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Best OWB Glock 43 Holster

What is an OWB Glock 43 Holster? 😏

An OWB holster, or “Outside the Waistband” holster, is a popular type of carrying device used by law enforcement and firearm enthusiasts alike. It allows the firearm to be carried on the outside of the wearer’s clothing, typically attaching to a belt or waistband. This style of holster provides easy access to the firearm, making it a preferred choice for situations where a quick draw may be necessary.

Best OWB Glock 43 Holster

Benefits 🔥

  • Faster Draw: The gun is more accessible and can be drawn more quickly since it is carried on the outside of clothing. This can be important for self-defence situations.
  • Easier Access: It allows for easier access to the firearm compared to concealed IWB carry. The user doesn’t need to lift up or untuck a garment to draw.
  • Comfort: Many people find OWB carry more comfortable than IWB since the gun is not pressed directly against the body. OWB may distribute weight better.
  • Larger Firearm Capacity: It can accommodate larger firearms like full-size guns. Drawing from an IWB holster with a full-size handgun can be difficult.
  • Better Retention Options: These holsters allow for more diverse retention systems like active thumb breaks for greater security.
  • Visible Deterrent: Openly carrying a handgun in an OWB can act as a deterrent to criminals if desired.
  • Better Accessories: They more easily allow adding accessories like magazine holders or tactical flashlights.
  • Versatility: They can be worn in various positions like behind the hip, appendix carry, shoulder holsters, etc.

Features 💡

It is an indispensable accessory for firearm enthusiasts who prioritize accessibility and ease of draw. It is typically designed to be worn on the outside of clothing, offering excellent firearm retention and quick access.

✴️ Many of these holsters feature adjustable retention pressure and carry angle (cant), allowing the user to customize the holster based on their personal preferences and tactical circumstances. This level of customization ensures a comfortable and secure fit for the firearm.

✴️ They are constructed using durable materials such as Kydex or leather, ensuring longevity and reliable performance even in challenging conditions. The use of high-quality materials also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the holster. Additionally, some OWB holsters offer added security features like thumb breaks or active retention devices, further enhancing the safety level during usage.

✴️ Despite the visibility compared to Inside the Waistband holsters, OWB can be easily concealed under a jacket or shirt, making them a versatile choice for both open and concealed carry. The ability to effortlessly conceal the holster adds a layer of convenience for those who prefer to carry it discreetly.

Whether it’s for everyday carry or specific shooting activities, they provide firearm enthusiasts with a reliable and customizable solution that combines accessibility, comfort, and security.

Our Top Pick
Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster
This holster offers excellent concealment capabilities, hugging the body closely, which makes it an ideal choice for concealed carry. Featuring an ALS system, it automatically secures your weapon upon holstering while enabling a swift and instinctive draw with a simple thumb release as you establish your shooting grip.
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Types 🔰

🟡 Paddle Holsters: These feature a flat, paddle-shaped piece of plastic that slips inside your waistband, keeping the holster securely in place. They are easy to put on and take off.
🟡 Belt Holsters: These attach directly to the belt with loops or slots, ensuring a sturdy fit. They are ideal for open carry or concealed carry under a jacket.
🟡 Drop Leg Holsters: These are strapped to the user’s thigh, allowing for easy access in situations where a waist-level holster might be impractical, like when wearing body armour.
🟡 Pancake Holsters: These are wide, flat holsters that spread the weight of the firearm across a larger area of the belt, making it more comfortable for long-term carry.
🟡 Retention Holsters: These feature mechanisms that hold the firearm in place, preventing unintentional removal or theft.

Best OWB Glock 43 Holster Reviews

#1 Blackhawk T-Series L2C

Blackhawk T-Series L2C

View on Amazon View on Brownells

The Blackhawk T-Series L2C is a high-quality, compact holster that is perfect for Hunting. With thumb-activated retention and a sound-dampening lining, this holster provides security and stealth in one package. The durable material protects your firearm while the sleek design minimizes bulk. The T-Series L2C is also Red Dot Compatible and comes with a 2-slot belt mount and QDR belt mount (Quick Dual Release).

