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What is a Neck Knife? 🔪

It is a small and lightweight knife that can be worn around the neck or on a lanyard. It is typically designed for everyday carry (EDC) tasks such as cutting, slicing, puncturing, whittling, and other small-scale tasks.

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Features ⌛

⚪ It is important to note that the neck knives typically exhibit a compact and lightweight construction. This compactness is essential for their intended purpose, as it allows wearers to carry them discreetly and comfortably.

✔️ Unlike traditional fixed-blade knives or folding knives, these knives are specifically designed to minimize bulk and weight, making them an excellent choice for individuals seeking a minimalist and easily accessible cutting tool.

⚪ Moreover, they usually feature a fixed-blade design, which distinguishes them from folding or pocket knives. This fixed-blade configuration enhances their durability and reliability, as there are no moving parts that can break or fail during use.

✔️ This robust construction is particularly advantageous in demanding outdoor and survival scenarios, where a reliable cutting tool is of utmost importance.

⚪ Additionally, they often incorporate a sheath with a lanyard or cord for wearing around the neck. This sheath serves multiple functions. It securely holds the knife in place, preventing accidental injuries and ensuring quick access when needed.

✔️ The lanyard or cord allows the wearer to adjust the knife’s height for optimal comfort and accessibility.

⚪ Furthermore, many of them feature a tanto, drop point, or similar blade shape optimized for specific cutting tasks. Tanto blades, for example, excel in piercing and slicing, while drop point blades are versatile and suitable for a wide range of cutting applications.

✔️ The choice of blade shape depends on the user’s intended use, highlighting the versatility of neck knives.

Best Neck Knife

Advantages 🔥

🎯 Quick and Easy Access: You have instant access to a cutting tool without the need to dig through pockets or bags. It can be quickly drawn and used when needed, making it highly convenient. 🎯Portability: They are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport. They don’t take up much space and can be worn comfortably around the neck, allowing for hands-free operation.
🎯 Outdoor and Survival Use: These knives are popular among outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, campers, and survivalists. They serve as reliable tools for activities like bushcraft, fishing, hunting, and wilderness exploration. 🎯 Personal Defense: These knives can be used as self-defence weapons in situations where personal safety is at risk. They provide a compact and discreet option for protection, offering peace of mind.
🎯 Minimalist EDC (Everyday Carry): They serve as a minimalist option for everyday carry. They provide a practical tool without the bulk of larger knives, allowing for discreet and efficient use in daily tasks. 🎯Gift Option: They make great gifts for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, or those interested in self-defence. They are unique and functional presents that can be appreciated by individuals with various interests.
Our Top Pick
Cold Steel Secret Edge Neck Knife 11SDT
The knife has a blade length of 3.5 inches and comes with a blade finish, handle, blade, and neck sheath. The blade thickness is 2.5 mm, making it strong and suitable for cutting tasks. It's made of cold steel, ensuring durability and making it a good option for self-defence and carrying purposes.
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What They Are Needed For 🔊

❇️ They serve a variety of purposes, making them valuable tools for individuals across different contexts. To start with, they are suitable for self-defence. In situations where personal safety is a concern, wearing a neck knife can provide a quick and inconspicuous means of protection.

❇️ Furthermore, they are favoured by outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. These individuals often require a versatile cutting tool for tasks ranging from food preparation to woodcraft. Their ergonomic handles and blade shapes cater to a wide array of outdoor needs, making them indispensable companions during camping, hiking, or wilderness exploration.

❇️ In addition to outdoor activities, these knives find utility in survival scenarios. Their robust construction and fixed blades make them well-suited for tasks like shelter building, fire starting, and food procurement in emergency situations.

❇️ Moreover, these knives are embraced by individuals in professions that require quick access to cutting tools. These tools enable them to cut through ropes, seatbelts, or clothing efficiently, potentially saving lives.

❇️ Additionally, these knives serve as valuable utility tools in everyday life. Their discreet presence allows them to be worn under clothing, reducing the need for carrying bulkier knives in pockets or on belts.

