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Best 1911 Trigger Kit

What is the 1911 trigger kit?馃

It is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to improve the performance of your classic Colt 1911 pistol. This kit includes an adjustable trigger, which allows you to adjust the smoothness and break of the trigger pull. It also comes with a lightweight hammer and strut that help reduce felt recoil.

1911 trigger kit


When it comes to customizing and improving your 1911 handgun, one of the best investments you can make is upgrading the trigger mechanism. A superior trigger kit can dramatically enhance the performance, accuracy, and overall feel of your firearm. Some of the features:

  • 鉁达笍 A reduced pull weight. This allows for faster and more accurate shots by reducing the amount of effort needed to pull the trigger.
  • 鉁达笍 An adjustable pre-travel, over-travel, and reset length. This ensures you can customize your gun鈥檚 feel and performance to fit your personal preference.
  • 鉁达笍 An adjustable trigger shoe or finger pad. This allows you to modify the size of the trigger for better fit and improved ergonomics.
  • 鉁达笍 An improved sear and disconnector design that increases the overall accuracy and reliability of your gun.
  • 鉁达笍 Match-grade springs designed to improve accuracy, and consistency, and reduce felt recoil.
Our Top Pick
Cylinder & Slide 1911 Trigger Pull Kits
Every kit undergoes rigorous testing on a Series 70-style frame to ensure it delivers the specified pull weight with minimal or no additional adjustments required. The parts in the kit are precision wire EDM cut from high-quality bar stock, meticulously honed, polished, and then heat treated to guarantee long-lasting durability. All profiles and through-holes are designed to fit seamlessly without the need for manual fitting. The sear nose is properly angled for optimal performance, and the sear spring is narrowed to reduce the pull weight. Additionally, the exposed hammer edges on the kits are chamfered to minimize friction against the slide and minimize wear on clothing. Each kit includes a hammer, sear, disconnector, sear spring, and hammer spring for a comprehensive upgrade solution.
Buy Now On Brownells
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The 1911 trigger kit is a must-have for any firearms enthusiast. It provides an excellent upgrade to your old-fashioned handgun, allowing you to make precision shots with greater accuracy. The benefits of installing include:

  • 鈽戯笍 Improved Accuracy: The kit provides enhanced accuracy when shooting by providing smoother operation of the trigger assembly. The heavier hammer spring, lightweight trigger, and adjustable over-travel stops work together to provide an ideal balance of speed and accuracy when aiming at your target.
  • 鈽戯笍 Quicker Trigger Pull: With the addition of a trigger kit, you can unlock the potential of shooting faster reaction times with a smoother trigger pull. This is especially beneficial in competition shooting or any situation where fast response times may be needed.
  • 鈽戯笍 Varied Options: It allows for more customization options so you can tailor it to your preferences and needs. You can choose from varying-weight springs and select different finishes to make your gun stand out from the rest.
  • 鈽戯笍 Increased Durability: Installing a trigger kit will provide your gun with increased durability, as it is designed to take on heavy use in the field or competition. The improved tolerances and materials used for the parts will help ensure your gun can stand up to wear and tear more effectively.

Benefit of 1911 trigger kit

鈿欙笍Tune-Up and Trigger Job鈿欙笍

Tuning up and trigger jobs for 1911 typically involves the installation of an aftermarket trigger kit.

鉁掞笍 The best 1911 trigger kits will replace all of the critical parts within your firearm including the hammer, sear, disconnector, and possibly other components depending on the model purchased.

馃洜锔 Installing one of these kits requires knowledge and patience as these pieces must be fitted properly to produce an optimal and safe result. Some kits come with instructions that cover how to install correctly; however, it is still highly recommended that experienced gunsmiths do the work if you don’t have experience with this type of firearm customization.

  • 馃挜 With proper installation, users can expect enhanced accuracy due to improved trigger pull weight as well as a smoother breakpoint when releasing the hammer or slide.
  • 馃挜 Additionally, installing one of these kits can help reduce felt recoil resulting in greater shooting comfort over extended periods at targets or in competitions.

