re searching for a healthy way to make your water-drinking process more enjoyable.

  • No Artificial Colors, Dyes, or Preservatives
  • Some people complain about the taste (subjective)


The healthier option: Stur vs Mio 🔍

When purchasing water enhancers, most health-conscious individuals want to know which product is the healthier option. The two leading brands of enhancers are Stur and Mio. Let’s take a look at how they compare in terms of their ingredients and nutritional values.

  • ✔️ Stur contains all natural and zero sugar, while Mio contains both added artificial sweeteners as well as sugar.
  • ✔️ In terms of nutritional values, both contain similar amounts of sodium and potassium per serving – 1 gram for Stur and 0.8 grams for Mio.
  • ✔️ Additionally, Stur contains more vitamins than Mio; this includes B12, C, D3, and A vitamins among others.

➡️ Ultimately it’s up to you to decide which water enhancer is healthier for you and your lifestyle. Both Stur and Mio have pros and cons, so it’s important to evaluate each product before making a decision.


How healthy are such enhancers?

❗ It can be a healthy addition to your daily water intake, as long as they are used in moderation and made with natural ingredients.

  • 💧 Water enhancers can also provide a convenient and portable way to add flavor to your water while on the go.
  • 💧 This can encourage people to drink more water throughout the day, which is essential for maintaining proper hydration and overall health.
Is too much enhancer bad for you?

⭕ While water enhancers are generally considered safe in moderation, overconsumption can lead to consuming too many artificial sweeteners or other ingredients. It’s important to read the labels and follow the recommended serving sizes on water enhancer bottles.

  • 🍵 As a general guideline, it’s best to limit intake to no more than a few servings per day and to use them as a supplement to water, not as a replacement.
  • 🍵 It’s also a good idea to consult with a healthcare provider if you have any concerns about incorporating water enhancers into your diet.
Do water enhancers dehydrate?

🤔 Water enhancers themselves do not dehydrate, as they are typically made up of water and natural flavorings or extracts.

📌 However, if someone consumes excessive amounts of water enhancers, they may be at risk of dehydration if they are not properly balancing their intake of water and other fluids.

🔅 Overall, drinking water with a water enhancer can be a good way to stay hydrated and add some variety to your beverage choices, but it should be consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Are enhancers better than juice?

🧩 Water enhancers and juice serve different purposes and have different nutritional profiles.

🔍 Enhancers are designed to add flavor to water without adding calories, sugar, or artificial ingredients. On the other hand, the juice is made from fruit and contains natural sugars and calories.

  • 🍉 While juice can provide some nutrients like vitamins and minerals, it can also be high in sugar, which can lead to health problems such as obesity and diabetes when consumed in excess.
  • 🍉 Water enhancers, on the other hand, generally do not contain sugar and can help people increase their water intake, which is important for overall health.

💧 In terms of hydration, water is the most important beverage for staying hydrated, but both water enhancers and juice can contribute to overall hydration levels. However, it’s important to note that excessive consumption of water enhancers, like anything else, can potentially lead to negative health effects.

Do water enhancers have carbs?

📝 Most water enhancers are low in carbs or have no carbs at all. This is because they are designed to add flavor to water without adding any significant amounts of calories or sugar.

  • ➡️ However, it’s always important to check the label and ingredient list to ensure that the product you are using meets your dietary needs.
  • ➡️ Some enhancers may contain trace amounts of carbohydrates or other ingredients that may not be suitable for certain diets, such as those with strict carb limits.

🥛 It’s also important to note that while water enhancers can add flavor to your water, they should not be used as a replacement for drinking plain water, which is essential for proper hydration and overall health.

Conclusion 😉

Choosing the right water enhancer can be tricky, but with our buyer’s guide and product reviews, you should have all the information you need to make a decision. Whether your goal is to add flavor or nutrition to your water, there are plenty of options available on the market. We hope this article has helped find the best water enhancers for you! 😊❤️‍🔥

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10 months ago

I’m looking for suggestions on how to add flavor to my water bottle. I’m trying to cut down on my soda intake, but I miss the flavor. Do you have any recommendations for easy ways to add flavor to my water?

    Viggo Rivera
    Viggo Rivera
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Ladestiy

    I use Stur Classic Variety Pack Natural Water Enhancer when I want to add some flavor to my water. I prefer it because it’s made with more natural ingredients than many other flavorings and doesn’t contain sucralose, which my wife is sensitive to. Although it does contain stevia, the taste isn’t as strong as some of the other brands I’ve tried.

      10 months ago

      I’m curious if anyone here has tried the Stur Natural Water Enhancer and if it had any impact on their blood sugar levels. I usually stick to drinking water but I noticed this product at the store and was considering giving them a try if others have had a positive experience with them.

        Luka Bailey
        Luka Bailey
        10 months ago
        Reply to  Vorasfmi

        I use MiO Berry Pomegranate Liquid Water Enhancer to enhance the taste of water bottles during her gym sessions, and I don’t notice any impact on blood glucose levels

          10 months ago

          I’m interested in making my water enhancer with a flavor I use frequently. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? Should I start with just flavoring and PG?

            Sylas Allen
            Sylas Allen
            10 months ago
            Reply to  Vapc

            You may want to consider using a sweetener in addition to flavoring and PG. Sucralose would be the most straightforward option, but a combination of stevia and erythritol in a 1:3 ratio could work well, too.

              Nicholas Martinez
              Nicholas Martinez
              10 months ago

              I’m on the hunt for water enhancers that don’t contain aspartame. I’m curious if sucralose has the same effect on my throat as aspartame does since I can usually taste aspartame in things like Juicy Fruit gum. Thanks for any insights!

                10 months ago

                I suggest going for water enhancers with natural flavors to avoid artificial sweeteners. You can look at existing options such as cucumber, lemon, grapefruit, lime, berries, mango, and herbs like rosemary, basil, and ginger. Canned fruits like lychees, jackfruit, and pineapple, as well as syrups, are also great alternatives to explore.

                  Irving Edwards
                  Irving Edwards
                  10 months ago

                  I was drinking water enhancers for a while and I found that I liked MiO Berry Pomegranate Liquid Water Enhancer over the other brands too.