  • Thumb-activated retention
  • Low-friction internal material for a smooth and effortless draw
  • Sound-dampening lining for stealth drawing and holstering
  • Durable material protects with a sleek design for minimal bulk
  • The holster doesn’t fit all Glock 43 models
  • May be too tight for some users


#2 BlackHawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

BlackHawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster is the ideal choice for those who need a reliable and durable option for carrying their weapon. Featuring an auto lock release and a low profile design, this holster provides the strength you need in a concealed carry option. The release is made using your normal drawing motion, ensuring a smooth draw, easy re-holster, and unmatched security. The Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster is a wonderful choice for those who want the utmost security and protection.

Video review

  • Durable and strong
  • Auto lock release for a smooth draw
  • Easy re-holster
  • Unmatched security
  • It is not available for left-handed shooters
  • The retention screw must be adjusted manually for a proper fit


#3 Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

View on Amazon

The Safariland ALS Concealment Paddle Holster is an outstanding choice for those who want the security of ALS with the speed and simplicity of an open-top design. Based on our own experience this holster is highly concealable and rides close to the body, making it ideal for concealed carry. The ALS system secures your weapon automatically as it is holstered, yet still allows a fast, natural draw with the swipe of the thumb release as you acquire your shooting grip. The Safariland Model 7371 7TS Holster is built from a durable, weather and temperature-resistant SafariSeven non-marking nylon blend, so it will not scratch or mar the finish of your firearm. Its raised interior stand-offs allow dirt and moisture to clear quickly, making this holster a great choice for any condition.

Video review

  • Highly concealable and rides close to the body
  • ALS secures your weapon automatically as it is holstered
  • Made from durable, weather and temperature-resistant SafariSeven non-marking nylon blend
  • Paddle may be difficult to remove


#4 Alien Gear ShapeShift Paddle OWB Holster

Alien Gear ShapeShift Paddle OWB Holster

View on Amazon

The Alien Gear ShapeShift Paddle OWB Holster is the perfect choice for those who want a custom fit for their Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9mm/40 Cal 3-inch handgun. The fully adjustable cant and retention system allows you to carry and draw in comfort, while the QD paddle mount and tool-less adjustments make it easy to adjust on the go. The hardened polymer construction is similar to most modern handgun frames, meaning your holster is just as strong as the gun it holds! This holster also integrates seamlessly into any of the Shapeshift Line of holsters from Alien Gear, meaning you can expand the ways this holster allows you to carry.

Video review

  • Fully adjustable cant and retention
  • QD paddle mount and tool-less adjustments
  • Hardened polymer construction
  • Integrates seamlessly into any of the Shapeshift Line holsters
  • A paddle mount may not be ideal for some


#5 Alien Gear Holsters Shapeshift Core Carry Pack

Alien Gear Holsters Shapeshift Core Carry Pack

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Need a versatile and concealable holster that can be quickly adapted to a variety of carry positions? Pay attention to the Alien Gear Holsters Shapeshift Core Carry Pack. This complete holster system includes everything you need to carry in four distinct ways, including IWB, appendix, OWB belt slide, and OWB paddle. The included Holster Mount also allows you to attach your Shapeshift to a variety of surfaces for even greater versatility.

Video review

  • Comfortable Neoprene
  • Durable Polymer Construction
  • Swappable Shell
  • Versatile and Concealable
  • Complicated mounting and adjustment process


#6 Azula OWB Leather Pancake Holster

Azula OWB Leather Pancake Holster

View on Amazon

The Azula OWB Leather Pancake Holster is a high-quality holster that is specifically designed for the Glock 43 and 43X 9mm pistols. Handcrafted from top-quality leather, this holster is built to last a lifetime. The Azula Two-slot pancake holster offers maximum comfort and protection for your pistol. A reinforced tab on the front of the holster offers additional support and stops the leather from rolling over with use. The back of the holster covers the top of the pistol slide with a full Comfort Shield. This holster is a full-length design that completely covers your pistol.

