Best Flipper Knife Under 50$ - Editor's Choice

What is Flipper Knife? 🔪

⚫️ A flipper knife is a type of folding knife that features a flipper tab, a small protrusion on the blade or handle that can be used to quickly and easily deploy the blade with one hand. It is called a “flipper” because the user can flip the tab using their index finger, which in turn flips the blade open.

Best Flipper Knife Under 50$

Features 💣

➡️ Blade Material: The flipper knife features a high-quality stainless steel blade. Stainless steel offers excellent durability, corrosion resistance, and edge retention.
➡️ Flipper Mechanism: It is equipped with a flipper mechanism, allowing for a quick and easy one-handed opening. This feature ensures swift deployment of the blade when needed.
➡️ Liner Lock: The knife includes a reliable liner lock mechanism. This feature provides secure blade locking during use, preventing accidental closure and ensuring safety.
➡️ Ergonomic Handle: It boasts an ergonomic handle design, crafted for a comfortable and secure grip. This feature enhances precision and control while handling the knife, reducing the risk of slippage.
➡️ Pocket Clip: It comes with a pocket clip that enables convenient and secure storage. The clip allows for easy attachment to pockets, belts, or gear, ensuring quick access to the knife whenever required.
Our Top Pick
CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife
The knife is small and portable, making it easy to store in a bag. The kit includes an IKBS ball, grass nylon handle, blade, and two clips.
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Benefits 🔋

✔️ Versatility: Its stainless steel blade is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks, such as cutting, slicing, and piercing. It can be used for various outdoor activities, survival situations, or everyday tasks. ✔️ Comfort and Control: The ergonomic handle design of the knife offers a comfortable and secure grip. It reduces hand fatigue during extended use and provides better control over the blade, enhancing overall precision and performance.
✔️ Quick Deployment: The flipper mechanism enables swift and effortless one-handed blade deployment. This feature proves invaluable in urgent situations or when your other hand is occupied. ✔️ Portability: The pocket clip allows for easy and secure attachment to various items, making the knife highly portable. Whether you’re on a camping trip, or hiking adventure, or simply need a reliable tool for everyday carry, the pocket clip ensures the knife is readily accessible.
✔️ Safety: The reliable liner lock mechanism ensures that the blade remains securely in place during use, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. It provides peace of mind knowing that the blade won’t accidentally close while in use. ✔️ Affordability: The flipper knife’s price tag of under $50 makes it an affordable option without compromising on quality or functionality. It provides excellent value for money, offering reliable performance and durability at an accessible price point.
Our Top Pick
Kershaw Link Pocket Knives (Speedsafe Assisted Opening)
This folding knife has a handle, blade, clip, and box. It is made of durable 420 stainless steel with a textured handle and can be quickly opened with the speed safe opening.
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How to Use a Flipper Knife?💡

After a deep research, our team revealed that using a flipper knife involves a few basic steps. 🔎 Here’s a general guide on how to use it:

  • 1️⃣ Familiarize Yourself with the Knife: Take a moment to examine the knife and understand its features. Locate the flipper tab, which is a protrusion on the back of the blade near the pivot point.
  • 2️⃣ Hold the Knife Correctly: Grip the handle of the knife firmly but comfortably. Ensure that you have a secure grip on the knife to prevent accidents.
  • 3️⃣ Unlock the Blade: If your flipper knife has a locking mechanism, such as a liner lock or frame lock, disengage the lock to unlock the blade. This is usually done by pushing or sliding the locking mechanism aside, allowing the blade to move freely.
  • 4️⃣ Position Your Thumb: Place your thumb on the flipper tab. This tab serves as both a blade guard and a lever to open the knife.
  • 5️⃣ Apply Pressure to the Flipper Tab: With your thumb on the flipper tab, apply pressure in a direction away from the handle. This motion will cause the blade to pivot and start to open.
  • 6️⃣ Use Wrist Action: As you apply pressure to the flipper tab, use a quick flick of your wrist to generate momentum and assist in opening the knife. The flipping action should be swift but controlled.
  • 7️⃣ Maintain Control: As the blade swings open, keep a firm grip on the handle to maintain control of the knife. Be mindful of the blade’s movement to avoid any accidental cuts or injuries.
  • 8️⃣ Secure the Blade: Once the blade is fully open, ensure that the locking mechanism engages properly to secure the blade in its open position. This is particularly important for your safety during use.
  • 9️⃣ Closing the Knife: When you’re finished using the knife, disengage the locking mechanism if present. Hold the knife securely and use your free hand to manually close the blade, taking care to keep your fingers clear of the blade’s path.

