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Best Survival Bow's | editor's Choice

What is Survival Bow? 🏹

It is a type of bow designed to be used in survival situations. These bows are usually crafted from natural materials like wood, bamboo, rattan or animal hide and were traditionally used for hunting games and defending against animals.

Here is the video about the general information regards choosing the Survival Bow 💻

Glossary 💡

Draw Weight: The amount of force required to fully draw the bowstring back to its maximum position. It is typically measured in pounds (lbs) and determines the power and speed of the arrow shot from the bow.

Draw Length: The distance between the bowstring at rest and when it is fully drawn back. It is an important factor in determining the correct arrow length and achieving optimal shooting accuracy.

Takedown Bow: A type of survival bow that can be disassembled into separate limbs and a riser. This feature allows for easy transport and storage, making it ideal for survival situations and travelling.

Arrow Rest: A device attached to the bow’s riser that holds the arrow in place, providing stability and guidance during the shot. It can be a simple shelf or a more sophisticated rest, such as a drop-away rest or a whisker biscuit.

Nocking Point: The specific location on the bowstring where the arrow is placed. It ensures consistent arrow positioning for accurate shooting and can be marked with a brass or plastic nocking point.

Anchor Point: The consistent point on the archer’s face or body where the hand holding the bowstring is drawn back to during each shot. It helps achieve consistent shooting form and accuracy.

Brace Height: The distance between the grip and the bowstring when the bow is at rest. It affects the bow’s performance, including its speed and forgiveness. A shorter brace height generally results in more power but less forgiveness.

Sight: An accessory attached to the bow that aids in aiming and aligning the bow with the target. It can be a traditional pin sight, a red dot sight, or a scope.

Stabilizer: A weighted rod or system attached to the bow’s riser to reduce vibration, balance the bow, and improve accuracy. It helps minimize hand torque and enhances shooting stability.

Broadhead: A specialized arrowhead designed for hunting. It typically features sharp blades or tips for maximum damage and effective game penetration.

Field Point: A practice tip used on arrows for target shooting and practice sessions. It is usually rounded and does not have blades like a broadhead.

String Silencers: Accessories attached to the bowstring to reduce noise and vibration upon release. They help improve stealth and minimize disturbances during hunting or survival scenarios.

Stringer: A tool used to safely and effectively string or unstring a bow. It prevents damage to the limbs and ensures proper string alignment during the process.

Backstop: A safety precaution used during target shooting to catch and stop arrows that miss the intended target. It can be a wall of sandbags, a foam block, or a net.

Follow-Through: The act of maintaining the shooting position and holding the bow steady after releasing the arrow. It helps maintain accuracy

Our Top Pick
Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery
You can choose from a draw weight of 20-110 lbs for this bow made of wood, cow leather, glass steel, and beech. It was designed and handmade by Longbowmaker, ensuring good quality. You can ask the seller any questions directly. Be aware that many other sellers offer low-quality bows, so take care when purchasing if you want high quality.
Buy Now On Amazon
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

The Architecture of Survival Bow ⏳

The most essential part of any bow is its limbs.

  • 📌 These are the two arms that extend from the handle, and they’re what give the bow its power and accuracy.
  • 📌 The limbs should be made from strong materials like fibreglass or carbon fibre for maximum durability and performance.
  • 📌 Many bows also have adjustable draw weights and lengths, so you can customize them according to your experience level and shooting style.

The riser is the central part of any bow, where the limbs attach to the handle.

  • 📌 It’s important to choose one that’s lightweight yet still provides enough stability so you don’t experience too much vibration when you shoot.
  • 📌 Most risers are made from aluminium alloy or wood depending on personal preference.

The next component is the string; this connects both limbs together and gives them tension as you draw back the arrow before releasing it towards your target.

  • 📌 Strings come in various materials like Dacron (synthetic) or FastFlight (low stretch).

Arrows come in all shapes, sizes, weights, and fletchings (feathery vanes).

