Best Tactical Shorts - Editor's Choice

What is tactical shorts? 🤔

They are a type of short clothing designed for people who need the flexibility, comfort, and mobility that trousers cannot provide. They are made from strong, durable material and often have pockets for storing items like tactical knives or flashlights.

Tactical shorts

Features 💥

Tactical shorts are perfect for those who need a reliable garment to provide them with plenty of storage space, comfort, and flexibility while out in the field.

  • ☑️ The fabric should be lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear. The material must allow freedom of movement without being too restrictive or bulky. A nylon ripstop is an ideal choice as it is highly durable and offers good heat retention.
  • ☑️ The pockets should also be placed strategically to provide easy access when needed. Ideally, look for pockets with zippers or hook and loop closures to prevent small items from falling out. The number of pockets will vary depending on the style of shorts but it’s best to have at least two front slash pockets, two back patch pockets, and one cargo pocket or down the side of each leg.
  • ☑️ Waist adjustability is vital for a comfortable fit, especially if you plan on wearing heavy-duty gear over your shorts. Look for shorts with a waistband that can be adjusted to provide an optimal fit without slipping or bunching up when moving around.
Our Top Pick
Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts
These shorts offer all the tactical features you need while maintaining a civilian appearance, ensuring your identity remains discreet. With an elastic velcro-closed belt, you can easily adjust the shorts to your size, while the large belt loops accommodate wide belts like EDC, UTL, or Cobra. The cut of the shorts is specifically tailored to prevent them from slipping while in use. The strategic pocket placement allows you to keep your equipment centered around your hips and waist, providing easy access. The edges of the front and rear pockets are reinforced to withstand the constant movement of lightweight or knife clips. Two velcro-closed front pockets offer ample space to carry a smartphone or even an AR/AK rifle magazine.
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Benefits 🤩

Tactical shorts are a great choice for anyone who needs a durable and functional pair of shorts. They offer several unique benefits that make them an essential addition to any outdoor wardrobe.

  • ✴️ First, such shorts are designed to be comfortable and breathable. Most models feature lightweight fabrics with moisture-wicking capabilities that allow air to move freely through the fabric, ensuring the wearer stays cool and dry even during strenuous activities.
  • ✴️ They also offer superior durability compared to regular shorts. These shorts are typically made of ripstop fabric or other heavy-duty materials that can withstand abrasion from rough surfaces and frequent outdoor use. This makes them perfect for demanding activities like climbing, running, and mountaineering, where they won’t tear or be easily damaged.
  • ✴️ Finally, shorts have plenty of pockets for storing items like phones, wallets, tools, maps, and more. This ensures you can bring the essentials with you on your adventures without having to lug around bulky bags or backpacks.

Benefits of tactical shorts

How choose it? 🔍

When choosing the best tactical shorts, it is important to consider several factors.

  • ➡️ First, look for shorts that are made from high-quality materials designed to be durable and tough. Materials such as Ripstop nylon or Cordura nylon are both excellent choices as they are lightweight and breathable yet still strong enough to withstand wear and tear.
  • ➡️ Pockets are also an important consideration when selecting the right shorts. Look for pockets that have zippered closures or flap closures for added security.
  • ➡️ It is also important to consider comfort. Look for shorts that feature mesh lining, adjustable waistbands, and gusseted crotch panels that provide an enhanced range of motion.
  • ➡️ Additionally, select a model that fits well but does not bind in any areas when worn due to too tight of a fit or too loose of a fit.
  • ➡️ Lastly, pick a style you feel comfortable wearing to get the most out of them for your needs.