🔔 Remember, always exercise caution when handling any type of knife. Proper knife safety practices, such as keeping your fingers away from the blade and handling it with care, are crucial to avoid accidents.

Our Top Pick
Kershaw Barricade (8650) Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife
The kit includes a belt clip, liner lock, handle, blade, bolts, and an orange cover. The liner lock ensures your safety by keeping your hands away from the blade while on the move. Additionally, the knife has a belt cutter that can be used in emergencies to escape danger.
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TOP-15 Best Flipper Knife Under 50$

Kershaw Link Pocket Knives (Speedsafe Assisted Opening)KershawBUY
CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket KnifeCRKTBUY
Kershaw Chive Pocket KnifeKershawBUY
CRKT Drifter LinerlockCRKTBUY
CRKT M16-01S EDC Folding Pocket KnifeCRKTBUY
Western Active Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket KnifeWestern Active HoneyBUY
Kershaw Barricade (8650) Multifunction Rescue Pocket KnifeKershawBUY
CRKT Ripsnort EDC Folding Pocket KnifeCRKTBUY
KUBEY Mini Folding KnifeKUBEYBUY
Eafengrow EF16 Folding KnifeEafengrowBUY
CRKT M16-03KS Folding Pocket KnifeCRKTBUY
Hands Update Assassin Pocket KnifeHands UpdateBUY
Eafengrow EF69 Pocket EDC Knife with ClipEafengrowBUY
Hands Wind Pocket Knife Flipper Sandvik Steel BladeHands WindBUY

1# Kershaw Link Pocket Knives (Speedsafe Assisted Opening)

Kershaw Link Pocket Knives (Speedsafe Assisted Opening)

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The knife combines easy folding, handle, blade, clips, and box. The knife is made of durable 420 stainless steel and has a textured handle. The opening of the blade is made in the way of a speed-safe opening. The knife can have multiple usages while hunting, fishing, camping, and farming. The knife is portable and can be used by left-handed people. The blade is sharp and doesn’t afraid of challenges.

  • easy;
  • safe;
  • portable;
  • can be stored in a simple pocket;
  • used as a survival tool;
  • can work up to 360 degrees.
  • not strong enough.


2# CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT CEO EDC Folding Pocket Knife

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The knife is enough small and portable and easily can be placed in the bag. The kit includes an IKBS ball, grass nylon handle, blade, and two clips. The knife is good for everyday carry, outdoors, and camping. The knife has a nylon cover which is enough protected from wetness. The knife gets popular in Mexico. The blade length is 79 mm, which is long enough for a small knife. The knife is ideal for vegetables and also for some kinds of fish. The weight is only 2.1 oz which is small and easy.

Video review

  • slim;
  • sharp blade;
  • made in Mexica;
  • lightweight;
  • clips;
  • lifetime warranty.
  • knife quickly gets dark.


3# Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife

Kershaw Chive Pocket Knife

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Determine the thickness of the knife before buying so as not to cut your clothes. The knife is lightweight and easy to carry, it has a lot of design stuff. The knife can be used in nature while traveling and on vacation to cut food. The product includes a high-performance blade, round edges, bead-blasted finish, and screws. The knife is good for slicing fruits and doing homework. The knife can be placed into the backpack, pocket, or attached to the belt.

