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Being obsessed with accurate shooting, you are eager to know everything about your firearm and means, which can be upgraded and help to improve the shot results in the field.

Best Ruger 10/22 Trigger - Editor's Choice

One of the most important gun components is the trigger, pushing it, hitting-the-target mission works that can be appropriate for competition and tactical shooters, as well as recreational enthusiasts.

Why do we need a Ruger 10/22 trigger?

The smoother trigger, the more accurate shooting. Most triggers are single-action, which are mechanically the simplest type, disengage a sear, allowing for releasing spring-tensioned hammer/striker. The Ruger 10/22 is equipped with a bit stiff traditional trigger pull (approximate 7-8 lbs), that’s why it is better to upgrade it with a replaced trigger part, featuring smooth and crisp pull, and light trigger pull weight.

Best Ruger 10/22 Trigger | 10/22 Trigger Review Guide

Volquartsen Firearms TG2000 Ruger 10/22 TriggerVolquartsen FirearmsBUY
Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22TimneyBUY
Ruger BX Drop-In Replacement Trigger For 10/22RugerBUY
Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 Trigger for 10/22 RuggerFranklin ArmoryBUY
Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22TimneyBUY
CMC Trigger for Ruger 10/22CMCBUY
Timney Triggers Calvin Elite Adjustable TriggerTimneyBUY
Powder River Precision Ruger 10/22 TriggerPowder River PrecisionBUY

#1 Volquartsen Firearms TG2000 Ruger 10/22 Trigger

Volquartsen Firearms TG2000 Ruger 10/22 Trigger

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Weight: 7 oz
Trigger Pull Weight: 2.25 lb

There are 6 models of TG2000 curved triggers, which differ only in color: Silver, Black, Blue, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Red. The trigger group is made of 6061-T6 Aluminum with an Anodized finish. The Volquartsen constructed the drop-in replacement trigger guard for the Ruger 10/22 with CNC machined trigger case and pre-fitted EDM parts for a crisp trigger pull. TG2000 Trigger Group consists of hardened, polished hammer with grooves surface (stainless steel) and trigger plunger, overtravel adjustment. The pull is lightened due to the reduction of the power hammer and sear springs. The trigger comes with an automatic bolt and extended magazine releases.

  • Made in the USA;
  • The tolerances of hardened EDM disconnector and sear are +/- .0002 inches;
  • Due to internal reset no dragging or incoordination;
  • SS oversized hammer ensures long-wearing operation due to the grooves surface polish to get the due gearing angles;
  • Drop-in very simple;
  • No wobbling in hammer, sear, and action pins operation;
  • Smooth trigger pull with a clean break and solid reset.
  • None yet.

#2 Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22

Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22

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Trigger Pull Weight: 2.75 lb

A drop-in 2-stage complete assembly trigger with extended magazine release and without creep. Timney Triggers ensure crisp and clean breaks for hunting and target shooting. The trigger case is machined from aircraft-grade billet aluminum (6061-T6), which is light enough, but still durable. The trigger, the sear, and hammer are manufactured from heat-treated steel to provide sturdiness.

  • Adjustable shoes for pull length, cast, and height for delivering reliable contact and custom convenience;
  • Easy to install;
  • Snug fitment on the receiver;
  • Stylish design;
  • Zero modifications are needed.
  • Tested trigger weight is 3.25-4 lbs.

#3 Ruger BX Drop-In Replacement Trigger For 10/22

Ruger BX Drop-In Replacement Trigger For 10/22

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Trigger Pull Weight: 2.5 – 3 lb

The Ruger BX Replacement Trigger is a complete drop-in ready assembly, which fits all Ruger pistols and rifles, providing reliable and safe operation. This trigger replacement part is outfitted with a light and crisp pull mechanism, always delivering a smooth shot. Ruger BX trigger is crafted from polymer and metal with a gray or black finish, features a traditionally curved shape.

  • Fast and simple drop-in construction;
  • Easy installation;
  • Light, lack overtravel;
  • Positive short reset;
  • Affordable price;
  • Light and crisp pull (lighter than stock trigger);
  • Clean break shots are more accurate.
  • Plastic bits;
  • California’s Proposition 65.

#4 Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 Trigger for 10/22 Rugger

Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 Trigger for 10/22 Rugger

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BFSIII stands for the Binary Firing System, GEN 3 is a 3-position trigger, maximizing upgrade of .22 plinker. The trigger operation features 3 positions: the first is Safe – you can’t shoot; the second is Semi – you can fire one round a pull; the third is Binary – one round on pull, one round on release. The Franklin Armory recommends gunsmith installation of the trigger. Any change of inner BFS components or undue installation not just will void the warranty, but also can be dangerous as it can cause unplanned firearm discharge. This trigger assembly can’t be sold for civilians in CA, DC, CT, HI, FL, IA, NJ, MD, NY, WA, and RI.

  • Release round cancelation is possible by moving the Patent Pending selector out of Binary mode while holding the trigger back;
  • On release phase positive reset.
  • Spring is not reliable;
  • Difficult to install without gunsmith;
  • After several rounds, it operates in a “traditional” semi-automatic mode;
  • Does not reset in semi mode;
  • The pull is poor.

#5 Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22

Timney Triggers Ruger 10/22

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Trigger Pull Weight: 0.5 – 1 lb

The Ruger 1022Ce Rifle Trigger is an accuracy-enhancing device with two stages (the first is 8oz, the second stage is 1lb, and the total is 1.5lbs). The Timney single unit consists of a heat-treated steel trigger, sear, hammer, and anodized case, machined from an aluminum alloy (6061 T6). The complete assembly drops into the firearm and is fixed with 2 action pins.

