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Best Grip For Glock

What is a Grip For Glock? 💡

It is a firearm accessory designed to enhance the ergonomics and control of your Glock pistol. It replaces the factory-installed grip, offering a more comfortable and personalized shooting experience. A high-quality grip can improve your accuracy, reduce recoil, and provide better overall handling of your Glock.

Best Grip For Glock

Benefits 🔥

  • ⚡ Improved Control: A high-quality grip enhances your ability to control and manage recoil, resulting in faster follow-up shots and improved accuracy.
  • ⚡ Enhanced Comfort: Grips designed with ergonomics in mind offer a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged shooting sessions.
  • ⚡ Better Grip Traction: Textured grips provide a secure hold and prevent slippage, ensuring you maintain control of your Glock even in wet or sweaty conditions.
  • ⚡Personalized Fit: Grips with adjustable backstraps allow you to customize the grip size and shape to suit your hand, providing a more personalized fit.
  • ⚡Reduced Recoil: Certain grips are engineered to absorb and mitigate recoil, allowing for more controlled and manageable shooting, particularly during rapid fire.
  • ⚡Accessory Versatility: Some grips feature integrated accessory attachment points, expanding your Glock’s capability to accommodate lasers, lights, or other tactical enhancements.
Our Top Pick
Talon Grips Handgun Grip
Talon Grips Handgun Grip Enhancers offer a secure grip on your Glock, even in extreme temperatures. These custom covers from TALON Grips cover the sides, above the thumb rest, backstrap, and finger wraps, as well as the front strap under the trigger guard.
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Features 🔑

Material: Grips are available in various materials such as polymer, rubber, or textured synthetics. Each material offers unique benefits, such as improved grip traction or reduced felt recoil.
Ergonomics: Look for a grip that fits your hand size and offers a comfortable, natural grip angle. Ergonomic designs reduce fatigue and provide better control.
Texture: Opt for a grip with a textured surface, as it offers improved traction and ensures a secure hold, even in adverse conditions.
Backstrap Options: Some grips provide interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different hand sizes and preferences. This feature allows for a customizable fit.
Accessory Compatibility: Consider grips with built-in accessory attachment points or slots. They allow you to easily mount accessories like lasers, lights, or grip extensions, enhancing the versatility of your Glock.

Best Grip For Glock 43 Reviews

Types 🔋

🧲 Wrap-Around Grips: These grips provide a full wrap-around design, covering the entire grip area, and often offer added cushioning or texture for a secure hold.

🧲 Modular Grips: Modular grips offer interchangeable backstraps, allowing shooters to adjust the grip size and shape to fit their hands comfortably.

🧲 Finger Groove Grips: Finger groove grips have molded finger grooves that provide consistent hand placement and improved grip control.

🧲 Aggressive Textured Grips: Grips with aggressive texturing have deeply etched patterns or raised stippling, providing maximum traction and grip control.

🧲 Rubberized Grips: Rubberized grips offer a softer and more cushioned feel, absorbing recoil and providing added comfort during shooting sessions.

Best Grip For Glock 43 Reviews

1# Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip Handgun Grip Sleeve

Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip Handgun Grip Sleeve

The Hogue HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve is designed to fit polymer pistols and provide a more comfortable grip. The sleeve has been engineered specifically for a perfect fit on specific firearms, with three sizes of polymer offerings initially. This allows users to have a more comfortable and controlled grip on their pistol, improving accuracy.

Video review

  • Fits specific polymer pistols.
  • Provides a more comfortable grip.
  • Improves accuracy.
  • May not fit other pistols.
  • The grip may be too large for some users.


2# Hogue HandAll Beavertail Pistol Grip Sleeve

Hogue HandAll Beavertail Pistol Grip Sleeve

Looking for an easy way to upgrade your pistol grip without spending a lot of money? Check out the Hogue HandAll Beavertail Pistol Grip Sleeve. This grip sleeve is precision-engineered to fit specific models for a snug, comfortable fit. The rubber overmolded material provides a non-slip grip for improved control, while the beavertail design improves ergonomics. Installation is quick and easy, so you’ll be back to shooting in no time. Get a grip on your pistol today with the Hogue HandAll Beavertail Pistol Grip Sleeve.