TOP 15 Tactical Shorts 🩳

Tru-Spec 24-7 Men's Original Tactical Shorts, Coyote, 38Tru-SpecBuy on Amazon
FREE SOLDIER Men's Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts Hiking Cargo Shorts Nylon Spandex (Mud 36W x 12L)FREE SOLDIERBuy on Amazon
Unionbay Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Short, Black, 30UNIONBAYBuy on Amazon
Lee mens Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Shorts, Buff, 38 USLeeBuy on Amazon
Helikon-Tex Urban (UTS) Tactical Shorts for Men - Lightweight & Breathable Cargo Shorts for Tactical, Military, Police, Hiking, & Hunting (Shadow Grey Polycotton Ripstop W32, L8.5)Helikon-TexBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Men's Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts, Lightweight, Adjustable Waistband, TDU Khaki, Size 38, Style 733085.11Buy on Amazon
Helikon-Tex Urban (UTK) Tactical Shorts for Men - Lightweight & Breathable Cargo Shorts for Tactical, Military, Police, Hiking, & Hunting (Black Polycotton Ripstop W32, L11)Helikon-TexBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Taclite Shorts, Black, 365.11Buy on Amazon
Propper Men's Tactical Short, Khaki, 38PropperBuy on Amazon
5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts, Flex-Tac Ripstop Fabric, Style 73327 Tundra, 405.11Buy on Amazon
FREE SOLDIER Men's Hiking Tactical Cargo Shorts Multiple Pockets Waterproof Shorts Outdoor Fishing Camping Shorts Coyote Brown 34W x 11LFREE SOLDIERBuy on Amazon
Hiauspor Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts Quick Dry Lightweight Casual Fishing Tactical Golf for Outdoor with 5 Pockets(Black,Large)HiausporBuy on Amazon
HARD LAND Men's 9.5" Urban Tactical Shorts Waterproof Ripstop Teflon Elastic Waist Cargo Work Shorts Hiking Fishing Khaki Waist40HARD LANDBuy on Amazon
Propper Men's Summerweight Tactical Shorts, Olive, Size 42PropperBuy on Amazon
RAW X Mens Belted Cargo Shorts Relaxed Fit Casual Tactical Knee Length Cargo Shorts for Men, Twill Piping - White Camo, Size 42X RAYBuy on Amazon

1# Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts

Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts

The material that is used is tactical cotton. Also, the structure includes polyester, compartments, elastic tabs, loop closure, a knife, and a flashlight. The expandable loop and back pockets have protection from dirty conditions. To fix the short the belt loops are used in the top part, which is especially good for running. The outer part has a water-repellent cover that can withstand water. The short can be used for running and scouts’ aims. The bottom part is wide enough to give a breathable effect.

Video review

  • made from cotton and polyester
  • belts
  • pants
  • multiple pockets
  • compartments
  • pocket for a knife
  • pocket for accessories
  • not so far access to things


2# Free Soldier Men’s Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts

FREE SOLDIER Men's Lightweight Breathable Quick Dry Tactical Shorts

The shorts are made in Buckle Way. The material consists of nylon and spandex. The technologies are used to protect the liquid and water repellent. The accessory part of the shorts includes the key holder, YKZ ZIpper, place for notebook, D-Ring, and extra compartments. The shorts are good for fishing, hiking, work, and traveling. The upper part can be combined with a hook and loop pocket, an adjustable belt, Coolmax mesh, and YKZ Zippers. The shorts are ideal for hiking, jungle, and traveling.

  • made from nylon
  • spandex used
  • Teflon fabric
  • size chart
  • convenient
  • safe
  • not enough breathable effect


3# Unionbay Men’s Survivor Belted Cargo Short-Reg

UNIONBAY Men's Survivor Belted Cargo Short-Reg

Short shorts are used for relaxing, sports, and fitness. The shorts are very comfortable and have a breathable front part. The kin includes the ring belt, loop, zippers, black cotton, and oversize pockets. The shorts are offered in 7 colors which are offered for cases like fishing or hunting and helps to feel handsome. The shorts can be used for fast running because it gives full protection.

Video review

  • made from cotton
  • button closure
  • include belts
  • compartments from both sides
  • can be washed by machine
  • good for the sport
  • pockets are not so good for running


4# Lee Men’s Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

LEE Men's Dungarees New Belted Wyoming Cargo Short

The shorts contain the washing instruction, the main part of the shorts, compartments, a light cover from the front side, and zipper closures. The short has a stylish view and are good for camping and the backyard. Durable twill cotton gives protection from rips while walking and hiking. One pocket includes two inner pockets which can be useful for keys and money. Tactical shorts can be used many times. Color buff attracts young men because the shorts will protect them.

Video review

  • light brown
  • cotton used
  • nine pockets
  • good for walks
  • used on camping
  • ideal for backyard activities
  • not durable plastic elements


5# Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

The shorts are made from polycotton ripstop, stylish fabric, and nylon. The shorts are made in the US style which is very popular among young people. The package includes the hook, loop closure, pockets for tactical equipment, large belt. The edges of the compartment are protected with mesh, which means that your valuable things won’t be lost. The shorts are used for big urban cities and small towns.