  • It is handcrafted from top-quality leather and built to last a lifetime
  • It offers maximum comfort and protection for your pistol
  • A reinforced tab on the front of the holster offers additional support and stops the leather from rolling over with the use
  • It is a full-length holster, which may be too long for some people


#7 Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse Holster

Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse Holster

View on Amazon

The Blade-Tech Industries Total Eclipse Holster is a faultless way to carry your Glock 43 or 43X securely and comfortably. Made in the USA from high-strength, heat-resistant polymer, this precision-moulded holster has a superior fit to Kydex holsters and comes in a versatile black colour. The Mod-Lok system lets you swap mods in seconds with no hassle and every holster mod auto-locks into the Mod-Lok hub.

Video review

  • Designed with adjustable retention and a positive lock trigger guard
  • It is compatible with most optics platforms such as RMR, Red Dot, and suppressor height sights
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • It is not as versatile as other holsters


#8 Desantis Glock 43 Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster

Desantis Glock 43 Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Demanding a top-quality holster for your Glock 43? Consider the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster! This holster is crafted from premium materials and features an ultra-low-profile design for easy access to your pistol. The automatic retention system ensures your gun is securely holstered, while the detailed construction ensures a comfortable carry all day long. Tough and rugged, this holster delivers premium performance in all conditions. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster!

  • Comfortable
  • Secure
  • Easy to Access
  • Not as durable as other holsters


#9 GunfightersINC Ronin OWB Holster

GunfightersINC Ronin OWB Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The GunfightersINC Ronin OWB Holster is a great option for those who want a top-quality holster without having to customize it. This holster is made from black Kydex and is designed to fit the most popular firearms. It attaches to your belt via a loop or slot, making it easy to carry your gun with you wherever you go.

  • Fits most popular firearms
  • Made from black Kydex
  • Easy to attach to belt
  • Does not offer customization options


#10 Comp-Tac Paddle Outside The Waistband Holster

Comp-Tac Paddle Outside The Waistband Holster

View on OpticsPlanet

If you need a top-quality holster that will give you a competitive edge in your next shooting match, take a look at the Comp-Tac Paddle Outside the Waistband Holster. This all-Kydex holster is specifically designed for competition use and is IDPA, USPSA, and IPSC legal. The low-friction surface provides smooth, fast draws while the rigid construction ensures reliable positioning and a consistent fit. The two forward curving tabs grip the bottom of your belt, stabilizing the holster for maximum comfort and security. Whether you’re competing in a field match or carrying concealed, the Comp-Tac Paddle OWB Holster is an excellent choice.

  • Competition legal
  • Low-friction surface for smooth, fast draws
  • Rigid construction for reliable positioning
  • May be too large for some


#11 Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Black Holster

Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Black Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Black Holster is a faultless holster for competition shooting. With its impeccable fit and finish, this fully adjustable belt holster comes with 3 mounting options – belt mount, paddle mount, or drop-offset mount – making it also popular for concealed carry and duty use. The low-friction interior of the Comp-Tac International OTW Holster allows smooth, rapid drawing and secure one-handed reholstering of your firearm in any situation. Enjoy the reliability and great fit of the Comp-Tac International OTW Adjustable Holster.

  • Adjustable cant
  • Belt width adjustable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Buckle may dig into the waist


#12 Comp-Tac OWB Concealed Kydex Warrior Holster

Comp-Tac OWB Concealed Kydex Warrior Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

If you’re looking for a versatile and easily concealable holster for outside waistband carry, the Comp-Tac Concealed Carry Kydex Warrior Holster is perfect for you. Constructed from all-Kydex, this holster provides a smooth and fast draw every time. With its narrow footprint and low-profile design, the Comp-Tac Kydex Warrior Outside the Waistband Holster is easy to conceal with most medium-sized pistols. Plus, you can adjust the angle of the draw from a cross draw to a forward cant, depending on your preference.