Video review

  • Rubber over molded material provides a comfortable, non-slip grip.
  • Engineered for a precise fit to specific models.
  • Easy installation.
  • May not fit all models.


3# Talon Grips Handgun Grip

Talon Grips Handgun Grip

The Talon Grips Handgun Grip Enhancers are the perfect way to get a more secure grip on your Glock, even in hot or cold weather. These custom covers from TALON Grips provide full coverage on the sides, above the thumb rest, backstrap and finger wraps, and on the front strap under the trigger guard. As a result of using this product, we found that they’re also made with a specially designed adhesive formula that ensures a secure grip even when used with the Rough Textured Frame. So if you’re looking for a reliable way to improve your grip on your Glock, look no further than the Talon Grips Handgun Grip Enhancers.

Video review

  • Provides full coverage on the sides, above the thumb rest, backstrap, and finger wraps.
  • Adheres very well due to a specially designed adhesive formula.
  • Low profile grip adds minimal bulk/size.
  • It is easy to install within minutes.
  • Instructions and cleaning pad included.
  • May not adhere well to Rough Textured Frame.
  • May cause damage or residue if removed.


4# Talon Grips Adhesive Grip

Talon Grips Adhesive Grip

The Talon Grips 385G Adhesive Grip is the perfect way to add a little extra grip and security to your Glock 48 or 43X. This grip is made from a durable rubber material and features an aggressive textured finish that will provide you with a positive grip in even the most challenging situations. The black colour looks great with any gun, and the wonderful thing about this product is that it’s easily installed – simply peel and stick! Whether you’re looking to add a little extra grip for better shooting performance, or just want to add a touch of style to your gun, the Talon Grips 385G Adhesive Grip is the perfect solution.

  • Adds extra grip and security to your Glock 48 or 43X.
  • Made from a durable rubber material.
  • Features an aggressive textured finish.
  • It is easy to install – simply peel and stick!
  • May not be compatible with all guns.
  • Aggressive texture may be too rough for some users.


5# Talon Grips Inc Grip Tape For Glock® 43x/48

Talon Grips Inc Grip Tape For Glock® 43x/48

Keep a solid grip on your Glock 43X or 48 with TALON Grips. This tough rubber grip tape provides extra traction and control, letting you stay safe and in control while shooting. With full coverage on the side panels, backstrap, and under the trigger guard, this grip is designed to provide a stable foundation and maximized dexterity.

Video review

  • Extra traction and control.
  • Provides a stable foundation.
  • Maximized dexterity.
  • It is not available in a variety of colors.
  • Does not fit all Glock models.


6# Talon Grips Inc Grip Tape For Glock® 43

Talon Grips Inc Grip Tape For Glock® 43

The Talon Grips Inc Grip Tape for Glock 43 is the perfect way to enhance your grip on this great concealed carry pistol. The adhesive-backed tape covers all of the principal grip areas, ensuring a solid hold every time you draw your weapon.

Video review

  • Adhesive-backed.
  • Covers all principal grip areas.
  • Enhances grip on the pistol.
  • The adhesive can be a bit strong and difficult to remove.
  • May not fit all hand sizes.


7# Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension

Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension

Are you looking for a magazine extension grip for your Glock 43? Look no further than the Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension! This extension replaces the magazine floor plate, providing one extra round of capacity and approximately 3/4″ additional gripping surface for better control and comfort. It also features the factory texture pattern for a sleek look. The black polymer construction is durable and looks great with any Glock 43.

Video review

  • Adds one extra round of capacity.
  • Provides approximately 3/4″ additional gripping surface for better control and comfort.
  • A factory texture pattern is incorporated for a sleek look.
  • Polymer construction is durable.
  • May be too large for some shooters.


