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Best Pistol Grip

What is a pistol grip?🧐

It is a device that fits around the handle of a gun to provide better control and stability when shooting. It also adds comfort for the shooter, particularly if they are using a large or heavy weapon. The best grip should be comfortable to hold and help improve accuracy.

Pistol grip


When searching for the perfect pistol grip, our team of firearm enthusiasts understands the importance of considering various features that contribute to both comfort and control. We believe that the right grip can greatly enhance your shooting experience. Here are some key aspects to look out for:

🟣 Ergonomics: A top-notch grip should prioritize ergonomics, providing a comfortable and natural grip angle. This not only reduces strain on your hand but also improves your accuracy and shooting performance.

🟣 Texture: Opt for a grip with a suitable texture that ensures a secure hold, even in challenging conditions. A grip that prevents slippage enhances your control and confidence while handling the firearm.

🟣 Materials: Grip materials play a vital role in the overall feel and durability of the grip. Choices such as polymer, rubber, or wood offer different levels of longevity, tactile feedback, and aesthetics. It’s essential to find a material that suits your preferences and shooting style.

🟣 Size and Shape: We understand that every shooter’s hands are unique. That’s why choosing a grip that fits your hand size and shape is crucial for enhanced comfort and control. The right size and shape promote a natural grip and allow for a more consistent shooting experience.

🟣 Recoil Absorption: During a rapid-fire or intense shooting session, recoil can impact your hand and wrist. That’s why some grips feature recoil-absorbing mechanisms to minimize the felt recoil. This not only enhances your comfort but also helps maintain better control over the firearm.

Our Top Pick
Magpul MOE-Plus AR15 Gun Grip
This grip is designed to provide an ergonomic and secure hold, enhancing your weapon handling and overall shooting performance. It features a one-piece reinforced polymer construction with wrap-around rubber over-molding. The hard polymer bottom edges of this grip are designed to minimize snags and prevent grip damage. The beavertail backstrap contributes to enhanced ergonomics, providing a comfortable and natural grip angle. This design feature helps reduce strain on your hand and wrist, allowing for extended shooting sessions without sacrificing control or performance.
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We understand the significant advantages that investing in a quality pistol grip can bring to your shooting experience. Let’s explore some key benefits in detail:

☑️ When it comes to hitting your target, consistency is key. A well-designed grip promotes a comfortable and secure hand position, allowing for better recoil management and precise shot placement. With each shot, you’ll notice improved accuracy and increased confidence in your shooting abilities.
☑️ Achieving optimal control over your firearm is essential for effective handling. A quality grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, allowing you to maintain better control over your firearm. This translates to smoother handling, improved stability, and faster target acquisition, enabling you to react swiftly and with precision.
☑️ Extended shooting sessions can take a toll on your hand and arm muscles, leading to fatigue. However, a grip designed with ergonomics in mind helps minimize muscle strain and discomfort. By reducing fatigue, you can enjoy longer shooting sessions without compromising your performance, ultimately maximizing your time on the range.
☑️ We believe in the importance of personalization and finding a grip that suits your specific needs and shooting style. Many grips offer additional features such as interchangeable backstraps, finger grooves, or storage compartments. These customization options allow you to tailor the grip to your preferences, ensuring a comfortable and personalized shooting experience.
☑️ Safety is paramount when it comes to firearm handling. A reliable and high-quality grip ensures a firm hold on your firearm, minimizing the risk of accidental slippage or mishandling. By providing a secure grip, you can confidently and safely operate your firearm, promoting responsible shooting practices.

Benefits of pistol grip

What’s the best pistol grip?🤔

As a team of passionate firearm enthusiasts, we understand the quest for grip improvement. Let’s explore the essential elements that contribute to enhancing it:

🔍 Grip Angle: The grip angle influences the alignment of your wrist and forearm. Some shooters prefer a traditional vertical grip, while others find a more angled grip better suits their shooting style. Ultimately, the grip angle is a matter of personal preference, and finding the right one can significantly impact your comfort and control.

🔍 Texture: A crucial aspect of a grip is its texture. A grippy texture ensures a secure hold, preventing slippage and promoting better control over your firearm. Whether you prefer aggressive checkering, stippling, or a rubberized surface, finding a texture that strikes a balance between grip and comfort is essential.

🔍 Materials: The choice of materials for your grip is crucial in terms of durability, weather resistance, and overall feel. Polymer grips offer excellent durability and resistance to harsh conditions, while rubberized grips excel in shock absorption and comfort. Consider your shooting requirements and personal preferences when selecting the materials for your grip.