  • All-Kydex construction for a smooth, fast draw
  • A narrow footprint and low-profile design make the holster easy to conceal
  • Cant adjustable from cross draw to forward cant
  • Holster may be too thin and not offer enough retention


#13 C&G Holsters OWB Covert Holster

C&G Holsters OWB Covert Holster

View on OpticsPlanet

Searching for a concealed carry holster that offers both comfort and concealment? Note the C&G Holsters OWB Covert Holster. This holster is precision-machined from high-quality materials for a perfect fit and superior performance. It’s also been tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA). Plus, it’s designed to accommodate any red dot sight on the market, making it a versatile choice for any shooter.

  • Precision manufacturing for a perfect fit
  • CNC-milled for accuracy to .003 inches
  • Tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officers Association
  • Fits any red dot sight on the market
  • May not fit all guns
  • Cannot use with threaded barrels or compensators


#14 L.A.G. Tactical Liberator MK II Holster

L.A.G. Tactical Liberator MK II Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The L.A.G. Tactical Liberator MK II Holster is the newest offering from L.A.G. Tactical. Pressure formed and CNC cut for precision, the Liberator Mk II allows multiple different types of attachments, from standard 1.75-inch hard clips to Ulticlips and Malice clips as well as other common aftermarket attachments. The Liberator Mk II has been designed in CAD, ensuring a perfect fit for your gun down to the thousandth of an inch and the highest level of accuracy in fitment. The user can adjust the cant anywhere from -15 degrees to +15 degrees, making it truly ambidextrous. The L.A.G. Tactical Liberator MK II Holster is the flawless choice for those who want the best in function and form.

  • CAD designed for a perfect fit
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Can adjust cant from -15 to +15 degrees
  • May be too tight or too loose on certain firearms


#15 Fobus GL43RND Concealed Carry OWB Paddle Holster

Fobus GL43RND Concealed Carry OWB Paddle Holster

View on Amazon

The Fobus GL43RND Concealed Carry OWB Paddle Holster is an outstanding way to keep your firearm hidden and close to your body. As our tests have shown the attached OWB paddle sits close to your body, reducing printing. The holster is made of sturdy one-piece construction with a protected sight channel. It is compatible with the following models: Glock 43, 43x, 43x MOS, 48, and 48 MOS with or without rails. Passive retention automatically engages upon re-holstering for a secure fit.

  • Reduces printing
  • Keep the firearm hidden and close to your body
  • Made of sturdy one-piece construction with a protected sight channel
  • The paddle may not be comfortable for all users


#16 Bravo Concealment OWB BCA Holster

Bravo Concealment OWB BCA Holster

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The Bravo Concealment Adaptive (BCA) OWB is the best outside-the-waistband option for everyday concealed carry. It is precision-moulded to fit your gun perfectly, with a 3-D scanned mould and a solid off-the-cloud design for the most precise fit within three-thousandths of an inch. The BCA OWB holster rides high and close to the body for maximum concealment, with a slight curve to help wrap around the natural curvature of your waistline. The Bravo holster has a very smooth pocket for a quick and pronounced, audible ‘click’ when re-holstering.

Video review

  • The holster is curved to fit the contours of your body
  • The belt loops are adjustable to create a desired cant for greater concealment
  • The edges on the holster are rounded for comfort
  • The holster is not designed to be carried inside the waistband


#17 Tulster OWB Contour Holster

Tulster OWB Contour Holster

View on Amazon

The Tulster OWB Contour Holster is the ideal choice for those who want maximum concealment and comfort. Its moulded-in asymmetrical wings provide enhanced concealment by angles the firearm’s grip towards your body. The streamlined design conforms the holster and firearm to your waistline for maximum concealment. The Contour also features a Retention Adjustment Slot for easy adjustment of retention strength.

