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Best Tavor Trigger

What is Tavor’s trigger?🤔

It is an aftermarket trigger assembly designed to replace the factory trigger in IWI Tavor rifles. It features a single-stage design with a light, crisp pull that’s adjustable for the weight of pull and overtravel.

Tavor trigger


The Tavor trigger is a specialized trigger designed for IWI’s Tavor SAR and X95 weapons.

  • 🔷 It features a short, light pull weight with an average of 4.5lb-5.5lb, making it ideal for precision target shooting or competition use.
  • 🔷 The trigger has a unique reset feature that provides an audible click and tactile feedback when the trigger resets. It also has a flat face for better placement of the finger.
  • 🔷 It offers an adjustable travel stop screw to reduce over-travel, allowing you to get back on target quickly after each shot. The trigger blade is replaceable in case of wear or breakage.
  • 🔷 Additionally, the trigger has built-in safety to ensure accidental discharges are prevented.
Our Top Pick
Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger
This second-generation drop-in replacement offers enhanced functionality and durability, making it an ideal choice for both long-distance accuracy and close-quarter combat. The first stage is adjustable, enabling fine-tuning of the weight distribution between the first and second stages without compromising the overall pull weight. This level of customization ensures optimal control for every shooting scenario. Additionally, the trigger pack is forgiving enough for rapid-fire situations, ensuring you can quickly transition between targets without sacrificing accuracy.
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The Tavor trigger is one of the most reliable and durable triggers on the market. Its lightweight design and self-contained construction make it an ideal choice for any shooter searching for increased accuracy and performance from their weapon.

  • ✅ It has a smooth, crisp break with minimal take-up and overtravel, giving you a consistent trigger pull every time.
  • ✅ Additionally, its tight frame tolerances provide for a more accurate shot grouping with reduced felt recoil.
  • ✅ With its rugged aluminum housing and superior corrosion resistance, the trigger is built to last in all weather conditions.
  • ✅ The low-profile design fits comfortably in the user’s hand allowing for improved control during operation while reducing fatigue when engaging targets.

Benefit of Tavor trigger


Installing a Tavor trigger is a fairly straightforward process that does not require any special tools or knowledge. However, it is always best to read through the manufacturer’s instructions and be familiar with the parts involved before beginning.

  • ➡️ To begin, you will need to gather all of your materials and tools. This includes the replacement trigger, two pins for holding the trigger in place, a socket set or screwdriver (depending on the model), and some oil or lubricant for lubricating any moving parts.
  • ➡️ Once you have everything ready, it’s time to start installing your new trigger. Start by taking apart your firearm and locating the rear takedown pin. Use your socket set or screwdriver to remove this pin from its retention hole on either side of the lower receiver. Once removed, you will be able to access the trigger assembly at the bottom of the lower receiver.
  • ➡️ Next, use your pins to remove the old trigger assembly from its housing in the lower receiver. Once done, insert your new trigger into its housing until it clicks into place. Then slide both of your pins back into their respective slots on either side of the lower receiver until they are flush with its surface.
  • ➡️ Finally, apply a light coat of oil or lubricant to any exposed metal on your trigger before reassembling your firearm according to instructions provided by its manufacturer. Doing so will help ensure that all components are properly lubricated for optimal performance when in use.

Best Tavor Trigger Reviews

1# Timney Triggers IWI Tavor

Timney Triggers IWI Tavor

If you’re searching for a trigger upgrade that will elevate your Tavor to the level of AR-15 match triggers, look no further than the Timney IWI Tavor 4lb two-stage trigger. The fit and finish of this trigger unit are impeccable, with a billet aluminum frame that is anodized in striking gold. The extended bullpup trigger linkage gives the trigger a two-stage feel, and the whole unit is backed by the legendary Timney lifetime no-hassle warranty. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or just looking for a top-quality upgrade, the Timney IWI Tavor 4lb two-stage trigger is a perfect choice.