🔍 Features: Additional features can enhance the functionality and versatility of your grip. Look for grips with modular designs, allowing for easy customization and compatibility with different accessories. Storage compartments within the grip can provide convenient space for small tools or spare batteries. Additionally, grips with customizable backstraps allow you to adjust the grip’s size to fit your hand more comfortably.

Best Pistol Grip Reviews

1# FAB Defense Rubberized Pistol Grip

FAB Defense Rubberized Pistol Grip

If you need a better grip on your weapon, look at the FAB Defense Rubberized Pistol Grip. This grip has been designed to provide a firmer grasp and a more comfortable shooting experience, thanks to its three different over-molded textures. The rib studded texture is perfect for the palm, while the alligator pattern provides a great grip for the front fingers. And the moon’s surface texture is perfect for keeping your hand in place when firing. Combined, these three textures create an unbeatable grip that will give you the edge in any situation. Additionally, the extended beavertail on this grip provides even more stability and control. So don’t settle for anything less than the best – get the FAB Defense Rubberized Pistol Grip.

Video review

  • Provides a firmer grasp and a more comfortable shooting experience
  • Has three different over-molded textures for a better grip
  • Extended beavertail allows higher, firmer hold
  • Storage compartment for batteries and other small parts
  • May not fit all gun models
  • The grip may be too bulky for some shooters


2# FAB Defense SA. VZ. 58 Pistol Grip

FAB Defense SA. VZ. 58 Pistol Grip

The FAB Defense SA. VZ. 58 Pistol Grip is a great way to improve your shooting experience and keep your weapon firmly in hand. This grip is made from MIL-SPEC fiberglass reinforced polymer composite for superior durability and features finger grooves that provide a more comfortable grip. An integrated storage compartment allows you to take batteries and other small parts with you wherever your rifle travels. Installation is quick and easy, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the FAB Defense SA VZ-58 Ergonomic Pistol Grip right away!

  • More comfortable grip
  • Improves trigger operation
  • Built-In storage compartment
  • Finger grooves and backstrap shape for enhanced, more comfortable grip
  • The storage compartment may be too small


3# FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip for AK-47

FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip

Want to buy an enhanced tactical grip for your AK-47 or AK-74 rifle? Look no further than the FAB Defense Ergonomic AK47 Pistol Grip. This grip provides a secure grip for your rifle, even in wet conditions, and prevents wrist fatigue thanks to its ergonomic design. It’s made with mil-spec reinforced polymer composite for durability, yet is still light enough to not weigh you down. Plus, the removable cushioned battery grip improves trigger operation for even greater precision. Get a grip on your rifle today with the FAB Defense Ergonomic AK47 Pistol Grip.

  • Improves Trigger Operation
  • Built-In Storage with Removable Cushioned Battery Holder
  • Manufactured with Mil-Spec Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • It may be too slim for some users


4# FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip for AR15/M16/M4

FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip

The FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip for AR15/M16/M4 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their grip on their rifle. Made from reinforced plastic composite, this grip features finger swells and a backstrap shape that enhances your grip and provides texturing to minimize slipping, even if the grip gets wet. The integrated extended beavertail provides better control during firing sequences, and the hinged door in the bottom of the grip provides quick access to the storage area.

  • Ergonomic non-slip design
  • Finger swells and backstrap shape designed to enhance grip
  • Textured to minimize slipping if the grip is wet
  • Integrated extended beavertail provides better control during firing sequences
  • A hinged door at the bottom of the grip provides quick access to the storage area
  • It may be too bulky for some shooters
  • The grip may not fit all firearms


5# Magpul MOE-Plus AR15 Gun Grip

Magpul MOE-Plus AR15 Gun Grip

Magpul Industries MOE-Plus AR15 Pistol Grip offers improved weapon handling and an ergonomic, secure grip. This hard polymer grip minimizes snags with its drop-in design. The texturing on the Magpul MOE Plus AR15 Gun Grip provides a comfortable grip that improves your aim. Don’t miss the opportunity to get an excellent performance – order the Magpul MOE-Plus AR15 Gun Grip just now!