Best 1911 Trigger Kit Reviews

1# Ed Brown Products 1911 Perfection Hammer & Sear Kit

Ed Brown Products 1911 Perfection Hammer & Sear Kit

Looking to upgrade your 1911? Look no further than the Ed Brown Perfection Hammer & Sear Kit! This kit includes our famous Perfection Hammer and mated Perfection Sear – the same parts used in Ed Brown pistols by these world-class gunsmiths. Upgrade your existing setup with this quality kit, or use it as a building block for a custom pistol build. The 896/897 Perfection Hammer is machined from bar stock and guaranteed for life against breakage. It features an improved design with a beautiful chamfer machined around the outside, and also inside the hole. The result is a smoother action and reduced wear on your firearm.

  • Guaranteed for life against breakage
  • Sides are narrowed to eliminate drag on the slide
  • Lowered strut pinhole reduces full-cock spring pressure
  • Hammer hooks precisely machined at 020-.022 perfectly square with sharp corners
  • If a part does break, it takes a long time for replacements to ship


2# Ed Brown Products 1911 Trigger Pull Kit

Ed Brown Products 1911 Trigger Pull Kit

View on OpticsPlanet View on Brownells

The Ed Brown Products 1911 Trigger Pull Kit is the perfect way to achieve a smooth, crisp trigger pull on your 1911. This kit includes this famous Perfection Hammer and mated Perfection Sear, disconnector, sear spring, and mainspring. Each component is machined from bar stock for a precision fit and guaranteed for life against breakage. The Commander-style hammer has a finely serrated spur for positive gripping, and the sides are narrowed to eliminate drag on the slide. The lowered strut pinhole reduces full-cock spring pressure, and the hammer hooks are precisely machined at 020-.022 for a perfect square with sharp corners.

  • Machined from bar stock for a precise fit
  • Guaranteed for life against breakage
  • Commander-style hammer with finely serrated spur
  • Sides are narrowed to eliminate drag on the slide
  • Lowered strut pinhole reduces full cock spring pressure
  • May require gunsmithing
  • Not compatible with all 1911 pistols


3# Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger Kit

Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger Kit

The Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger kit is an amazing product that allows shooters to have the perfect trigger pull on their 1911 pistols. The kit comes with everything needed to get that perfect trigger, including all machined steel parts. This ensures that the parts are durable and reliable, meeting the highest standards of these customers.

  • Best 1911 Trigger Kit on the market today
  • Comes with all necessary machined steel parts for a durable and reliable trigger pull that meets the needs of these customers
  • Allows shooters to have a crisp, clean trigger pull regardless of whether it is attached to an old factory model or inside your new custom build
  • May be too difficult for some shooters to install


4# Wilson Combat Commander Complete Spring Set

Wilson Combat Commander Complete Spring Set

If you’re searching for a top-quality, complete spring set for your Commander style 4.25″ 1911, then look no further than the Wilson Combat Commander Complete Spring Set. These heat-treated music wire springs are the finest quality coil springs on the market and will provide you with exceptional service. The extra power recoil springs are rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads, and the reduced power hammer spring will improve your trigger pull and reduce the force required to cycle the slide. Note: The recoil spring in this set is only appropriate for “Commander” slide 1911 pistols with 4.25″ barrels.

  • Top-quality.
  • Contains every spring needed
  • Heat-treated music wire springs
  • Exceptional service
  • Rated for standard velocity and high-velocity loads
  • Only appropriate for Commander slide 1911 pistols with 4.25″ barrels


5# Cylinder & Slide 1911 Trigger Pull Kits

Cylinder & Slide 1911 Trigger Pull Kits

A smooth and consistent trigger pull is key to a great shooting experience, and Cylinder & Slide has the perfect solution. These 1911 Trigger Pull Kits are precision-engineered to deliver the desired pull weight, with minimal fitting required. Each kit is designed to work perfectly on a Series 70-style frame, so you can be confident that your pistol will perform flawlessly. Plus, these heat-treated components are built to last for years of dependable service. Chamfered hammer edges reduce drag and wear on clothing, making them an ideal choice for concealed carry applications. So if you’re looking for a smooth and consistent trigger pull, Cylinder & Slide has you covered.

