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What is hand sanitizer? 🧐

It is a product that helps to kill germs and bacteria on contact. It’s typically an alcohol-based solution, either ethyl alcohol or isopropanol.

Hand sanitizers

Features ✍️

Hand sanitizers are essential products for killing germs and preventing the spread of contagious illnesses like the flu, common cold, or more severe infections.

  • 📝 The first point is its ability to kill germs and bacteria. Look for products that are labeled with an EPA registration number, signifying they have been tested to meet public health standards and protect against a wide range of microbial threats.
  • 📝 Additionally, the product should is labeled “alcohol-free” or “non-alcohol based”, as some alcohol-based sanitizers can be irritating to the skin.
  • 📝 Another important feature is its scent. Some brands offer unscented options while others have fragrances like lavender, citrus, and mint. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it is best to opt for an unscented product to avoid irritation or reactions.
  • 📝 Finally, look at the ingredients list on the back of the bottle. Avoid products with added dyes or artificial fragrances that can be damaging to your skin.
Our Top Pick
Suave Hand Sanitizer
This alcohol-based sanitizer is designed to eliminate common harmful germs and bacteria when soap and water are not readily available. It has a fragrance-free formula and comes in a convenient 10 oz bottle with an easy-to-use spray top, making it suitable for use at home, in the office, or on the go. Using it is simple and can be done in three easy steps. First, thoroughly wet your hands with liquid sanitizer and allow them to dry naturally without wiping. Second, gently rub the sanitizer onto your hands until it is completely dry. Finally, there's no need to rinse your hands afterward.
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Benefits 🤩

Hand sanitizer is an essential part of any personal hygiene routine and offers numerous benefits. When used correctly, it can reduce the spread of germs and bacteria that cause illnesses.

  • ✳️ It provides a convenient way to clean your hands without the need for soap and water, which can be difficult to access in some settings. It also eliminates the need for paper towels, further reducing waste.
  • ✳️ Many sanitizers are enriched with moisturizers that leave your hands feeling soft and smooth after use. This helps to prevent dryness or irritation caused by frequent washing or the use of other chemicals.
  • ✳️ Additionally, the active ingredients in sanitizer help to kill bacteria and viruses on contact, providing fast-acting protection against germs like E. coli and salmonella. Not only does this reduce the risk of catching a contagious illness, but it also helps prevent cross-contamination between objects, people, and surfaces.

Benefits of hand sanitizer

Types 📢

Hand sanitizer comes in many different forms, from gels to sprays and wipes.

  • 🔰 The most common type is a gel that is usually dispensed from a pump-action bottle, although some versions come in aerosol cans.
  • 🔰 Hand wipes typically consist of a moist towelette that contains an antiseptic formula. They can be used as an alternative to regular hand washing, or simply as a means of quick clean-up when water is not available.
  • 🔰 Some foam versions are also available, which have a similar consistency as a soap but require less water for activation and rinse off quickly. These types of sanitizers often come in large packages to refill wall-mounted dispensers found in public restrooms and other high-traffic areas.
  • 🔰 Many brands will add additional ingredients, such as moisturizers or fragrances, to make their products more appealing to users and provide additional benefits like skin conditioning and pleasant scents. Specialty formulas may also contain antibiotics like triclosan or benzalkonium chloride for added germ protection.

TOP 11 Hand Sanitizer ⚡️

Hand Sanitizer with Pure Aloe Vera Gel - Cleansing and Purifying Organic Aloe Vera Gel with Manuka Honey - Gentle and Hydrating Travel Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizer for Dry Skin - No Alcohol (8oz)HoneyskinBuy on Amazon
PURA D'OR Hand Sanitizer Gel LEMONGRASS Scent 2 PACK-16oz each = 32oz Total. 70% Alcohol Kills 99% Germs w/Aloe Vera, Tea Tree: Waterless Deep Cleansing Moisturizing SoothingPURA D'ORBuy on Amazon
Natural Concepts | 70% Ethyl Alcohol with Aloe and Vitamin E, Hand Sanitizer Gel | Made in Canada | 8-oz Bottle, 6-Pack | with PumpNATURAL CONCEPTSBuy on Amazon
Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer Refill, Alcohol Free, Fragrance Free, Kills 99.9% of Common Bacteria, Moisturizing, 16 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)BabyganicsBuy on Amazon
Suave Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.9% of Germs Alcohol Based Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer 10 oz, Pack of 6SuaveBuy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon
Kundal Hand Sanitizer Gel | FDA # 73823-100-01 | 16.9 fl oz x 2 Bottles(1,000ml) | 62% Ethyl Alcohol with Green Tea ExtractsKundalBuy on Amazon
KINIA 8 Pack Empty Mixed Kids Hand Sanitizer Travel Size Holder Keychain Carrier, 8-1 fl Oz. Flip Cap Reusable Empty Portable Bottles (8-Variety Pack MIXED)KINIABuy on Amazon
Healthy Spirit Spray Hand Sanitizer | 80% Alcohol| Liquid Spray for Deep Penetration, 8 Fl OzHealthy SpiritBuy on Amazon