  • Proven quality and craftsmanship
  • Anodized in striking gold
  • Lifetime no-hassle warranty
  • Individual testing and calibration
  • The trigger is not adjustable


2# Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger

Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger

If you need a top-of-the-line trigger pack that will improve your shooting performance, the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger is an excellent choice. This drop-in replacement for the OEM trigger pack is made from CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum and features internal components that are shock and wear-resistant. The nitride finish on the trigger pack gives it an extra level of durability, making it ideal for use in both combat and competition situations. With its lightweight and precision construction, the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger is an outstanding option for anyone who wants to take their shooting to the next level.

Video review

  • Precise and accurate trigger control
  • The 2-stage design allows for a light enough trigger for accurate shots, but forgiving enough for close-quarter combat
  • The adjustable first stage allows fine-tuning of first and second-stage weight distribution without compromising total pull weight
  • Constructed from S7 tool steel with a nitride process finish for further durability
  • Trigger pull weight may need adjusting


3# Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger

Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

Do you want to get a trigger upgrade for your IWI Tavor rifle? Consider the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger. Geissele precision-machined this trigger from precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless steel for optimal reliability and durability. The best feature of the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger Upgrade is that it is adjustable via a set screw that can remove the leeway that is naturally found in the trigger mechanism of the IWI Tavor platform. When adjusted properly, your new trigger will give you a clean, crisp break with every shot.

  • Precision machined from precipitation hardened 17-4 stainless steel for optimal reliability and durability
  • Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger is adjustable via a set screw
  • Machined from hardened 17-4 stainless steel
  • Does not provide enough leeway to allow for adjustment


4# Geissele Automatics Tavor Super Sabra Trigger

Geissele Automatics Llc Tavor Super Sabra Trigger

Searching for an upgraded trigger for your Tavor rifle? Check out the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger. This drop-in replacement trigger gives you a smoother, more precise two-stage trigger pull that’s perfect for both distance shooting and close-quarters combat. The first stage of the trigger is user-adjustable, so you can tune the weight distribution to your preferences without compromising the total pull weight. The second stage is fixed at 2 lbs., and the total pull weight can be adjusted from 5.5 to 7.5 lbs. The Super Sabra trigger pack is contained in an aluminum housing for durability, and it’s backed by Geissele’s reputation for quality and performance.

  • It’s useful and easy to install on your Tavor Rifle
  • The trigger has an adjustable first stage, allowing for a customizable pull weight between 3.5-5.5 lbs with no compromise in total pull weight (+/- 7.5lbs)
  • Smooth, more precise 2-stage trigger made to be light and controllable for long-range shooting as well as forgiving enough for close-quarters combat
  • Products may be difficult to find depending on the location


How to lighten the trigger?🛠️

If you’re looking to customize your Tavor and lighten the trigger pull, there are several options available.

  • 🔰 One of the most popular and effective methods is installing a reduced power spring kit. This kit replaces the stock springs with lighter ones that reduce the amount of force required for each shot. It’s an easy process that can be done at home or by a competent gunsmith.
  • 🔰 Another option is upgrading the trigger components themselves. There are aftermarket drop-in kits available from several manufacturers that will replace the existing parts with lighter-weight versions, allowing you to dial back on hammer spring tension and improve reset speed. While these parts may cost more than just buying a new spring kit, they often provide a higher level of performance.
  • 🔰 Finally, if you’re searching for ultimate trigger control and accuracy, consider installing an aftermarket trigger system. These kits feature high-quality components that are designed to reduce pre-travel, over-travel, and reset length while delivering an improved overall break.

😉 No matter which routes you take, ensuring proper installation as well as testing all safety mechanisms before heading out to the range is essential for a safe shooting experience with your Tavor rifle.


What is the trigger pull weight of a Tavor?