  • 📌 Your choice will depend largely on your intended purpose – hunting arrows need more weight than those used for recreational target shooting – but generally speaking, they should be well-matched with your draw length for optimal results.
  • 📌 Furthermore, ensure that they have been correctly spun (the arrow shaft flexibility) so that they fly accurately when released from your bowstring.

Best Survival Bows

Types 💈

🏹 The recurve bow: they have limbs that curve away from the archer as they draw back the string, allowing them to generate more power than a traditional straight-limbed bow. This makes them perfect for searching out games or for shooting practice when out in the wilderness. They can also be easily taken apart for storage, making them an ideal choice if you’re planning on travelling light.

🏹 Compound bows are another popular option amongst outdoor enthusiasts looking for a survival bow. They use cams and pulleys to store energy as you draw back the string – meaning more power with less effort required from you. This makes it easier to take aim at distant targets even when you don’t have much strength left after a long day of trekking or exploring.

🏹 Hybrid Bows combine features from both recurve and compound designs into one weapon – giving you the ultimate versatility in one package. These kinds of bows usually feature collapsible limbs that allow them to become even smaller than either recurve or compound models; making them perfect for carrying around when your bag space is limited.

Top Survival Bows

TOP-11 Survival Bows

Samick Sage Archery Takedown Recurve Bow 62 inch- Right & Left Handed - 25-60lb.Samick SageBuy on Amazon
Bear Archery Brave Bow Set for Youth, Right Hand, Black, 26 inchBear ArcheryBuy on Amazon
Keshes Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow-62 Archery Bow for Teens and Adults, 15-55lb Draw Weight - Right and Left Handed, Archery Set Bowstring Arrow Rest Stringer Tool Sight (25LB., Right Hand)KESHESBuy on Amazon
Toparchery Archery 56" Takedown Hunting 45lbs Recurve Bow Metal Riser Right Hand Black LongbowTOPARCHERYBuy on Amazon
Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Traditional Archery 30-60LBS H1 (35 LB)longbowmakerBuy on Amazon
Spectre II Compact Take-Down Survival Bow and Arrow (25# Draw)XpectreBuy on Amazon
SAS Courage 60" Takedown Recurve Archery Bow (35#, Right)Southland Archery SupplyBuy on Amazon
SinoArt Falcon 60" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Metal Riser 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 Lbs Black/Camo Right Handed(55 LBs)SinoArtBuy on Amazon
Raptor Compound Bow Kit: Right & Left Hand - USA Limbs - Fully Adjustable 24.5-31” Draw - 30-70LB Pull - High-Speed Aluminum Cams 315 FPS - Accessories and Install Video IncludedPredator ArcheryBuy on Amazon
D&Q 35lbs Recurve Bow and Arrows Set for Adults Beginner, Archery Bow Set Right Handed, Longbow for Outdoor Training Practice Target GameD&QBuy on Amazon
Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Traditional Archery 30-60LBS H1 (35 LB)longbowmakerBuy on Amazon

Best Survival Bows 🚀

1# Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

This bow is famous for its design. It is made of imported wood. Its limbs are hard Maple with black fibreglass. It is equipped with a single tapered knob and has a metal limb pocket design. Unfortunately, the limbs can be purchased only separately to increase or decrease weight as needed. In general, it’s a practical bow with a simple quality. This bow can become a good Christmas present for your relatives and friends. It also can be a part of your sports equipment.

Video review

  • good tool;
  • imported wood;
  • limbs are hard Maple with black fibreglass;
  • single tapered knob;
  • metal limp pocket design;
  • limbs can be purchased separately to increase or decrease weight as needed;
  • easy weight.
  • cheap quality;
  • not strong elements.


2# Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

The bow is sold with Safety glass arrows. Its set also includes Whisker Biscuit, 1-pin sight, finger rollers, armguard, and arrow quiver. Why it is so important? The Whisker Biscuit is the safest rest in the archery industry. As our tests have shown it is a Care-hand wash. According to the description, the bow recommended age range for youth children ages eight and older. The main advantage is that it is a Compatibility-compound bow. The hand orientation is right-handed. According to feedback, it is difficult to resize it for children.