Video review

  • One-piece reinforced polymer construction with wrap-around rubber over-molding
  • Beavertail backstrap for enhanced ergonomics
  • Hard-polymer bottom edge to reduce equipment snags or grip damage
  • The gripping area may be too small for some users


6# Magpul MOE AR15 Gun Grip

Magpul MOE AR15 Gun Grip

The Magpul AR15 MOE Rifle Grip is the perfect upgrade for your standard-issue rifle. The textured grip provides a solid grip and improved handling, while the one-piece reinforced design can withstand any mission. The storage cores accept extra gear and equipment, making this an essential upgrade for anyone serious about their shooting.

  • The handle is a one-piece reinforced injection molded design that can withstand any mission environment
  • Injection-molded polymer
  • MOE storage core compatible
  • Improved ergonomics and weapon control
  • Aggressive texture for greater grip
  • May be too aggressive for some users
  • May not fit all firearms


7# MFT Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip

MFT Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip

When you need to grip your AR15/M16 pistol like a pro, reach for the MFT Engage Pistol Grip. It’s interchangeable backstraps and finger swells provide superior grip comfort, while the customizable foam storage block with a quick access tab diminishes rattle. And when you need to store small items or rifle accessories, the secure watertight storage compartment provides the perfect place. Try this quality MFT Engage AR15/M16 Pistol Grip!

  • Superior grip comfort
  • Interchangeable backstraps and finger swell
  • Custom-fit for any sized hand
  • Covers the receiver gaps that cause discomfort during sustained usage
  • Secure a watertight storage compartment
  • May not fit all firearms
  • The grip may be too small for some users


8# MDT AR-15 Pistol Grip

MDT AR-15 Pistol Grip

MDT AR-15 Pistol Grip: These MDT AR15 parts have been designed to provide superior ergonomics with insight from expert shooters’ experiences and preferences. The one-piece reinforced inside core with a comfortable tactile over mold provides maximum comfort and strength. With integrated palm swells to better fit your hand, this grip provides outstanding ergonomics for both right and left-handed shooters. The MDT Pistol Grip rubber over mold is lightly textured and grooved to guarantee an anti-slip and solid rifle grip.

  • Expert shooter insights
  • Maximum comfort and strength
  • Anti-slip and solid rifle grip
  • No finger grooves


9# Timber Creek Outdoors Enforcer AR Pistol Grip

Timber Creek Outdoors Enforcer AR Pistol Grip

Searching for an easy way to upgrade your AR-style firearm? Look no further than the Timber Creek Outdoors Enforcer AR Pistol Grip. This high-quality grip is made from CNC machined aluminum for superior strength and durability and features a skeletonized body that helps reduce recoil and reverb. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or prefer to have a gunsmith install it, adding this grip to your firearm is quick and easy. So don’t wait any longer, get the Timber Creek Outdoors Enforcer AR Pistol Grip today!

Video review

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Reduces recoil and reverb
  • It’s easy to install
  • It may be too bulky for some firearms


10# Strike Industries AR-15/AR-10 Enhanced Pistol Grip

Strike Industries AR-15/AR-10 Enhanced Pistol Grip

Do you want to get a more comfortable grip on your AR-15 or AR-10? Look no further than the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip. Now available in three different angles to suit any shooter’s needs, this grip features an improved grip texture for more positive handling of the rifle. The grip is more streamlined and tapered where the webbing of the hand goes to allow more range of movement of the firing hand when accessing the controls. It has enough width in the palm area to maximize comfort during extended use. Each grip features a comfortable beavertail and secure storage underneath with an included rubber endcap. So don’t let an uncomfortable grip ruin your shooting experience – upgrade to the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip today!

Video review

  • Streamlined profile
  • Aggressive texture
  • Suits a variety of hand sizes
  • Meets a variety of needs with the 3 angles available
  • No included accessories


11# Strike Industries AK Enhanced Pistol Grip

Strike Industries AK Enhanced Pistol Grip

If you’re searching for an upgrade to your AK-pattern pistol grip, you’ll want to check out the Strike Industries AK-EPG. This grip is designed to improve ergonomics and performance, with an aggressive SI texture for positive weapon control. It’s made of reinforced polymer and features a hollow core for extra storage. So if you’re looking for a better grip on your AK, the AK-EPG is a great option.