  • urban style
  • nylon and fabric material
  • The US-printed design
  • popular in the EU
  • can be a part of technical equipment
  • front mesh
  • gray
  • too tight for wearing


6# 5.11 Tactical Men’s Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Men’s Taclite Pro 11-Inch Shorts

The combination of blend and fabric makes the shorts durable and used many times. An advantage is a lightweight, that makes the shorts suitable for any case. The kit contains storage pockets, the cotton structure, strap, and slash pockets, pockets, YKK zippers, utility pockets. The shorts are good for warm and humid conditions. The appropriate size can be chosen from the size chart, but you will need about 6 measures. The shorts are ideal for backpacking or family rest.

Video review

  • combination of polyester and cotton
  • tactical
  • gives easy movement
  • YKK zippers
  • ripstop fabric
  • withstand belts
  • inner compartments
  • not so comfortable


7# Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts

15 different colors are put into the kit, which makes a great offer from the supplier. The kit includes the closure, zippers, nylon, breathable material, elastic belt, and a large size. The advantage is two back pockets for tactical knives that will protect you in an emergency, or danger, or will help to provide the food. Front pocket for mobile will help to be in touch with family and friends, on camping and boating, and outdoor activities.

Video review

  • perfect for outdoor
  • long
  • cover the leg
  • elastic belts
  • two mesh layers
  • two foldings for a knife
  • nylon parts
  • too tight at the backside


8# 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite Pro 9.5-Inch Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite Pro 9.5-Inch Shorts

The kit has several parts: main pockets, extra pockets, seat, mesh, utility pockets, and D ring. The main colors are black which is durable for strong trips. The enhanced structure will protect from cold in the forest, on camping, or rest, during long biking. There are deep pockets and knife pockets which can be useful in the jungle or other dangerous places.

  • black
  • short
  • protect from wind and water
  • button closure
  • zipper
  • two compartments
  • double mesh at the seat
  • not enough compartments


9# Propper Men’s Tactical Short

Propper Men's Tactical Short

The shorts are made in a simple style and have only two pockets, the total length of which reaches the knee. The colors are chosen so that the shorts are well washed, the lock is one but very reliable. The main material is polyester which gives extra protection. The snap closure will save the shorts from the rip. The 6 colors attract the eye and have a good view.

  • washed by machine
  • polyester
  • snap closure
  • 9 pockets
  • worn by MEN
  • 6 colors
  • not good for sports


10# 5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts

5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts

This product is made in a dual-fabric construction way. Shorts are especially popular in the states, both white and black. They are well-fixed with an elastic band at the waist. The front has two additional pockets for keys and a knife. There are also internal pockets for especially important little things. Mainly such shorts are used for fishing and hunting.

  • cotton material
  • great to move
  • long-lasting
  • perfect for adults
  • casual style
  • water-resistant
  • not durable zippers


11# Free Soldier Men’s Tactical Cargo Shorts

FREE SOLDIER Men's Tactical Cargo Shorts

The shorts are completely military and strong. It includes an adjustable waist, a waterproof layer, and YKK zippers. The main color is light brown which is good for the army and studies. The multi-pockets include one straight pocket, two hip pockets, a flap pocket, a hook, and a loop pocket. The shorts are super for climbing, working, hiking, and cycling. The concealed pocket helps to store the wallet or mobile for better protection. The double-layer hip part will protect the back part of the body.

  • 3 levels of protection
  • durable knee protection
  • good for climbing
  • simple
  • multiple usages
  • EDC pocket
  • button in the upper part
  • needs the help of a designer


12# Hiauspor Men’s Hiking Shorts Casual Cargo Shorts

Hiauspor Men’s Hiking Shorts Casual Cargo Shorts

These shorts are popular with YKK Zippers, which are very strong and durable. The main material is a breathable fabric, which will give extra air while running or doing activities. The tactical shorts contains an elastic hook and loop, 2 side zippers, and 4 pockets, which will help to store the mobile, document, or keys. The shorts can be used in multiple places like forests, boating, climbing, and hunting.

  • good for outdoor activities
  • friendly to the skin
  • black
  • wallet compartment
  • zipper locking
  • used for climbing, fishing, traveling
  • problems with sizing


13# Hard Land Men’s 9.5 Inches Waterproof Tactical Shorts

HARD LAND Men's 9.5 Inches Waterproof Tactical Shorts

These shorts contain wide belts, a carabiner, a key holder, a clip for the knife, a velcro closure, a D ring, and zippers. The size of the pocket has 8 inches, which is enough to place everything. The slash pocket has 14 inches that good for hiking, camping, boating, and travel. Shorts have a light color and a light design to wear in warm weather. Unfortunately, the structure doesn’t fully cover the knee.

