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Best Belly Band Holster - Editor's Choice

What is a belly band holster?🧐

It is a versatile and concealed carry option for firearms. These holsters are worn around the waist and fit snugly against the body, providing an easily accessible draw in any situation. They come in different styles of both leather and nylon material with adjustable sizes for more comfort while wearing.

Belly band holsters


Belly band holsters are an increasingly popular choice for a concealed carry holster. They offer the benefit of wearing a comfortable, secure, and easily accessible holster that can be worn virtually unnoticed under clothing. There are several key features:

  • 🔷 Comfort: The material of the holster should be comfortable against your skin and shouldn’t cause irritation. It should also provide enough padding so that it won’t dig into your skin while you’re wearing it.
  • 🔷 Support: They come with adjustable straps or an adjustable waistband so you can easily adjust the fit to your body shape and size. A good waistband will also offer plenty of support and keep the gun in place when you move.
  • 🔷 Retention: You want a holster with adequate retention so the gun doesn’t slide out if you bend over or make any sudden movements. Some models have adjustable retention straps or thumb breaks, while others are designed with built-in retention.
  • 🔷 Accessibility: Quick access to your gun in an emergency is essential, and the best holsters provide different levels of accessibility depending on what you’re comfortable with. Look for such one that offers one or more of these features: a single button release, an elastic loop, or a velcro closure.
  • 🔷 Quality: If you want your holster to last, then look for one made from high-quality materials such as leather or Kydex. These materials are strong and durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.
Our Top Pick
Galco Underwraps Belly Band 2.0 IWB Holster
This innovative product allows users to customize their carry rig in countless configurations. It features two leather holster pockets that provide secure and stable positioning for one or two firearms simultaneously. Additionally, two accessory pockets are designed to accommodate items such as badges, handcuffs, or ammunition - making it a comprehensive solution for all your carry essentials. Crafted from elasticized nylon, this holster ensures a secure and flexible fit. Its durable construction guarantees reliable performance in various carry situations.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Belly band holsters offer a range of benefits to the user, including increased security and comfort.

  • 🔥 With a secure fit that comfortably hugs your body, these holsters provide greater stability and control when carrying a firearm. Not only do they keep your firearm securely in place, but they also reduce printing and concealment of the weapon for more discreet carry.
  • 🔥 Their flexible design also allows for a range of draw styles to suit different user needs. Depending on the type of holster chosen, it can be worn inside or outside the waistband, high or low on the hip, cross-draw, appendix carry, and many other draw techniques.
  • 🔥 In addition to offering greater security and comfort for users, holsters are also comfortable and lightweight. They are made with breathable materials that keep you cool during hot days without feeling bulky or uncomfortable.
  • 🔥 Overall, they provide an excellent balance of security and comfort for users who need a reliable holster system when carrying concealed firearms.

Benefits of belly band holster

How to wear & adjust it?🤠

Wearing and adjusting a belly band holster is a simple process that should take no more than a few minutes. With the right size, you will be able to find a comfortable and secure fit that allows you to carry your weapon safely and conveniently.

  • ➡️ To begin, choose the correct size of the holster. Measure around your waist or torso circumference and add two inches for comfort. This will give you the ideal size to purchase.
  • ➡️ Once you have the correct size, slip it over your hips like a belt. Make sure that it is snug enough against your body so that it won’t move when you move around. It should be tight enough without being uncomfortable or restricting movement.
  • ➡️ The next step is to adjust the straps on the holster so they are comfortable yet secure enough to hold the weight of your firearm without it slipping out of place while walking or running. Start by adjusting each of the straps on either side of the holster until they fit comfortably against your body with minimal slack or adjustability left in them. Make sure that all points of contact are even with no areas feeling too tight or too loose.
  • ➡️ You can also adjust the position of your firearm for optimal comfort and security by loosening or tightening some straps located around various parts of the holster depending on which model you have purchased. These straps can be adjusted to ensure that your firearm fits securely inside the holster and will not come loose during use.