Video review

  • Molded-in Enhanced Concealment
  • Secured Adjustable Retention
  • Adjustable Ride Height/Cant
  • Retention adjustment slot may be difficult to use


#18 Outlaw Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

Outlaw Holsters OWB Kydex Holster

View on Amazon

If you’re in the market for a top-quality, reliable OWB Kydex holster that’s made in America, then look no further than Outlaw Holsters. The holsters are precision-moulded to fit over 250 different handgun models snugly and securely and come with a one-year replacement warranty for your peace of mind.

This particular holster is designed for the Glock 43 and is available in Stealth Black. It comes equipped with 1.5″ injection molded belt loops for a comfortable, secure fit, and can be worn on either the right or left side of the waist.

So if you need a durable, American-made OWB Kydex holster that won’t let you down, make Outlaw Holsters your first and only stop. You won’t be disappointed!

Video review

  • Precision-molded for a perfect fit
  • Comes with 1.5″ injection moulded belt loops
  • Can be worn on either the right or left side of the waist
  • May not fit some handguns snugly and securely


#19 Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster

Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster

View on Amazon

The Concealment Express OWB Paddle KYDEX Holster is a good choice for those who want to carry their 1911 3.5″ Officer Model (Non-Rail) in style. Made from .08″ KYDEX, this holster is precision-formed and features an undercut trigger guard for a smooth, consistent draw. The black colour gives it a sleek, professional look that will complement any outfit.

  • Undercut trigger guard prevents interference with your draw
  • Full-length sweat guard and rear sight shield protect your weapon from sweat and debris
  • Fiber-reinforced stealth belt clip for covert carry
  • Posi-click retention system ensures your weapon stays in place until you want it to come out
  • May not fit all 1911 3.5″ Officer Model (Non-Rail) pistols
  • Black oxide steel hardware may rust over time


#20 Gun & Flower OWB Holster

Gun & Flower OWB Holster

View on Amazon

Introducing the Gun & Flower OWB Holster. This holster is tailored for the Glock 43 43x and is compatible with 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2.0” wide belts. It features an Index Finger Release system with an audible click, as well as an automatic locking system for added safety. The aluminium moulds used in its construction ensure durability and a perfect fit, making it ideal for both combat and daily carry. Order yours today!

Video review

  • Automatic locking system
  • Precision moulded aluminium for durability and a perfect fit
  • 360 degrees adjustable paddle
  • The automatic locking system may be a safety hazard


How To Use 🔎

Wearing and adjusting an Outside the Waistband holster correctly is crucial for comfort and ease of access. Here are the steps:

  1. ✅ Attachment to the Belt: Start by threading your belt through the loops or slots of the holster. Ensure your belt is sturdy enough to support the weight of the gun and holster.
  2. ✅ Positioning the Holster: Position the holster on your strong side, generally at the 3-4 o’clock position for right-handed shooters, and the 8-9 o’clock position for left-handed shooters. This positioning allows for a quick, efficient draw.
  3. ✅ Adjusting the Cant and Retention: Most of these holsters allow you to adjust the angle or ‘cant’ of the holster as well as the retention pressure. Adjust these according to your comfort and drawing ease. The firearm should be snug but not overly tight in the holster.
  4. ✅ Checking the Fit: Insert your unloaded firearm into the holster. It should fit snugly and securely. If the holster has adjustable retention, ensure the firearm is held firmly but can be drawn out smoothly.
  5. ✅ Concealment: Depending on your clothing and the laws of your state, you may choose to conceal your OWB holster under a jacket or shirt. Make sure your clothing doesn’t hinder your access to the firearm.
  6. ✅ Comfort Assessment: Move around to assess the comfort of the holster. It should feel secure and not dig into your side. Adjust the position if needed.

Remember, everyone is different, and what might be comfortable for one person might not be for another. Experiment with different positions, cants, and retention levels until you find the setup that works best for you. Remember to regularly practice drawing and re-holstering to ensure you can do so safely and efficiently when needed.