  • safety-glass arrows;
  • black color;
  • whisker biscuit;
  • sold as a kit;
  • used for different ages;
  • easy washed;
  • compatible;
  • right-hand orientation;
  • suitable length.
  • difficult to modify the length;
  • not suitable for children.


3# KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow

KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrow

The main advantage of this bow is quality – Dealing with the original Samick Sage Recurve Bow manufacturers, our Takedown Recurve Bows are manufactured with the utmost comparable and reliable quality. Combining this tool with other different sourced wood helped create the bow to be, lightweight, withstand high and low poundage, beautiful and extremely comfortable to hold. It is equipped by a perfect target-shooting archery set, or hunting bow and arrow for adults and youth. It has a righthand or left-hand orientation. The bows have round edges that will prevent injuries.

Video review

  • compatible quality;
  • wood material;
  • design;
  • lightweight;
  • extremely comfortable to hold;
  • used for hunting and camping.
  • dacron steel is not included;
  • missed arrows in the kit.


4# Toparchery Archery 56″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Metal Riser Right Hand Black Longbow

Toparchery Archery 56" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow Metal Riser Right Hand Black Longbow

This extraordinary bow is equipped with everything needed. The supplier gives a 1-year warranty to this bow. Pay attention to god length and design. It is famous for its limb. The limb is strong fibreglass with a maple core. By the way, the limbs can be purchased separately to increase or decrease weight as need or to share with friends and family, and Save on continuously purchasing full new bows. Design is made for a Right-Handed shooter. Recommend this bow for someone interested in learning archery, beginner, and a skilled archer.

Video review

  • good length;
  • enough total bow strengths;
  • design for right-handed;
  • limb;
  • black color;
  • suitable;
  • 1-year warranty.
  • useless bow;
  • dangerous for children.


5# Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1

Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1

To make this bow was used strong materials. The material used like Wood, Cow Leather, Glass steel, and Beech. This bow can’t be called professional, because it is handmade. Some sportsmen can call it simple and not good, but camping, hiking and teaching children are good. The user guide on how to use it is also included in the kit. Unfortunately, bows are not included. Pay attention to the children that use it, it can be a dangerous device. But in general, it is easy to weight and perfect for outdoor activities.

Video review

  • proved material;
  • Material: Wood, Cow Leather, Glass steel, Beech;
  • handmade;
  • instruction book included;
  • simply used;
  • good for children.
  • low quality;
  • not professional.


6# Spectre II Compact Take-Down Survival Bow and Arrow

Spectre II Compact Take-Down Survival Bow and Arrow

The customers told that is not a bad bow. Arrows are strong. Sometimes there are problems with limbs. But for this price it is perfect. The survival bow is made in the USA and has a bag for arrows. Using this product, our team found that it can be used for Western/Olympic, Eastern/Traditional/Thumbdraw, and Rapid archery techniques in both my left and right-handed stances. It has held up very well for its first roughly 1000 shots. The arrow rest does what it is designed to do quite well, fold in, and be ambidextrous. Some buyers take 35 bows at one time because of their good quality.

Video review

  • branded bow;
  • good arrow set;
  • made in the USA;
  • amazing;
  • bag for arrows.
  • not suitable handle;
  • poor design;
  • problems with limbs.


7# SAS Courage Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

SAS Courage Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

This bow has a wood limb. It is used only for the right hand. It is enough stable and strong. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a kit for arrows in the bag. The primary use for this bow is target practice and exercise. I put about 25 arrows through it every weeknight after my workout. It’s consistently accurate, easy to string/unstring (using a stringer), and comfortable to shoot. It is quite usable as a hunting weapon, in the unlikely event that I feel the sudden urge to go slaughter some frolicking forest fauna. For safety reasons, it is good. It can be bought for the whole family in sports aims. It can be used only for people who work for the right hand.

Video review

  • Wood limb with fiberglass face;
  • Hardwood rise;
  • Right Hand Only;
  • strong;
  • stable;
  • suitable handle;
  • Takedown Recurve Bow
  • 60″ total length;
  • not used for left hand;
  • no bag for arrows;
  • low quality.