1# Aloe Vera Hand Purifying Gel

Aloe Vera Hand Purifying Gel - Cleansing and Waterless Wash

The sanitizer is good for airports, stations, shops, malls, and open spaces. The sanitizer includes water, hazel oil, Irish extract, oregano, neroli oil, and rosemary oil. The gel has a natural smell and doesn’t include any smell. The sanitizer is too safe even for children and babies. Tea tree oil protects from bacteria, that can influence badly. The purifying gel has an easy absorption effect and doesn’t give the oil effect. Aloe vera gives anti-oxidant effects. The kit can be used for walks and in a simple carry bag to protect from viruses.

  • a mix of oils
  • medic effect
  • alcohol-free
  • make skin naturally
  • aloe vera used
  • hypoallergenic
  • low effective


2# Pura D’or Hand Sanitizer Gel Lemongrass


The value of sanitizer can be checked in malls, shops, and public places for the protection of a thousand people. The gel contains the lemongrass smell and gel, 70 percent of alcohol, water, and an outer bottle. Using the hands has a pure effect that is very pleasant for the hands. Tree oil gives deep cleaning and protection. Peppermint oil gives bacteria protection. The organic lavender gives a calm effect, which is good to feel comfortable. The sanitizer can be used by any gender and age. The product will be good for trips and backpacking.

  • tea tree oil
  • 70 percent of alcohol
  • easy to use
  • protects from germs
  • used when the water is not available
  • top fixator
  • can be carried by the pocket
  • not good if you don’t like lemongrass


3# Natural Concepts Hand Sanitizer Gel

Natural Concepts Hand Sanitizer Gel

The 6 bottles are enough to protect a family or friends together. The kit includes 6 bottles, oils, water, and an outer box for carrying. The bottle is good to use for work, school, and kindergartens. The kit contains 65 percent of alcohol and ethyl which provides deep cleaning. The high quality is approved by less use of parabens and animal-origin oils. Your vegan friends won’t complain about this thing. The sanitizer is very popular among young people. The sanitizer can be placed in a simple store or cafe, restaurant, a small shop. The sanitizer can become a needed thing on trips, travel, or emergency cases.

Video review

  • protects from bacteria
  • 8 bottles
  • individual pack
  • protect skin
  • vitamin e included
  • simple structure
  • long delivery process


4# Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

The sanitizer resembles a baby shampoo that works without tears. For children and small family members, this is the ideal sanitizer. The sanitizer is used for cafes, malls, stores, shops, and logistic centers. The kit includes a whole series of sanitizers, soap, shampoo, and sun protection. The kit sanitizer has 2 bottles, branded logo, instructions, and an offer for young parents. That’s durable protection for your children in the park, yards, open spaces, and in contact with other people. The supplier gives comfortable offers to new customers. The sanitizer can become a part of your travel bag or luggage.

  • alcohol-free
  • ideal for children
  • has a bright print
  • durable bottle
  • no allergy effects
  • not a bright fragrance


5# Suave Hand Sanitizer

Suave Hand Sanitizer

The package includes 6 bottles with water and spray effects. The spray completely reflects germs and micro values. The durable pack will be enough for a family of four or individual needs. The supplier guarantees 99 percent of germs and has good stability protection. The spray mostly protects hands but can be used also for other parts of the body. The spay is perfect for women and men, children.

  • kills 99 percent of germs
  • used when soap is not available
  • to protect from viruses
  • quickly get dry
  • 3 steps of cleaning
  • 6 bottles in one pack
  • too much water inside


6# Artnaturals Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

Artnaturals Alcohol - Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

The two bottles, ethyl, and alcohol are included. The 62 percent of ethyl gives full protection against germs and viruses. Two bottles have huge and are put in a visible place in the center of the mall or store. The main idea is to attract people to use it every time, which will help to reduce diseases and germs’ popularity. The bottle is even so strong for cold weather, with no getting cold effect. The bottles are professional and super for camping, hiking, and other travel.

