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Best 9.3x72R Ammo

What is 9.3x72R ammo?🧐

It is a cartridge used in firearms, specifically in rifles. It’s a rimmed centerfire cartridge that was historically used for hunting and sporting purposes. The “9.3” in the name refers to the bullet diameter in millimeters, which is approximately 0.366 inches. The “72mm” refers to the case length. This cartridge was often used in European countries for hunting larger game, such as deer, wild boar, and even larger animals like bears.

9.3x72R ammo


The 9.3x72mmR cartridge possesses certain features and characteristics that are relevant to its performance and use. Here are some of its notable ones:

🔶 Rimmed Design: The “R” in the cartridge designation indicates that it has a rimmed case design. This rimmed configuration helps with reliable extraction in break-action rifles or other firearms that require rimmed cartridges.

🔶 Stopping Power: Due to its relatively large bullet diameter and moderate velocity, the cartridge can deliver significant stopping power, making it suitable for medium to larger game animals.

🔶 Reloading: Reloading components for this cartridge might be available for those who engage in handloading their ammunition. This can be beneficial for shooters who want to tailor their ammunition for specific purposes.

🔶 Ballistics: While this cartridge offers good stopping power, its ballistics might not match those of more modern cartridges in terms of velocity, trajectory, and energy retention over distance.

Our Top Pick
Solid – Federal Premium Cape-Shok – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds
When it comes to pursuing the mightiest and most formidable game, hunters have always placed their trust in solid, non-expanding bullets that can effortlessly slice through bone and tough hide. Enter these rounds – they bring you that same unwavering penetration, all the while delivering an astonishingly vast wound channel and an entry cavity that remains open. Crafted from solid copper alloy, these rounds ensure they penetrate even the thickest hide and the most substantial bones. What's more, the bullet's concave nose, along with its flared pressure ring, ensures it stays on course without deviating.
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The 9.3x72mmR ammunition offers several benefits, particularly for hunters who appreciate its specific qualities. Here are some of the advantages:

✅ The cartridge has a historical significance, being used in older European firearms for hunting purposes. For those who appreciate traditional firearms and hunting methods, the 9.3x72mmR offers a connection to the past.

✅ The cartridge’s ballistics are well-suited for hunting medium to large game animals like deer, wild boar, and bears. Its stopping power and bullet diameter can help ensure effective shot placement and humane kills.

✅ Using a less common cartridge can provide a unique shooting experience. This can appeal to collectors, enthusiasts, and those who enjoy trying out different firearms and ammunition types.

✅ The cartridge’s combination of stopping power and bullet size can contribute to ethical hunting practices. Ensuring quick and humane kills is important for ethical hunters, and the 9.3x72mmR can help achieve this goal.

Benefits of 9.3x72mmR ammunition

Types of games with it🎯

The 9.3x72mmR cartridge is well-suited for hunting a range of game, particularly medium to large-sized animals. Its combination of bullet diameter, energy, and stopping power makes it effective for ethical and humane kills. Here are the types of game that it is well-suited for hunting:

💥 Deer: It is capable of taking down various deer species, including whitetail deer, mule deer, and roe deer. Its adequate energy and bullet performance make it suitable for hunting deer in forests, fields, and other typical deer habitats.
💥 Wild Boar: Wild boars are robust and resilient animals that can require a cartridge with sufficient stopping power. The 9.3x72R cartridge is well-suited for this purpose. The cartridge’s larger bullet diameter aids in delivering effective penetration and energy transfer, important for stopping boars.
💥 Bear: While the 9.3x72R might not be the top choice for larger bear species, it can be used effectively for hunting smaller bear species, such as black bears and brown bears. Shot placement and bullet choice are crucial when hunting bears, and they can provide the necessary power with proper shot placement.
💥 Elk: This cartridge can be used for hunting elk, especially at shorter ranges where its stopping power is advantageous. Accurate shot placement is key when using this cartridge for elk hunting, as these animals are quite large and can be tough to take down.
💥 Moose: While moose are among the largest game animals, they can be used for moose hunting, particularly in situations where shots are taken within reasonable distances. Like with elk, precise shot placement is essential when hunting moose with this cartridge.
💥 African Plains Game: In certain hunting scenarios, this cartridge could be used for hunting plains game in Africa, such as impalas, kudus, and warthogs. However, more powerful cartridges are often preferred for African games due to their larger size and potentially dangerous nature.
💥 Other Medium to Large Game: The 9.3x72R cartridge is versatile and can be used for various other medium to large game animals around the world, including hogs, caribou, and antelope species.

📌 It’s important to note that shot placement, bullet choice, and hunting skills play a significant role in the effectiveness of any cartridge for hunting.