Watch this video to find more information💻


What To Look For In An OWB Kydex Holster?

When shopping for an Outside the Waistband Kydex holster, several key factors should be considered to ensure you choose a product that meets your needs:

  1. 🟢 Material Quality: Kydex is a highly durable and weather-resistant material that maintains its shape over time, making it a popular choice for holsters. Ensure the holster is made from high-quality Kydex to provide robust protection.
  2. 🟢 Retention: The holster should provide adequate retention to keep the firearm securely in place during daily activities. Many Kydex holsters offer adjustable retention for custom fitting.
  3. 🟢 Comfort: The holster should be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Check for smooth edges that won’t dig into your skin or snag on clothing.
  4. 🟢 Cant and Ride Adjustment: Look for a holster that allows for adjustments in cant (angle) and ride height. This helps you customize the position for quick and efficient drawing.
  5. 🟢 Concealment: Although OWB holsters are typically more visible than their IWB counterparts, a good OWB Kydex holster should still offer reasonable concealment when required, under a jacket or shirt.
  6. 🟢 Firearm Fit: The holster should perfectly fit the specific model of your firearm. A good Kydex holster will have a satisfying click when the gun is fully seated.
  7. 🟢 Attachment Options: Consider the types of attachment options available, such as a paddle or belt slide. The choice depends on your personal preference and carry style.

By taking into account all these factors, you can select a Kydex holster that is reliable, comfortable, and suited to your personal carry needs. Always remember to practice drawing and re-holstering with an unloaded firearm to ensure safety.

We believe this video can be helpful for you📺

Are Glock 43 OWB Holsters Suitable for All Body Types?
Outside the Waistband holsters can indeed cater to a wide range of body types. However, the level of comfort, concealment, and ease of access might vary from person to person. Factors such as body size, shape, and personal comfort can influence the suitability of an OWB holster. Comfort and accessibility of the firearm are paramount, and these can be achieved by adjusting the position, cant, and ride height of the holster. Individuals with a larger build might find OWB holsters more comfortable as they can avoid the discomfort of having a firearm inside their waistband. Additionally, those who wear looser or bulkier clothing may find it easier to conceal a holster. However, people with smaller frames might find concealing an OWB holster more challenging. Thus, it’s crucial to try different holsters and adjustments to find out what works best for your unique body type and carrying preferences.
What materials are OWB holsters typically made from?

Outside-the-Waistband holsters can be made from a variety of materials, each offering its own set of advantages and considerations. Some common materials used for holsters include:

  1. 🔰Leather: Leather is a traditional and popular choice. It is comfortable, durable, and can be moulded to fit the specific firearm, providing a snug fit. However, leather holsters may require more maintenance and can be affected by moisture.
  2. 🔰 Kydex: Kydex is a thermoplastic material that is moulded to the shape of the firearm. It is lightweight, durable, and resistant to moisture. Kydex holsters often have adjustable retention and are less affected by environmental factors.
  3. 🔰 Nylon: Nylon holsters are typically less expensive than leather or Kydex. They are lightweight and offer good retention. However, they may not be as durable over the long term as other materials.
  4. 🔰 Hybrid: Some holsters combine materials, such as a Kydex shell mounted on a leather or neoprene backing. These hybrid holsters aim to provide the benefits of both materials, offering comfort and durability.
  5. 🔰 Injection Molded Polymer: Some OWB holsters are made from injection-molded polymer, similar to Kydex. They are durable, lightweight, and often feature adjustable retention and cant.
  6. 🔰 Carbon Fiber: Carbon fibre holsters are relatively lightweight and extremely strong. They offer good retention and a modern look, but they can be more expensive than other options.
  7. 🔰 Boltaron: Boltaron is a material similar to Kydex and is used in some holsters. It shares many of the same properties as Kydex, including durability and moisture resistance.