8# Pearce Grip – Grip Frame Insert For Glock®

Pearce Grip - Grip Frame Insert For Glock®

If you’re looking for a grip frame insert for your Glock® pistol, the Pearce Grip is a great option. This plastic plug fits into the bottom rear cavity of the frame and has a front “lip” that forms a tight, flush bond with the mag well. This helps to ensure that the magazine is inserted smoothly and correctly every time. Based on our experience the Pearce Grip also keeps dirt and debris from getting inside the pistol and gives it a clean, polished look. Additionally, this grip frame insert uses the lanyard hole for retention and snaps firmly into place.

  • Keeps dirt and debris from getting inside the pistol.
  • Fits Models 17 through 25, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, and 38.
  • Gen 4 Grip Frame Inserts allow for the use of factory interchangeable backstraps.
  • Gives a clean, polished look.
  • Cannot use factory interchangeable backstraps with Gen 4 Grip Frame Inserts.


9# Pearce Grip – Grip Extension For Glock®

Pearce Grip - Grip Extension For Glock®

With Pearce Grip, you can now have a better grip on your Glock for improved recoil control and accuracy. The grip extension replaces the factory magazine base, giving your little finger an extended “shelf” for a more comfortable shooting experience.

Video review

  • Improves recoil control.
  • More consistent shot placement.
  • More comfortable shooting experience.
  • May not fit all Glock models.


 Installation ⚙️

✅ Step 1. Ensure Safety: Before beginning, make sure your Glock is unloaded and all ammunition is removed from the area.

✅ Step 2. Disassemble the Glock: Field strips your Glock by removing the slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly.

✅ Step 3. Remove the Old Grip: Take out the existing grip by following the manufacturer’s instructions. It usually involves removing screws or pins.

✅ Step 4. Clean the Frame: Clean the frame to remove any dirt or debris, ensuring a clean surface for the new grip.

✅ Step 5. Install the New Grip: Align the new grip onto the frame, ensuring a snug fit. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for screwing or pinning it into place.

✅ Step 6. Reassemble the Glock: Put the slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly back onto the frame, following the proper reassembly procedure.

✅ Step 7. Function Check: Perform a function check by ensuring the Glock cycles properly and all controls operate smoothly.

✅ Step 8. Test and Adjust: Take your Glock to the range and test the new grip. Adjust backstraps or make any necessary modifications for optimal comfort and performance.

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺


Are Rubber Grips Good For Pistols?

Rubber grips for pistols have gained popularity among shooters, but are they truly beneficial? Let’s explore this question and find out!

