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Best Remington 700 Sling

What is the Remington 700 Sling? 😏

It is a carrying strap designed specifically for the Remington 700 rifle. This accessory aids in the transportation of the rifle, making it easier for the user to carry the firearm over long distances or rough terrain. It also offers stability when aiming and shooting, potentially improving accuracy. With a variety of styles and materials available, this essential equipment provides both functionality and comfort for the rifle user.

Our Top Pick
Viking Tactics V-Tac Bungee Sling
Viking Tactics Inc. offers an innovative solution that surpasses the conventional sling with cutting-edge technology. This advanced sling incorporates bungee material to maintain optimal weapon retention against the user's body, ensuring swift and seamless transitions. Engineered to enhance shooter agility and preparedness, it adapts to various field scenarios. The sling's adjustable, quick-release length accommodates users of all sizes and statures, making it adaptable for different weapon configurations as needed.
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Features 💡

⚪ It is a product of careful design and craftsmanship aimed at enhancing the user’s shooting experience. One of its most distinguishing features is its material – typically made from high-quality nylon or leather, which ensures its durability and longevity.

⚪ The sling is also designed to distribute the weight of the firearm evenly across the user’s shoulder, making it more comfortable to carry during prolonged use.

⚪ Moreover, the sling’s width is calculated to provide optimal support without impinging on the user’s mobility. It’s also adjustable, allowing users to customize the length to suit their body size and firing stance.

⚪ Finally, the fasteners of the Remington Sling deserve mention. These components are designed to securely attach the sling to the rifle, reducing the chance of accidental detachment. This accessibility and secure fastening contribute to the sling’s overall usability, making it an essential accessory for rifle users.

Benefits 🔥

After extensive field testing of various sling types with the Remington 700 rifle platform, our team has identified several key advantages that quality slings provide the end user.

🔰 A properly designed and adjusted sling significantly enhances comfort and control when carrying your Remington 700 for extended periods. Unlike simply hand-carrying the rifle, an appropriate two-point sling properly distributes the weight across your torso and minimizes fatigue. ➡️ This allows you to keep the rifle securely positioned against your body while navigating rough terrain and making rapid position changes as required.

🔰 High-quality tactical slings with quick-adjust capability provide the end user with much faster transitions between different shooting positions and targets. The ability to swiftly loosen or tighten the sling with one hand improves your shot timing and allows you to get on target faster from field carry compared to a fixed sling. ➡️ This can be a major advantage in dynamic hunting or competitive situations.

🔰 While improvised field shooting positions are possible without a sling, the addition of a sling greatly enhances stability, safety and accuracy from kneeling, sitting or prone orientations. The sling provides a third point of contact and support for the rifle, reducing the strain of holding and controlling the weapon for offhand shots. ➡️ This expanded shooting envelope opens more possibilities for the marksman.

🔰 During our testing, we found that a properly fitted sling allows the operator much greater manoeuvrability in confined spaces or around obstacles. ➡️ The ability to let the rifle hang muzzle-down while using both hands for climbing or negotiating tight areas, while still retaining positive control of the weapon, provides a notable advantage over hand carrying.

Types 😎

🟡 Two-Point Slings: These are the most common types of slings. They attach to two points on the rifle, often the stock and the barrel or handguard.
🟡 Single-Point Slings: These slings attach to the rifle at a single point, usually at the rear of the receiver. They allow the shooter to quickly switch hands or shooting positions.
🟡 Three-Point Slings: These slings wrap around the shooter’s body and attach to the rifle at two points, with a loop going around the shooter’s torso. This design provides an extremely secure carry and can also facilitate faster target acquisition.
🟡 Ching Slings: Named after its inventor Eric Ching, this sling type provides stability by having three points of contact: two at the front and one at the back of the rifle. It is especially useful for precision shooting.
🟡 Cuff Slings: This type is designed to secure the shooter’s arm for a more stable shooting position, especially when shooting from standing or kneeling positions.