  • Precisely engineered to deliver the desired pull weight
  • Minimal fitting is required
  • Heat-treated for years of service life
  • Correct profiles and through-holes for a perfect fit without hand fitting
  • The sear nose has the correct relief angle
  • May require some fitting for a perfect fit
  • Not available for all 1911 models


6# Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit

Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit

A smooth, clean breaking trigger is one of the most important steps in fine-tuning the 1911 Auto. Brownells brought together a complete selection of professional quality jigs, stones, files, and more; plus, we’ve included clear, easy-to-understand instructions to help you produce that clean-as-glass trigger break and light, smooth-as-silk pull your customers want. This Kit will modify most triggers, hammers, and sears made for the Colt 1911-A1, its many models and copies. Bench Block is sold separately. Bring your 1911 Auto triggers to the next level with the Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to polish and modify your triggers, hammers, and sears for a clean, smooth break and a light pull. Plus, these easy-to-follow instructions make it simple for anyone to achieve great results. Upgrade your Colt 1911-A1 or any of its many models today with the Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit.

  • Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit are the best because they have high-quality parts to make your work easier
  • You can buy Brownells 1911 Trigger, Hammer & Sear Kit and not worry about it being terrible quality
  • The price of this Best 1911 Trigger Kit is more affordable than other Best 1911 Trigger Kits you could buy
  • May require some gunsmithing skills


7# Nowlin 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job

Nowlin 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job

Nowlin 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job is the easy way to get a professional quality trigger job without all the work. This kit includes a hammer, sear, sear spring, mainspring, and disconnector – all in stainless steel or machined tool steel for improved durability. Installs in minutes with little or no fitting required, and helps promote better trigger control and improved accuracy. Say goodbye to complicated trigger jobs and hello to the simplicity and quality of the Nowlin 1911 Drop-In Trigger Job!

  • Easy installation without any fitting required
  • Helps with accuracy and trigger control
  • Not available in steel


Stages of the trigger pull馃挕

The 1911 trigger pull is an important part of the shooting experience. Not only does it need to be smooth and consistent, but the trigger itself needs to be adjustable so that users can customize their gun to their shooting style. The stages of a 1911 trigger pull can be broken down into three distinct parts 鈥 takeup, break, and reset.

  • 馃摙 Takeup is often referred to as slack or pre-travel and refers to the initial movement of the trigger before any resistance is felt. This stage allows shooters to get used to the feel of the gun’s trigger before proceeding further in their shot cycle. It also serves as a safety mechanism by allowing for any potential hazards or obstacles to be cleared before the firing begins.
  • 馃摙 Once takeup has been completed, the breaking point occurs which is where tension from the sear spring is released and causes the hammer or striker to fire. This stage is one of the most crucial elements in terms of accuracy as it requires full control and clean motion for shots to remain consistent and accurate.
  • 馃摙 Finally comes reset which follows after both takeup and break have occurred. This stage serves as a way for shooters to prepare themselves for another shot promptly. While it’s not necessary for accuracy, a good reset point allows for faster follow-up shots or quicker target transitions with minimal movement.

馃槈 The best trigger kits are designed to help shooters achieve the perfect balance of takeup, break, and reset stages in their shooting cycle. By providing adjustable components such as overtravel screws, safety levers, and trigger springs, users can fine-tune the feel of their gun鈥檚 action to get that optimal performance.


How does a 1911 trigger work?

馃煢 The trigger mechanism of a 1911 pistol is a single-action system that operates with a hammer and sear arrangement. Here’s a general overview of how the trigger works in a typical 1911:

  • 鉁旓笍 Preparing the Hammer: When the pistol is cocked by manually pulling back the slide or by cycling the slide after firing a round, the hammer is drawn back and locked in the cocked position.
  • 鉁旓笍 Engagement of the Sear: As the trigger is pulled, it engages the sear. The sear is a small, pivoting lever that interacts with the hammer.
  • 鉁旓笍 Trigger Pull: When the trigger is pulled, it pivots on its pin, causing the forward part of the trigger to disengage from the sear.
  • 鉁旓笍 Release of the Hammer: As the sear is disengaged, the spring-loaded hammer is released from its cocked position and propelled forward by the hammer spring.
  • 鉁旓笍 Striking the Firing Pin: The hammer strikes the firing pin, which, in turn, strikes the primer of the chambered cartridge, igniting the propellant and firing the round.
  • 鉁旓笍 Resetting the Trigger: After the pistol has fired, the slide cycles and re-cocks the hammer. Simultaneously, the trigger resets, allowing for subsequent trigger pulls.
Are all 1911 triggers the same?