TOP-15 Best Neck Knife 🔪

Cold Steel Double Agent II Fixed Blade KnifeCold SteelBUY
ABKT Tac 3 Inch Neck Knife AB0016ABKTBUY
Cold Steel Secret Edge Neck Knife 11SDTCold SteelBUY
Boker USA Bp Besh-wedge Neck Knife Clam TK275BokerBUY
CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck KnifeCRKTBUY
Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck KnifeKa-BarBUY
Smith & Wesson SW991Smith & WessonBUY
Morakniv Eldris Fixed-BladeMoraknivBUY
Kilimanjaro 910106 Men's Stretta Tactical Neck KnifeKilimanjaroBUY
Off-Grid Knives - FAT BOY BLACKOUTOff-Grid KnivesBUY
MT Knives Genesis EDC Survival Neck KnifeMT KnivesBUY
Esee Knives, James Gibson Pinch Fixed Neck KnifeEsee KnivesBUY
Tactical Neck KnifeMASTER USABUY
Survival Neck KnifeSurvival FrogBUY

1# Cold Steel Double Agent II Fixed Blade Knife

Cold Steel Double Agent II Fixed Blade Knife

The knife is made of a double blade, balanced handle, Japanese steel, and holes in the handle. The handle weight is only 2.4 oz and has a blade thickness of up to 2.3 mm. The knife has a comfortable grip that facilitates sliding of the hand and it is very convenient. The edges of the blade are made in such a way that it is difficult to pull the knife from the hand and injure the owner. The knife can be used for self-defence and for cutting small items.

Video review

  • A8 stainless steel;
  • 2.4 oz in weight;
  • neck sheath;
  • short;
  • portable;
  • secure.
  • not comfortable cover.


2# ABKT Tac 3 Inch Neck Knife AB0016

ABKT Tac 3 Inch Neck Knife AB0016

The knife is made of completely durable steel. The knife includes the key chain, neck wearing, blade, rope, and handle. The knife is decorated with a stylish handle that is very comfortable to take into the hand. The knife reminds the Middle Ages and can become a part of the collection.

  • 3 colors;
  • black;
  • neck chain;
  • steel blade material;
  • Kydex material;
  • ancient knife;
  • very stylish.
  • not enough good price.


3# Cold Steel Secret Edge Neck Knife 11SDT

Cold Steel Secret Edge Neck Knife 11SDT

The blade length is 3.5 inches. The package includes the blade finish, handle, blade, and neck sheath. The thickness of the blade is 2.5 mm which is durable enough for cutting operations. The knife is made of cold steel that can be used for many years for self-protection and good option for carrying.

Video review

  • gold;
  • secure;
  • easy to find;
  • quick access;
  • Scottish;
  • elegant.
  • too expensive for such quality.


4# Boker USA Bp Besh-wedge Neck Knife Clam TK275

Boker USA Bp Besh-wedge Neck Knife Clam TK275

The knife is used mostly for the cutting and opening operations. The kit includes the titanium material, blade, G10 handle, and two layers of protection. Using this product, our team found that the handle has a comfortable edge that is very soft for the hand. The kit can be used by boys and young men in different cases. The blade length is 4/25 inches, which is enough to cope with danger.

Video review

  • Titanium material;
  • sharp blade;
  • aluminium;
  • small;
  • G10 handle material;
  • two-layer cover.
  • not enough good length.


5# CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife

CRKT Minimalist Bowie Neck Knife

The knife is made in Columbia and has a lot of advantages. The package includes the blade knife, fiber handle, blade part, paracord rope, and finish hole. The blade is made of high-quality carbon steel. The sheath is made from thermoplastic that gives high durability in hot and cold weather. The kit is used mostly in wild nature. The kit will be good for professional hunters and hikers.

Video review

  • fiver and textile elements;
  • blade;
  • sheath;
  • best finish;
  • thermoplastic handle;
  • used by the professionals.
  • sharp finish.


6# Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife

Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife

The knife is completely black and has a designed outer part. The kit includes the nylon material inside and a sharp blade. The kit was highly tested by many adventures. The kit is perfect for outdoor needs and campers. The kit is made of 1095 carbon steel and protected enough from the wet. The back part is made like a BK11 model that helps with easy fixing to hand and other things. The kit can be mainly used for high-quality cutting tasks.

Video review

  • nylon elements;
  • good for outdoor activities;
  • used to open boxes;
  • can be worn under the wear;
  • collection thing;
  • folding knife.
  • not typical ka-bar.


7# Smith & Wesson SW991

Smith & Wesson SW991

The knife structure includes the skeleton’s main part, blade, decoration, logo, and sheath. The mail length is about 6.35 inches. The knife is made from black oxide high carbon material, which can cope even with stones. The kit also includes a chain for easy attachment to the belt or wear. Based on our experience the kit can be used on trips or for self-protection. The product is reliable for the wide blade.

  • made of oxide carbon;
  • skeleton handle;
  • not slip;
  • hunting sport type;
  • good for outdoor;
  • security of fingers.
  • problems with the opening.


8# Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade

Morakniv Eldris Fixed-Blade

The kit is designed in an olive colour and is very attractive to its users. The package includes the blade, spine, firestarter, paracord, secondary lock, and sheath. The lengths are 2/2 inches but it is enough for small works and cutting. The compact knife is mostly used by hunters and outdoors. The secondary lock protects from unpredictable openings and makes it a safe thing.

Video review

  • portable;
  • olive;
  • steel blade;
  • secondary lock;
  • paracord;
  • 2 mm thick blade.
  • bad fixing.


9# MTECH USA Mt-665Bk Neck Knife

MTECH USA Mt-665Bk Neck Knife

The knife is made in karambit style and has a very attractive outer pack. The kit includes a stylish neck knife and black handle, and sheath. The knife can be used for self-protection, cutting of meat wood, and hard materials. The form changes make the knife easy and very flexible. The knife can become a good gift for a birthday.

Video review

  • neck knife;
  • big whole;
  • classic;
  • US product;
  • middle length
  • not good for self-defence.


10# Kilimanjaro 910106 Men’s Stretta Tactical Neck Knife

Kilimanjaro 910106 Men's Stretta Tactical Neck Knife

The knife is made of stainless steel tang and high-quality elements. The overlay is rubbered and well protected from outer influence. The kit includes the blade, sheath, and carry chain. The full tang construction will help with the cutting and slicing of anything. The kit can become a good gift for a birthday or Father’s Day. The big home helps to attach the knife to the tree or wood stick and for easy carrying.

  • steel tang;
  • rubbered;
  • decorated handle;
  • easy sheath;
  • carry chain.
  • cheap quality.


11# Off-Grid Knives – FAT BOY BLACKOUT

Off-Grid Knives - FAT BOY BLACKOUT

The knife includes the centre button, black razor, wide handle, and folding part. The knife is used for tactical operas, hunters, hikers, and travellers. The liner lock helps to fix the blade in a stable condition and prevent opening. The kit includes the deep pocket clip, titanium nitride coating, and thumb hole. The combination of such elements makes the knife the most durable thing of the survival gear.

Video review

  • carry clip;
  • black;
  • hole;
  • thumbhole;
  • pocket clip;
  • ergonomic grip.
  • not strong enough.


12# MT Knives Genesis EDC Survival Neck Knife

MT Knives Genesis EDC Survival Neck Knife

The knife includes the black Kydex Sheath, blade, sharp razor, and skeleton handle. The main colour is silver, which means that the knife has a good washing condition. The knife is perfect for the needs of climbers, campers, or kayakers. Our research has shown that the razor-sharp can cope with the trees and stones. This model is made in the US and approved of high quality among users.

Video review

  • used for self-defence;
  • made in the USA;
  • 550 paracord;
  • neck decoration;
  • 2.5 stainless steel;
  • cobalt elements.
  • not enough sharp.


13# Esee Knives, James Gibson Pinch Fixed Neck Knife

Esee Knives, James Gibson Pinch Fixed Neck Knife

The knife can be worn as a decoration. The blade is short enough and reminds the accessory. The kit includes the blade, sheath, and rope. The main aim of such a knife is full men’s protection while walking in the dark streets or at night. The first such model was used in early 1997.

Video review

  • can cut the glass;
  • can be a part of survival gear;
  • made in 1997;
  • 1095 steel material;
  • easy washed;
  • stone style.
  • too tiny.


14# Tactical Neck Knife

Tactical Neck Knife

The outer part and design include the number of straps. The kit is decorated with black and white lines that make it a stylish thing. The kit includes a sharp blade, handle in a combination with the blade part, and holes for easy handling. The main length is 5 inches and the knife is easily put to the sheath. The knife can be easily used in the countryside or forest.

  • the product length is 5 inches;
  • sports style;
  • China product;
  • 18 cm length;
  • urban colour;
  • low price.
  • too short for adults.


15# Survival Neck Knife

Survival Neck Knife

This is a first-class knife that can be used for survival situations. The knife includes the blade, mirror, signal, sheath, compass, and fire starter. A kit is a multifunction tool that can be ideal for survival conditions. The knife can be attached with a paracord rope. The company will help to find the way into the deep forest. The kit can be used by talented travellers.

  • right size;
  • paracord rope;
  • tactical;
  • good for hiking;
  • easy to open;
  • mirror;
  • compass;
  • can be easily worn.
  • too sharp blade.


Maintenance 🧲

Firstly and most importantly, cleaning is a fundamental aspect of knife maintenance.