  • protect from dirt
  • reflect water
  • different pockets
  • light color
  • key holder
  • phone pocket
  • stress-resistant
  • the knees don’t cover all the knees


14# Propper Men’s Summerweight Tactical Shorts

Propper Men's Summerweight Tactical Shorts

This product is protected by nylon and fabric layers. The shorts have upper compartments, loop closure, inner mesh, smart design, and knee cover layer. The shorts are made in a simple but classic style. The shorts can have multiple usages as for daily walks and camping in the forest. The shorts are very tiny and don’t take much place in a bag or case, so you can take them for any adventure: hiking, resting, or traveling.

  • ripstop, nylon materials
  • can be washed by machine
  • cargo pockets
  • pockets
  • loop closure
  • hook
  • olive color
  • zippers can be destroyed by tightening


15# RAW X Men’s Belted Cargo Shorts

RAW X Men’s Belted Cargo Shorts

This product is valuable for a mix of fabric and cotton, which makes it fashionable. The package contains the fabric material, D ring, belt, compartments, 2 plant pockets, 2 closure flaps, and quick storage. The short will improve sitting on wishing, hiking, and boating. Shorts will be an addition to men’s wardrobes for summer and autumn.

  • military style
  • protected from wet
  • size chart
  • cover the knee
  • good for everyday use
  • can be used for fishing
  • double fixing on the body
  • not durable zippers


What better: regular shorts vs tactical? 💡

Tactical shorts and regular shorts are two types of apparel designed for different activities.

  • 🟣 Tactical models are designed with more features to provide utility and comfort during physical activities such as hiking, running, or any other outdoor activity. These shorts often feature pockets with zippers or Velcro closures, as well as reinforced seams and rip-stop material for durability.
  • 🟣 In comparison, regular shorts are usually more lightweight and comfortable than tactical but lack the same level of features. Regular shorts are better suited for activities that don’t require much movement or potential strain on the garment, like lounging around the house or going out to dinner. The fabric is generally lighter and breathable which makes it ideal for hot climates, however, the lack of pockets makes them less useful when outdoors.

✅ When it comes to deciding between tactical and regular shorts, it all depends on what you plan on using them for.

  • ⌛️ If you’re searching for an item of clothing to wear while engaging in active outdoor activities such as running, camping, or hunting then tactical models are your best bet. They offer greater protection from the elements and have features designed specifically to make those activities easier and more enjoyable.
  • ⌛️ However, if you just want something light and comfortable that won’t get in the way while lounging around then regular shorts will be a better fit.


Who may need a tactical short?

✍️ Tactical shorts are primarily designed for individuals who engage in outdoor activities, such as military personnel, law enforcement officers, and outdoor enthusiasts. Here are some examples of individuals who may benefit from them:

  • 🔷 Military and Law Enforcement Personnel: These shorts are commonly worn by military personnel, police officers, and other law enforcement professionals during training exercises, outdoor operations, and tactical missions.
  • 🔷 Outdoor Enthusiasts: Whether you’re hiking, camping, fishing, or engaging in other outdoor activities, tactical shorts can offer benefits such as durability, moisture-wicking capabilities, ample pocket space for carrying tools or essentials, and reinforced stitching to withstand rugged terrain.
  • 🔷 Survivalists and Preppers: Such shorts can be favored by survivalists and preppers who prioritize preparedness. The shorts’ functionality and versatility can be useful in emergencies or when venturing into the wilderness.
  • 🔷 Shooting and Range Enthusiasts: For individuals who frequent shooting ranges or engage in competitive shooting sports, shorts can provide comfort, flexibility, and convenient storage options for carrying ammunition, spare magazines, or other shooting accessories.
What increases the durability of shorts?