8# SinoArt Falcon 60″ Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

SinoArt Falcon 60" Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

It is designed for right-handed shooters. A right-handed bow will be held in your left hand and the string pulled with the right hand. Left-handed bows are held in the right hand and pulled with the left hand. So left-handed won’t have any problems. It is called high quality, because of the metal riser. The adventure is high-strength composite raw materials to produce the surface layer, sandwich layer with double hardwood chips bonded together. Unfortunately, limbs are sold separately and the user guide is not included. Pay attention to this feature.

Video review

  • designed for right-handed shooters;
  • special offers for left-handed people;
  • metal riser;
  • high-strength composite raw materials;
  • comfortable experience of using;
  • easy weight.
  • limbs are sold separately;
  • no user guide.


9# PREDATOR ARCHERY Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

PREDATOR ARCHERY Raptor Compound Hunting Bow Kit

That is the most effective and non-standard bow I have ever seen. It can be used for hunting or camping activities. The black color makes it very expansive. The bow goes with an equipped package. The package included 5-pin fiber optic sight with light and level, TRUGLO EZ brush rest, stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, string stop, Allen wrench, 2’ paper target, and pre-installed Peep sight. Unfortunately, arrows are not included. Some elements of the bow can be broken via transportation that’s why suppliers give lifetime warranty.

Video review

  • perfect view;
  • most difficult form;
  • ideal for shooting;
  • high quality;
  • complete bow package;
  • lifetime warranty from the supplier.
  • arrows are not included to the kit;
  • some elements can be broken during transportation.


10# D&Q Archery Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set 35 lbs Longbow

D&Q Archery Takedown Recurve Bow and Arrow Set 35 lbs Longbow

This bow is very smart and qualified. It can be used for starters the same by the professionals. It includes the whole package of accessories. The device is very easy to assembly and put together the bow for storage, transport, or backyard archery competition sports games. When assembled, it’s very small. When collapsed, it can fits in a backpack or hiking pack easily. It also has an accurate shot and a nice pullback. It is used, right-handed users. The handle is made of wood. It means that this bow won’t break easily.

Video review

  • easy taken;
  • arrow set;
  • simply designed for starters;
  • wooden handle;
  • round corners;
  • not afraid of fire;
  • accurate;
  • won’t break easily;
  • smart device.
  • the supplier doesn’t provide instructions;
  • missing items in the kit via transportation.


11# Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1

Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow Flagella Recurve Horsebow Archery 20-110LBS H1

The draw weight is about 20-110 LBS to choose from. The bow is made of effective materials: Wood, Cow Leather, Glass steel, Beech. This bow was designed and handmade from Longbowmaker which is why it has good quality. You can ask all questions directly from the seller. The bow has enough high quality, many other sellers sell low-quality bows, if you want to get a high-quality bow just take care of it when you are planning to purchase the bow. There is an Instruction Book in the package, you can see the details. It will help you to cope with problems in the beginning.

Video review

  • Draw weight is 20-110 LBS;
  • suitable sizes;
  • Wood, Cow Leather, Glass steel, Beech materials;
  • Handmade device;
  • high-quality for this price;
  • instruction book to see the details.
  • not proficient bow;
  • not suitable for sports competitions.


Accessories 🛒

🎯 1. Quiver – This is a must-have accessory for any bow hunter, as it provides convenient storage and access to arrows while in the field. Quivers come in many shapes, sizes, and materials with features such as adjustable straps, pockets, and backpacks for easy transportation.

🎯 2. Broadheads – These are the sharp blades that attach to the tip of an arrow that provides additional penetration power. Broadheads come in many different sizes and shapes so that you can choose the best one for your particular hunting needs.

🎯 3. Sight – A sight is a helpful accessory to help you more accurately aim your bow when shooting targets from long distances or even during short-range hunting situations where precision matters most.

🎯 4. Arrow Rest – An arrow rest helps keep arrows in place when drawing a bowstring back so that they don’t fall off before being released. Again, there are many types available depending on your style of shooting and preferences such as drop-away rests or spring-loaded rests which can be set up quickly on any type of survival bow setup.