  • After each use, it is advisable to clean the blade thoroughly to remove any dirt, debris, or residue.  ➡️ This can be achieved by using warm, soapy water and a soft brush or cloth.
  • Pay special attention to the area where the blade meets the handle, as this is a common spot for debris accumulation.

Than, it is important to maintain the sharpness of the blade. A sharp knife is not only safer to use but also more efficient.

  • Regularly sharpen the blade using appropriate sharpening tools, such as sharpening stones or honing rods.  ➡️ Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific type of steel used in the knife.
  • Additionally, maintaining the knife’s edge angle is crucial for optimal performance. ➡️ This can be achieved through consistent and controlled sharpening techniques.

Moreover, proper lubrication of moving parts, if applicable, is essential for neck knives that have mechanisms like folding blades or pivots. Applying a small amount of lubricant to these components helps reduce friction and ensures smooth operation.

  • ❌ However, be cautious not to over-lubricate, as excess oil can attract dust and debris, potentially impeding the knife’s functionality.

In addition to cleaning and sharpening, inspecting the knife for wear and damage is an integral part of maintenance. Regularly examine the blade, handle, and sheath for signs of wear, corrosion, or loose components.

Furthermore, maintaining the sheath is crucial for neck knives, as it not only secures the blade but also protects the user from accidental cuts. Inspect the sheath for any signs of wear, such as fraying lanyards or weakened attachment points.

  • ✔️ Moreover, keeping the sheath clean and dry is essential to prevent corrosion or damage to the knife blade.

Additionally, proper storage is a key aspect. Consider using a blade cover or protective pouch to prevent contact with other objects that could cause damage or dulling of the blade.


What is the ideal size of the neck knife?

❗ When considering the ideal size, it is important to take into account its intended use.

  • For tasks that require precision and fine control, a smaller size with an overall length ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 inches may be preferable.
  • On the other hand, if the knife is primarily intended for more demanding tasks such as chopping or batoning, a slightly larger size with an overall length between 5 to 6 inches may be more suitable.

In addition to the overall length, the blade size is also a crucial factor to consider. A blade length of 1.5 to 2.5 inches provides excellent versatility for everyday tasks like cutting cordage or preparing food. However, if self-defence is a priority, a blade length of 2.5 to 3 inches can offer an added sense of security.

By striking the right balance between size and functionality, this tool becomes a versatile tool that can be conveniently carried around the neck, ready to assist you in various situations.

Can neck knives be used for self-defense?

✅ Yes, they can indeed be utilized for self-defence, although this isn’t their primary intended use. Their compact size and easy accessibility make them a viable option in emergency situations.

✅ The blade length, as mentioned earlier, is a determinant factor here. A blade length of 2.5 to 3 inches could offer an added sense of security, allowing for better control and manoeuvrability in close-quarters combat scenarios.

❌ However, it is important to remember that using any sort of knife for self-defence should be a last resort and is subject to local laws and regulations. Always prioritize trying to avoid or de-escalate dangerous situations whenever possible.

⚠️  It’s essential to understand the legal implications and responsibilities that come with carrying and using a weapon for self-defence.

Can neck knives be used for everyday tasks?

These tools can indeed be used for everyday tasks, and their compact and easily accessible design makes them suitable for a variety of common activities. Let’s delve into the versatility of neck knives and explore the types of everyday tasks they are well-suited for.

💠 To begin with, these knives can be employed for basic cutting and slicing tasks. These include opening packages, cutting cords or ropes, and slicing through various materials like cardboard, tape, or plastic. Their sharp blades and precise control make them efficient tools for these everyday cutting needs.

💠 Moreover, they are useful for food-related tasks. They can be employed for slicing fruits, vegetables, or sandwiches when picnicking or enjoying outdoor meals. Their compact size allows for easy handling, making them a convenient alternative to carrying larger kitchen knives while on the go.

💠 Additionally, these knives are well-suited for minor DIY and repair tasks. Our team successfully trimmed materials (wires, cables, small branches), and made quick fixes around the house using these tools.

💠 Furthermore, outdoor enthusiasts often find these knives handy during camping, hiking, or fishing trips. They can be used for various outdoor tasks such as cutting fishing lines, preparing kindling for a fire, or crafting improvised tools or shelters in wilderness settings. Their durability and versatility make them valuable companions for outdoor adventures.

Can neck knives withstand wet or humid conditions?

These tools, like other types of knives, can vary in their ability to withstand wet or humid conditions depending on their materials and construction. The key factors to consider in evaluating a knife’s performance in such conditions include the blade material, handle material, and any additional protective coatings or finishes.