🔥 The trigger pulls the weight of a Tavor rifle can vary depending on the specific model and variant. The Tavor is a series of bullpup-style rifles manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), and different models within the Tavor lineup may have different trigger pull weights.

  • ✳️ The standard trigger pulls the weight was typically reported to be around 7 to 9 pounds.

📌 Additionally, aftermarket trigger upgrades or modifications may be available to further customize the trigger pull weight of a Tavor rifle. These upgrades can potentially reduce the trigger pull weight and enhance the shooting experience.

How accurate is the Tavor rifle?

☑️ The accuracy of a Tavor rifle can vary depending on several factors, including the specific model, ammunition used, shooter skill, and shooting conditions. Generally speaking, these rifles are known to be capable of delivering good accuracy within their intended range.

  • 🎯 The Tavor’s compact bullpup design, which places the action and barrel towards the rear of the rifle, can offer certain advantages such as improved maneuverability in close quarters. However, this design may also present some challenges in terms of barrel length and harmonics, which can impact accuracy to some degree.
  • 🎯 Most rifles are chambered in common rifle calibers like 5.56x45mm NATO or 7.62x39mm, which are known for their adequate accuracy potential. The accuracy of these rifles can often meet or exceed the needs of the typical engagement distances encountered in military, law enforcement, and civilian applications.

🚨 It’s important to note that individual shooter proficiency, proper sighting and zeroing, and consistent ammunition selection can significantly impact the overall accuracy of any rifle, including the Tavor.

Is Tavor good for home defense?

🟦 The Tavor rifle can be suitable for home defense in certain situations, but several factors should be considered when choosing a firearm for home defense:

  • ✔️ Size and Maneuverability: The compact bullpup design of the Tavor can be advantageous in close-quarters situations. Its shorter overall length makes it more maneuverable in tight spaces, such as hallways or rooms.
  • ✔️ Caliber Selection: The Tavor is available in various calibers, including 5.56x45mm NATO and 9mm. These calibers are commonly used for self-defense purposes and offer sufficient stopping power within typical engagement distances encountered in home defense scenarios.
  • ✔️ Capacity and Reload Speed: The Tavor typically has a larger magazine capacity compared to handguns, providing more rounds before needing to reload. Additionally, with proper training and practice, reloading a rifle can be faster and more efficient than reloading a handgun.
  • ✔️ Personal Proficiency: Using any firearm for home defense requires proficiency in handling and operating the weapon. It is crucial to receive appropriate training, practice regularly, and be familiar with Tavor’s operation and safety features.
  • ✔️ Consideration of Over-Penetration: When selecting a firearm for home defense, it’s important to consider the potential for over-penetration of projectiles through walls and other barriers. Choosing appropriate ammunition, such as hollow points or frangible rounds, can help mitigate this risk.
Are all Tavor triggers the same?

🤨 No, not all Tavor triggers are the same. While the overall function and operation of the trigger system may be similar across different models of Tavor rifles, there can be variations in trigger design, pull weight, and other characteristics.

  • 🧩 IWI offers various Tavor models, including the Tavor SAR, X95, and Tavor 7, each with its trigger system. These models may have differences in trigger pull weight, trigger reset, trigger shape, or trigger customization options.
  • 🧩 Additionally, aftermarket trigger upgrades or modifications may be available for certain Tavor models, allowing shooters to further customize their trigger feel and performance.

📝 If you are considering a specific Tavor model or looking for information about a particular trigger system, it is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s specifications, and user manuals, or reach out to IWI directly for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the specific trigger characteristics of that particular Tavor model.

How to choose a such trigger?