  • 3 bottles in 1 package
  • good for sensitive skin
  • cleaning test
  • used in cold seasons
  • natural ingredients
  • not a comfortable price


7# Sapphire Hand Sanitizer Gel

Sapphire Hand Sánitizer Gel

The package includes 1 sanitizer gallon, clear gel, and fresh water. The 1 gallon is enough to cover the needs of a store or mall. The product has a US origin and is very popular among traders. The gel is very sensitive which is why it can be used for children, adults, and your grandparents. The temperature changes don’t influence the sanitizer. To prevent germs take more gel on your hands and wait for 1 minute.

  • big pack
  • bottle for mall needs
  • can be used by many people
  • fixed top part
  • can be placed near the entrance of stores
  • difficult to put in the bag


8# Kundal Hand Sanitizer Gel

KUNDAL Hand Sanitizer Gel

Alcohol-based (62% of Ethanol) hand sanitizer (hand purifying gel) with moisturizing effect – safe & effective. High-quality antiseptic made in Korea. Easy one pump! Refreshing gel type. No need for soap & water.

  • ethyl used
  • ideal for hands
  • gel structure
  • antiseptic effect
  • made from herbal
  • a menthol not good for everyone, too bright smell


9# Kinia 8 Pack Empty Mixed Kids Hand Sanitizer

KINIA 8 Pack Empty Mixed Kids Hand Sanitizer (travel size)

The sanitizer is designed in the form of animals to give happiness and joy to children. The 6 six kinds of animals are offered for small children, every sanitizer includes the inner part, outer decorated pack, and handle to carry. The sanitizer can be filled with a gel from a big sanitizer and used many times. The kit is used by children from 4 up to 7 years. The sanitizer is used as an accessory for a backpack or school bag. The kind of sanitizer is hand-aim sanitizer, which is very easy to carry.

  • dream for the children
  • colorful
  • easy to fill
  • can be worn by everybody
  • gives a smile effect
  • ideal as a gift
  • can be easily broken


10# Healthy Spirit Spray Hand Sanitizer

Healthy Spirit Spray Hand Sanitizer (80% Alcohol)

The product includes an outer bottle, a form of a spray, and 80 percent of alcohol. The spray can replace water or soap in emergencies. The spray is used for men, women, adults, public places, malls, and everyday life. The spray is also used for medical aims and in a way to protect hands. The bottle can be used many times after the spray is over. The bottle can be a part of cosmetics or girls’ bags and protected everywhere.

  • spray
  • high bottle
  • 80% of alcohol
  • used for medical purposes
  • ideal for women
  • has a durable plastic inner part
  • pleasant smell
  • low distillation level


11# OpticsPlanet PPE Kit

OpticsPlanet PPE Kit

The kit includes 40 masks (different kinds), a thermometer, sanitizer, IDC Goggles, elastic bands, earloop, filters, outer box with compartments. The sanitizer includes gel with 72 percent of alcohol that gives a better level of filtration of germs. It helps to protect from bacteria and COVID-19. The bin’s inner compartment helps to store all the things and give first aid help when needed. The box opens in one click and has a safety placement. The kit can be used by families, couples, friends, companies, or work emergencies. The thermometer will help to measure the temperature on a trip or forest.

  • 40 masks
  • body thermometer
  • safety glasses
  • doesn’t influence the skin
  • safety sanitizer
  • can be used on the distance
  • enough for 2 people
  • protected bottle
  • doesn’t dry quickly


Wet wipes vs hand sanitizer 😷

When it comes to keeping your hands clean and free from germs, both wet wipes and sanitizer have their advantages.

  • 🔶 Wet wipes are great for cleaning up messes on surfaces or wiping down doorknobs, light switches, and other frequently touched areas. Plus, they’re easy to carry around in your pocket or purse.
  • 🔶 On the other hand, sanitizer is a much more convenient solution for killing harmful bacteria on the go. You can easily apply it without having to use water or paper towels.

💡 In terms of effectiveness, both solutions help reduce the spread of germs when used correctly. However, studies have found that when it comes to killing more types of germs, including cold and flu-causing viruses, wet wipes are superior to hand sanitizer.