Best Remington 700 Sling Reviews

1# Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Slings

Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Slings

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The Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling is designed with the shooter and soldier in mind. Careful attention has been paid to ensuring that this adjustable sling provides increased comfort and support when carrying heavier firearms. This sling is made with a shoulder strap that is padded with closed cell foam, as well as a forward adjustable portion – allowing for quick and easy adjustments from any position. The quality of this product shines through via its construction making it strong enough to handle even the most demanding situations you may face in the field. Get your hands on the Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling now – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Increased comfort when carrying heavier firearms
  • Well-constructed for different situations
  • Quick and easy adjustments
  • Metal slider
  • Can be expensive for some
  • Not available in many colours


2# Viking Tactics V-Tac Original Sling

Viking Tactics V-Tac Original Sling

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Are you need a reliable and adjustable sling that is designed to provide enhanced retention even when your hands are free? The Viking Tactics V-Tac Original Sling is the best option. It features a simple one-hand operation to switch between use and carry, allowing you to easily move from shoulder to shoulder or secure your carbine during handgun transition. Made with durable nylon webbing, this strong and comfortable sling can stand up against long-term use and extreme conditions. Not only does it make carrying easier but also provides superior adjustability to better suit different shooting positions. With its full range of adjustability, the Viking Tactics V-Tac Original Sling will help you elevate your tactical performance while providing maximum comfort.

Video review

  • Simple one-hand operation
  • Provides enhanced retention
  • Durable and strong
  • Comfortable
  • It may not fit all rifles
  • No padded sections


3# Viking Tactics V-Tac Hybrid Slings

Viking Tactics V-Tac Hybrid Slings

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Come explore the Viking Tactics V-Tac Hybrid Sling – bringing together the best sling qualities! This two-point sling design has been built with comfort, convenience, and durability in mind. The Viking Tactics V-Tac Hybrid Sling is crafted from robust nylon and features a large padded section for superior comfort when carrying your firearm for long periods. Combined with free-running ends that allow for easy, trouble-free adjustment, this product delivers an enjoyable user experience. In addition, rubberized pull tabs have been added to facilitate those adjustments even further!

  • Robust construction
  • Large padded section for comfort
  • Free-running ends for easy adjustment
  • Rubberized pull tabs
  • It may be too large for some
  • Comes only in two colours


4# Viking Tactics V-Tac Bungee Sling

Viking Tactics V-Tac Bungee Sling

View on Brownells

If you’re looking for an efficient, lightweight tactical sling, then you should check out the Viking Tactics V-Tac Bungee Sling. This cutting-edge technology from Viking Tactics Inc. provides a superior alternative to the standard sling, featuring a bungee material that keeps the primary weight of your weapon tight against your body for fast transitions. It’s designed to help shooters stay agile and ready for whatever situation may arise in the field. The adjustable, quick-release length of the sling allows you to tailor it to fit any user’s size and stature or switch it up as necessary for different weapons setups. With its rugged durability and reliable construction, the V-Tac Bungee Sling is good for all shooting scenarios. So don’t wait – get your Viking Tactics V-Tac Bungee Sling today and enjoy a more comfortable and agile experience on your next shoot!

  • Lightweight
  • Keeps weapon tight against the body
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable, quick-release length
  • Not water-resistant
  • Pricey


5# Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling With Cuff Assembly

Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling With Cuff Assembly

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The Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling With Cuff Assembly is an excellent accessory for any mission requiring you to move with speed and agility while carrying a heavy sniper system. Equipped with a quick detach cuff, this sling has you covered from any position. Whether you’re snapping into the cuff quickly, adjusting the sling to the necessary length, or attaching and detaching on the fly, this sling can handle any situation you find yourself in. The HDQD swivel provides greater flexibility when aiming and shooting in multiple directions, giving you a true tactical advantage. Put simply – your performance is worth it; invest in the best tools and be ready for anything. The Viking Tactics V-Tac Padded Sling With Cuff Assembly is that tool.

  • Quick detach cuff
  • HDQD swivels
  • Adjusts quickly to the necessary length
  • Designed for snipers
  • It may be heavy for some
  • It may not be suitable for inexperienced users


6# Brownells Quick-Set Latigo Sling

Brownells Quick-Set Latigo Sling

View on Brownells

The Brownells Quick-Set Latigo Sling is a good solution for any hunter who values speed and accuracy. Designed with no exposed metal to scratch your stock or yourself, this carry sling instantly transforms into a rock-solid shooting stance when you need it. By simply pulling down and snapping out, you can be in a shooting position quicker than ever before, even if you’re still sighting your game as you throw the gun onto your shoulder. This innovative sling is the first to do away with hooks, laces, and gimmicks that can potentially slow down your reaction time; rather it offers a way to instantly set lengths based on your preference. Additionally, its Latigo straps ensure that cold weather won’t stop you from getting off an accurate shot where other slings fail.