Types of games with 9.3x72mmR cartridge

Best 9.3x72R Ammo Reviews

1# Semi-Spitzer Soft Point – Federal Premium Cape-Shok – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

Semi-Spitzer Soft Point - Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Federal Premium Cape-Shok Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is some of the highest quality performance-enhancing ammo on the market. You will see a difference almost immediately when you use this top-of-the-line ammunition. Federal believes that any hunter, competitive shooter, or casual enthusiast is an essential part of the shooting fraternity, and this is what motivates the company to come up with great rifle ammunition whose designs play a major role in fulfilling the shooters’ goals. This superb ammunition has a bullet weight of 286 grains and is made with only the finest materials to ensure peak performance.

  • Controlled expansion and energy release
  • The a-Frame design maintains a longer shank for deep penetration
  • The nose profile withstands heavy recoil without deforming
  • Can’t be good for competitions


2# Solid – Federal Premium Cape-Shok – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

Solid - Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Want to take down the biggest and worst game out there? You’re going to need a bullet that can penetrate thick hide and bone. That’s where the Federal Premium Cape-Shok Woodleigh Hydro Solid comes in. Because of our knowledge gained through practice, this bullet is designed to create a massive wound channel while still being able to penetrate deeply. So whether you’re up against a grizzly bear or a Cape buffalo, this is the ammunition you want by your side.

  • Massive wound channel
  • Penetrates thick hide and bone
  • Won’t deflect off of obstacles
  • Creates cavitation bubble for massive wound
  • Could cause over-penetration


3# JSP – Hornady Dangerous Game – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

JSP - Hornady Dangerous Game - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Need a tough and accurate bullet for your next safari? Pay attention to Hornady’s Dangerous Game Series ammunition. Using this product, our team found that with only the finest components, this ammo is designed to meet the needs of the serious hunter. Hand-loading techniques and processes are used to ensure each cartridge is deadly and dependable. Pick up a box of these bullets today and be prepared for anything!

  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Price may be high for some


Bullet types💡

Certainly, the choice of bullet type for the 9.3x72R cartridge can significantly impact its terminal performance and penetration when hunting. Here are some common bullet types used in this cartridge, along with explanations of how their construction affects their performance:

💣 Soft point (SP) bullets They have a soft lead or lead-core tip covered by a harder metal jacket, leaving the tip exposed. Upon impact, the exposed lead tip initiates expansion, causing the bullet to mushroom and transfer energy to the target. These rounds offer controlled expansion, making them effective for creating larger wound channels and promoting quicker stopping. These bullets are well-suited for medium to large game hunting, as they balance expansion with penetration.
💣 Expanding bullets Such bullets, including hollow points, have similar designs and are engineered to expand upon impact. The expansion increases the bullet’s frontal diameter, leading to increased wound cavity size and energy transfer. These bullets are effective for creating quick, humane kills and reducing the risk of over-penetration.
💣 Bonded bullets They have a lead core that is chemically bonded or physically locked to the jacket material. This design prevents jacket-core separation upon impact, maintaining weight retention and ensuring controlled penetration. These bullets are known for their ability to penetrate deeply while still delivering significant energy to the target.
💣 Solid bullets Such rounds are typically used for hunting larger, tougher game or in situations where deep penetration is essential. They’re designed to maintain their structural integrity even when encountering bone or heavy muscle, ensuring adequate penetration.
💣 Partitioned bullets They feature a partition or divider within the bullet’s core, creating two separate sections. This design balances expansion and penetration. The front portion expands, while the rear part retains its mass for deeper penetration. Such bullets are often chosen for hunting games that might require both controlled expansion and substantial penetration.
💣 Monolithic bullets Such bullets are made from a single material, usually copper or copper alloy. They offer consistent weight retention, controlled expansion, and deep penetration. They are favored for their reliable performance across various hunting scenarios.

🔋 Bullet construction affects terminal performance and penetration by determining how the bullet interacts with the target upon impact. Factors such as bullet design, weight, expansion rate, and construction materials influence the following aspects:

➡️ Wound Channel: The size of the wound channel created by the bullet’s expansion affects the amount of damage to vital organs and blood vessels.

➡️ Energy Transfer: Bullets that expand effectively transfer more energy to the target, contributing to quicker incapacitation.

➡️ Penetration: Bullet construction determines how deep the bullet penetrates the target. Some game species might require deeper penetration for effective results.

➡️ Weight Retention: Bullets that retain their weight hold together during expansion, contributing to deeper penetration and more consistent terminal performance.

➡️ Over-Penetration: Certain bullet types expand rapidly, which can reduce the risk of over-penetration and minimize the chance of injuring animals beyond the intended target.

