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Did you also know that there are a wide variety of Ruger PC Charger upgrades available out there to take your gun to the next level? From aftermarket triggers and slides to optics and accessories, there’s something on the market to satisfy any shooter looking for maximum performance. In this article, we’ll dive into some of the best upgrades around to help you get the most out of your gun! 😎🔥

Best Ruger PC Charger Upgrades 🤩

☑️ Scope mount/Rail – a scope mount allows for the addition of any optic or laser sight to the firearm to improve accuracy at long range. The rail provides a convenient attachment point for various other upgrades including flashlights, lasers, slings, bipods, and more.

Our Top Pick
Midwest Industries Combat Rail M-Lok Handguard
This lightweight free float design offers superior quality and functionality with two anti-rotation sling swivel sockets for convenience. The rail is machined from 6061 aluminum and finished with a Type III hard coat anodized for durability and corrosion resistance. The rail features eight sides of functional M-Lok slots to mount accessories securely and confidently.
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☑️ Mag Release & Speed Loader – the magazine release is an extended lever or button that allows you to quickly remove a full magazine from the gun. A speed loader is also a great upgrade, allowing you to rapidly load rounds into a magazine without having to fumble with small rounds by hand.

Our Top Pick
Samson Extended Mag Release
Precision machined with a unique profile, it significantly reduces reload times while preventing ammunition drops. This magazine release is simple and quick to install, requiring no further hardware apart from what comes with your gun. Its streamlined shape makes it easy to find and operate under pressure, whereas its rigidity ensures longevity even when subjected to intense abuse.
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☑️ Bolt Handle & Hammer – this system gives you more control over your shots.

Our Top Pick
Samson Charger Handle
Crafted with precision, this durable handle is perfectly designed to provide you with a more comfortable grip when running the bolt. The larger footprint and uniquely machined flutes offer an improved design than any other handle on the market.
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☑️ Compensator & Stock – a compensator is designed to reduce felt recoil, muzzle rise, and noise. As for stocks, they help customize a rifle’s fit and feel while making it more comfortable to shoot.

Our Top Pick
Tandemkross Game Changer PRO Compensator
Made from precision-engineered stainless steel, this compensator adds weight to the front of your pistol or rifle, perfectly offsetting the cartridge. This helps reduce muzzle rise so you can transition quickly between targets with improved accuracy, allowing you to maximize your performance in any competition.
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☑️ Sight/Optics – it is a device that helps you aim at your target with more accuracy and precision. These accessories are available to upgrade the accuracy of the gun, making it easier and safer to use.

Our Top Pick
CVLIFE Gun Reflex Sight
This cutting-edge sight has a tubeless design with a 33mm reflex lens aperture and wide field of view, perfect for shooting at quick-moving targets. The red dot sight is constructed with high-grade aluminum alloy that is then anodized in matte black, ensuring long-lasting, reliable construction. Choose between 4 reticle shapes in one reflex sight to obtain the best results, even under varying light conditions.
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Our Top Pick
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight
Featuring a matte black finish, it looks as good in the field as it performs. Its best-in-class 3 MOA Dot reticle with 11 brightness settings and unlimited eye relief will provide you with pinpoint precision. For added convenience and versatility, it mounts easily on most Picatinny rails, making it compatible with all types of firearms including pistols, shotguns, rifles, and muzzleloaders.
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🛠️ For many Ruger PC Chargers, upgrading your current configuration is the best way to get enhanced performance and reliability. To do so, understanding how to disassemble it – is essential to properly install upgrades.

📌 Disassembling will provide you access to the areas in which you can upgrade or replace components that may be aged or not functioning optimally.

Ruger PC Charger Scope Mounts & Rails 🙂

These mounts and rails provide a secure base for mounting optics, allowing you to better target your shots and reduce human error in aiming.

Ruger PC Charger Scope mounts & Rails

💥 Depending on your needs, there are many types of rails for Ruger PC Chargers available, from short one-piece Picatinny rails to longer MIL-STD 1913 ones with multiple accessory slots. Make sure to pick the right type that fits your pistol’s receiver so that it will be secure and provide reliable attachment points for all your attachments.

Features 🔰

🔶 Not all scope mounts are created equal – some have higher load ratings than others and offer various features like Picatinny rails for additional accessories. It can be made from aluminum, steel, or polymer materials and come in varying lengths and sizes to fit your individual needs.