📢 When choosing a trigger for your Tavor rifle, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select a trigger that suits your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key considerations:

  • 🟣 Purpose: Determine the primary purpose of your Tavor rifle. Are you using it for self-defense, competition shooting, or general recreational use? Different triggers may be better suited for specific purposes. For example, a lighter, crisper trigger pull might be preferable for precision shooting, while a more robust trigger may be suitable for tactical applications.
  • 🟣 Trigger Type: Consider the type of trigger you prefer. Tavor triggers are typically available in single-stage or two-stage configurations. Single-stage triggers have a consistent pull weight throughout, while two-stage triggers have a “take-up” stage followed by a break. Decide which trigger type aligns better with your shooting style and preferences.
  • 🟣 Trigger Pull Weight: Determine the desired trigger pull weight for your Tavor. This refers to the force required to pull the trigger and discharge the rifle. Some shooters prefer a lighter trigger pull, while others prefer a slightly heavier pull for safety reasons. Consider your comfort level and shooting requirements when choosing the trigger pull weight.
  • 🟣 Customization Options: Explore if the trigger offers any customization options. Some triggers may allow you to adjust the pull weight, overtravel, or reset. These features can help tailor the trigger to your preferences and optimize your shooting experience.
  • 🟣 Budget: Consider your budget for the trigger upgrade. Different triggers come at various price points, and higher-end triggers may offer more advanced features or enhanced performance. Determine your budget range and research options that align with it.
  • 🟣 Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow Tavor owners, shooting enthusiasts, or firearm experts. Their experiences and insights can provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision.


The best Tavor trigger is an important part of the rifle and can greatly affect your shooting accuracy. We hope this buyer’s guide has provided you with useful information on what to look for when selecting a trigger, as well as our product reviews and tips about how to get the most out of it. Whether you are searching for competition or recreational use, we believe that one of these triggers should provide you with many years of reliable service!🥰❤️‍🔥

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9 months ago

What is the best trigger upgrade for the Tavor?

    Kevin Rivera
    Kevin Rivera
    9 months ago
    Reply to  Custodian

    From my research and the feedback I’ve come across, the Geissele Automatics Super Sabra Trigger seems to be the preferred choice among those who have purchased both units. It is known for producing great triggers.

      9 months ago
      Reply to  Custodian

      I can speak highly of the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger that I purchased early on. I have been extremely satisfied with its performance, as I have not encountered any issues. The reset on the Geissele trigger is exceptionally smooth and the overall operation of the trigger is flawless. Recently, I had the chance to participate in a carbine course with my Tavor equipped with the Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger, a red dot sight, and a Savvy Sniper sling. Throughout the course, I noticed that I was able to perform faster reloads and achieve comparable accuracy and speed to the next-best shooter in the class. I have already fired around 800 rounds with my Tavor, and it has proven to be a reliable and exceptional rifle.

        Troy Nelson
        Troy Nelson
        9 months ago
        Reply to  Custodian

        I chose the Timney Triggers IWI Tavor because I already own several of their triggers and they have always exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and quality. Once you make your choice, you’re unlikely to try out the other option, so it’s safe to assume that the one you select will be the better fit for your needs and preferences.

          9 months ago

          I would greatly appreciate any insights or feedback regarding the high-quality Tavor trigger. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

            Griffin Jones
            Griffin Jones
            9 months ago
            Reply to  TimeDefender

            I recommend going for the Geissele Trigger. In my personal experience, it is durable, reliable, and adjustable. I like it – try Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger!

              Maverick White
              Maverick White
              9 months ago

              I want to upgrade my Tavor rifle. It would be helpful to hear about others’ experiences and impressions of different triggers. If anyone has firsthand knowledge or insights to share, I would greatly appreciate it.

                9 months ago
                Reply to  Maverick White

                Yes, I have personally tried the Timney Triggers IWI Tavor. In my experience, the Timney trigger performed well. I have not experienced any problems with my triggers so far.

                  Lucas Howard
                  Lucas Howard
                  9 months ago
                  Reply to  Maverick White

                  I have been a fan of Geissele Automatics Tavor Super Sabra Trigger and have installed them on several of my bolt guns, and they have always impressed me. I can adjustable it and it gives me a smoother trigger pull.