📺 Some examples in this video:

TOP 13 Belly Band Holster

Galco Underwraps Belly Band HolsterGalcoBUY
Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band HolsterElite Survival SystemsBUY
PS Products Concealed Carry Belly Band HolsterPS ProductsBUY
DeSantis Elastic Belly Band HolsterDeSantisBUY
ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed CarryComfortTacBUY
LIVIQILY Holster Black Thigh Holsters Woman Sexy Tactical Gun Garter HolsterLIVIQILYBUY
38/357 Caliber Brown Leather Left-Handed Gun HolsterBUY
Galco Underwraps Belly Band 2.0 IWB HolstersGalcoBUY
Alien Gear Holsters Sport Tuck Belly Band ExpansionAlien GearBUY
Personal Security Products Concealed Carry Belly Band HolsterPersonal Security ProductsBUY
DeSantis Option 4 Belly Band HolsterDeSantisBUY
DeSantis Elastic Belly Band HolsterDeSantisBUY

1# Galco Underwraps Belly Band Holster

Galco Underwraps Belly Band Holster

The Galco belly holster is used in various cases and has a side mount, but it is not strong enough. The package includes the leather holster, nylon, Velcro closure type, and two accessory points. The main part of the holster is made of nylon, which is well-protected in any condition. The kit can be used for hiking and camping or self-defense in an urban city. Try it today!

  • Khaki color
  • Universal
  • Can be measured
  • Can be used by any gender
  • Leather
  • Practical holster
  • Not enough large


2# Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band Holster

Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band Holster

A toughened holster with a pleasant inner coating will help in climbing conditions. Elite survival belly holster includes an ergonomic elastic latex, medium frame, revolver type, tan elements, cross-system, the main part of holster. The additional gear that is also included is a flashlight, compartments, and stitching. The kit can be resized from small to large size and is very portable – can be used on the road or on a trip.

  • Holster
  • Can be combined with other clothing
  • Extraordinary
  • Pleasant to touch
  • One long strap


3# PS Products Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

PS Products Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

The holster will be convenient for hunting in the field and in wild conditions. PS belly holster is made of elastic and Velcro materials. The kit includes a holster, mag pockets, fixations, and different gun types. The attachment type is a waist fixation. The kit can become ideal for camping, trips, survival, tactical, and outdoor activities. Don’t wait any longer – order it just now!

  • Elastic material
  • Mag pockets
  • Waist mount type
  • Velcro quality
  • Can be used also for knives
  • Not enough rated product


4# DeSantis Elastic Belly Band Holster

DeSantis Elastic Belly Band Holster

The holster is comfortable to wear under clothes exactly and has many straps and pockets. DeSantis belly holster includes the waist type, multiple holes, large size, and size chart. The main color is black. The holster is tight to the skin and very friendly in cover. The sized are divided by the waist type and are very calm. The kit can be perfectly used while hunting.

Video review

  • Multiple pockets
  • 3 sizes
  • Used under main wear
  • Attach to the waist
  • Suits most revolvers
  • Too thick to wear


5# ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster

ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry

The holster is well-stitched and won’t let you down at the right time. ComfortTac belly holster will be good for many gun types, has a mid-compact structure, and allows quick access. The kit is made in a unisex design and is very good for fixation in running. ComfortTac holster includes the left and right-hand options, no extra belt needed – built-in pocket, waistband. The holster can be used in escape conditions.

Video review

  • Straight
  • Light black
  • Easy for boys and girls
  • Measure sizes
  • Can be used in 8 conditions
  • Large sizes
  • Quick access
  • Small retention support


6# Liviqily Holster Black Thigh Holsters Woman Sexy Tactical Gun Garter Holster

LIVIQILY Holster Black Thigh Holsters Woman Sexy Tactical Gun Garter Holster

The holster is very light to carry and hand-friendly. The type of holster will be good for military women: it can be worn under a dress or shirt. The package includes a tight holster, 2 pockets, and main materials. The size can be from ⅘ to 6/5 inches. LIVIQILY holsters can be good for forest trips and driving. The girls will like such a tool for self-defense.

  • Nylon material
  • Girls type
  • Easy to hold a weapon
  • Own safety
  • Can be used with a metal hook
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Difficult to choose the size


7# 38/357 Caliber Brown Leather Left-Handed Gun Holster

38/357 Caliber Brown Leather Left-Handed Gun Holster

The holster is covered with paint that is very easy to apply and does not spoil clothes. Caliber Brown leather holster is made in an old stylish way, but the cleaning process can be more difficult than others. The kit includes the waist type, gun holder, fixation, and loop. This model will help to have a gun inappropriate moment even in emergency conditions. Order and try it just now!