  • No exposed metal to scratch your stock or you
  • Instantly changes to rock-solid shooting sling
  • Weather-resistant
  • Nothing you have to stop and figure out each time you want to change the length
  • Not available in many colours
  • It may be pressure in the shoulder


7# Sinclair Manufacturing Montana Sling

Sinclair Manufacturing Montana Sling

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The Sinclair Manufacturing Montana Sling is the best if you want a comfortable and dependable carry sling that is adjustable quickly and with minimal effort. Its single-loop design boasts an innovative sliding knot that never over-tightens, allowing you to instantly adjust it when your quarry is sighted. Crafted from thick, high-quality oil-tanned bridle leather, this premium leather sling adjusts easily from carry position to shoulder-ready in only seconds. The Sinclair Manufacturing Montana Sling also includes sling swivels, giving you added convenience on the go.

  • Adjusts instantly with light finger pressure
  • Dependable carry sling
  • Easily from the carry position to shoulder-ready in
  • Includes sling swivels
  • It may be some noisy metal sling swivels
  • Only available in brown and black


8# Bushnell Comfort Stretch Slings

Bushnell Comfort Stretch Slings

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Outfit your rifle with the Bushnell Comfort Stretch Sling and enjoy the superior comfort that comes with it. The waterproof nylon webbing sling is complemented by a flexible closed-cell neoprene shoulder pad that supports and distributes the weight of your rifle while absorbing shock and reducing felt weight during carrying. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a non-slip “knobby” rubber insert on the back of the shoulder pad, ensuring no slipping off during transport. Also, if you opt for the Alaskan Magnum model, you’ll find it comes with four vertical elastic shell loops that hold extra rounds at the ready for quick reloads in the field. Upgrade your carry experience today with a Bushnell Comfort Stretch Sling!

Video review

  • Superior comfort
  • Nylon webbing is waterproof
  • Closed-cell neoprene shoulder pad
  • Non-slip “knobby” rubber insert on the back of the shoulder pad
  • It may not be suitable for all rifles
  • Some find the pad to be too bulky


9# Grovtec US Nylon Web Slings

Grovtec US Nylon Web Slings

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The Grovtec US Nylon Web Sling is an essential accessory for any firearm enthusiast. This product is made of high-quality materials and manufactured with precision. The sling’s nylon fabric makes it extremely durable and resistant to moisture, ensuring a long life of use. Whether you want to buy a simple yet effective sling or an easy way to carry your gun, this product has everything you need. Get your Grovtec Nylon Web Sling today and enjoy its perfect utility and reliable performance!

  • Nylon material
  • Simple, maintenance-free design
  • Premium stitching
  • Moisture resistant
  • No padded sections
  • Pricey


10# Quake Claw Slimline Flush Cup Sling

Quake Claw Slimline Flush Cup Sling

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Introducing Quake Claw’s innovative Slimline Flush Cup Sling with Swivels. This cutting-edge sling is designed for incomparable firearm comfort and stability and provides many features that set it above its competitors. Its revolutionary non-slip pad is moulded into the webbing, allowing for approximately a half inch of stretch to evenly distribute the weight across your shoulder as you go about your activities. The unique gripping action of the pad eliminates dragging and tugging caused by other slings on the market. Made of durable, odour-resistant material, this sling ensures durability and ease of use. Experience the superiority of Quake Claw’s Slimline Flush Cup Sling today!

Video review

  • Spreads the weight of the firearm across the shoulder
  • The unique gripping action of the non-slip pad
  • Eliminating the tugging, rolling, and pulling
  • Odour-resistant material
  • Not weather-resistant
  • It may be too large for some


11# Spiritus Systems Sierratac Non-Padded Sling

Spiritus Systems Sierratac Non-Padded Sling

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Constructed from sturdy rubber strap webbing that ensures long-term durability while reducing bulk, this lightweight yet strong sling is designed to be worn with certain full-body armour systems. Additionally, it can easily be adapted to fit almost any weapon system. The non-padded design prevents excessive stress on the shoulder or back while providing a snugly secure fit. It also comes with adjustable straps for personalized comfort and an over-moulded quick-release buckle for effortless removal when necessary. With its superior construction and thoughtful design, the Spiritus Systems Sierratac Non-Padded Sling is an ideal choice for secure weapon storage and transport in any circumstance.

