FAQ – Questions & AnswersCategory: AR-15 FAQHow to make my AR-15 California compliant?
Wallace Tenny asked 2 years ago

What is needed to make AR California compliant?

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Jordan answered 2 years ago

First, you’ll need to make sure the gun is equipped with a Californian-approved magazine lock. This can be either a “bullet button” or a similar device that prevents the magazine from being released without the use of a tool.

Secondly, you’ll need to ensure that your AR-15 has no more than 10 rounds in its magazine. High-capacity magazines are not allowed in California, so you’ll have to purchase new magazines or use magazine blocking devices if necessary.

How to make my AR-15 California compliant?

Also, there are some additional cosmetic requirements for California-compliant AR-15s. For example, the gun must have a fixed stock and cannot have a pistol grip. Additionally, any folding or telescoping stocks are not allowed.

By following these steps, you can make sure your AR-15 is compliant with California’s laws and regulations.

Cruz answered 2 years ago
Thanks for the question!
Making your AR-15 compliant with California law can be a bit of a process, but it’s doable. Here are the steps you’ll need to take:
1. You’ll need to replace the magazine release button on your AR-15 with a “bullet button.” This will ensure that your magazine can only be released when there is no ammo in the chamber, making it compliant with California’s “fixed magazine” law.
2. You’ll need to add a muzzle brake or flash hider to your weapon. This is necessary to comply with California’s laws prohibiting grenade launchers and other destructive devices.
3. You’ll also need to add a featureless grip to your AR-15. This can be anything from a simple wrap-around Grip Tape to a more permanent aftermarket option. This is necessary to comply with California’s law prohibiting pistol grips on assault weapons.
4. You’ll need to add a fixed stock to your AR-15. This is necessary to comply with California’s law prohibiting collapsible stocks of assault weapons.
How to make my AR-15 California compliant?

Ivan answered 2 years ago
The first step in making your AR-15 California compliant is to check the state’s current regulations. You can do this by visiting the California Attorney General’s website or contacting your local law enforcement agency. Once you know what the current regulations are, you can begin making changes to your AR-15 to make it compliant.
Some of the most common modifications include adding a fixed magazine device or bullet button, installing a featureless stock, and removing any “evil features” such as a flash suppressor or forward grip. These modifications will make your AR-15 California compliant while still allowing you to enjoy shooting it at the range or in your backyard.

Antony answered 2 years ago
To make an AR-15 California compliant, you’ll need to modify the gun to meet the state’s requirements. The most common modifications include installing a Bullet Button and adding a magazine lock.
Bullet Button: A Bullet Button is a device that replaces the standard magazine release on an AR-15. This modification is required in California to comply with the state’s assault weapons ban.
How to make my AR-15 California compliant?
Magazine Lock: A magazine lock is a device that locks the magazine into place in the gun, preventing it from being removed without disassembling the gun. This modification is also required in California.
How to make my AR-15 California compliant?
These modifications can be made by a qualified gunsmith or by purchasing a pre-modified gun from a California-compliant gun dealer.