  • An aggressive SI grip pattern provides positive weapon control
  • Improves ergonomics and performance
  • Lightweight reinforced polymer construction
  • May be too aggressive for some users


12# Hogue AK-47 Pistol Grip

Hogue AK-47 Pistol Grip

Do you want an upgrade to the small, stubby original wood grip on your AK-47? Check out the Hogue AK-47 Pistol Grip. This rubber “over-molded” grip gives you a solid purchase with an orthopedic shape that reduces shock and increases shooting comfort. The “cobblestone” surface texture provides a non-slip grasp, and the grip fits solidly against the frame, resisting wear and won’t loosen. Plus, it counts as a U.S.-made part in compliance with U.S. Code Title 18 Section 922® part-source requirements. Give your AK-47 the upgrade it deserves with the Hogue AK-47 Pistol Grip.

  • Orthopedic shape with palm swells and finger grooves
  • Reduces shock, increases shooting comfort, and improves control
  • Fits solidly against the frame, resists wear, and won’t loosen
  • It may be too rough for some shooters


13# Brownells AR-15 Retro Pistol Grip

Brownells AR-15 Retro Pistol Grip

Searching for a way to add some historical flair to your AR-15? Then check out the Brownells AR-15 Retro Pistol Grip! This grip is modeled after the original grips issued to American servicemen and women and is a great way to give your rifle a classic look. It also includes instructions, a grip screw, and a washer, and can be combined with the Brownells AR-15 Retro Handguard Set and Buttstock Assembly to create a complete set for your rifle. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity to add a touch of history to your gun collection – order the Brownells AR-15 Retro Pistol Grip today!

  • Accurate replica of the original grip
  • Can be combined with the Brownells AR-15 Retro Handguard Set and Buttstock Assembly
  • Easy to install
  • May not fit all rifles


14# Heckler & Koch Pistol Grip

Heckler & Koch Pistol Grip

If you’re searching for a top-quality grip, the Heckler & Koch Pistol Grip is a great option. This grip is made from durable polymer and is designed to provide a comfortable and secure hold on your gun. It’s a great choice for both competition shooters and everyday carry. Say goodbye to complicated jobs and hello to the simplicity and quality of the Heckler & Koch Pistol Grip!

  • Durable polymer construction
  • Provides a comfortable, secure hold
  • Suitable for competition shooters and everyday carry
  • It may be too bulky for some shooters


15# Pachmayr Signature Handgun Grip

Pachmayr Signature Handgun Grip

Do you want to get a handgun grip that fits your hand? Check out the Pachmayr Signature Handgun Grip. Constructed of special synthetic rubber, this grip offers superb comfort and control with steel inserts to maintain shape and strength. The soft rubberized texture also provides superior recoil absorption for easy sight acquisition and quick follow-up shots. Whether you’re looking for a more comfortable grip or better control, the Pachmayr Signature Handgun Grip is a perfect choice.

  • Superb comfort and control
  • Steel inserts for shape and strength
  • Optimized for control and recoil absorption
  • Full checkering for a comfortable, secure hold
  • May not fit all handguns
  • It’s not always easy to find


Installing a grip in a rifle build🧑‍🔧

The excitement that comes with upgrading your pistol grip is huge, especially when embarking on a competition rifle build. To help you through the installation process, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide:

  • ➡️ Safety First: Your safety and the safety of others should always be the top priority. Before beginning any work on your firearm, ensure it is unloaded and follow all safety procedures. Take the necessary precautions to handle your firearm responsibly.
  • ➡️ Disassembly: If required, carefully disassemble your firearm according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay close attention to removing the existing grip, as this will allow you to install the new one.
  • ➡️ Fitting the New Grip: Align the screw holes of the new grip with those on your firearm’s receiver. Take the provided hardware and securely fasten the new grip in place. Remember to tighten the screws appropriately, ensuring a secure fit. However, exercise caution not to overtighten, as it may cause damage.
  • ➡️ Function Check: After installing the new grip, reassemble your firearm, ensuring that all components are properly in place. Perform a function check to verify that everything is working as expected. This includes checking the safety mechanisms, triggers, and any other relevant features.
  • ➡️ Test and Adjust: With your firearm fully assembled, head to the range to test your newly installed grip. Pay attention to its comfort, control, and overall performance. Take the time to evaluate how it feels in your hand and make any necessary adjustments or fine-tuning to achieve the desired feel.


Why to use a pistol grip on a rifle?

📢 Allow us to shed light on why this accessory is favored by many shooters, emphasizing the importance of comfort and control.

🧩 Improved Ergonomics: A grip on a rifle offers enhanced ergonomics by providing a natural and comfortable grip angle. It allows your hand to wrap around the grip in a more relaxed and intuitive manner, promoting a more natural shooting position. This ergonomic advantage translates into reduced strain on your wrist and forearm, enabling you to maintain better control over the rifle.