Video review

  • doesn’t afraid of corrosion;
  • can be used for cutting;
  • ideal for slicing;
  • can be used for slicing the fruits;
  • frame lock;
  • branded knife.
  • problems with the safety lock feature.


4# CRKT Drifter Linerlock

CRKT Drifter Linerlock

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The knife includes a blade and handles, a gray finish. The nitride coating helps to protect against corrosion, which means that the knife will work well for many years. Don’t expect too much from a knife, it’s just regular but durable for slicing food. The thumb stud is used for easy righthand opening, which is durable enough.

Video review

  • grip;
  • black handle;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • textured cover;
  • can be used in all conditions;
  • titanium coating;
  • can be used for a workman.
  • not effective enough.


5# CRKT M16-01S EDC Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT M16-01S EDC Folding Pocket Knife

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The knife is completely universal and does not require special maintenance, it can be easily washed with ordinary water. The whole knife has such parts: frame lock, lock bar, blade, steel handle, and holes in the handle. The knife can be used on construction or site work and for home tasks. The knife can be easily attached because of the durable clip to any part of the clothing.

Video review

  • open lock;
  • lock bar;
  • both hand use;
  • can be used for grape and grass;
  • has multiple holes.
  • The blade can be sharper.


6# Western Active Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife

Western Active Honey Badger Drop Point Pocket Knife

The knife is ideal for cutting meat and sausages, as well as small fish. The blade, pocket, handle, and instructions are included in the kit of the knife. The supplier gives the full possible warranty and offers to sell the product in the gift box. The logo decorates the blade and helps to trust the supplier better. The knife is made in a Honeycomb pattern that is rare and high quality. The knife includes a lot of elements: blade, flipper layer, holes, lanyard hole, handle for grip, and deep pocket carry clip. The blade is made of D2 stainless steel, which is very popular for self-defense.

Video review

  • small tan;
  • finger size;
  • 10 years of warranty;
  • decorated with the logo;
  • gift box;
  • non-slip grip.
  • Not enough communication from the supplier about the details.


7# Kershaw Barricade (8650) Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife

Kershaw Barricade (8650) Multifunction Rescue Pocket Knife

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

Cutting a cake at a picnic, treating friends, or chopping finely vegetables with a knife will help you. The knife is made in the one-handed release, which is perfect for right-handed people. The kit includes the belt clip, liner lock, handle, blade, bolts, and orange cover. The liner lock helps to secure your hands from the blade while walking. The belt cutter can be used in an emergency and helps to escape easily from danger. Also, the glass breaker is present in the kit, which helps to escape from the car. Take such a knife on a car trip, mountains, or hiking.

Video review

  • orange handle;
  • belt cutter;
  • pocket clip;
  • quick access to the blade;
  • escape blade;
  • open with a flipper.
  • difficulties with the opening.


8# CRKT Ripsnort EDC Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT Ripsnort EDC Folding Pocket Knife

The knife includes a wide blade, silver handle, screws, locking system, and one hand system. The deep carry pocket clip helps to attach the knife to the belt of men. The knife is made of elements of stainless steel. If you’ve ever thought about slicing sandwiches outdoors, this knife is for you. The knife can be also used for slicing meat or some harder materials, the blade is strong enough for that. The main usages are camping and backpacking trips.

Video review

  • clever blade;
  • wide;
  • sharp;
  • easy to clean;
  • round finish;
  • low pocket clip.
  • can cause injuries and are not safe enough.


9# KUBEY Mini Folding Knife

KUBEY Mini Folding Knife

This knife is a piece of protective equipment, it is very durable and does not bend under load. It is convenient for camping in the mountains and hunting. The knife is offered with 8 colors of the handle. Every user can find the best one for him. The knife includes a wooden handle, sharp blade, lock system, and screws. The weight is 2.9 oz which is portable enough. The blade is made in the D2 standard, which is very popular and widespread.