  • 🔸 Comfort and Absorption: One of the main advantages of rubber grips is their ability to provide a comfortable and cushioned feel. The rubber material absorbs recoil and reduces the impact felt by the shooter’s hand, enhancing overall comfort during shooting sessions.
  • 🔸 Enhanced Grip Traction: Rubber grips often have textured surfaces or patterned designs that provide excellent traction. This improved grip ensures a secure hold on the firearm, even in wet or sweaty conditions. It can be particularly beneficial for shooters who prefer a firm and non-slip grip.
  • 🔸 Vibration Dampening: Rubber grips have inherent vibration-dampening properties, which can help reduce the felt vibration and muzzle flip during rapid-fire or high-volume shooting. This feature contributes to better control and faster target acquisition.
  • 🔸 Insulation: Rubber grips can act as an insulating layer, minimizing the transfer of heat from the pistol to the shooter’s hand. This can be especially useful in situations where the pistol may heat up due to extended shooting or high round counts.
  • 🔸 Noise Reduction: Rubber grips have the added advantage of reducing noise generated when the pistol contacts hard surfaces. This can be particularly useful in tactical or defensive scenarios where stealth is a priority.
How to clean Glock Grip?
🔒 Safety First: Before cleaning, ensure your Glock is unloaded and the magazine is removed. Safety should always be the top priority when handling firearms.
🛠️ Gather Cleaning Supplies: Prepare your cleaning supplies, including a soft cloth or brush, mild firearm cleaner or solvent, and lubricant. Ensure you have a well-ventilated area for cleaning.
🔄 Remove the Pistol Grip: Depending on your Glock, the pistol grip may be attached with screws or pins. Carefully remove these fasteners to detach the grip from the lower receiver. Keep track of small parts to avoid misplacing them.
🧼 Clean the Grip Exterior: Use a soft cloth or brush dampened with mild firearm cleaner or solvent to clean the exterior of the grip. Pay attention to areas with dirt, grime, or residue. Gently scrub and wipe until the grip is clean.
🌬️ Clear Dust and Debris: Inspect the grip for any dust, debris, or lint accumulation. Use compressed air or a clean, dry cloth to remove any particles from crevices, textured areas, or grooves on the grip’s surface.
🧼 Clean the Grip Interior: If necessary, remove the internal components of the grip. Gently clean them using a cloth or brush with mild cleaner or solvent. Ensure all surfaces are free from dirt and residue. Take care not to damage any delicate parts.
💧 Dry Thoroughly: After cleaning, ensure all surfaces are dry. Wipe down the grip with a clean, dry cloth to remove any moisture. Proper drying helps prevent rust or corrosion.
🧴 Apply Lubricant: Once the grip is clean and dry, lightly apply a small amount of lubricant to the contact surfaces or moving parts of the grip, following the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps ensure smooth operation.
🔄 Reassemble the Grip: Carefully reattach the grip to the lower receiver, aligning the screw or pin holes. Secure the grip in place by tightening the screws or reinstalling the pins, making sure they are snug but not over-tightened.
🔬 Function Check: Perform a function check of your pistol grip to ensure everything is properly reassembled. Confirm that the grip is securely attached and that all controls function correctly.
What Is The Grip Angle On A Glock 43?

The Glock 43, known for its slim profile and concealability, features Glock’s iconic and distinctive grip angle.

🔸 Glock Grip Angle: Glock pistols, including the Glock 43, are designed with a unique grip angle of approximately 22 degrees. This specific angle, often referred to as the “Glock grip angle,” has become a hallmark of Glock firearms. It offers a natural and comfortable point of aim for many shooters. 😎🎯

The Glock grip angle is designed to align with the shooter’s wrist, promoting a more natural and instinctive pointing ability. This feature has gained popularity among Glock enthusiasts and has become a recognizable characteristic of the brand.

So, to answer your question, the grip angle on a Glock 43 is approximately 22 degrees, reflecting the consistent and familiar Glock grip angle found across their pistol models.

Are Glock 43 And 43X Grips are The Same?

The Glock 43 and Glock 43X are both popular compact pistols, but they do have some differences. When it comes to their grips, however, there are some similarities.

  • 🔸 Glock 43 Grip: The Glock 43 features a single-stack magazine, making it slimmer and more concealable. The grip is designed for a single-stack configuration, offering a narrower profile that accommodates a 6-round magazine.
  • 🔸 Glock 43X Grip: On the other hand, the Glock 43X features a slightly wider grip due to its double-stack magazine design. It can hold up to 10 rounds with the flush-fit magazine, providing increased capacity while maintaining a relatively compact size.

Now, here’s the answer to the question: No, the Glock 43 and Glock 43X grips are not the same. While the overall design and feel of the grip may be similar, there are some differences due to the varying dimensions and magazine capacities of the two pistols.