🧩 Enhanced Stability and Control: Its design enables shooters to achieve a more stable and controlled hold on the rifle. With your hand positioned closer to the bore axis, you can exert better leverage and control, resulting in improved accuracy and shot placement. The grip allows for a firm grasp, minimizing the chance of slippage, particularly during rapid or sustained fire.

🧩 Recoil is an inherent factor when firing a rifle, and a grip aids in managing the felt recoil. By providing a solid grip and allowing for a more natural alignment of your hand, wrist, and forearm, the pistol grip helps distribute the recoil forces more effectively. This mitigates the muzzle rise and allows for quicker follow-up shots, enhancing overall shooting performance.

🧩 Adaptability and Customization: Such grips on rifles often offer various customization options to suit individual preferences. They can come in different shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing shooters to find a grip that best fits their hand size and shooting style. Additionally, some pistol grips feature modular designs, enabling further customization with accessories like storage compartments or interchangeable backstraps.

🧩 Increased Comfort and Endurance: Long shooting sessions can take a toll on your hands and overall shooting endurance. A grip provides a more comfortable and ergonomic hold, reducing fatigue and discomfort. This enables shooters to maintain better focus and control throughout extended shooting sessions, promoting consistent and accurate shooting.

What are these grips made of?

Material selection is important when it comes to pistol grips. There are various materials commonly used in grip manufacturing, emphasizing their impact on performance and user experience.

Polymer is a popular choice for pistol grips due to its durability, lightweight nature, and resistance to weather conditions. It offers excellent strength and impact resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability. Polymer grips often feature molded textures or patterns to enhance grip and provide a secure hold. Additionally, polymer grips are relatively cost-effective, making them accessible to a wide range of shooters.

Rubber grips are favored for their enhanced comfort and shock absorption properties. The soft and tactile nature of rubber reduces felt recoil and provides a cushioned grip, minimizing discomfort during shooting sessions. Rubber grips often feature textured patterns or grooves for improved grip and control. While rubber grips may be slightly heavier than their polymer counterparts, they excel in providing a comfortable shooting experience, particularly in situations where recoil management is crucial.

Wood grips are a classic and aesthetically pleasing option for those seeking a traditional or vintage look. Wood offers a unique feel and warmth that many shooters appreciate. Grips made from wood are often handcrafted, showcasing intricate patterns and grain variations. While wood grips may require more maintenance and care compared to polymer or rubber grips, they offer a timeless appeal and can enhance the overall aesthetics of a firearm.

Composite grips combine different materials, such as polymer and rubber, to leverage the advantages of each. These grips often feature a polymer base with rubberized over-molding in critical contact areas for improved grip and ergonomics. Composite grips provide a balance between durability, comfort, and grip enhancement, offering the best of both worlds for shooters seeking versatility and performance.

Does grip angle matter?

😀 Absolutely❗ As one of the most important factors when it comes to accuracy, grip angle is a critical consideration when selecting a grip. To ensure optimal performance, look for grips that deliver:

✍️ Ergonomics and Natural Hand Position: Grip angle refers to the angle at which your hand naturally rests on the grip of a firearm. It plays a crucial role in achieving a comfortable and natural shooting position. A well-designed grip angle promotes proper alignment of your wrist, forearm, and hand, reducing strain and fatigue during extended shooting sessions. It allows for a more natural extension of your arm and enhances overall shooting comfort.

✍️ Control and Recoil Management: The grip angle directly affects your control over the firearm and your ability to manage recoil effectively. Such an angle that aligns with your shooting style and preferences enables better control and stability. It helps distribute recoil forces more efficiently, reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster follow-up shots. The right grip angle enhances your overall shooting performance by facilitating improved accuracy and target acquisition.

✍️ Personal Preference and Shooting Style: Grip angle is a subjective matter, as individuals may have different preferences and shooting styles. Some shooters may prefer a grip angle that closely mimics the traditional vertical grip, while others may favor a more pronounced angle that promotes a forward-leaning posture. It’s crucial to experiment with different grip angles to find the one that feels most natural and comfortable for you, as this can greatly impact your shooting experience.

✍️ Firearm Compatibility: Grip angle can also be influenced by the specific firearm platform you’re using. Different firearms may have varying default grip angles based on their design and intended purpose. It’s important to consider the compatibility of the grip angle with your firearm to ensure a seamless fit and optimal performance.

