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Best 375 Win Ammo

What Is 375 Win Ammo?🧐

The 375 Winchester is a type of ammunition originally introduced in 1978 for use in the Winchester Model 94 Big Bore lever-action rifle. Known for its impressive stopping power, the 375 Win is a popular choice amongst big game hunters, particularly those hunting larger species like bears or elk. Its powerful ballistic performance, combined with its accuracy, makes it a preferred choice for many hunting enthusiasts.

Specification 😎

📌 The 375 Winchester cartridge typically measures 2.015 inches in length with a rim diameter of 0.506 inches.

📌 The bullet diameter is approximately 0.375 inches, giving the ammunition its name. It commonly uses a large rifle primer, and the maximum pressure it can withstand is usually around 52,000 PSI.

📌 Its standard bullet weight ranges from 200 to 250 grains, which contributes to its exceptional stopping power.

📌 This cartridge’s velocity typically ranges between 2,100 to 2,200 feet per second, providing an excellent balance of speed and force for hunting big game.

Best 375 Win Ammo

Features 🙂

This ammo is distinguished by several key features that make it a compelling option for big game hunters. One of its most notable features is its powerful stopping power. This stopping power stems from its heavy bullet weight and high velocity, which together deliver a potent combination of speed and force. This factor makes it especially effective against larger species such as bears and elk.

Another significant feature is its accuracy. Despite its considerable power, this ammunition maintains impressive precision, a factor that is crucial for ethical and successful hunting. This accuracy is largely due to its excellent ballistic performance, which ensures that the bullet maintains a stable trajectory even over longer distances.

Furthermore, this ammo boasts of robust construction, with a large rifle primer and a maximum pressure tolerance of around 52,000 PSI. This construction not only contributes to its overall performance but also ensures its reliability and durability, further cementing its place as a popular choice among hunting enthusiasts.

Our Top Pick
375 Win – Winchester Super-X Rifle
The Winchester Super-X .375 Win stands as a robust cartridge, possessing formidable capability for downing sizable game. Designed around a 200-grain Power Point projectile, it holds the purpose of delivering decisive and lethal force, rendering it exceptionally suited for pursuing deer or black bear. With its soft nose bullet featuring exposed lead, you can confidently anticipate a triumphant and effective hunting experience.
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🔘 This ammo finds its primary application in hunting, specifically big game hunting. It’s impressive stopping power and accuracy render it ideal for hunting larger species such as bears and elk. The bullet’s heavy weight and high velocity, combined with its excellent ballistic performance, provide a lethal blend of speed and force, ensuring a quick and ethical kill.

🔘 In addition to hunting, it is also used in sport shooting. Its consistent precision, coupled with its potent power, makes it a popular choice among competitive shooters seeking to hit targets accurately at varying distances.

🔘 Finally, while not its primary purpose, it can be used for self-defence in extreme situations. Its robust stopping power certainly makes it capable of stopping threats effectively, although its recoil and noise may be more than what some people might be comfortable with for regular self-defence use.

Best 375 Win Ammo

1# 375 Win – Winchester Super-x Rifle – 200 Gr – 20 Rounds

375 Win - Winchester Super-x Rifle - 200 Gr - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

The Winchester Super-X .375 Win is a powerful round with the ability to take down big game. The 200-grain PowerPoint projectile is meant to produce fatal damage, making it ideal for taking down deer or black bears. Thanks to the exposed lead soft nose style of the bullet, you’re sure to have a successful hunt. Winchester has been providing quality ammunition for over 100 years, so you can be confident that their Super-X line will provide outstanding performance and dependability. When you’re looking for a round that can handle anything, reach for Winchester’s Super-X .375 Win.