  • 🔷 Overall, while both solutions have their own set of benefits, wet wipes are likely the better choice if you’re looking for a more effective way to combat colds and flu viruses.
  • 🔷 Nevertheless, if you need a fast and convenient way to keep your hands clean throughout the day then using an approved sanitizer should be enough to get the job done!


Is hand sanitizer enough to clean hands?

✍️ Hand sanitizer is an effective method for cleaning hands when soap and water are not readily available. It is designed to kill or reduce the number of germs on the skin’s surface.

📌 However, it is important to note that hand sanitizer is not a replacement for proper handwashing with soap and water.

  • ⚡️ Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is still considered the most effective way to remove dirt, debris, and germs from your hands.
  • ⚡️ Hand sanitizer should be used as a convenient alternative in situations where handwashing is not possible.
How do you store it safely?

📝 To store hand sanitizer safely, you should follow a few guidelines:

  • 🟣 Keep it in a cool and dry place: Store it at room temperature away from direct sunlight or sources of heat. High temperatures can cause the alcohol content to evaporate and reduce its effectiveness.
  • 🟣 Avoid storing in extreme cold: Extremely low temperatures can cause sanitizer to freeze or become less effective. If you live in a cold climate, make sure to protect it from freezing temperatures.
  • 🟣 Secure the container tightly: Ensure that the lid or cap of the sanitizer container is tightly sealed to prevent any leakage.
  • 🟣 Keep out of reach of children: It contains high concentrations of alcohol, which can be harmful if ingested by children. Store it in a location that is inaccessible to young children.
What is the best way to know a recommended concentration?

💥 To know a hand sanitizer’s recommended concentration, you can check the product label or packaging. The label typically provides information on the active ingredients and their concentrations.

📝 The recommended concentration of alcohol in sanitizers is usually stated as a percentage. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content for effective disinfection. This concentration is known to be effective against a wide range of germs and viruses.

🔍 When selecting it, look for one that clearly states the alcohol concentration on the label and confirms that it meets the recommended guidelines.

What factors affect the effectiveness of sanitizers?

🟪 Several factors can affect the effectiveness of sanitizers. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • ✔️ Alcohol concentration: The concentration of alcohol in the sanitizer is crucial. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content for effective disinfection. Higher alcohol concentrations are generally more effective at killing germs.
  • ✔️ Contact time: They require sufficient contact time with the hands to effectively kill germs. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the recommended contact time, which is typically around 20 seconds. Rubbing the sanitizer thoroughly on all surfaces of the hands during this time helps ensure effectiveness.
  • ✔️ Proper application: Proper application is important for its effectiveness. Apply enough sanitizer to cover all surfaces of the hands, including the fingertips, between the fingers, and around the nails. Rub the sanitizer in until it dries completely.
  • ✔️ Presence of visible dirt or organic matter: They work best on clean hands. If your hands are visibly dirty or greasy, it’s important to wash them with soap and water first. Hand sanitizers may be less effective when applied over dirt, oil, or other organic matter.
  • ✔️ Type of germs: They are generally effective against a wide range of germs, including bacteria and most viruses. However, they may not be as effective against certain types of germs, such as norovirus or some others. In such cases, washing hands with soap and water is recommended.
How long should you sanitize your hands?

☑️ To effectively sanitize your hands, it’s generally recommended to follow these steps:

  • ➡️ Apply a palmful of hand sanitizer to cover all surfaces of your hands. The exact amount may vary depending on the product, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • ➡️ Rub your hands together, ensuring that the sanitizer covers all areas, including the palms, backs of the hands, between the fingers, and around the nails. Continue rubbing for about 20 seconds or until the sanitizer has dried completely.

🚨 It’s important to note that contact time plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of hand sanitizers. Rubbing the sanitizer thoroughly on your hands for the recommended duration allows the alcohol or active ingredient to work against the germs and pathogens present on your skin.

How often should your sanitize your hands?