The choice of material often comes down to personal preference, the specific requirements of the user, and the intended use of the holster. Some individuals prioritize comfort and style, while others prioritize durability, retention, and ease of maintenance. It’s important to consider factors such as climate, the need for adjustable retention, and the type of firearm when selecting the material for an OWB holster.

What is the difference between OWB and IWB holsters?
OWB (Outside-the-Waistband) and IWB (Inside-the-Waistband) holsters are two common options for carrying firearms, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Feature OWB IWB
Placement They are worn on the outside of the waistband, typically on the strong-side hip. They are visible to others and may require a cover garment (e.g., a jacket or untucked shirt) for concealed carry. They are worn inside the waistband, between the body and the pants. They are generally more concealed, as the firearm is tucked under clothing.
Concealment They are less concealed by default but can still be concealed effectively with appropriate clothing choices and cover garments. They offer better concealment, as they keep the firearm closer to the body and are less likely to print or be visible to others.
Comfort They are often considered more comfortable for extended wear because they don’t press against the body as much. They also provide easier access to the firearm. They can be less comfortable for some individuals because they can dig into the body, especially when sitting. However, the degree of comfort varies depending on holster design and positioning.
Accessibility They provide quick and easy access to the firearm, making them popular for open carry and competitive shooting. They may require more effort to access the firearm, as they are partially concealed inside the waistband. This can be a consideration for personal defence scenarios.
Retention and Security They often offer good retention and can be equipped with various retention devices. They are generally easier to draw from quickly. They can have good retention as well, but the draw may be slightly less intuitive due to the concealment factor.
Clothing Choices They may require looser or specific clothing to effectively conceal the firearm They are more versatile in terms of clothing choices and can work with a wider range of wardrobe options.

Please watch this video to learn more information📺

How to clean OWB Glock 43 Holster?

Cleaning your outside waistband holster regularly is important to keep it in good condition. Remember, a well-maintained holster is key to safe and effective concealed carry.

Start by removing the holster from your belt or pants. Use a soft brush or cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris on the outside of the holster. Pay close attention to the crevices and corners where debris can collect. If the holster has a suede or fabric exterior, use a suede brush or eraser to refresh the material.

For leather holsters, use a leather cleaner and conditioner to hydrate the material and lift away grime. Apply the leather conditioner sparingly with a soft cloth.

For kydex or polymer holsters, use a mild soap and water solution to scrub away dirt and oil buildup. Rinse the holster and dry it thoroughly before reattaching it to your belt or pants.

Proper cleaning will extend the life of your OWB holster and keep it looking its best. Be sure not to submerge the holster in water or use harsh chemicals that could degrade the materials. Regular simple cleaning will keep your holster functioning properly for years of daily carry.

Conclusion 🤩

The choice of an OWB holster for a Glock 43 can significantly impact your carrying experience. When selecting the right holster for your Glock 43, consider factors such as comfort, concealment, accessibility, retention, and personal preferences. Each holster design and material brings its own set of advantages, so it’s important to choose one that aligns with your specific needs and lifestyle. Whether for concealed carry or other purposes, a well-chosen OWB Glock holster can enhance both safety and convenience in your everyday firearm use.


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6 months ago

Hi! Can I use an OWB holster with a weapon-mounted light or laser?

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Winter

    Yes, you can use an OWB (Outside-the-Waistband) holster with a weapon-mounted light or laser, but it depends on the design and compatibility of the holster. Here are some key points to consider:

    ✔️Holster Compatibility: Not all OWB holsters are designed to accommodate firearms with weapon-mounted lights or lasers. You should look for holsters that are explicitly advertised as compatible with your specific firearm model and the accessory you have attached to it.

    ✔️Custom-Made Holsters: Some firearm owners opt for custom-made holsters that are tailored to fit their firearm with the specific light or laser attachment. Custom holsters ensure a secure and precise fit, but they can be more expensive and may require a longer lead time.