馃え No, not all 1911 triggers are the same. These differences can be influenced by factors such as the manufacturer, model, intended use, and personal preferences of the shooter.

  • 馃敺 Many 1911 pistols come with a standard trigger as part of their factory configuration. However, the trigger can be customized or replaced with aftermarket options to suit individual shooter preferences. Some shooters may prefer a lighter trigger pull, a shorter reset distance, or a different trigger shape or texture.
  • 馃敺 Additionally, some 1911 models may feature specialized triggers, such as adjustable triggers that allow for fine-tuning of the trigger pull weight or overtravel. Competition-oriented 1911 models might incorporate enhanced triggers designed for faster, more precise shooting.

鉂 It’s important to note that modifying or replacing triggers in firearms should be done with care and by experienced individuals or qualified gunsmiths to ensure proper fit, function, and safety.

What are the different types of triggers?

鈽戯笍 There are several different types of triggers commonly found in firearms. Here are some of the most notable types:

  • 鉃★笍 Single-Action Trigger: A single-action trigger performs a single function: releasing the hammer or striker to fire the round. It typically has a light and crisp pull since it only needs to overcome the resistance of the trigger mechanism. Examples of firearms with single-action triggers include the 1911 pistol and most revolvers.
  • 鉃★笍 Double-Action Trigger: A double-action trigger serves a dual purpose. It both cocks and releases the hammer or striker to fire the round. When the trigger is pulled, it first cocks the hammer or striker, and then releases it to strike the firing pin or primer. Double-action triggers tend to have a longer and heavier pull compared to single-action triggers. Many semi-automatic pistols, such as the Beretta 92 or Glock pistols, feature double-action triggers.
  • 鉃★笍 Striker-Fired Trigger: A striker-fired trigger is found in many modern semi-automatic pistols. Instead of a hammer, these pistols use a striker that is partially pre-cocked by the cycling of the slide. The trigger pull both completes the cocking process and releases the striker to fire the round. Striker-fired triggers can have varying pull weights and characteristics depending on the specific pistol model.
  • 鉃★笍 Double-Action/Single-Action (DA/SA) Trigger: A double-action/single-action trigger system combines both a double-action and a single-action mode. Initially, the trigger performs in double-action, where it cocks and releases the hammer or striker. Subsequent shots are fired in single-action mode, with the hammer or striker already cocked. DA/SA triggers are commonly found in pistols like the SIG Sauer P226 or Beretta 92.
  • 鉃★笍 Safe-Action Trigger: The safe-action trigger is a specific type of trigger system developed by Glock for their pistols. It is a partially cocked, pre-set trigger that has a consistent pull weight for each shot. The safe-action trigger combines elements of both single-action and double-action triggers, providing a consistent trigger pull with a relatively short reset.
What should I look for in a good trigger?

鉂囷笍 When searching for a good trigger, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key aspects to look for:

  • 馃攳 Smoothness: A good trigger should have a smooth and consistent pull throughout its travel. It should not feel gritty or have any noticeable interruptions or inconsistencies.
  • 馃攳 Break and Reset: The break refers to the moment when the trigger releases the sear or striker, resulting in the firearm firing. A good trigger should have a clean and crisp break, providing distinct tactile and audible feedback. Additionally, a short and positive reset, the distance the trigger needs to travel to be ready for the next shot, is desirable for faster follow-up shots.
  • 馃攳 Pull Weight: The pull weight refers to the amount of force required to pull the trigger. This can greatly impact accuracy and shooting comfort. The ideal pull weight varies depending on personal preference, firearm type, and its intended use. Some shooters prefer lighter triggers for precision shooting, while others may prefer heavier triggers for safety or specific applications.
  • 馃攳 Consistency: A good trigger should be consistent shot after shot, providing the same performance and feel each time. Inconsistencies in trigger pull can negatively affect the accuracy and overall shooting experience.
  • 馃攳 Safety: The trigger should have appropriate safety features to prevent accidental discharges. This may include features like trigger safeties, drop safeties, or other mechanisms that enhance the firearm’s safety.
  • 馃攳 Customizability: Some triggers offer adjustability or aftermarket customization options. This can allow you to fine-tune the trigger to your preference, such as adjusting the pull weight or overtravel.
  • 馃攳 Reliability: The trigger should be reliable and able to function consistently under various conditions. It should not be prone to malfunctions or unintended firing.
Are straight triggers better?