🎯 5. Stabilizer – A stabilizer helps reduce vibrations when firing off shots from longer distances by adding weight to the front end of your bow setup which increases stability when aiming at far-away targets.

Best Survical Bows Accessories


How To Identify Draw Weight and Draw Length?
  • 🔰 Draw weight is simply the amount of force or energy required to draw the bowstring back. It is measured in pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg).
  • 🔰 Draw length is the distance from where you hold the bowstring back to its resting position. This measurement should be taken at full draw—when the bowstring has been pulled all the way back.

✅ Understanding both factors is essential for finding a suitable bow for your needs. Too little draw weight and your arrows won’t fly far enough; too much and it will take more effort than necessary to use. The same goes for draw length; if it’s too short, you may not be able to reach your target, while longer lengths can cause fatigue when drawing and shooting multiple times.

✅ When assessing a survival bow, look at both measurements and choose one that matches your capabilities and needs—not just what looks best on paper. Also bear in mind that many bows have adjustable weights and lengths, allowing you to tailor them specifically for you.

✅ Finally, keep in mind that heavier draw weights can cause more strain on tendons and joints: make sure any bow you buy can be lowered before adding extra stress on yourself.

Top Survival Bows

How to String a Bow?

Strung bows are useful tools for a wide variety of situations, including survival. Knowing how to properly string a bow is an important skill for any outdoorsman or survivalist. There are several different methods used to string a bow, and each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

📌 The most common way to string a bow is with the use of a stringer tool.

  • This is a simple device that consists of two loops at either end that fit around the limbs of the bow.
  • The stringer tool can then be used to draw the string through the nocks on both ends of the bow while keeping tension on both ends evenly, allowing for quick and easy stringing without putting too much pressure or strain on any one part of the bow.
  • It’s important to make sure that when using this tool, your hands stay away from where the loops fit around the limbs as it can cause damage if pulled too hard.

📌 If you don’t have access to a stringer tool, there are other alternatives that can be used as well.

  • One such method is called push-pull stringing which involves taking one end of the bowstring in one hand and pulling it tight while pushing down on both ends of the limb with your other hand until it is securely in place.
  • This method is often used when no other tools are available but should only be done with caution as it can put excessive pressure on certain parts of the bow if not done correctly.
What are the Advantages of Survival Bows?
  • 🏆 Durability: They are generally more durable than other types of bows as they are made from quality materials, and have reinforced limbs and strings that can handle the rigours of intense hunting or outdoor use.
  • 🏆 Portability: Unlike larger bow models, survival bows tend to be smaller and lighter in weight, making them easier to transport over long distances when camping or hiking.
  • 🏆 Accuracy: Many of them offer excellent accuracy due to their single-piece construction design which eliminates weak points and ensures consistent performance every time you shoot.
  • 🏆 Versatility: Whether you’re hunting a small game or shooting arrows at a target, most bows will provide enough power to make accurate shots on any range with ease.
  • 🏆 Cost Effectiveness: Due to their durability and high-performance ratings, many manufacturers offer budget-friendly options for those who want a good value bow without breaking the bank.
How Dangerous is Survival Bow?

Although these bows are typically not as powerful as a hunting bow, they can still be dangerous if used incorrectly or in the wrong way. In order to safely use a survival bow, it is important to understand both the risks associated with using the weapon and how to handle one correctly.

🧷 When selecting a bow, it is important to choose an option that is appropriate for your skill level.

  • Bows meant for recreational shooting tend to have lighter draw weights than those meant for hunting.
  • This means they cannot propel an arrow at as high of a speed.
  • As such, it is important to choose a bow suited to your experience level so you do not put yourself at risk of injury.
  • Additionally, when using any type of bow, including survival bows, it is essential to practice proper archery technique and form in order to ensure accuracy and safety.

🧷 Furthermore, in order to maximize safety, you should also consider the environment you will be using it.