🟧 The frequency of hand sanitization depends on various factors, including your activities, the environment you’re in, and the potential for exposure to germs. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • ✒️ Before and after meals: It’s a good practice to sanitize your hands before eating to minimize the transfer of germs from your hands to your food. After finishing your meal, sanitize your hands again.
  • ✒️ After using the restroom: Sanitizing your hands after using the restroom helps eliminate any potential fecal-oral transmission of bacteria or viruses.
  • ✒️ After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose: These actions can spread respiratory droplets, so sanitizing your hands afterward helps prevent the transmission of germs.
  • ✒️ After touching surfaces in public places: Surfaces like doorknobs, elevator buttons, and handrails can harbor germs. Sanitizing your hands after coming into contact with these surfaces reduces the risk of transferring germs to your face or other surfaces.
  • ✒️ When interacting with sick individuals: If you’ve been around someone who is sick or displaying symptoms of an illness, sanitizing your hands afterward can help reduce the risk of infection.
  • ✒️ Throughout the day: Depending on your daily activities and the cleanliness of your environment, it can be beneficial to sanitize your hands periodically to maintain good hand hygiene.

Conclusion 😊

In conclusion, finding the best hand sanitizer for your needs doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you are looking for something natural or stronger, we have provided some of the most popular options on the market today. Be sure to choose one that is effective against germs but also gentle on the skin as well as being affordable and easy to use. With all these factors taken into account, we wish you luck in finding your perfect sanitizer! 😉👍

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10 months ago

Do sanitizers actually work?

    Nathaniel Thomas
    Nathaniel Thomas
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Bylboz

    In my opinion, when faced with the choice between doing nothing or using hand sanitizer with alcohol in situations where water and soap are not easily accessible, it is better to opt for hand sanitizer. While it may not eliminate all the “germs” you encounter, it can help reduce their presence and protect yourself and others to some extent. However, whenever possible, it is always advisable to prioritize washing your hands with soap and water. Soap and water provide a more thorough cleaning by effectively removing dirt, grime, and a wider range of microorganisms. Hand sanitizer should be considered a temporary solution when handwashing facilities are not available.

      10 months ago

      I’m specifically looking for a liquid-based hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol to use with my dispenser. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you in advance, and let’s all stay safe.

        Ismael Harris
        Ismael Harris
        10 months ago
        Reply to  Prirgong

        I recommended Natural Concepts Hand Sanitizer Gel. It is highly efficient and non-sticky. With a pleasant aroma, it is a great choice for maintaining cleanliness. This gel is particularly useful for travel purposes, ensuring cleanliness wherever you go.

          10 months ago

          Give me some recommendations about different kinds of hand sanitizer that you prefer.

            Boone Wright
            Boone Wright
            10 months ago
            Reply to  Poirbalk

            I’m a fan of Artnaturals Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel. However, I’m not particularly fond of gel sanitizers. I prefer the alcohol-based sprays as they provide a cleaner feeling, even though they can be drying, for example, Suave Hand Sanitizer. The convenience and the refreshing sensation make the alcohol-based sprays my preferred choice.

              10 months ago
              Reply to  Poirbalk

              I find Kinia 8-Pack Empty Mixed Kids Hand Sanitizer to be incredibly convenient. They are compact and easily fit into my bag whenever I go out. The overall convenience and ease of use make this hand sanitizer a go-to option for me.

                Gage Baker
                Gage Baker
                10 months ago
                Reply to  Poirbalk

                I prefer the convenience of a Suave Hand Sanitizer. Whenever I’m out and about, I like to have the sprays with me, especially when using public restrooms. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can easily clean surfaces with the spray and maintain proper hygiene. The compact size of this spray makes them ideal for carrying in my bag wherever I go.

                  Quinntin Parker
                  Quinntin Parker
                  10 months ago

                  During the past year, I’ve become quite familiar with hand sanitizer. It’s often the strong, alcohol scent that reminds me of my college days of drinking grain alcohol. I’m curious to hear if anyone else has recommendations or personal experiences with nicely scented sanitizers!

                    10 months ago

                    Over the past year, I’ve had to rely on hand sanitizer quite a bit. However, I recently came across some options that offer a more enjoyable experience. Pura D’or Hand Sanitizer Gel Lemongrass has become a favorite of mine. It’s a fragrance that adds a touch of sophistication to the sanitizing routine.

                      Yeshua Ramirez
                      Yeshua Ramirez
                      10 months ago

                      I recently discovered Aloe Vera Hand Purifying Gel and it has quickly become a favorite of mine. What I love about it is that it doesn’t have a strong alcohol scent and it’s easy to apply and rub on your hands. If you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that offers a pleasant fragrance and a smooth application, I highly recommend giving it a try!