  • red tree handle;
  • two clips;
  • wide blade;
  • liner lock bar;
  • can be a gift for men;
  • non-slip effect.
  • too expansive for D2 steel.


10# Eafengrow EF16 Folding Knife

Eafengrow EF16 Folding Knife

The knife is very convenient to carry in a bag or backpack, it is neat and durable. The knife includes a pocket clip, steel blade, smart handle, and anti-corrosion cover. The blade is made of steel with 50 hardness. The handle is made in the G10 standard, the liner lock prevents unpredictable openings. The knife is perfect for outdoor, fishing, boating, and camping.

Video review

  • G10 handle;
  • liner lock;
  • long blade;
  • screws;
  • can be used for food;
  • can cat small trees.
  • the blade is too thin for difficult work.


11# CRKT M16-03KS Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT M16-03KS Folding Pocket Knife

Whether you want to cook a delicious meal for the whole family on a camping or hunting trip, this knife is for you. The knife is proud of the locking system because it’s durable enough. The knife includes a handle, holes, clips for attaching, and a durable blade. The frame form helps to protect from water and damage. The knife is good both for right and left-handed people.

Video review

  • steel;
  • long blade;
  • almost handle;
  • frame form;
  • not afraid of damages;
  • protected from the rain.
  • not stable.


12# Hands Update Assassin Pocket Knife

Hands Update Assassin Pocket Knife

The main color is light black, which is very comfortable for the eyes. Women also appreciated the quality of the knife in making breakfast at home and outdoors. The kit has a liner lock, fast opening system, blade, and stainless steel handle. The knife is made in Columbia and was shown at many workshops. The knife can be used for backpacking or survival gear. The frame lock protects from injuries while trips and rest.

Video review

  • Carson flipper;
  • steel handle;
  • limited version;
  • light black;
  • firm holes;
  • pocket knife.
  • cheap quality.


13# Eafengrow EF69 Pocket EDC Knife with Clip

Eafengrow EF69 Pocket EDC Knife with Clip

The knife is popular among middle-aged men and lovers of cooking. The package has several parts: a liner lock, a wood handle, clips, and sharp edges. The knife can be used for outdoor and survival conditions. The knife is protected from unexpected closure. The knife can cope with meat and even small trees while walking in the forest.

  • chemical resistant;
  • firm look;
  • 4.7 inches long;
  • wooden handle;
  • several clips;
  • super for hunting.
  • not ideal for everyday life.


14# KA-BAR, TDI Flipper Folder

KA-BAR, TDI Flipper Folder

It will be convenient to peel vegetables and fruits with this knife anywhere on a trip or at home. On vacation and the train, such a knife becomes universal. The package contains an unusual form of a wide blade, black cover, and handle. The knife has two folders for better protection. The knife can be used in the jungles, and wild nature for self-defense, and for preparing food. The view of the knife is perfect to become a gift for Father’s Day.

Video review

  • designed form;
  • black;
  • reminds ancient;
  • used for hunting;
  • two folders;
  • easy opening system.
  • only used for right-handed.


15# Hands Wind Pocket Knife Flipper Sandvik Steel Blade

Hands Wind Pocket Knife Flipper Sandvik Steel Blade

The knife can be used for cooking vegetables and food. The kit includes pocket folding, a ball-bearing flipper, 2 position clips, a blade, and 3 options for the handle. The knife also will be good for everyday life, and self-defense, because it is portable and can be stored in a simple pocket. The bearing ball helps to use the knife in multiple positions, which is super for camping, hiking, fishing, and trips. The knife will be easily attached to the belt or clothing using a clip. The whole length is only 2.9 oz and doesn’t take much place.

  • tactical knife;
  • dream of campers;
  • two positions;
  • good both for the right and left-handed;
  • present in 3 colors;
  • 3 handle options.
  • can have a better design.