    ✔️Retention and Adjustment: Ensure that the OWB holster you choose has adjustable retention capabilities. The holster should securely retain both your firearm and the attached light/laser, preventing accidental dislodgment.

    ✔️Accessibility: Consider how easy it is to draw your firearm from the holster when a light or laser is attached. Some holsters may obstruct access to the activation switch or controls of the accessory, so it’s essential to test the holster for ease of use.

    ✔️Cover and Protection: Holsters designed for weapons with mounted lights or lasers may offer additional protection for these accessories, helping to prevent damage during daily use or when holstering/drawing the firearm.

    ✔️Holster Material: Pay attention to the material of the OWB holster. Materials like Kydex and injection-molded polymers are often used for holsters designed to accommodate weapon-mounted lights and lasers due to their durability and ability to retain shape.

    ✔️Belt and Attachment Compatibility: Ensure that the holster is compatible with your preferred belt and attachment system, as this can affect how securely the holster stays in place.

      6 months ago

      OWB holsters are fantastic for outdoor activities like hiking or camping. You can carry a full-size firearm comfortably, and the draw is quick in case you encounter wildlife or any other unexpected situations.

        6 months ago

        I’ve read all this info. And I am interested in what are the possible problems with OWB holsters

          6 months ago
          Reply to  Birdie

          Here are some potential issues with OWB holsters and tips to solve them:

          💠 Printing – The grip of the gun prints against clothing and exposes you’re carrying. Choose a holster with a slim profile and wear dark, thicker fabrics.

          💠 Slipping – The holster shifts out of position on the belt due to lack of stability. Tighten belt, use a holster with retention, and check fit frequently.

          💠 Chafing – The holster rubs against skin causing discomfort. Try a different ride height, adjust cant, or use an undershirt to protect skin.

          💠 Difficulty accessing sights – Some sights get blocked by the body when drawing. Angle holster outwards more or use suppressor-height sights.

          💠 Exposed trigger – Some holsters leave the trigger exposed. Look for one with a trigger guard for safety.

          💠 Lack of retention – Gun can fall out if upside down. Use an active retention holster that secures the gun in place.

          💠 Poor concealment – Gun shape prints through clothing. Opt for a slimmer gun model and wear concealing garments.

          💠 Comfort issues – Pressure points created by corners of holster. File down edges or choose a contoured, rounded holster.

          💠 Overheating – Direct body contact raises temperature of firearm. Use a moisture wicking undershirt as a barrier.

            6 months ago

            Hey everyone, I’ve been having some slow draw issues with my OWB holster lately. It’s really affecting my range time. Any tips or suggestions on how to improve my draw speed?

              6 months ago
              Reply to  Sawyer

              🔵 Drawing gets tangled on clothing with poor technique. Practice draws from concealment and use smooth motions.

                6 months ago
                Reply to  Sawyer

                I feel your pain, User1. Slow draws can be frustrating. One thing that helped me was adjusting the cant of my holster. Experiment with different angles to find what allows for a smoother and quicker draw.

                  6 months ago
                  Reply to  Sawyer

                  Sawyer, are you using a retention holster by any chance? Sometimes, they can slow down your draw significantly. If you are, you might want to consider a different type of holster for range use.

                    6 months ago
                    Reply to  Sawyer

                     If you’re still having issues after trying these suggestions, you might want to consider getting some professional instruction. An experienced instructor can evaluate your draw technique and provide personalized feedback to help you improve.

                      Presley Sutton
                      Presley Sutton
                      6 months ago

                      I used to be all about IWB holsters for the added concealment, but lately, I’ve been experimenting with OWB at the 3 o’clock position, and it’s growing on me. It’s easier to access when driving or sitting, and I can still conceal it pretty well with a longer shirt or jacket.

                        6 months ago

                         OWB holsters are awesome for my full-sized handguns. The comfort factor is a big win. However, I do find that printing can be an issue if I’m not careful with my wardrobe choices. You gotta dress around the gun, not the other way around.