  • Needs little work to install;
  • Dependable contact and customer convenience are provided due to the adjustable shoes for pull length, height and cast;
  • The extended magazine release is effortlessly actuated with a single finger.
  • Not Yet Rated.

#6 CMC Trigger for Ruger 10/22

CMC Trigger for Ruger 10/22

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Trigger Pull Weight: 3.5 lb

The CMC designed a special magazine release paddle with a completely ambidextrous texture to provide fast mag changes. The trigger pull weight is not user adjustable (a 3.5lb manufactury pre-set). The CMC 10/22 single-stage trigger is a drop-in, self-contained trigger pack with two available shapes: in a Tactical Flat and Curved (CCT) bow design. This trigger features a captured ejector, improved bolt hold open button, proprietary machined sear engagement surfaces (with finish and dimensional control), a smooth break without felt grittiness and precision while creeping before hammer release.

  • Easy to install;
  • Corrosion-proof and rust-resistant covering;
  • The regular Ruger 10/22 lever is replaced with a new uneven-surface bolt hold open button with automatically drop operation;
  • 1-2 RMS surface finish is much better than EDM;
  • Smooth felt pull as the drag and friction are minimized due to the good inner clearance (tolerances of +/– .001″), reached by precision CNC machining of a one-piece of an aluminum billet (8620 Alloy and S7 Tool Steel);
  • Fast follow-up shot on target thanks to positive trigger reset;
  • CMC’s Lifetime Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Not Yet Rated.

#7 Timney Triggers Calvin Elite Adjustable Trigger

Timney Triggers Calvin Elite Adjustable Trigger

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Trigger Pull Weight: 2.75 lb

The Calvin Elite Triggers are compatible with all Ruger 10/22 rifles, and Takedown models as well. There are two models available in Silver/Red and Black/Red colors. The Timney trigger is outfitted with an auto bolt release and an extended magazine release for easy access and one-finger work. One-piece trigger full assembly is crafted of CNC machined aircraft grade billet aluminum (6061-T6), while the trigger, sear, and hammer from heat-treated steel, EDM cut.

  • Smooth and crisp trigger pull;
  • No creep;
  • Breaks clean with no take-up;
  • Completely adjustable shoes for pull length, cast, and height for positive contact;
  • Self-contained, drop-in trigger ready to install;
  • No need in fitting, gunsmithing, or adjusting: just push two action pins out and drop in the assembly.
  • After about 100 rounds, the trigger turned into a single shot and would not reset unless manually pushed forward.

#8 Powder River Precision Ruger 10/22 Trigger

Powder River Precision Ruger 10/22 Trigger

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Trigger Pull Weight: 2.25 lb

The hardened stainless-steel hammer, sear, and disconnector are machined with wire EDM, while the case is molded with a glass-filled polymer. Drop-In Trigger Assembly doesn’t need additional fitment or assembling.

  • Made in the USA;
  • The trigger pull is light, short, and smooth;
  • Both automatic release bolt lock and ejector are equipped with a spare extractor built into them.
  • Not yet rated;
  • California’s Proposition 65.

Bonus: Volquartsen Firearms Target Trigger for Ruger 10/22

Volquartsen Firearms Target Trigger for Ruger 10/22

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The Volquartsen Firearms developed target triggers, which are compatible with Ruger 10/22 and 10/22 Magnum. These triggers feature an upgraded design with a reduced radius and overtravel adjustment screw to provide better trigger operation. The drop-in replacement trigger of curved shape, manufactured from aluminum, covered with a black anodize.

  • Durable finish;
  • Flat and smooth trigger pull.
  • The seat assembly does not fit inside the trigger.

How to Dis/Reassemble the Ruger 10/22 Trigger Assembly

Follow the guide below:

  1. To remove the magazine release pin, push it out with a screwdriver.
  2. Take away the pin holding the bolt lock in place.
  3. Holding the trigger down, move the hammer to the right to reach the large hammer spring and take out the pin, which the bolt lock spring and hammer are on.
  4. To remove the trigger (sear), be careful with tiny springs that can be easily lost, push out the trigger pin, put the hand over the top, and take out the stop spring from the trigger guard.
  5. Now all parts can be cleaned and then needs assembling, which should be done in the reverse turn of the disassembling.
  6. First, the trigger, sear, and small spring should be put together and slide into the trigger housing with a stop spring, placing the pin in its hole.
    The hammer spring should be put by its round side into the hole on the trigger housing left side. Place the hammer and bolt lock spring into the case, and insert the pin.
  7. Add the bolt lock and put the pin.
  8. Disassembling is easier than reassembling, but the first is responsible for not losing small parts. It is better to check the manual than to create a new nonfunctional construction or unsafe one.


In quality triggers well-polished sear and hammer surfaces are involved in pulling action for smoothing the trigger up, providing due performance. Sometimes while squeezing the trigger, the shooters can pull the rifle off the target, that’s why the most important feature is the trigger pull weight, sometimes advertised one can differ from really tested. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer guides according to installation and any modernization not to void the warranty.

Best Pick

Franklin Armory BFSIII 22-C1 Trigger. This three-position trigger optimizes the upgrade of .22 plinker. The Patent Pending selector provides the release round cancelation. Proper operation depends on due installation, which should be done by a gunsmith.

Budget Pick

Ruger BX Drop-In Replacement Trigger. This trigger replacement part is crafted from the polymer and metal of traditionally curved shape, ensuring easy installation, positive short reset, crisp pull, and clean break shots for a
reasonable price.

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