  • For instance, it is important not to shoot an arrow towards hard surfaces such as rocks or trees if there are people nearby as these objects may deflect the arrow and cause injury or even death.
  • It is also important that all arrows being used have blunt tips or rubberized points on them so that they will not penetrate objects too deeply or easily ricochet off them.
  • Additionally, when shooting arrows at targets made of wood or other materials that could easily splinter, make sure that no one else is standing nearby just in case any pieces come off from the impact of the arrow hitting them.
How To Store Survival Bow?

🧲 First and foremost, you’ll need to choose an appropriate storage environment.

  • The best place to store it is somewhere cool and dry, such as a closet or storage room, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures of any kind.
  • Even when not in use, it’s important to keep the bow out of direct contact with moisture; if it is exposed to moisture for extended periods of time, the limbs can become permanently warped and misshapen.

🧲 It’s also important to protect your bow from damage while in storage. For this purpose, you should consider investing in a protective case specifically designed for bows. These cases are typically made of lightweight but durable material like soft leather or canvas that protects against accidental bumps or impacts that could potentially harm the bow.

🧲 Using a string silencer on the string will also help keep your bow safe while stored. This will prevent any loud noises that could potentially scare away predators while hunting – something that no hunter wants! It’s also important to unstring your bow each time before putting it away; this ensures that the material doesn’t become stretched out over long periods of time.

🧲 Finally, you’ll want to make sure that nothing obstructs the path between your drawn arrow and target – even when stored away! To do this, you may want to invest in an archery target stand which can be used for practice when needed but doubles as an effective way of protecting arrows from being damaged while in storage mode.

Conclusion 🏆

It depends only on you which survival bow will serve you in difficult conditions, whether will it be strong enough and easy to carry or heavy with a lot of filling. In this article we have analyzed 11 unique survival bows, now you clarify all the information to buy the best in your particular case – to receive an elementary wood bow, if your budget is limited, pay attention to model 11 if you want to be the owner of the best survival bow with the professional handle, anti-corrosive cover, instructions, and handle round edge protection, your budget is not limited – choose a model 8.

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10 months ago

I purchased the last one from the list above for my 12-year-old son. It’s currently a little too large for him, but I anticipate he will grow into it. The targets are fantastic, and my son is enjoying using them. However, I noticed that the assembly instructions were not complete for all the components. As a single mom who is unfamiliar with bows, I was unsure of the purpose of the little clips and had to seek assistance. Currently, my son is using the product without the arrow guides, which has been successful thus far.

    10 months ago

    Greetings.  Can a survival bow be used in wet or humid conditions?

      10 months ago
      Reply to  Monster

      Survival bows are generally designed to withstand outdoor conditions, including wet or humid environments.
      ⭕ However, it’s crucial to dry the bow thoroughly after exposure to moisture to prevent damage and rusting of metal components. Consider using a bow case or protective cover to safeguard your bow from the elements.

        10 months ago

        I’ve been using a survival bow for a while now, and it has never disappointed me. The bow’s durability is impressive, as it has withstood rough conditions and frequent use.I even tried to hunt a hare with it

          10 months ago

          I thought bows are for kids just)) But I may change my mind. How far can a survival bow shoot accurately?

            10 months ago
            Reply to  Robin

            The effective range of a survival bow depends on various factors, including the bow’s draw weight, arrow type, archer’s skill level, and environmental conditions.
            🟨 In general, survival bows have a practical range of 30-40 yards for accurate shots, but experienced archers may be able to achieve longer distances with consistent practice and proper form.

              10 months ago

              I have tried various weapons, and the survival bow has become my favorite.It’s a reliable companion that gives me peace of mind during outdoor adventures

                10 months ago

                I recently purchased a survival bow and was impressed by its accuracy and power. Despite its compact size, it delivered enough force to take down small game efficiently. I appreciated its silent nature, allowing me to remain discreet while hunting. The bow’s collapsible feature made it easy to pack and carry. Overall, a fantastic tool for survival situations

                  10 months ago

                  The survival bow is an excellent tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry on hiking or camping trips. I found it to be incredibly versatile, allowing me to hunt small game and even fish with arrows specifically designed for fishing. It’s a reliable and durable weapon that should be a part of every survival kit