🔷 Rail systems are another great upgrade option for your Ruger PC Charger. Rail systems provide extra stability for mounting optics as well as providing additional Picatinny slots to attach other accessories such as flashlights, lasers, and bi-pods.

Our Top Pick
Monstrum Low Profile Picatinny Riser Mount
Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it is both lightweight and sturdy enough to handle even the heaviest of recoils. Measuring 5.7 inches in total length and with 14 Picatinny rail slots, this mount ensures your optic will have the perfect height for optimal visibility over front sights without having to sacrifice stability.
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How to choose? 🔍

🔥 One of the best upgrades is a scope mount and rail system.

  • ✔️ When choosing a rail, it is important to consider the weight and size of any mounted accessories you plan to use to ensure optimal balance on your firearm.
  • ✔️ Make sure they are waterproof and designed for long-term outdoor use.

Ruger PC Charger Scope Mount & Rail

❗ Whatever upgrades or accessories you choose, it is important to properly install them to maximize performance and accuracy.

Ruger PC Charger Mag Releases & Speed Loaders 🤓

These accessories are designed to allow quicker and easier reloading of pistols.

  • ❇️ The mag release allows you to quickly drop the magazine from the gun without having to use your finger or thumb.
  • ❇️ The speed loader helps load rounds into the magazine in a much faster manner than if done by hand.

Ruger PC Charger Mag Releases & Speed Loaders

These accessories are a great upgrade for any Ruger PC Charger owner, as they improve the gun’s reliability and allow for faster reloading in stressful situations.

Is it worth it? 🤔

Upgrading the mag releases and speed loaders of your gun is a great way to improve its performance.

  • ✴️ Mag release upgrades can make loading and unloading magazines much faster.
  • ✴️ While speed loader upgrades can help you reload quickly.

💥 Investing in high-quality aftermarket parts will ensure that your Ruger PC Charger maintains peak performance for years to come.

Our Top Pick
IJW Loaders Magazine Loader
Constructed using injection molded polycarbonate, it is smoother and more durable than other loaders available on the market today. This magazine loader makes loading magazines easy and quick - perfect for those who need to reload quickly.
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How to change a mag module? 🧐

When upgrading your Ruger PC Charger, it’s important to make sure you have the right mag module. A mag module is an accessory that increases the power of your pistol and ensures reliability when shooting. You can replace the original magazine with a higher-capacity model or one designed for use with different caliber ammunition.

Ruger PC Charger Hammers & Bolt Handles 😊

These accessories are designed to enable easier and better manipulation of the Ruger PC Charger. Such items can help enhance accuracy, reduce recoil, and upgrade the overall performance of your pistol.

Ruger PC Charger Hammers & Bolt Handles

The hammer and bolt handle are two of the most important parts of a Ruger PC Charger, as these components control how much pressure is placed on the trigger for firing. The hammer must have enough force to ignite primers that drive shells into the barrel, while the bolt handle needs to be able to move smoothly to chamber rounds quickly and efficiently.

Why need to upgrade? 🧐

If either of these components is not functioning correctly then the gun may not fire or chamber properly.

  • 📌 Upgrading the hammer and bolt handle is an essential part of maintaining the firearm. This ensures that the gun can function properly and safely when it is needed most. 

By making sure these components are upgraded, owners can be assured that their guns will be in top condition whenever they need to use them.

Our Top Pick
Volquartsen Firearms Target Hammer
This revolutionary product is designed to provide your firearm with a top-notch trigger job, with no stoning or fitting required. Through EDM cutting techniques, the Target Hammer is created with A-2 tool steel that is then hardened, offering superb durability and precision accuracy. Plus, you’ll enjoy the incredible convenience of this product – it reduces the factory trigger pull by up to 3.25 lbs in one easy installation - with reduced take up & overtravel.
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How to install a hammer 🤠

The installation of a hammer, will not only improve the accuracy and reliability of your Ruger PC Charger, but it can also increase its lifespan.

  • ➡️ The hammer should be installed into the frame, typically right behind the trigger guard.
  • ❗ It’s important to note that some Ruger models require special tools for installation.

Ruger PC Charger Compensators & Stocks 😉

Such accessories are designed to enhance the performance of your gun.