  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Quick tension adjustment
  • Machined slots for pull tab
  • Fits a wide range of weapons
  • Can be bulky
  • Without padded


12# Galco RS11 Safari Ching Sling

Galco RS11 Safari Ching Sling

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The revolutionary Galco RS11 Safari Ching Sling is the perfect accessory for any marksman. This sling boasts an innovative design that gives you match-steady shooting support to spread your rifle’s weight for comfort. The keyhole attachment system makes fitting fast, secure, and tool-free – this means setup is a breeze! Plus, it’s incredibly easy to “loop up” – getting shooters in position quickly and efficiently. So look no further than the Galco RS11 Safari Ching Sling: for the ideal mix of convenience, comfort, speed, accuracy, and style.

  • Innovative keyhole attachment system
  • Very fast and easy to “loop up”
  • Steadies the rifle to increase hits in the field
  • Inexpensive
  • It may be too wide for some shooters
  • Leather may not be comfortable for all users


13# Galco RS9 Rifle Sling

Galco Rs9 Rifle Sling

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The Galco RS9 Rifle Sling is anything but ordinary. This selection of quality leather materials in a range of rich colours and textures is second to none – giving the discriminating rifleman something extraordinary that’s still affordable. The Cobra-style design fits 1″ swivels and has a fully lined non-slip rough-out back. When precision and performance matter, the Galco RS9 Rifle Sling offers all that you require in a premium quality rifle sling. Don’t settle for less when your aim is perfection!

  • Quality leather material
  • Cobra-style sling
  • Fully lined
  • Non-slip rough-out back
  • It may be too pricey for some
  • Not weather-resistant


14# Butler Creek Rifle/Shotgun Comfort Stretch Sling

Butler Creek Rifle/Shotgun Comfort Stretch Sling

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The Butler Creek Rifle/Shotgun Comfort Stretch Sling is excellent for any hunter or shooter who enjoys long days outdoors. Available in classic colours and patterns, this sling is designed to improve comfort and performance when carrying your rifle or shotgun. Each sling comes with Butler Creek’s Slinger or Uncle Mike’s QD Quick Detachable 1″ Sling Swivels – perfect for quickly attaching and detaching from the gun. In addition, these slings are designed with a top loop that has suede sewn on it – ensuring excellent protection against potential damage to blued or stainless barrels. The new nonslip grippers increase comfort by keeping the gun snugly in place regardless of attire worn.

Video review

  • Excellent comfort and fit
  • Reduces felt weight by up to 50%
  • Non-slip Grippers keep the gun snugly in place
  • Available in popular camo patterns
  • It may not be suitable for all guns
  • It may not work as well in wet conditions


15# Butler Creek Easy Rider Rifle Sling

Butler Creek Easy Rider Rifle Sling

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The Butler Creek Easy Rider Rifle Sling features a thick neoprene shoulder pad with a shark skin rubberized backing, it keeps your rifle comfortably cushioned while still being easy to carry. It is adjustable up to 48 inches in length so you can find the right fit no matter what size rifle or shotgun you have. Additionally, the polypro webbing has fully bound edges for increased durability. With ample cushioning and adjustable length, the Butler Creek Easy Rider Rifle Sling provides maximum comfort and support whether you’re spending a day in the woods or simply going somewhere.

  • Thick neoprene shoulder pad
  • Sharkskin rubberized backing
  • Adjustable up to 48 inches in length
  • Fully bound edges and urethane cover
  • Doesn’t come with swivels
  • It may be heavy for some


16# Butler Creek Utility Nylon Sling

Butler Creek Utility Nylon Sling

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Equipped with rugged, durable construction, the Butler Creek Utility Nylon Sling is perfect for transporting your rifle on a long-range visit or outdoors adventure. Crafted from tough nylon webbing with mildew and rot resistance properties to retain its strength through wear and tear during transport and storage. This accessory will match most hunting gear for a seamless fit for secure travel. Escape the constraints of traditional rifle strapping methods and make your next outdoor venture an enjoyable experience with the convenience of the Butler Creek Utility Rifle Sling.