Regards the blade material it is important to check the type of steel used for the knife blade. It plays a significant role in its resistance to corrosion in wet or humid environments.

  • Stainless steel alloys are commonly chosen for their corrosion resistance, making them suitable for use in damp conditions.
  • High-quality stainless steel, such as 440C, VG-10, or S30V, can maintain its edge and resist rust even when exposed to moisture.

The material used for the knife’s handle is also important. Many of them feature handles made from materials like G-10, Micarta, or FRN (Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon), which are known for their durability and resistance to moisture. ⏭️ These handle materials are less likely to swell or deteriorate when exposed to wet or humid conditions compared to wood or certain types of plastics.

Pay attention to coatings and finishes. Some of them come with protective coatings or finishes on the blade, such as DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon), PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), or Cerakote. ⏭️ These coatings provide an additional layer of protection against corrosion and wear, making the knife more resilient in wet or humid environments.

How do I choose the right neck knife?

Here are some considerations to help you choose the right knife :

Intended Use: Determine the primary purpose. Different designs and features may be more suitable for outdoor activities, everyday carry, self-defence, or specific tasks.
Blade Design: Consider the blade design that suits your needs. Options include drop point, tanto, spear point, or others. Each design offers unique advantages and is suitable for different tasks or preferences.
Blade Material: Pay attention to the blade material, such as stainless steel or carbon steel. Consider factors like corrosion resistance, edge retention, and ease of sharpening.
Blade Size: Determine the blade length that suits your intended use and local regulations. Balance the need for a sufficient cutting edge with the desire for a compact and comfortable tool.
Ergonomics: Look for a tool with an ergonomic handle design that fits comfortably in your hand. Consider the handle material, texture, and shape to ensure a secure and comfortable grip.
Sheath Quality: Assess the sheath’s quality and functionality. It should securely hold the knife in place, allow easy access, and be durable enough to withstand regular use and carry.
Portability: Consider the overall size and weight. It should be compact and lightweight enough to comfortably wear around your neck without causing discomfort or hindrance.
Budget: Set a budget range and find a knife that offers the desired features and quality within that range. There are options available at various price points to suit different budgets.

Conclusion 🏆

Neck knives are a great tool for outdoor adventurers, anglers, bush crafters, and everyday utility users. They provide a compact yet powerful cutting option that can be easily carried and accessed in various scenarios. With proper care and maintenance, neck knives can last for years when used correctly. Whether you’re looking to buy one as an EDC or gift it to someone special, make sure you consider all the factors discussed here before making your purchase. Be safe out there! 🔪🛒

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9 months ago

Great explanation, I learned something more about EDC knives

    9 months ago
    Reply to  Lionel

    Thank you for your feedback👍

      9 months ago

      I purchased the Smith and Wesson HRT boot knife that had a bonus neck knife included. Surprisingly, I find myself carrying the neck knife more frequently. The reason behind my preference is that the neck knife has a handy bottle opener, which I tend to use often.

        9 months ago

        What do you think – are neck knives suitable as gifts?

          9 months ago
          Reply to  Frank

          ✅ Neck knives can make thoughtful and practical gifts for outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, or those interested in self-defense. However, ensure that the recipient understands and follows the local laws and regulations regarding knife carry and use.

            Gregory Brown
            Gregory Brown
            9 months ago

            The biggest advantage of wearing a neck knife is that it is easily accessible, especially when seated in a car. You no longer have to reach into your pocket and awkwardly shift around to retrieve it. 🙂

              9 months ago

              I have noticed that during my camping trips, I end up using the bottle opener on my knife a lot. The Knucklehead caught my attention because it seems like it functions as a multitool. I plan on purchasing one from Smith and Wesson during their next batch release.

                9 months ago

                In NYC, any knife with a finger hole that allows your finger to fit through it is considered an illegal knuckle knife, even if it’s a smaller size.

                  9 months ago

                  Hello. Why do some of these knives have a California Prop 65 warning on them?

                    9 months ago
                    Reply to  Tyna

                    The California Proposition 65 warning is required under California law for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. The warning is not specific to neck knives but applies to a wide range of consumer products.

                    ⭕ It is important to note that the presence of the Prop 65 warning does not necessarily mean that the product is unsafe or poses a significant risk. The warning is often provided as a precautionary measure to inform consumers about the potential exposure to certain chemicals, even if the exposure is at levels below regulatory standards.
                    ⭕Manufacturers and retailers are required to provide the Prop 65 warning if their products contain any of the listed chemicals, regardless of the actual risk associated with the product’s use. It is a legal obligation to provide the warning, ensuring that consumers are informed about the potential exposure