How to Maintain a Flipper Knife? 🔐

🔔 Maintaining a flipper knife is important to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. We outlined some general guidelines for maintaining:

☑️ Cleaning: Regularly clean your knife to remove dirt, debris, and any built-up residue. Use mild soap or detergent and warm water to clean the blade, handle, and other parts of the knife. Gently scrub with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove any stubborn dirt. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth. ☑️ Handle Maintenance: If your knife has a handle made of materials like G-10, titanium, or carbon fiber, you can clean it with mild soap and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the handle. For wooden handles, you can apply a wood conditioner or oil to keep the wood in good condition.
☑️ Lubrication: Apply a small amount of lubricant or oil to the pivot point and blade hinge. This helps to keep the action smooth and prevents rust or corrosion. Use a lubricant specifically designed for knives or light machine oil. Avoid using excessive amounts of oil, as it can attract dirt and affect the knife’s performance. ☑️ Storage: Proper storage is essential for maintaining the knife’s condition. Store your knife in a dry environment, preferably in a sheath or a knife pouch to protect it from dust, moisture, and accidental damage. Avoid storing it in extreme temperatures or being exposed to direct sunlight.
☑️ Sharpening: Regularly check the blade’s sharpness and sharpen it as needed. Use a sharpening stone or system to maintain a sharp edge. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or seek guidance from a professional if you’re not familiar with sharpening techniques. Remember to exercise caution and use proper sharpening techniques to avoid injury. ☑️ Regular Inspection: Periodically inspect your flipper knife for any signs of wear, loose screws, or damage. Check the screws and tighten them if necessary, but be careful not to overtighten them, as it may affect the knife’s action. If you notice any significant issues or damage, consider contacting the manufacturer or a professional knife service for assistance.

📢 Remember to familiarize yourself with your specific flipper knife’s maintenance instructions, as different knives may have unique features or requirements. 👣By following these general guidelines and caring for your knife regularly, you can help ensure its longevity and optimal performance.

Best Flipper Knife Under 50$


What is the aim of the flipper knife?

💡 A flipper knife aims to provide a quick and efficient method of deploying the blade using a flipper mechanism. It typically features a protrusion on the back of the blade that acts as a lever. By applying pressure to the flipper with either the index finger or thumb, the blade can be swiftly and smoothly deployed with a simple flick of the wrist.

🚀 The flipper mechanism allows for rapid one-handed opening of the knife, making it a popular choice for various applications, including everyday carry (EDC), tactical use, and outdoor activities. The design provides convenience, accessibility, and quick deployment, allowing users to have a readily available cutting tool whenever needed.

Are flipper knives safe?
🔪 Flipper knives can be safe when used responsibly and with proper caution. However, note that any knife, including flipper knives, can be dangerous if not handled with care or used improperly.

⚙️ Flipper knives are folding knives that feature a protrusion, known as a “flipper,” on the blade. This flipper allows the user to easily and quickly deploy the blade with a simple flick of the finger. Many flipper knives also incorporate a locking mechanism to keep the blade securely in place when opened.

🔐 To ensure the safe use of flipper knives, our specialists outlined some guidelines to follow:

  • ➡️ Familiarize yourself with local laws: Before purchasing or carrying a flipper knife, it’s crucial to understand and comply with the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. Different regions may have specific restrictions on blade length, concealed carry, and other factors related to knives.
  • ➡️ Handle the knife responsibly: Treat any knife, including this, with respect and caution. Always assume it is sharp and ready to cut. When handling the knife, use a firm grip, keeping your fingers away from the blade and cutting edge.
  • ➡️ Learn proper knife-handling techniques: Take the time to learn how to open, close, and manipulate the knife safely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and practice using the knife before relying on it for any tasks. Additionally, make sure you are aware of any specific features or mechanisms of your particular flipper knife.
  • ➡️ Maintain the knife properly: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your knife in good working condition. Keep the blade clean and sharp, and inspect the locking mechanism regularly to ensure it functions correctly. If you notice any issues or signs of wear, have the knife serviced or repaired by a professional.
  • ➡️ Use the knife for its intended purpose: Use this knife for its intended tasks, such as cutting materials, opening packages, or performing outdoor activities. Avoid using it inappropriately or in situations where it may pose a risk to yourself or others.