  • ✴️ Compensators reduce muzzle rise and recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots.
  • ✴️ Stocks allow you to customize the fit of your gun to increase comfort and control.

Ruger PC Charger Compensators & Stocks

🎯 Upgrading to a Ruger PC Charger compensator or stock is one of the best upgrades for improving accuracy, stability, and overall shooting experience.

Benefits 🔥

  • 🔷 A compensator reduces recoil, allowing for more control over the weapon when shooting.
  • 🔷 It also helps to reduce muzzle flips, allowing for more accurate shots.

A Ruger PC Charger fitted with compensators and stocks will provide better performance in the field or range while increasing accuracy, reducing felt recoil, and improving shooter comfort.

  • 🔶 Additionally, a stock is essential for comfort and stability when shooting.
  • 🔶 With a well-fitted stock, you can maximize precision when shooting from various positions and angles.

✅ Furthermore, the improved ergonomics of a fully customized Ruger PC Charger allows shooters to optimize their target acquisition capabilities through improved weapon manipulation techniques.

Our Top Pick
A3 Tactical Skeleton Stock
This replica stock is produced using fully machined aluminum, and it’s available in two different lengths. What makes this stock unique is that it comes with three different hinge options: Standard A3T 2-bolt hinge, Standard A3T 4-bolt hinge, or YHM 4-bolt/side folding hinge. And of course, you can choose to fold the stock either left or right when mounting the hinge!
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Is it worth it? 🤨

Upgrading is a great way to get the best performance out of your firearm.

  • ⚡ A quality compensator can reduce muzzle rise significantly as well as help keep shotgun shells from bouncing off the backstop due to excessive recoil.
  • ⚡ Stocks are also important for comfort, modularity, adjustability, and eliminating felt recoil when firing quickly or with heavier loads.

Best Ruger PC Charger upgrades are an affordable and effective way to improve accuracy, recoil control, and overall shooting experience.

Ruger PC Charger Sight/Optics 😎

It is an upgrade that can be used to improve the accuracy and range of your Ruger PC Charger.

🔰 This combination allows you to get the most out of your pistol caliber carbine by giving it more precision while aiming.

Ruger PC Charger Sight/Optics

🚩 In addition to increasing accuracy and distance, some optics allow for faster target acquisition due to their wider field of view and quicker reticle pickups than traditional iron sights.

Types 🤩

There are dozens of different types of sights and optics available for Ruger PC Chargers. These range from simple open sights such as fiber optics and red dots to more complex systems such as holographic sights and magnifiers. The type of sight you select will depend on your intended use for the gun and how much you are willing to invest in your upgrade.

  • ✴️ Fiber Optics and Red Dot Sights: Fiber optic sights are very easy to use and can be quickly adjusted for windage and elevation. Red dot sights offer a wider field of view and can provide faster target acquisition.
  • ✴️ Holographic Sights: Holographic sights are perfect for shooters who need quick target acquisition, but also want the ability to adjust their aiming points with greater precision. These sights feature reticles that appear in three dimensions, providing a more intuitive way to aim.
  • ✴️ Magnifiers: They magnify the image of your target so you can achieve greater accuracy at range.

✒️ No matter what type of upgrades you choose, the key is to ensure that they are of the highest quality and will provide you with the performance you need.

Our Top Pick
Ruger Rapid Deploy Rear Rail Sight
This polymer sight is windage adjustable, allowing you to fine-tune your aim and maximize accuracy on each shot. And when you need to make room for optics, you can easily fold it flat. For situations needing quick deployment of iron sights, the Rapid Deploy Rear Rail Sight can be spring-loaded for instant deployment with just one push of a button.
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How to choose? 🔍

When choosing a sight or optics upgrade for your gun, it is important to consider the type of shooting you will do and how often you will use it. This will help you determine what type of optic is best suited for your needs.