馃煟 The preference for straight triggers versus curved triggers is subjective and varies among shooters. Neither style is inherently better than the other, as it ultimately depends on individual preference and shooting technique.

  • 馃幆 Straight triggers have a flat or nearly flat surface, providing a more linear pull and potentially allowing for consistent finger placement. Some shooters find straight triggers more comfortable and easier to control, particularly for precision shooting. They may also be preferred by those with larger hands or longer fingers.
  • 馃幆 On the other hand, curved triggers have a curved shape that conforms to the natural curve of the finger. This can provide a tactile reference point for consistent finger placement and potentially aid in trigger control. Curved triggers are generally more common and widely used, as they have been traditionally found on many firearms.

馃憤 It is recommended to try both straight and curved triggers if possible and determine which style suits you best through personal experience and experimentation.


In conclusion, the best 1911 trigger kit is essential for any gun enthusiast or shooter. We hope this buyer’s guide has helped you find an excellent product that fits your needs and budget. By taking into account factors such as price point, materials used, and reviews from other customers, we are confident that you’ll be able to select a reliable trigger kit with ease!馃馃憤

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Royal Johnson
Royal Johnson
9 months ago

I am looking for a budget-friendly option as an alternative to the 1911 trigger.

    9 months ago
    Reply to  Royal Johnson

    I recently acquired a Wilson Combat Commander Complete Spring Set. It cost about 15$. And I think that before investing in an aftermarket trigger – you may buy and change some springs in your pistol. Maybe it help you.

      Percy Ward
      Percy Ward
      9 months ago
      Reply to  Royal Johnson

      I have to say, the Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger Kit is delightful. It has a certain allure and is incredibly enjoyable to engage with just the tip of my finger.

        9 months ago

        Can you recommend a trigger kit option?

          Zac Gonzales
          Zac Gonzales
          9 months ago
          Reply to  Clarence

          I must say, the Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger Kit is an excellent choice. However, it’s important to note that the terms “drop-in” and “1911” are not often used together in the same sentence. While the installation process is generally straightforward, it’s always wise to be prepared to seek the assistance of a gunsmith if any issues arise. This ensures that any potential problems can be addressed and resolved by a professional. But overall, the trigger itself is exceptional and well worth considering for an upgrade.

            9 months ago
            Reply to  Clarence

            The Ed Brown Products 1911 Trigger Pull Kit kit boasts impressive durability. Not only is it built to last, but it also offers a crisp and precise trigger pull, making it an outstanding choice for a carry-weight trigger.

              9 months ago

              I’ve noticed that many people enjoy upgrading their 1911s, and I agree – it’s part of the fun and customization aspect. Please give me some advice about quality trigger kits. Thanks!

                Isiah Kelly
                Isiah Kelly
                9 months ago
                Reply to  Raymond

                I have found that using Nighthawk Custom 1911 Trigger Kit is easy, its parts are durable. And, I install it without any difficulty – try it!

                  Zane Mitchell
                  Zane Mitchell
                  9 months ago

                  I’m new to the 1911 platform, and I’m finding the trigger to be unsatisfactory. It feels heavy and loose, and I’m looking for options to improve it. I’m specifically interested in a trigger that is both light and stiff to enhance my shooting experience.

                    9 months ago
                    Reply to  Zane Mitchell

                    I also own the same gun, and I find the trigger to be quite decent. However, it may vary depending on whether the previous owner made any modifications to it. If you’re looking to improve the trigger, a trigger swap is relatively easy to do in 1911. I can recommend using an Ed Brown Products 1911 Trigger Pull Kit – it is an excellent kit!

                      Maximilian Morgan
                      Maximilian Morgan
                      9 months ago
                      Reply to  Zane Mitchell

                      Performing a trigger job in 1911 is relatively straightforward. There is a wealth of information available on this topic due to the enduring design of the firearm. I think that the Cylinder & Slide 1911 Trigger Pull Kits are a good option, as they can be easily dropped in.