Video review

  • Durable construction
  • Resistance to mildew and rot
  • Matches most hunting gear
  • Convenient for outdoor ventures
  • Not high-quality stitching
  • Limited colour selection


17# Butler Creek Cobra Sling

Butler Creek Cobra Sling

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The Butler Creek Cobra Sling is crafted from the highest quality materials for an aesthetically pleasing and secure carry. This sling features soft, high-quality suede leather on both sides for superior comfort and the precision stitching ensures maximum quality. A wide shoulder pad provides extra cushioning and the suede lining clings to your shoulder for a secure fit. The Cobra Sling is also available in luxurious leather with a basket weave pattern, finished with precision stitching and a suede non-slip lining on the top section. Each sling is expertly crafted with care, featuring beautiful western stitching that will perfectly complement your finest rifles or shotguns.

  • Soft suede leather on both sides
  • Wide shoulder pad for comfort
  • Basket weave pattern with precise stitching
  • Non-slip lining on the upper section
  • Not waterproof
  • High price


18# Outdoor Connection Original Padded Super-Sling w/ Talon Swivels

Outdoor Connection Original Padded Super-Sling w/ Talon Swivels

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The Outdoor Connection Original Padded Super-Sling w/ Talon Swivels is designed for superior comfort and durability during your next shooting excursion. The star of this sling’s performance is its resilient, shape-conforming pad which moulds to your shoulder for added comfort. It features a flexible two-ply closed cell neoprene rubber core covered with a 1000 denier coated nylon fabric outer layer, making sure that no matter what happens, your shoulders stay dry and comfortable as you aim prey or practice target shooting. For extra protection against the elements, the neoprene is also moisture-proof and bonded to the pad.

  • Rapid one-hand adjustment
  • Mil-Spec type webbing
  • Resilient shape-conforming pad
  • Moisture-proof bonding
  • It may be too bulky for some shooters
  • It may not be compatible with all rifles


19# Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling

Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling

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Experience improved rifle handling and comfort during hunting expeditions with the Outdoor Connection Padded Super Sling. Crafted with Mil-Spec nylon webbing, this heavy-duty accessory comes equipped with silicone-treated suede leather lock-stitched over a neoprene rubber pad for premium comfort. A secure integral thumb loop helps reduce your hand and arm fatigue while also making it easier to control your rifle in even the roughest conditions. Thanks to its Talon Q/R swivels, you can easily transition from carrying to shooting without having to worry about any buckles or hooks. Get yours today and stay ready for whatever nature throws your way!

  • Silicone-treated
  • Lock-stitched
  • Neoprene rubber pad
  • Integral thumb loop
  • Available only in black
  • It may be too wide for some shooters


20# Allen Big Game Suede Rifle Sling w/Swivels

Allen Big Game Suede Rifle Sling w/Swivels

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The Allen Big Game Suede Rifle Sling is made of the highest quality materials and is designed to provide a secure, comfortable, and reliable carrying solution for serious hunters. The front and back are crafted of luxurious suede leather with a sleek, decorative stitching pattern that looks great in any setting. For added grip, a non-slip suede lining contacts your shoulder through the full length of the sling. This ensures your rifle stays securely in place while you are on the move. Additionally, the included swivels are tested to hold up to 300 pounds and feature steel sling loops, attachment pins, as well as cast bodies with spring-loaded attachment pins that can be secured in a closed position by simply screwing the threaded cap tight against the swivel body.

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Luxurious suede leather front and back
  • Non-slip suede lining
  • Swivels tested to hold 300 pounds
  • It may not work as well in wet conditions
  • Can be cumbersome


21# Bulldog Cases & Vaults Black Deluxe Padded 1″ Rifle Sling

Bulldog Cases & Vaults Black Deluxe Padded 1" Rifle Sling

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When you need an easy and comfortable carry of your rifle that won’t weigh you down, the Bulldog Cases & Vaults Deluxe Padded 1in Rifle Sling is the perfect solution. This sling features deluxe padding to make sure your gun never gets too heavy regardless of the situation. Made with quick-release straps, it can easily adjust and stay secure during any combat or hunting outing. The material is also packable, durable, and resistant to the elements for maximum protection at all times. Put your trust in Bulldog Cases & Vaults for a quality product that will last for years to come.