  • ➡️ For instance, if you plan on precision shooting, then an adjustable scope with target turrets might be best for you.
  • ➡️ On the other hand, if your primary focus is home defense, then a red dot sight might be more efficient.
  • ➡️ Additionally, some shooters prefer the convenience and speed afforded by holographic sights which project a reticle on top of the target.
Our Top Pick
Feyachi Reflex Sight
With a 33mm lens for quick target acquisition, your sights will stay accurate with a wide field of view. You'll have total control over the reticle with 4 options – dot, circle/dot, crosshair/dot, and crosshair/circle/dot combinations – all in one sight, to give you complete adaptability according to your shooting situation. The unbeatable design comes with a secure rail mounting system that won't come loose regardless of how often you use it.
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What is the correct positioning of sights? 🤔

Red dot sights are a great upgrade for Ruger PC Charger pistols, allowing you to quickly and accurately acquire targets.

  • 🔵 When mounting your red dot sight on the pistol, it is important to ensure the mount is installed in a comfortable and ergonomic position that allows you to quickly acquire your target while remaining comfortable.
  • 🔵 Ensure that when aiming with the dot sight, you can easily see the target without any obstructions present in your line of sight.

🟧 Additionally, make sure your head is in the proper position relative to the pistol so that you can maintain a good cheek weld and comfortably get behind the sights.

Our Top Pick
Pinty Reflex Dot Sight
This convenient sight is designed with both a red and a green dot reticle in four different patterns and features step-less brightness adjustment for an enhanced field of vision equally suited for bright or dim lighting. Enjoy unlimited eye relief for accurate and efficient close and midrange targeting - whether you're at home, outside on the hunt, or at the range going up against the competition.
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Is the Ruger PC Charger reliable?
It is a gun that is sure to impress both new and experienced shooters alike. Not only is it lightweight and easy to operate, but it also offers great reliability and a sleek look. Its accuracy and ergonomics are also above average, making it an ideal choice for shooters. Plus, it takes Glock magazines!

More information in Ruger PC Charger Review:

Can you put on a brace?
Yes, you can ❗ Braces are a great upgrade for the Ruger PC Charger and make shooting more comfortable. With these upgrades, you’ll be able to take your gun to the next level!
What magazines are compatible with it?
The Ruger PC charger is compatible with many magazines, including the BX-25, BX15, and BX17 magazines. Additionally, it is also compatible with Ruger Security-9 and SR9 magazines.

  • ✔️ The magazine release button works for all of these models as well.
What threads are on a Ruger PC Charger?
It has a standard 1/2×28 thread. It is compatible with the majority of suppressors and accessories available on the market today that feature this thread.
Can you put a binary trigger on it?
The Ruger PC Charger is compatible with some binary triggers due to the design of its fire control group. However, there are a few accessories and upgrades that will help you customize your Ruger PC Charger to make it an even more reliable and effective firearm.

More information in this video:

Conclusion 😊

Upgrading your Ruger PC Charger can be an easy and rewarding process. By taking the time to understand what upgrades are available, you will be able to make informed decisions that best suit your needs. With a few simple tweaks here and there, you’ll have a Ruger PC Charger that is tailored just for you! 🤩👍

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1 year ago

I just buy a Ruger PC Charger. Can you give me some bits of advice about what is needed to make it more reliable?

    Austin Blake
    Austin Blake
    1 year ago

    I pulled out my Ruger PC Charger in the face of the so-called handgun ammo shortage and high prices. As a 71-year-old with eyesight that isn’t what it used to be, I looked into handgun red dot sights. After researching and educating myself about red dot sight technology, I decided not to invest too much money – as shooting at targets and plinking is all I need it for. I bought one to try out, and after mounting and sighting it in, I was incredibly pleased with its performance. It fits both my budget and performance requirements perfectly. The sight itself was easy to mount and sight in, made of quality materials, and allowed me to shoot that much better. My eyes appreciate this version of red dot technology – it’s doing its job just fine, and if either device fails I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.

      Product name
      Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight
      1 year ago

      This post consists of a lot of useful information, but I didn’t find an answer to my question: Are there any modifications available to improve comfort and ergonomics?

        1 year ago

        This is a great Ruger PC Charger upgrades! It has so many features that make them an amazing buy. I especially appreciate the fact that this gun is highly customizable and easy to use.

          Paul Long
          Paul Long
          1 year ago

          The red dot sight worked as advertised. The sight was installed on a Ruger PC Charger. After easily sighting in at 25 yards and then at 50 yards, I was able to put 10 rounds in the bullseye at 50 yards. I am very happy with the sight and price of the CVLife sight.

            Product name
            CVLIFE Gun Reflex Sight