🟣 To increase the durability of shorts, you can consider the following factors:

  • ✔️ Fabric Quality: Choose shorts made from high-quality materials known for their durability. Fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or a blend of these materials are often more resistant to wear and tear compared to natural fibers like cotton.
  • ✔️ Reinforced Construction: Pay attention to the construction details of the shorts. Reinforced seams, bartacks, or extra stitching in areas prone to stress or movement, such as the crotch, pockets, and waistband, can significantly enhance durability. Reinforced construction helps prevent the tearing or unraveling of the fabric.
  • ✔️ Heavy-Duty Zippers and Fasteners: Opt for shorts with heavy-duty zippers, buttons, or snaps. These stronger fasteners are less likely to break or get damaged during regular use or demanding activities.
  • ✔️ Ripstop Technology: Consider shorts with ripstop fabric technology. Ripstop fabrics are woven with reinforcement threads in a grid pattern, making them highly resistant to tearing and preventing any small rips from spreading. This feature can enhance the durability and longevity of the shorts, especially in outdoor or rugged environments.
  • ✔️ Abrasion Resistance: Look for shorts with abrasion-resistant features or reinforced areas. These can include reinforced seat patches, reinforced knees, or additional overlays made from durable materials like Cordura or Kevlar.
  • ✔️ Moisture-Wicking and Quick-Drying Properties: Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics help keep the shorts dry and prevent moisture-related damage. These features are particularly beneficial in outdoor activities or situations where the shorts may come in contact with water, sweat, or other liquids.
  • ✔️ Proper Care and Maintenance: Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to maintain the durability of the shorts. Regularly clean and store them properly, avoiding harsh detergents, excessive heat, or prolonged exposure to sunlight, which can weaken the fabric over time.
What material are tactical shorts made of?

🤓 Tactical shorts are typically made from durable and functional materials that offer comfort, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. The specific materials used can vary among different brands and models of tactical shorts, but here are some common materials you may find:

  • 🧩 Ripstop Nylon: It is a popular choice for tactical shorts due to its strength and resistance to tearing. It is woven with reinforcement threads in a grid pattern, making it highly durable and preventing small tears from spreading.
  • 🧩 Polyester/Cotton Blend: Many shorts feature a blend of polyester and cotton. Polyester offers durability, moisture-wicking properties, and quick-drying capabilities, while cotton provides breathability and comfort.
  • 🧩 Nylon/Cotton Blend: Similar to the polyester/cotton blend, a nylon/cotton blend offers a combination of durability and comfort. Nylon provides strength and abrasion resistance, while cotton enhances breathability.
  • 🧩 Canvas: It is a heavy-duty woven fabric known for its durability and ruggedness, can withstand rough use, and is resistant to tearing and abrasion. Canvas tactical shorts are often favored for their durability and toughness.
  • 🧩 Synthetic Blends: They may also incorporate various synthetic blends, such as spandex or elastane, to provide stretch and flexibility. These materials allow for a wider range of motion and enhanced comfort during active pursuits.
How to choose the right size for these shorts?

📌 Choosing the right size of tactical shorts is essential for comfort and optimal performance. Here are some steps:

  • 🔍 Refer to the Size Chart: Most reputable tactical clothing brands provide a size chart that correlates measurements with specific sizes. Locate the brand’s size chart either on their website or the product page for the shorts you’re interested in.
  • 🔍 Measure Your Waist: Use a flexible tape measure to measure the circumference of your natural waistline, which is typically the narrowest part of your torso. Ensure the tape measure is snug but not too tight.
  • 🔍 Check the Inseam Length: Consider the desired length of the shorts. Measure the inseam of a well-fitting pair of shorts or pants that you currently own, starting from the crotch seam to the desired hem length.
  • 🔍 Compare Measurements to the Size Chart: Compare your waist measurement and inseam length to the corresponding measurements in the size chart. Choose the size that aligns most closely with your measurements. If your waist measurement falls between two sizes, it’s generally recommended to go with the larger size for a more comfortable fit.
  • 🔍 Consider Brand-Specific Fit: Different brands may have slightly different fits and sizing, so it’s important to read any brand-specific fit information provided. Some brands may offer regular, slim, or relaxed fit options, which can affect the way the shorts fit your body.
Is it worth buying it?

✳️ Whether it’s worth buying tactical shorts depends on your specific needs, preferences, and intended use. Here are some factors to consider when determining the value of purchasing:

  • ⭐️ Functionality: These shorts are designed with functional features and storage options in mind. They often include multiple pockets, reinforced stitching, and additional attachments or loops for carrying essential gear or equipment. If you engage in outdoor activities, law enforcement, or military work, or need extra storage for your tools and accessories, shorts can provide added convenience and utility.
  • ⭐️ Durability: Such shorts are typically made from durable materials that can withstand rugged conditions and frequent use. They are designed to be tough, tear-resistant, and resistant to abrasion. If you require clothing that can handle demanding environments or activities, investing in durable tactical shorts may be worthwhile.
  • ⭐️ Comfort and Fit: Consider the comfort and fit of the shorts. Look for features like adjustable waistbands, moisture-wicking properties, and stretchable materials that enhance comfort and mobility. Proper fit and comfort are crucial for prolonged wear, especially during physical activities.
  • ⭐️ Cost: They often come at a higher price point compared to regular shorts due to their specialized features and durability. Evaluate your budget and weigh the cost against the expected benefits and long-term use. If you anticipate frequent use and find value in the added functionality and durability, the investment may be justified.