  • Deluxe padding
  • Provides easy and comfortable carry
  • Quick-release straps adjust with ease
  • Resistant to the elements
  • It may be too large for some
  • Not high-quality stitching


22# Elite Survival Systems Rapid-Tac 2-Point Slings

Elite Survival Systems Rapid-Tac 2-Point Slings

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Introducing the Elite Survival Systems Rapid-Tac 2-Point Slings, designed especially for tactical and shooting operations. This adjustable sling is made with 1-inch heavyweight nylon webbing, heavy-duty hardware, and a quick-release buckle. It comes with two slides at both ends and features pull tabs and friction release buckles that offer you instant adjustment. This superior-quality product is proudly manufactured in specialized factories. Get your hands on the Elite Survival Systems Rapid-Tac 2-Point Slings and ensure maximum comfort while having full control of your firearm!

  • 2-point sling
  • Heavy-duty hardware
  • Adjustable slides at both ends
  • Proudly made in specialized factories
  • It may be too large for some
  • Pricey


Installation 🛠️

Having extensively tested numerous slings on the Remington 700 rifle platform, our team has developed some best practices for proper sling installation and attachment. Here is an overview of our advice based on our hands-on experience.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Remington 700 rifle
  • The sling of your choice (two-point or three-point sling)
  • Sling swivels (usually included with the sling)
  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Optional: Thread locker (e.g., Loctite)

🔘 The first step is to verify the sling swivel studs or attachment points on your particular Remington 700 model. Most will have a front stud located 2-4 inches ahead of the forend tip and a rear stud on the buttstock. Ensure these are tight and not damaged. Also, confirm you have the right corresponding sling swivel attachments for your chosen sling.

🔘 When ready to attach the sling, we recommend first connecting the rear swivel. Loop the sling through the rear stud and clip or loop it through the adjustment buckles, keeping some initial tension but still allowing it to move freely. You may need to detach one side of the sling if using a bi-pod or rest for sighting.

🔘 Next, while holding the rifle vertically with the butt planted on the ground, attach the front sling swivel. Find the sweet spot of tension that pulls the rifle securely against your shoulder but still allows fluid transitions between low-ready, high-port, and field carry positions. Fine-tune as needed.

🔘 Always “test drive” any new sling installation with a safety check and various mock shooting scenarios. Verify smooth transition to firing positions, stability when aiming, and safe muzzle control when slung across your back or front.

⚠️ A proper sling setup is a vital accessory for maximizing your Remington 700’s capabilities. Let us know if you have any other sling attachment questions!

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺


How do you carry a Remington 700 on your back with a sling?

Here are some tips for properly carrying a Remington 700 rifle on your back using a sling:

  •  ☑️ Make sure the sling is adjusted to the right length. It should hold the rifle snugly against your back but still allow you to swing it easily into a firing position.
  •  ☑️ The rifle should be oriented horizontally across your back with the barrel pointing downwards. This keeps the muzzle directed safely at the ground rather than swinging near your body.
  •  ☑️ Keep the muzzle tilted slightly upwards as opposed to straight down. This prevents it from catching on brush, gear, or the backs of your legs.
  •  ☑️ Position the rifle high on your back rather than low near your hips for better balance and mobility. Keep it centred to distribute weight evenly.
  •  ☑️ Cinch down any loose sling ends or adjustment straps so they don’t catch or shift. Use covers or tape if needed to pad and silence.
  •  ☑️ When transitioning the rifle from your back to firing, swing it under your strong side armpit bringing the butt up to your shoulder and muzzle downrange.
  •  ☑️ Practice this motion to build muscle memory and avoid “tunnelling” where the muzzle sweeps back or near your body.
  •  ☑️ Maintain positive control of the muzzle at all times and be aware of your surroundings to avoid flagging others.

Proper sling carry technique takes repetition. Keep safety top of mind and become proficient before relying on a sling in critical situations.

Should you use a 1-point or 2-point sling?

When it comes to choosing between a 1-point or 2-point sling for the Remington 700, it ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the shooter.

🟢 Firstly, one must consider the mobility offered by a 1-point sling. This type of sling, attaching to the firearm at a single point, usually at the rear of the receiver, allows for quick hand or shooting position changes. It ensures a fluid transition between different shooting stances, making it particularly beneficial in dynamic situations where rapid response is necessary.