  • Left-handed
  • Old fashioned
  • Portable
  • Fixed
  • Can be fixed on the waist
  • Not enough good for riding a horse


8# Galco Underwraps Belly Band 2.0 IWB Holsters

Galco Underwraps Belly Band 2.0 IWB Holsters

The kit is sold in two combinations khaki and natural ways. The holster can be used perfectly by right and left-handed. Galco under-wraps holster includes the band, outer protection, 2 pockets on the right and left parts, and holster inner part. The kit can be used for the military and police. The size is mostly used by thick men.

  • Khaki combination
  • Galco straps
  • Can be used under clothing
  • Motion system
  • Big place for storage
  • Typical holster
  • Structure too big for thin people


9# Alien Gear Holsters Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion

Alien Gear Holsters Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion

The Alien Gear holster is made in a brown combination of Velcro materials. There is also some nylon material. The loop helps to easily attach any knife or gun. The headband is attached to a large chain that fits snugly. The supplier can offer the 8 models with different sizing that improve the satisfaction even of fat customers. The kit is good for everyday to carry. The kit will be liked by young men or boys.

  • Used for left-handed
  • Multiple straps
  • Compatible with handguns
  • Holes
  • Places for guns
  • Too large for personal security


10# Personal Security Products Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

Personal Security Products Concealed Carry Belly Band Holster

The belt completely reminds medical. The main strap is made in a light color and can be easily washed. The belt has two inner pockets for best carrying. The whole kit includes the carry belt, two inner spaces for guns, pockets, fixation, and fabric material. The kit can be used by experts on long trips. The kit will be perfect for self-defense. The Velcro closure will help against an unpredictable opening.

  • Inner protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Self-protection
  • Large sizes
  • Multiple-use effect
  • Not well balanced


11# DeSantis Option 4 Belly Band Holster

DeSantis Option 4 Belly Band Holster

The belt is very flexible and portable to use. The kit includes numerous straps, holsters, a black cover, band holster. This revolver-type holster can be used on boating or in emergency conditions: the kit is sold in large, medium, and small sizes, that can be used for all people. Don’t waste your time – order it just now!

  • Numerous straps
  • Velcro and nylon materials
  • Can be used for revolvers
  • Can be simply worn
  • The design isn’t perfect


12# DeSantis Elastic Belly Band Holster

DeSantis Elastic Belly Band Holster

DeSantis belly band holster is made of soft polymer, elastic bands, caring, portable design, and pockets. The kit can be used by army soldiers and in the way to hide the weapon. The holster is made in a highly accurate way with a lot of small functions. The belt has an external fastening that will help to wear it under clothes and a hook for pants so that the structure fits securely. Like many others, it is made in a dark color, which allows it to be well hidden on a man’s body under warm clothes.

  • Polymer material
  • Can be sold in black and natural colors
  • Different sizes available
  • Shoulder strap
  • Not enough stylish


13# PSP Belly Band Concealed Carry Belly Band

PSP BELLYBANDNL Concealed Carry Belly Band

The kit is made in a way of universal nylon Tan form. The package includes the carry belly band, handgun type, nylon material, mag pockets, and extra features. Velcro helps to attach the belt to anything you want. The kit can be sold in different ways. The best size can be chosen by the size chart and easily returned if problems. 28% of the structure is durable nylon, which helps to protect the waist. The kit is so universal can be used anywhere in the street, forest, camping, or hiking.

  • Universal
  • Used by men
  • Non-standard
  • Easy to wear
  • Simple to carry
  • Not enough high-quality nylon


⚙️How to modify it for a laser or light?⚙️

When it comes to modifying your belly band holster for a laser or light, there are several considerations to take into account.

  • 🔍 First and foremost, the size of the laser or light in question should match the holster’s interior width.
  • 🔍Second, you’ll want to make sure that the holster is strong enough to hold up against any additional weight.
  • 🔍 Finally, be sure to consider whether or not you’ll require additional retention straps to ensure that your laser or light stays secure within its new home.

When making modifications to your holster, first determine if any stitching needs adjusting or reinforcing.