Conclusion 😊

The right pair of tactical shorts can make a huge difference in comfort and performance. We hope this buyer’s guide has helped you find exactly what you need to stay safe and comfortable while out in the field. With our tips and product reviews in hand, we know you’ll be able to select a pair of shorts that fit your needs perfectly! So go ahead – get out there and enjoy your adventures with confidence knowing you’re wearing the best gear available! 🤠👍

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That is why it is important for me to find good items that will help me and my family have a good time without too much hassle. I like to look for stuff for myself or gifts for my loved ones. We also share the high-quality products we find with each other, and I think it is really important to transfer your opinion and knowledge, that is why I am pleased to share the useful information I find with other people. I'm so happy that my family helps me in this matter. We hope that someone really finds this helpful and interesting enough!

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Peter Gonzales
Peter Gonzales
10 months ago

The other day, while browsing at a military surplus store, I came across tactical shorts, which are essentially cargo shorts. It got me wondering if anyone in certain professions would consider wearing them on the job. For example, in places where company t-shirts are allowed as an alternative to class-A uniforms during hot weather, would EMS professionals ever consider wearing shorts to stay cool on the job? I’m curious to hear if anyone has any insights or experiences regarding this.

    10 months ago
    Reply to  Peter Gonzales

    I believe that experiencing a cool breeze would be quite invigorating, at least until the moment when you find yourself wading through unsanitary environments or kneeling on a carpet soaked with bodily fluids. However, I do understand the appeal of having the option to wear shorts in certain professions. It would provide much-needed relief from the heat and potentially enhance comfort during hot weather conditions.

      Solomon Peterson
      Solomon Peterson
      10 months ago
      Reply to  Peter Gonzales

      I have observed individuals opting to wear shorts in certain situations, and while I acknowledge that it may offer enhanced comfort, I have concerns regarding hygiene and safety. Additionally, I must admit that I find the appearance of individuals such as police officers in their shorter uniforms quite amusing. It does seem a bit comical to me.

        10 months ago
        Reply to  Peter Gonzales

        I believe that Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts are a suitable choice for outdoor standbys during hot weather, particularly when there is no need for patient transportation. However, in more critical situations like transporting a patient to the ER, it’s important to stick with tactical pants. Moreover, considering the potential risks involved, such as kneeling in various bodily fluids during a call, it seems too hazardous to opt for shorts in those scenarios.

          Zavier Richardson
          Zavier Richardson
          10 months ago

          I’ve been curious about what clothing items others have found to be a good match for their everyday carry (EDC) gear. I prefer to avoid layering my items and find that regular pockets don’t always accommodate clips repeatedly. I’m not a fan of cargo shorts and would like to explore alternative options with a well-designed pocket layout. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate hearing them.

            10 months ago

            The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke 11-Inch Inseam Military Shorts have been a game-changer for me. These shorts can handle the rigorous demands of my job and hold up exceptionally well, even with all the crawling I do. Overall, these shorts have proven to be a reliable and functional choice for my EDC needs.

              Seth Thompson
              Seth Thompson
              10 months ago

              I’m tired of wearing pants during the summer heat and I need some cooling shorts for my legs. Can you recommend some models?

                10 months ago
                Reply to  Seth Thompson

                The Helikon-Tex Urban/Outdoor Tactical Shorts have been a favorite of mine, and I currently own five pairs. I particularly appreciate the durability of the ripstop fabric compared to the stretchy material. The pocket placements on these shorts are well-designed and practical.

                  Will Coleman
                  Will Coleman
                  10 months ago
                  Reply to  Seth Thompson

                  I recently purchased a pair of Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Series Tactical Shorts, and I must say they are incredibly breathable. With a total of pockets, these shorts are marketed as fishing shorts but are versatile enough for everyday wear.

                    10 months ago
                    Reply to  Seth Thompson

                    The Hard Land Men’s 9.5 Inches Waterproof Tactical Shorts are my go-to choice. I wear them regularly and appreciate the convenience of their zippered back pocket and concealed zippered side pocket, in addition to the standard hip pocket.