🟢 Secondly, a 1-point sling offers greater freedom of movement – a crucial aspect in situations where the shooter needs to free his hands quickly, for example, when navigating challenging terrains or handling other equipment.

⚠️ However, our team noticed that a 1-point sling may cause the rifle to swing freely when not in use. It was causing discomfort and interference with movement when we tested the slings.

🟣 On the other hand, the 2-point sling, which attaches to two points on the rifle (usually the barrel or handguard and the stock), provides considerable stability and comfort. This type of sling evenly distributes the weight of the firearm across the shooter’s body, reducing fatigue during prolonged use – a significant advantage for those carrying their rifles for extended periods.

🟣 Moreover, a 2-point sling aids in improving shooting accuracy. Its design allows the shooter to use the sling as a brace, providing additional support and stability when aiming and shooting, particularly useful in precision shooting or when the shooter is in a prone position.

⚠️ Our research has shown that the choice between a 1-point and 2-point sling may also depend on the specific context in which the rifle is used. For instance, while the 1-point sling may be more suited for close-quarters combat or tactical situations due to its flexibility, the 2-point sling might be a better option for hunting or marksmanship activities, where stability and comfort are of primary importance.

Should you add any padding or covers to your Remington 700 sling?

The decision to add padding or covers to your Remington 700 sling largely depends on your personal comfort and the nature of your activities. While they are not necessarily mandatory, padded slings or covers can significantly enhance comfort, particularly during prolonged carry or extended periods of use.

Padded slings distribute the weight of the rifle more effectively across the shoulder, reducing strain and preventing discomfort. They are especially beneficial if you’re carrying a heavy firearm or if you’re venturing out for long hunting or shooting sessions.

On the other hand, sling covers can offer protection to your sling from wear and tear, harsh weather conditions, and environmental damage. They can also serve to camouflage your sling in a hunting environment.

🛑 However, it’s crucial to note that adding padding or covers might increase the overall weight of your gear and may also affect the sling’s adjustability or quick-release features. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a sling with built-in padding or a separate cover that is lightweight, durable, and compatible with your sling’s design and functionality.

Where is the best place to mount a front sling swivel?

The optimal location for mounting a front sling swivel largely depends on the specific rifle design and the shooter’s preference.

✔️ Generally, the front swivel is typically mounted on the rifle’s handguard or the barrel. Mounting it on the handguard can offer better balance and control due to its closer proximity to the shooter, and it’s also less likely to interfere with the rifle’s operation.

🛑 However, mounting it on the barrel may provide more stability, particularly for long-range precision shooting. It’s crucial that the mounting point doesn’t interfere with other components of the rifle or impede its operation in any way.

The exact position will also depend on the type of sling being used and the shooter’s intended use, comfort, and shooting style.

What materials are Remington 700 slings made from?
🟡 Nylon – One of the most common sling materials. Nylon is lightweight, weather-resistant, and affordable. However, it can stretch over time. 🟡 Leather – Offers a classic, attractive look and soft feel. Leather forms to the contours of the body and rifle well. However, it can be degraded by moisture and require regular maintenance. 🟡 Neoprene – Provides excellent padding and comfort on the shoulder due to its stretchy and cushioning properties. Neoprene insulates well and is weather-resistant. It can retain moisture though.
🟡 Polyester – A very strong and durable synthetic material. Polyester has minimal stretch and retains its shape well under load. It dries quickly but has little padding ability. 🟡 Cotton – A natural fibre that is soft, breathable, and comfortable. But cotton absorbs moisture easily and lacks durability and weather resistance. 🟡 Biothane – A synthetic leather alternative that repels water, resists UV rays, and won’t crack or fade. Biothane is tough and needs little maintenance.

Conclusion 🤩

Selecting the right sling for the Remington 700 is a nuanced process that demands careful consideration of various factors. The choice between a 1-point and 2-point sling hinges on personal preferences, the intended use, and the specific context in which the rifle is used. Additionally, optional enhancements such as padding or covers can significantly enhance comfort levels, albeit with potential trade-offs in weight and adjustability.

The mounting point of the front sling swivel, typically on the handguard or the barrel, also requires deliberation based on the shooter’s individual needs and shooting style. Ultimately, the perfect sling will blend a harmonious balance of comfort, mobility, stability, and adaptability to the shooter’s requirements.

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6 months ago

You’ve mentioned the noise. What other the possible problems with a sling and how to solve them?