  • ✒️ Once you have done this, decide which side of the holster will be used for carrying your device; this is important because it will determine where any straps need to be placed to secure it indoors.
  • ✒️ Once this is established, simply sew on extra straps according to their required length and attach them securely onto your holster – make sure they are attached tightly and securely so that they can hold up against any added stress from carrying the device.
  • ✒️ Finally, after having made all necessary adjustments and modifications, test out how well it fits when operating with and without the device attached. This way, you can be certain that everything fits comfortably and won’t impede with regular usage of either item.

📺 More methods in the video:


Where do you wear a belly band holster?

🟣 A belly band holster is designed to be worn around the midsection of your body. It can be positioned in a few different ways, depending on your comfort and preference. Here are some standard options:

  • ☑️ Low on the waistline: You can wear it low on your waistline, similar to where you would wear a traditional belt. This allows for easy access and retrieval of your firearm.
  • ☑️ Partially under the beltline: Another option is to position the holster partially under the beltline. This can provide added stability and security, especially if you have a belt to secure it in place.
  • ☑️ Above the beltline: Some individuals prefer to wear this holster just above the beltline. This can be around the abdomen or even around the solar plexus area. It offers a higher carry position and can be more comfortable for certain body types.

😉 The specific placement will depend on your body shape, clothing, and personal preference. It’s important to find a position that allows for a secure and accessible draw while also considering comfort and concealability.

How do you secure a belly band?

📝 Securing a belly band holster typically involves a few simple steps. Here’s a general guide on how to tie it:

  • Position the belly band: Determine the desired location for your holster around your midsection. This can be low on the waistline, partially under the beltline, or above the beltline, depending on your preference.
  • Insert your firearm: If you plan to carry a firearm, carefully insert it into the designated holster pocket(s) on the belly band. Ensure that the firearm is securely seated and properly positioned for a safe draw.
  • Adjust the fit: Wrap the belly band around your midsection, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. The band should be tight enough to hold the holster and firearm securely in place but not so tight that it causes discomfort or restricts movement or breathing.
  • Fasten the closure: Most belly bands feature some form of closure mechanism, such as Velcro, hooks, loops, or a buckle. Fasten the closure securely, ensuring that it is tight enough to keep the belly band in place throughout the day but still allows for easy adjustments if needed.
  • Check for comfort and accessibility: Once it is secured, move around and perform some basic movements to ensure that the holster stays in place and remains comfortable. Verify that you can easily access and draw your firearm without any obstructions or difficulties.
How often can you wear it?

✍️ You can wear a belly band holster as often as you find it necessary or convenient for your specific needs. The frequency of use depends on factors such as your lifestyle, daily activities, and personal preferences. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • ❇️ Comfort: These holsters are designed to provide comfort and convenience for concealed carry. However, extended and continuous use may cause some discomfort or irritation, particularly if the band is worn tightly or for long durations. Listen to your body and take breaks when needed to ensure comfort and avoid any potential issues.
  • ❇️ Clothing choices: They are versatile and can be worn with various types of clothing, including shirts, dresses, or athletic wear. Consider your clothing choices and the suitability of the belly band for different outfits. Some people may choose to wear it daily, while others may only use it when specific situations or attire require concealed carry.
  • ❇️ Activity level: If you engage in physical activities or exercise regularly, it’s important to evaluate the suitability of a holster for those activities. Some belly bands are designed to provide stability during movement, while others may not be as secure. Assess the functionality and stability of the belly band holster for your specific activities to ensure a safe and comfortable carry.
  • ❇️ Personal preference: Ultimately, the frequency of wearing it depends on your personal preference and comfort level. Some individuals may prefer to wear it every day for continuous concealed carry, while others may opt to use it only during certain occasions or when they anticipate the need for concealed carry.
Can men wear belly bands holsters?

😉 Yes, men can wear belly band holsters. They are designed to be versatile and accommodate the needs of both men and women.

  • ✅ These holsters provide flexibility in terms of positioning and adjustability, allowing users to find a comfortable and secure fit around their midsection. They can be worn under various types of clothing, including shirts, t-shirts, or jackets, providing a concealed carry option that works well for both men and women.
  • ✅ Men who choose to wear a such holster often appreciate the versatility, easy access to their firearm, and the ability to carry additional accessories or spare magazines discreetly. As with any type of concealed carry, it is important to follow local laws and regulations and prioritize safety in handling firearms.
Do such holsters print?

🟪 Belly band holsters are designed to minimize printing, which refers to the visibility or outline of a concealed firearm through clothing.