What are various texture patterns of a grip?
  • 🔸 Stippling: Stippling refers to a pattern of small, evenly spaced dots or lines that provide enhanced grip texture. It offers excellent traction without being too aggressive on the hands. This pattern is widely popular due to its balance between grip enhancement and comfort.
  • 🔸 Aggressive Checkering: Aggressive checkering features sharp and deeply cut lines or diamonds on the grip surface. This texture pattern provides a high level of grip traction, ensuring a secure hold even in adverse conditions. It is well-suited for shooters who prefer a more pronounced grip texture.
  • 🔸 Fish Scale: The fish scale pattern resembles the scales of a fish, with small, overlapping raised portions. This pattern offers good traction and disperses moisture efficiently. It provides a unique aesthetic appeal along with functional grip enhancement.
  • 🔸 Cobblestone: Cobblestone texture features small raised squares or bumps across the grip surface, resembling the texture of a cobblestone street. This pattern provides a secure grip while minimizing discomfort during extended shooting sessions. It strikes a balance between grip enhancement and hand comfort.
  • 🔸 Diamond Cut: Diamond cut texture presents a series of small, raised diamond-shaped patterns across the grip surface. It offers an effective grip without being overly aggressive. This pattern is known for its visual appeal and functional traction.
  • 🔸 Gator Scale: The gator scale pattern imitates the skin of an alligator or crocodile, with textured raised areas resembling the scales. It provides a unique look along with functional grip enhancement. This pattern offers excellent traction and can handle moisture well.

Conclusion 🙂

Choosing the best grip for your Glock can significantly enhance your shooting experience. Consider the material, ergonomics, texture, backstrap options, and accessory compatibility when making your selection. With improved control, enhanced comfort, and a personalized fit, a quality grip will empower you to shoot with confidence. Follow the step-by-step installation guide to ensure a smooth transition to your new grip. Unlock your Glock’s full potential with the perfect grip, and let your shooting skills shine! 🔥💪

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8 months ago

I bought a purple one for the wife for b-day) I am waiting to present it))

    Bob Mark
    Bob Mark
    8 months ago

    I applied some force to install it. Initially, the 43 seemed too narrow, but this accessory made a significant improvement. I also purchased one for my g19, and it effectively reduces recoil, leading to better accuracy.

      8 months ago

      Over the years, I’ve installed multiple grips using a simple method. First, I place the grip in a cup of water and heat it in the microwave for four minutes. This doesn’t damage the grip, but the water boils nicely. Then, I spray the gun’s grip area with Windex and place the “front” of the grip on the gun, pressing the cover down onto the gun. This process is much easier than it appears in the video. I have successfully used this method on my 43X, 19, and 42.

        8 months ago
        Reply to  Kleron45

        Thank you for sharing your experience👏

          8 months ago

          I want to know if the grips can be easily removed after a month, 6 months, a year, or two if I decide to choose a different option later.

            8 months ago
            Reply to  Chad

            Pistol grips are generally easy to remove.

            🟨 The grip may become slightly more difficult to remove after two years of regular use due to dirt and sweat accumulation over time.

            ☑️ However, after a good clean with some lubricant, the grip should be able to come off easily. It is also important to note that the material used for the pistol grip can have an influence on how easy or difficult it is to remove. For example, rubberized grips tend to have better adhesion than those made from polymer materials.

              8 months ago

              I recently installed the Talon grip on my Glock 43, and I must say, it has been a game-changer. The grip provides an excellent texture that enhances my ability to maintain a firm and secure hold on the firearm. The rubber texture feels comfortable in my hand and significantly improves my control and accuracy while shooting.

                8 months ago
                Reply to  Bayrak

                So – I understand correctly, the rubberized version provides grip even when wet or sweaty while being less abrasive. I live in a hot area of Texas.

                  8 months ago
                  Reply to  Nataliel

                  The rubberized version of the pistol grip is an effective solution for users who require a secure hold, even when sweating or in wet conditions.

                  🛑 Its non-abrasive material ensures that it does not cause discomfort or irritation to the user’s hands, and its texture offers an enhanced grip to prevent slipping or losing control of the gun.

                  🛑 Additionally, this type of grip provides improved recoil management due to its shock-absorbing qualities.

                  ✅ This is especially helpful in situations where fast target acquisition and accurate shooting are required.

                    8 months ago
                    Reply to  Nataliel

                    Yes, certanly! The rubberized texture feels great and gives me a secure hold, even in wet or sweaty conditions