  • Designed specifically for hunting
  • Perfect for taking down deer or black bear
  • American-made and designed
  • Brass cased with non-corrosive boxer primers
  • Reloadable
  • A bit pricey


Comparing 375 Win Ammo and 450 Marlin Ammo🔑

✅ The 375 Winchester Ammo is known for its substantial stopping power, accuracy, and excellent ballistic performance, making it a preferred choice for hunting larger games. It has a standard bullet weight ranging from 200 to 250 grains and a velocity of 2,100 to 2,200 feet per second.

✅ On the other hand, 450 Marlin Ammo is another popular choice among hunters, renowned for its superior punch and flat trajectory, ideal for taking down large and dangerous games. The 450 Marlin typically carries a heavier bullet weight, often in the range of 325 to 350 grains, and delivers higher energy upon impact due to its higher velocity, around 2,200 to 2,300 feet per second.

🔴 Despite the differences, both ammunitions have their distinct advantages and are chosen based on the hunter’s specific needs. While this ammo excels in overall stopping power and accuracy, the 450 Marlin offers a heavier bullet and a slightly higher velocity, providing a stronger punch upon impact. Hence, the selection between the two often comes down to the specific game being hunted and the personal preference of the shooter.

Please watch this video to learn more information📺


What is the history of .375 Winchester ammo?

This cartridge was introduced in 1978 by Winchester Repeating Arms Company. It is a modernized version of the .38-55 Winchester black powder cartridge, which was introduced in 1884. The .375 Winchester uses smokeless powder and is capable of delivering more energy than the .38-55. This makes it a more effective cartridge for hunting large game animals.

It was initially chambered in the Winchester Model 94 lever action rifle. This rifle was popular for hunting deer and other medium-sized game animals, but it was not powerful enough for larger games like elk and moose. The introduction of the .375 Winchester gave hunters a lever action rifle that was capable of taking down these larger animals.

The .375 Winchester was also chambered in other rifles, such as the Ruger Model 77 and the Marlin Model 336. It is still a popular cartridge for hunting large games today.

How to make 375 Winchester Brass From 30-30?

Converting is a complex and potentially risky process that requires advanced gunsmithing skills and specialized equipment. This conversion involves significant alterations to the cartridge case, which should not be attempted by inexperienced individuals. It’s important to prioritize safety and adhere to all local laws and regulations. If you’re not a skilled gunsmith, it’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance. Here is a general overview of the steps involved in converting .30-30 brass to .375 Winchester brass:

Materials and Tools Needed🛠️:

  • 📎 .30-30 Winchester brass
  • 📎 .375 Winchester chamber reamer
  • 📎 Lathe or drill press (with appropriate fixtures)
  • 📎 Headspacing gauges
  • 📎 Reloading components for .375 Winchester
  • 📎 Safety equipment (gloves, safety glasses, etc.)


  1. Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety at all times. Wear appropriate safety gear and ensure you’re working in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Chamber Reaming: Use a lathe or drill press with proper fixtures to secure the .30-30 brass in place. Carefully ream out the interior of the brass case using a .375 Winchester chamber reamer. This step requires precision to achieve proper chamber dimensions.
  3. Trimming and Resizing: After reaming, you’ll need to trim and resize the brass to .375 Winchester specifications. Use appropriate reloading dies and equipment for this process.
  4. Headspacing: Use headspace gauges to ensure the brass is properly headspace for the .375 Winchester chamber. This step is crucial for safe and reliable function.
  5. Case Preparation: Clean, inspect, and prepare the converted brass cases just as you would with commercially available brass.
  6. Load Development: Develop new loads using the converted brass with appropriate .375 Win components, following reloading data from reputable sources.
  7. Range Testing: Thoroughly test the converted brass and loads at the range. Pay attention to accuracy, consistency, and pressure signs.

Important Notes🔴:

  • 🔴 This process requires specialized tools and equipment, as well as a high level of gunsmithing expertise.
  • 🔴 Altering cartridge cases can affect safety, accuracy, and reliability. Any mistakes during the conversion process can result in catastrophic failures.
  • 🔴 Converting brass from one calibre to another should be done with caution and a deep understanding of firearm mechanics.
  • 🔴 It’s strongly recommended to consult with a qualified gunsmith before attempting any brass conversion.
  • 🔴 Commercially manufactured brass is the safer and more reliable option for reloading this calibre.