  • ✔️ The goal of a such holster is to distribute the weight of the firearm and provide a secure and discreet method of carrying it. The band itself is typically made of elastic material, which helps to contour the body and reduce printing. Additionally, the positioning of the belly band around the midsection allows for strategic placement of the firearm to minimize visibility.
  • ✔️ To further reduce printing, it’s recommended to wear looser or slightly oversized clothing, as tighter clothing tends to conform more closely to the shape of the concealed firearm. Additionally, selecting clothing with patterns or textures can help to camouflage any potential printing.

📌 Ultimately, the effectiveness of it in reducing printing will depend on specific circumstances and individual factors. It’s advisable to test and evaluate different methods and setups to find the most suitable option for your personal needs.


Overall, a belly band holster is one of the most versatile and comfortable concealed carry options available. It’s easy to adjust for different body types and clothing styles, making it an ideal choice for both men and women alike. We hope that this buyer’s guide gave you a lot of useful information and now you have no problem finding the perfect option that meets your needs while providing maximum security and peace of mind when carrying a firearm!🥰❤️‍🔥


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9 months ago

When it comes to belly band holsters, I need some advice about choosing the quality one. It will be awesome if you share your personal experience. Thanks!

    Jace Perez
    Jace Perez
    9 months ago
    Reply to  Whitbunny

    I own the ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster and use it on occasion. It becomes my go-to choice when I’m wearing shorts that lack belt loops since it offers a convenient alternative. It’s often more comfortable than simply hanging a holster on the drawstring of my shorts.

      9 months ago
      Reply to  Whitbunny

      I find my DeSantis Elastic Belly Band Holster to be quite satisfactory. It is elastic, comfortable, and fits securely. I like it!

        9 months ago

        I need some assistance: I’ve been searching for a belly band holster for a long time now, and I’m looking for one that either allows me to clip my existing holster or comes with an attached holster. The purpose is to be able to carry while wearing leggings and similar attire. Do any of you have any recommendations that could help me out?

          Zayne Campbell
          Zayne Campbell
          9 months ago
          Reply to  Springfang

          I have a great recommendation for you: the DeSantis Option 4 Belly Band Holster. It’s my go-to choice because it offers some fantastic features. One of the things I appreciate about it is its narrower design, which allows me to wear it lower down without any rolling issues.

            9 months ago

            Hello! I’m currently carrying an MP Shield Plus and living in a warm climate. I’m curious if anyone has personal opinions or extensive experience with belly band holsters and can provide some valuable insights. I’m open to hearing different perspectives and gathering more information before making a decision.

              Jax Collins
              Jax Collins
              9 months ago
              Reply to  Badclaw

              I appreciate the Galco Underwraps Belly Band Holster. It offers a hard shell that protects the trigger guard and ensures a consistent draw, which is fantastic. I haven’t tried the Alien Gear Holsters Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion, but it looks appealing as well. Both options are a significant improvement over the old-style belly bands without any hard shell components.

                Harlan Hayes
                Harlan Hayes
                9 months ago

                I currently use a light tuck holster with a claw for my 43X, and I am very satisfied with it. However, I am in search of an alternative option that I can wear with sweatpants or gym shorts. After some research, I have narrowed down my choices to a belly band holster. I am curious to know what others use when wearing gym shorts, as I am not particularly interested in pocket carry.

                  9 months ago
                  Reply to  Harlan Hayes

                  In the past, I have personally used the Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band Holster, and I found it to be quite satisfactory. It provided a comfortable and secure fit for my setup. My positive experience with the Elite Survival Systems Core-Defender Belly Band Holster makes me inclined to lean toward it, but I remain open to exploring other options in the future.

                    Mateo Adams
                    Mateo Adams
                    9 months ago
                    Reply to  Harlan Hayes

                    I recommend a simple solution for wearing a concealed carry weapon during physical activities such as running. By attaching a Kydex holster to Alien Gear Holsters Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion, you can enjoy the benefits of both comfort and security. All you need to do is remove the belt clip from the Kydex holster and mount it through the belly band’s holster section, ensuring that the Kydex slide fits inside the pocket. Additionally, it’s advisable to remove the button strap for ease of use. This setup provides the comfort and support of a belly band, preventing your pants or shorts from sliding down, while also offering the secure hold of a Kydex holster.