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Siobhan

    Loose Sling – A sling that is too loose can allow the rifle to swing around and be difficult to control. Tighten the sling adjustments and tension to pull the rifle securely against your body.

    Slippage – Some sling materials like nylon can slide around on your shoulder while carrying or shooting, especially if wearing smooth materials. Adding a rubber shoulder pad or sling sleeve can increase grip.

    Muzzle Flagging – An improperly configured sling can allow the muzzle to inadvertently point in unsafe directions. Adjust the sling swivels and length to prevent back swings.

    Limited Mobility – An overly tight or restrictive sling limits your ability to swing the rifle into action and different firing positions smoothly. Loosen the sling if too tight.

    Pinch Points – Buckles, clips, and sling components can pinch the shoulder or arm when in use. Protect these spots with padding or reconfigure the sling.

    Poor Balance – If the sling makes the rifle hang too far forward or back, it can affect your shooting stance, accuracy and follow up shots. Adjust attachment points.

    Fraying – Check sling for wear spots and fraying of material before use. Reinforce or replace any visibly damaged slings immediately.

      6 months ago

      Quick question, how do you guys prefer to attach your slings? I’ve seen some folks using QD swivels, while others go for traditional sling swivels.

        6 months ago
        Reply to  Newbie

        I use QD swivels for easy detachment if I need to go from a slung position to shooting quickly. Just make sure your stock is compatible or can be modified for QD mounts.

          6 months ago

          I went with a DIY paracord sling for my Remington 700. It’s cost-effective, lightweight, and surprisingly sturdy. Plus, you can customize the colors to match your rifle.

            Matthias Bredley
            Matthias Bredley
            6 months ago

            Hey Remington 700 owners, I’ve noticed that my sling tends to make a lot of noise when I’m out hunting. It’s pretty annoying and could potentially spook the game. Any suggestions on how to solve this noise problem?

              6 months ago

              🎯 Slings can squeak, crackle, or rub against gear and make noise. Padding contact points with mole skin or athletic tape can quiet a noisy sling.

                6 months ago

                 I had the same issue with my sling. I wrapped a piece of black electrical tape around the swivels where the sling attaches to the rifle. It dampened the metal-on-metal noise significantly without adding much weight.

                  6 months ago

                  Try using some paracord or shock cord loops to secure your sling. They provide a bit of flexibility and cushioning, reducing the clinking noise when you move.

                    6 months ago

                    Hello! I want to have a unique sling. How can I customize your Remington 700 sling?

                      6 months ago
                      Reply to  Nico

                      Here are some ways you can customize your Remington 700 sling:

                      ❇️ Choose the Type of Sling: Select a sling type that suits your shooting style. Options include two-point slings, one-point slings, and convertible slings that can switch between configurations.

                      ❇️ Select Sling Material: Slings are made from various materials, including nylon, leather, and paracord. Choose a material that matches your style and comfort preferences.

                      ❇️ Pick a Color or Pattern: Many slings come in different colors and patterns. You can choose a camouflage pattern for hunting or a solid color that matches your gear.

                      ❇️ Add Padding: If you plan to carry your rifle for extended periods, consider a padded sling for added comfort. Some slings come with built-in padding, or you can add aftermarket padding.

                      ❇️ Adjustable Length: Opt for an adjustable-length sling to ensure it fits comfortably whether you’re wearing it across your chest or over your shoulder.

                      ❇️ Sling Swivels: You can customize the attachment points by choosing the type of swivels that work best for your rifle. Quick-detach (QD) swivels are popular for easy removal.

                      ❇️ Sling Mounts: Depending on your rifle’s stock, you may need to add sling mounts or adapters to attach the sling securely. Some stocks have built-in attachment points.

                      ❇️ Accessories: Consider adding accessories like a stock cuff or pouch to hold extra ammunition, a cleaning kit, or other essentials.

                      ❇️ Embroidery or Personalization: Some manufacturers offer customization options, allowing you to add your name, logo, or other personalization to the sling.

                      ❇️ DIY Modifications: For the more adventurous, you can create a DIY sling using paracord or other materials. There are many tutorials available online for crafting your custom sling.

                        6 months ago

                        I’ve been using the Vickers Sling on my Remington 700 for a while now. It’s a bit pricier, but the build quality is excellent, and it’s incredibly adjustable.