❗ When selecting a bullet type for the 9.3x72R cartridge, hunters should consider the size and toughness of the game they’re hunting, as well as the shooting distances expected. It’s essential to match the bullet’s characteristics with the specific hunting scenario for optimal performance and ethical kills.

Bullet type for the 9.3x72R cartridge


How big is a such bullet?

💡 The “9.3x72R” cartridge is a type of ammunition used in firearms, and it typically refers to a rifle cartridge.

  • ☑️ The first number, “9.3,” represents the diameter of the bullet in millimeters.
  • ☑️ The second number, “72,” represents the length of the cartridge case in millimeters.
  • ☑️ The “R” in the cartridge name indicates that it’s a rimmed cartridge, which means it has a rim at the base of the cartridge case.

⭕ The exact dimensions of the bullet itself can vary depending on the specific design of the ammunition and the manufacturer. Generally, the bullet would have a diameter of around 9.3mm and a length appropriate for the cartridge case and intended use.

🧑‍🔧 To get precise information about the size of a specific 9.3x72R bullet, you would need to refer to the specifications provided by the ammunition manufacturer or other reliable sources.

What shoots 9.3x72R ammo?

💣 This cartridge is commonly used in break-action single-shot rifles and combination guns (drilling or vierling rifles) designed for hunting purposes. These rifles are often found in European countries where hunting large game is popular.

🎯 Some examples of firearms that might be chambered for it include models from manufacturers like Merkel, Blaser, and Sauer.

📌 It’s important to note that specific firearm models and availability can change over time, so if you’re looking for a firearm that uses the 9.3x72R cartridge, it’s recommended to consult firearm catalogs, gun shops, or reputable online sources for the most current information on available models.

How much FPS is extreme?

⌛️ The term “extreme” in the context of velocity (measured in feet per second, or FPS) is subjective and can vary depending on the context, type of firearm, and purpose. For example:

🟦 Handguns: Handgun cartridges typically have lower velocities compared to rifle cartridges. In this context, an extreme velocity for a handgun cartridge might be considered relatively high in comparison to other handgun cartridges. Velocities around or above 1,500 FPS could be considered relatively fast for many handgun cartridges.

🟦 Rifles: Rifle cartridges, especially those designed for long-range shooting or varmint hunting, can achieve much higher velocities. Velocities exceeding 3,000 FPS are not uncommon for some high-velocity rifle cartridges used for varmint or predator hunting.

🟦 Magnum Cartridges: Magnum cartridges, known for their increased powder loads and higher velocities, can easily exceed 3,000 FPS and even approach 4,000 FPS in some cases.

❗ It’s important to consider the type of firearm, cartridge, and intended purpose when determining whether a particular velocity is extreme. Additionally, extremely high velocities can impact factors like recoil, barrel wear, bullet selection, and accuracy, so shooters should carefully consider the trade-offs and requirements of their specific shooting needs.

What is its best bullet weight?

🔍 The best bullet weight for 9.3x72R ammunition depends on the intended use and the type of game you plan to hunt. The cartridge is often used for hunting medium to large-sized game, such as deer, wild boar, and other similar animals.

🧩 Generally, bullet weights in the range of 250 to 300 grains are common for this cartridge.

✍️ Ultimately, the best bullet weight will depend on your personal preferences, the specific firearm you’re using, and the characteristics of the game you’re hunting. It’s a good idea to consult with experienced hunters or ammunition manufacturers who can provide recommendations based on their expertise and the specific hunting conditions you’ll be facing.

What disadvantages of this ammo?

🚨 While the 9.3x72R cartridge has its merits, it also comes with some disadvantages that potential users should be aware of:

✏️ Limited Availability: It is not as common as more popular rifle cartridges, especially outside of Europe. This could result in limited availability of ammunition and firearms chambered for this cartridge.

✏️ Trajectory Drop: Due to its relatively low muzzle velocity compared to some modern cartridges, the 9.3x72R might experience a more pronounced trajectory drop at longer ranges. This can make precise long-range shooting more challenging.

✏️ Ammunition Cost: As a less common cartridge, ammunition for the 9.3x72R might be more expensive compared to more popular cartridges, and it might not be as widely available.

✏️ Recoil: It generates noticeable recoil, which might be less manageable for shooters who are sensitive to recoil or for prolonged shooting sessions.

✏️ Firearm Options: While there are firearms chambered for the 9.3x72R cartridge, the selection might be more limited compared to more popular calibers, making it potentially harder to find the right firearm to suit your preferences.

✏️ Long-Range Limitations: The cartridge’s trajectory and energy drop-off might limit its effectiveness for longer-range shooting, particularly when compared to cartridges designed for extended ranges.

📌 It’s important to carefully consider your intended use and preferences when choosing a cartridge, and to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the 9.3x72R against your specific needs and shooting conditions.