If you’re interested in reloading .375 Winchester ammunition, it’s recommended to acquire commercially available brass and components designed for this calibre. This will provide a safer and more predictable reloading experience.

Watch this video to find more information💻

What bullet types are available for .375 Winchester ammo?

This ammunition is available in a variety of bullet types, catered to different shooting preferences and purposes.

  1. ⭕ Soft Point (SP): This type has a softer lead tip designed to expand upon impact, providing a deeper wound channel on the game. It’s ideal for hunting due to its combination of penetration and expansion.
  2. ⭕ Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): JHP bullets feature a hollowed-out centre and are designed to mushroom upon impact. They offer greater expansion and are used mainly for self-defence and hunting.
  3. ⭕ Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): Featuring a soft lead bullet encased in a harder metal, FMJ bullets are primarily used for target shooting and plinking. They provide less expansion, which is more suitable for these applications.
  4. ⭕ Lead Flat Nose (LFN): These bullets have a flat nose, which makes them ideal for lever-action rifles. They are popular for hunting, offering reliable penetration and expansion.

Each of these bullet types offers different characteristics, allowing hunters and shooters to choose based on their specific needs and preferences.

Is 385 Winhester Ammo Moose Worthy?

The .375 Winchester cartridge, not 385 Winchester, is generally considered suitable for hunting moose and other large game. This cartridge is designed to provide substantial stopping power and penetration, making it effective for taking down larger animals like moose. However, as with any hunting scenario, shot placement and bullet selection are crucial factors in ensuring a humane and ethical kill.

It’s important to note that the .375 Winchester cartridge might not be as commonly used for moose hunting as some other calibres, such as the .30-06 Springfield or .300 Winchester Magnum, which are known for their versatility and popularity in large game hunting. If you’re considering using .375 Winchester ammo for moose hunting, make sure you are comfortable and proficient with your firearm, and choose appropriate ammunition and bullet types designed for hunting large game.

Always research and follow local hunting regulations and guidelines when selecting a calibre and cartridge for hunting moose or any other game species.

We believe this video can be helpful for you📺

Is .375 Winchester ammo suitable for reloading?

Yes, .375 Winchester ammo is suitable for reloading, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Reloading allows you to customize your ammunition for specific purposes, achieve optimal accuracy, and potentially save on costs. Here are some key points to consider if you’re planning to reload your ammo:

1. ✔️ Brass Availability: Ensure you have access to brass, which is essential for reloading. While they may not be as widely available as more common calibres, you can find them from various manufacturers or sources that specialize in reloading components.

2. ✔️ Reloading Components: Gather all the necessary components, including bullets, primers, powder, and reloading dies specifically designed for this ammo. Make sure you’re using data from reputable reloading manuals or trusted sources when selecting components and determining load data.

3. ✔️ Reloading Manuals: Always refer to established reloading manuals for load data and guidelines. Reliable sources, such as those provided by reputable ammunition and reloading component manufacturers, will help you create safe and effective reloads.

4. ✔️ Safety Precautions: Safety should be your top priority when reloading ammunition. Follow proper reloading procedures, use appropriate safety gear, and double-check all measurements. Start with conservative loads and work your way up while monitoring for signs of excessive pressure.

5. ✔️ Reloading Equipment: Ensure you have the necessary reloading equipment, including a reloading press, dies, powder scale, powder dispenser, callipers, case trimmer, and other tools.

6. ✔️ Bullet Selection: Choose bullets suitable for your intended use, whether it’s hunting, target shooting, or other purposes. The weight, design, and construction of the bullet will affect performance and accuracy.

7. ✔️ Case Preparation: Properly clean, inspect, and resize the brass cases before reloading. Check for signs of wear, cracks, or defects that could affect the integrity of the cartridge.