📢 Remember, safety is paramount when handling any tool, including knives. Always exercise caution, follow best practices, and prioritize responsible use to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

What is a flipper on a knife?
⟹ A flipper on a knife refers to a specific type of opening mechanism commonly found on folding knives.

💡 It is a protrusion on the back of the blade that can be used to quickly and easily open the knife with one hand. The flipper serves as a lever that allows the user to apply pressure to partially open the blade. Once the blade is partially open, the user can then use their wrist or thumb to complete the opening motion.

🔄 To open a knife with a flipper, the user typically places their index finger on the flipper, applying pressure in a flipping motion. As the flipper moves, it propels the blade out of the handle and into the fully open position, locked into place by a locking mechanism.

Are flipper knives illegal?
🔐 Based on our experience, the legality of flipper knives varies depending on the jurisdiction.

  • 📍 In many places, flipper knives are legal to own and carry as long as they comply with certain regulations. However, it’s important to note that laws regarding knives can differ significantly between countries, states/provinces, and even cities. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific laws in your local area or the area where you plan to carry or use a flipper knife.
  • 📍 In some jurisdictions, flipper knives may be categorized as switchblades or assisted-opening knives, which could be subject to stricter regulations or even outright bans. Switchblades typically have a mechanism that allows the blade to be rapidly deployed with the push of a button while assisted-opening knives use a spring mechanism to assist in blade deployment when the user manually begins the opening process. These distinctions can impact the legality of flipper knives.

⚠️ To ensure you have accurate information about the legality of flipper knives, it is advisable to consult local law enforcement agencies, legal professionals, or official government resources that specifically address knife laws in your area.

Is a flipper knife a switchblade?
No, it is not necessarily a switchblade. Our team figured out that while both types of knives have a mechanism for quick and easy deployment, there are some differences between them:

➡️ A switchblade, also known as an automatic knife, has a spring-loaded blade that can be deployed by pressing a button or lever. When the button is pressed, the blade rapidly opens due to the spring mechanism. Switchblades are typically prohibited or restricted in many jurisdictions due to safety concerns and legal regulations. ➡️ A flipper knife is a type of folding knife that features a small lever or protrusion on the blade, called a flipper. The flipper can be used to initiate the opening of the knife by applying manual pressure to it, which in turn causes the blade to rotate open. FThese knives usually have a mechanism such as ball bearings or a detent to facilitate smooth and easy flipping action.

🔔 While flipper knives can be deployed quickly and with one hand, they do not typically fall under the legal restrictions that apply to switchblades. However, knife laws vary by jurisdiction, so check the specific regulations in your area to understand how they classify and regulate different types of knives.

Conclusion ⏰

In conclusion, when it comes to buying the best flipper knife for under 50$, there are many factors you should consider. From blade material and design to handle materials and construction, each aspect of a quality folding knife is important in ensuring that your purchase will last for years to come. We hope this buyer’s guide has given you a better understanding of what goes into finding the perfect option for your needs. With our reviews and tips, we believe that you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you! 😉

Olena Dubose
Olena Dubose
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Thanks to my intense childhood and a few decades of experience I can now choose the best equipment for any adventure waiting for me to dive in. And after all, I have been through, I want to share my knowledge so more people could join an enjoyable and breathtaking trip to discovering magical nature around us. Forget about five-star hotels and treat yourself with thousands more in a cozy camping trip!