9.3x72R ammo is a powerful cartridge that offers excellent performance for hunting and self-defense applications. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best products on the market to help you make an informed decision about what products will work best for your needs. We’ve also included some valuable tips to help you get the most out of your ammo purchase. Good luck!😎👍

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Tanner Cook
Tanner Cook
7 months ago

I’m seeking insights, experiences, and information related to reloading the 9.3x72R cartridge (not the 9.3x74R). Additionally, I’d be grateful for any knowledge concerning factory ammunition available for this cartridge. Your input and expertise would be highly valued.

    7 months ago
    Reply to  Tanner Cook

    Certainly, the maximum pressure for the 9.3x72R cartridge is capped at around 2000 Bar. Vihtavuori powders seem to be a reliable choice for this cartridge, offering consistent performance. Just a reminder, the bullet diameter for this cartridge is 9.25mm, which translates to .364 inches. Always good to keep these specifications in mind while reloading.

      Wes Morgan
      Wes Morgan
      7 months ago

      What brass I can use for reloading the 9.3x72R cartridge?

        7 months ago
        Reply to  Wes Morgan

        💡 When reloading the 9.3x72R cartridge, suitable brass is essential for consistent and safe performance. However, there are potential solutions you can explore:
        ☑️ Forming Brass: You might need to form your brass from a more common cartridge case, such as .30-06 Springfield, 8x57mm Mauser, or similar. This process involves resizing, trimming, and potentially necking down the brass to match the dimensions of the 9.3x72R. Keep in mind that necking down might require annealing the case necks to prevent cracking.
        ☑️ Custom Brass: Some specialty manufacturers or reloading companies might offer custom-made brass for the 9.3x72R. This could be a convenient option if you’re looking to avoid the process of forming brass.
        ☑️ Old Brass: If you come across old, used brass that was originally loaded with 9.3x72R ammunition, you might be able to clean, inspect, and reload it.
        ☑️ Modified Brass: Some reloaders modify existing brass cartridges to fit the 9.3x72R dimensions. This requires precision and careful attention to detail.
        ☑️ Commercial Sources: While less common, there might be commercial sources that offer brass specifically designed for reloading the 9.3x72R. Research and reach out to specialized reloading suppliers or manufacturers.

          Neil Wright
          Neil Wright
          7 months ago

          I’m considering a drilling setup with a 16-gauge barrel on top and a 9.3x72R barrel beneath. Back in the 1960s, I had the chance to use a similar setup for agricultural depredation control (ADC) work in Wisconsin, and I grew fond of it. Now, I’m contemplating getting one again, this time for predator calling. My main reservation, however, lies with the ammunition – it’s quite pricey, and I’m struggling to find suitable bullets for reloading. I’d appreciate any suggestions or insights you might have regarding this situation.

            Wesley Lewis
            Wesley Lewis
            7 months ago
            Reply to  Neil Wright

            Maybe you should be thinking about handloading your ammunition. The JSP – Hornady Dangerous Game – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds is an excellent choice. But it’s good to have different options to consider when it comes to finding the right bullet for reloading.

              7 months ago
              Reply to  Neil Wright

              In my case, my wife purchased a German combo shotgun/rifle a few years ago. The rifle barrel was supposed to be chambered in 9.3x72R, and interestingly, it even came with a box of RWS ammo, with half of it having been fired through the rifle barrel. I had the idea of using paper-patched .35 caliber bullets, so I took the time to slug the bore. To my surprise, the bore turned out to be .350/.358! German guns can be quite unpredictable. After trying out different options, we settled on a load of IMR4895 paired with the bullet intended for the .35 Remington. It’s meant to travel at 1900 fps.

                Cash Sanders
                Cash Sanders
                7 months ago

                Recently, I made a trade and acquired a drilling rifle chambered in 9.3x72R. The gun is relatively modern and bears the marking “9.3x73R Norm.” on the bottom of the rifle barrel. I’ve come across information that the 9.3x72R Normal cartridge was developed to allow the rechambering of previously proprietary 9.3x72R cartridges. I’m looking for suggestions regarding a source for .364 diameter flat-nosed bullets in this weight that I can use for reloading. Additionally, I’m curious if there’s a factory load available that replicates this setup. Your insights and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

                  7 months ago
                  Reply to  Cash Sanders

                  For my drilling rifle in 9.3x72R, bullets in the range of .364, .365, or .366 with a weight of around 190 to 200 grains will serve the purpose perfectly. The moment the bullet enters the barrel, it will conform to the barrel’s dimensions well before any substantial pressure builds up. Considering that the difference is merely .001″ on all sides when using a .366 bullet in a .364 barrel, there’s no significant impact to worry about. The minute difference in diameter won’t make any substantial real-world difference in performance.