8. ✔️ Load Development: Start with conservative loads and gradually work your way up, paying close attention to accuracy and pressure signs. Keep detailed records of your load data for reference.

9. ✔️ Range Testing: After reloading, conduct thorough range testing to evaluate the performance of your reloaded ammunition. Pay attention to accuracy, consistency, and any signs of overpressure.

10. ✔️ Expertise and Learning: Reloading requires knowledge and experience. If you’re new to reloading, consider seeking guidance from experienced reloaders or taking reloading courses to ensure you have a strong understanding of the process.

11. ✔️ Legal Considerations: Be aware of any legal regulations or restrictions related to reloading ammunition in your area. Ensure you comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Remember, reloading is a responsible and potentially rewarding endeavour, but it also comes with a responsibility to prioritize safety and follow established procedures. If you’re unsure or unfamiliar with reloading practices, consider seeking guidance from experienced reloaders or professionals in the field.


The 375 Winchester ammo showcases a compelling blend of power, accuracy, and durability, making it a top choice for big game hunters and competitive shooters alike. Its potent stopping power, derived from its heavy bullet weight and high velocity, ensures efficient, ethical hunting of larger species. The ammo’s excellent ballistic performance guarantees precision, an indispensable aspect in both hunting and sport shooting. While not its primary purpose, its robust stopping power could provide a formidable self-defence tool in extreme situations. It’s these diverse applications and impressive features that make the 375 Winchester ammo a popular option in the world of ballistic ammunition.

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7 months ago

The 375 Big Bore, which I once owned and later gifted to my son, performed excellently, firing my homemade cast bullets with a gas check at a speed of 2000 FPS. The Winchester boasted traditional rifling, in contrast to the Marlin’s Micro groove feature.

    7 months ago

    Hi!  How does .375 Winchester compare to other rifle calibers?

      7 months ago
      Reply to  Parson

      🟣 .375 Winchester falls into the category of medium to large game hunting calibers. It offers more power and energy than standard deer hunting calibers but is not as potent as some of the magnum rifle calibers used for hunting large and dangerous game.

        7 months ago

        I’m expecting a .375 Win shortly. Can anyone recommend a place to purchase some affordable ammunition? Appreciate your suggestions.

          7 months ago
          Reply to  Fibion

          Please vcheck our article 👆

            7 months ago
            Reply to  Fibion

            Winchester continues to manufacture the ammunition, making it readily available for purchase from most retailers that sell ammo. Although I cannot guarantee its price, it’s likely comparable to similar cartridges in its class. You can probably anticipate spending roughly $20 for a box containing 20 rounds.

              7 months ago
              Reply to  Fibion

              Winchester manufactures the product, but albeit on a seasonal basis. The production is driven by demand, with new batches made only when a significant number of requests or orders are received. Previously, Midway carried the product both in individual boxes and in bulk cases. However, at present, they are only offering bulk case purchases with an expected wait time of 30 days.

                7 months ago

                Hello. Thank you for the great post. What firearms are compatible with .375 Winchester ammo?

                  7 months ago
                  Reply to  Mathew

                  The .375 Winchester ammo is compatible with a variety of firearms, known for its reliability and performance.
                  🟡 Winchester Model 94 Big Bore: As the name implies, this lever-action rifle was designed explicitly for .375 Winchester ammo. It’s famed for its robust construction and impressive accuracy.
                  🟡 Marlin Model 375: Another lever-action rifle, the Marlin 375, was also designed to handle .375 Winchester ammo. It’s appreciated for its smooth action and reliable performance.
                  🟡 Ruger No. 3: This single-shot rifle is known for its robust construction and simple design. It’s capable of handling the .375 Winchester ammo, offering excellent accuracy and power.
                  🟡 Thompson Center Contender: This single-shot pistol is known for its versatility, able to handle a wide range of calibers, including the .375 Winchester. It’s popular among handgun hunters for its accuracy and power.