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Exultant Rost
Exultant Rost
9 months ago

I am thoroughly impressed by the exceptional craftsmanship of the Eafengrow EF69 knife. Its swivel opening mechanism is executed flawlessly, showcasing a robust hinge with no play whatsoever. The knife’s weight distribution is impeccable, eliminating the need for any additional wrist flick to facilitate its opening. Moreover, its overall design exudes elegance, and the blade itself is exceptionally sturdy, featuring segmented cutting faces that vary in thickness. This thoughtful design allows for efficient cutting of both heavy-duty materials and more delicate tasks with precision.
One aspect that particularly stands out is the “broken-tip” style of the blade. Not only does it contribute to the knife’s overall strength, but it also ensures that no blade material is compromised while retaining a sharp pointed tip. It’s remarkable how this knife manages to deliver such remarkable performance while being priced at less than $30. In my opinion, a knife of this caliber easily warrants a value of $70 or more.

    9 months ago
    Reply to  Exultant Rost

    Agree!!! The knife’s action is satisfactory, contributing to a pleasant user experience. In terms of overall quality, it excels, leaving a positive impression.

      9 months ago

      The SpeedSafe feature on the Kershaw Link Pocket knife offers a similarly smooth opening mechanism compared to my Zero Tolerance knife. I was impressed with how easily it opens. Additionally, the blade came out of the box incredibly sharp, which was fantastic. I purchased two knives and gifted one to a friend. I initially considered the 1776T and the 1620 models, but found the blade of the former too intimidating and the belt clip on the latter couldn’t be moved to the other side of the knife. As a result, I returned the other two and decided to keep the 1776 model, which is still in my pocket as I write this review. This American-made folder serves as an excellent everyday carry pocket knife for tasks like cutting boxes at work, opening mail packages, and various cutting needs. It could even serve for self-protection if necessary. The knife provides a sense of security without the fear of significant loss if misplaced or dropped. Considering its price point of under $50, it’s a great alternative to the over $160 Zero Tolerance knife. While I haven’t had the chance to test its edge retention or blade strength for more demanding tasks like jabbing or stabbing, it feels sturdy and has a satisfying weight in the hand. I would absolutely buy this knife again for myself or as a gift without hesitation. I highly recommend it.

        9 months ago
        Reply to  Bedownelindama

        After years of purchasing various knives, including the Benchmade Griptillion, I have finally found the perfect everyday carry (EDC) pocket knife in this Kershaw model. It surpasses all my previous experiences with faults such as being too large or too small, not meeting expectations in person, or being awkward to open and handle. This knife, however, ticks all the boxes for me. The built-in clip allows me to keep it easily accessible, and its weight is just right—so much so that I hardly notice it until I actually need it. Opening it is effortless with a gentle flick of my finger, and I have never encountered any accidental opening in my pocket. When held, it feels comfortable and secure in my hand. The blade’s sharpness straight out of the box surpassed any other knife I have ever owned. While I haven’t needed to sharpen it yet, I am confident that the blade’s shape and material will ensure long-lasting sharpness. The fit and finish of this American-made Kershaw knife are excellent, as expected. And considering the price, it’s almost unbelievable how much you get in return.

          9 months ago

          What materials should I look for in a flipper knife under $50 to ensure quality?

            9 months ago
            Reply to  Preltumen

            When looking for a quality flipper knife under $50, there are several key materials you should consider. 🔔 While budget constraints may limit your options to some extent, you can still find decent knives that offer durability and functionality. Here are the materials you should prioritize:

            ➡️ Blade Steel: Look for a flipper knife with a blade made from a reputable steel alloy. Some affordable options within your budget could include 8Cr13MoV, AUS-8, or 440 stainless steel. These alloys offer a good balance between edge retention, corrosion resistance, and affordability.

            ➡️ Handle Material: The handle material should be sturdy, lightweight, and provide a good grip. In this price range, you may commonly find handles made of materials like G10, fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), or stainless steel. G10 is particularly popular as it offers excellent strength and grip without adding excessive weight.

            ➡️ Locking Mechanism: Look for a flipper knife that incorporates a reliable locking mechanism to ensure safe and secure blade operation. Liner locks, frame locks, or back locks are commonly found in this price range. Ensure that the lock engages firmly and releases smoothly without any wobbling.

            ➡️ Pivot System: A good flipper knife should have a smooth and reliable pivot system that allows for effortless blade deployment. Look for knives with ball bearing or bushing pivots as they tend to offer smoother flipping action compared to simple washer-based systems.

            ➡️ Overall Construction: Pay attention to the overall construction quality of the knife. Look for solid build construction, tight tolerances, and proper alignment of all components. Avoid knives with loose or misaligned parts, as they may affect the knife’s functionality and durability.

              Special Sandec
              Special Sandec
              9 months ago

              I recently misplaced my previous knife during a train ride and sought recommendations for a replacement. After some research, I decided to go with the Kershaw Link Pocket knife due to its appealing handle design. Unlike a plain flat metal handle, this knife’s handle offers a substantial and robust feel, providing a comfortable and secure grip.

                9 months ago

                I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I adore the Kershaw Barricade knife. Despite being a Chinese blade with plastic handles, its design is truly outstanding. The way it securely attaches to the inside of a pocket is flawless, and its weight is just right. Initially, I purchased it as a disposable knife for range, fishing, and road trips, but it has exceeded my expectations. It comfortably accommodates my large hands, and I can certainly envision it being effective at breaking glass. I’m thrilled about this discovery!

                  9 months ago

                  Are there any reputable brands known for producing quality flipper knives under $50?

                    9 months ago
                    Reply to  Petagowsr

                    ✔️ Yes, there are several reputable brands known for manufacturing reliable flipper knives under $50. Some popular options include 📍 Kershaw, 📍 CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool), 📍 Ontario Knife Company, and 📍 Spyderco’s budget-friendly line, 📍 Byrd Knives.

                      Arta Fly Guard
                      Arta Fly Guard
                      9 months ago

                      I have to say, the CRKT CEO EDC has become one of my top knife choices. It’s ideal for situations where I want to maintain a low profile while dressing up. Its appearance resembles that of a pen once it’s tucked away in my pocket, leaving minimal evidence. Despite owning it for over a year, I’ve barely utilized it compared to my other knives, yet the blade remains impressively sharp. The overall quality is excellent, as I haven’t encountered any issues with loose screws or the need for adjustments. It’s a reliable purchase that I wholeheartedly recommend.

                        9 months ago
                        Reply to  Arta Fly Guard

                        Being my initial CR knife, I typically gravitate towards cryo SOG products and We Knife Co. However, upon unboxing this gem, I immediately christened it “The Kingsman.” Its construction is incredibly robust and its design exudes elegance and subtlety. Perfectly suited for a lifetime of office use, it possesses the potential to evolve into a cherished family heirloom. This knife encapsulates the essence of quality and sophistication

                          9 months ago

                          I must say, I am truly impressed with the Kershaw Barricade knife. Its opening mechanism is incredibly smooth, providing a satisfying hand feel. The speed at which it opens is remarkable, and the liner lock operation is flawless. Moreover, it sits securely and comfortably in my pocket, allowing for convenient everyday carry. The blade itself is exceptionally sharp, which is a definite plus. Surprisingly, despite considering myself a knife snob, I initially viewed this knife as “cheap” and intended it for my vehicle’s IFAK. However, I have come to genuinely appreciate it. The color, although slightly more orange than salmon, still appeals to me. I notice a hint of red/pink as well, adding a touch of visual interest. Another aspect I admire is the ability to choke up on the knife with a full grip, regardless of orientation. When compared to my other IFAK knife, the SOG Escape, the Kershaw Barricade triumphs in terms of operation, feel, and price. Its easy one-handed operation and impressive flipper mechanism have won me over completely. Overall, I absolutely love this knife.