How to find the right fit: determining the size of your grip?

😉 Allow us to guide you in determining the ideal size for your pistol grip, emphasizing the significance of individual fit and shooting preferences.

🔰 Hand Size and Comfort: The size of your grip should be determined by the dimensions of your hand. Hand sizes can vary significantly from person to person, and finding the right fit is crucial for comfort and control. A grip that is too small may result in cramped fingers and a lack of stability, while a grip that is too large can lead to reduced control and difficulty reaching the trigger. It’s important to strike a balance between a grip that accommodates your hand comfortably without being excessively large or small.

🔰 Full Grip vs. Finger Placement: Consider how you prefer to hold the grip. Some shooters prefer a “full grip” where all fingers wrap around the grip, while others may have a preference for finger placement, with specific fingers resting in grooves or specific positions on the grip. The size of the grip should allow for your desired grip style, ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.

🔰 Shooting Application: The shooting application or purpose of the firearm can also influence the size of the grip. For example, a grip on a concealed carry firearm may need to be smaller to facilitate better concealment and maneuverability. On the other hand, a grip on a competition firearm may have more room for customization and individual fit preferences.

🔰 Experimentation and Personal Preference: Ultimately, finding the right size for your grip may require some experimentation. It’s essential to try different grip sizes and shapes to determine what feels most natural and comfortable in your hand. Many firearms allow for interchangeable grips or backstraps, enabling you to tailor the size to your specific needs.

What is the difference between a pistol grip and a standard stock rifle?

💥 Let’s delve into the distinctions between these two configurations, emphasizing their characteristics and implications.

➡️ Pistol Grip: It is a grip style that allows the shooter’s hand to wrap around the grip like holding a pistol. It typically features an ergonomic design with a more vertical or angled grip angle, promoting a natural and comfortable shooting position. Pistol grips offer several advantages, including improved control, recoil management, and ergonomics. They provide a more compact and maneuverable configuration, making them well-suited for close-quarters shooting, home defense, and certain sporting applications.

➡️ Standard Stock Rifle: This configuration features a traditional stock design that extends from the rear of the receiver and typically includes a shoulder stock and a conventional grip. The stock provides a shoulder contact point for stability and control while shooting. Unlike a pistol grip, a standard stock rifle offers a more extended length of pull, allowing for a more stable and supported shooting platform. This configuration is commonly found on hunting rifles, precision rifles, and rifles designed for longer-range shooting.

💣 Key Differences: The main difference between a pistol grip and a standard stock rifle lies in their design and intended purpose. A pistol grip offers a more compact and ergonomic grip angle, suitable for quick target acquisition and close-quarters engagements. It promotes a more natural hand position, facilitating better control and recoil management. In contrast, a standard stock rifle provides a longer length of pull, shoulder support, and increased stability, making it ideal for precision shooting, extended-range engagements, and applications where accuracy is paramount.

🟣 Application and Preference: The choice between a pistol grip and a standard stock rifle depends on the shooter’s intended application and personal preference. Each configuration offers distinct advantages, and selecting the appropriate option relies on factors such as shooting style, shooting environment, and intended use of the firearm. Some shooters may prefer the compactness and maneuverability of a pistol grip, while others may prioritize the stability and accuracy offered by a standard stock rifle.


In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when searching for the best pistol grip. By following our buyer’s guide and product reviews above, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect grip for your needs. Whether you want something comfortable or durable, we hope this article has helped point you in the right direction! Thanks for reading!🤠👍

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8 months ago

I want to buy a pistol grip for my AK-47. Can you give some information about the top choices?

    Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas
    8 months ago
    Reply to  Deadmight

    I’ve found that my top choice is Hogue AK-47 Pistol Grip. I appreciate the rubberized texture it offers, as it provides a solid grip even in challenging conditions. The shallow grip angle feels comfortable for me, and I particularly like that it’s slightly larger, making it a great fit for my hands.

      8 months ago
      Reply to  Deadmight

      I must say that FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip For AK-47 is pretty good. I particularly enjoy the aggressive texture it offers, which enhances my grip. I used to have a slight dislike for the dips for fingers, but over time, I realized it’s not that big of a deal anymore.

        Santiago Wright
        Santiago Wright
        8 months ago

        I’m currently in the process of building my AR-15 and I’m on the lookout for a suitable pistol grip. I prefer a grip that doesn’t have a significant angle, but other than that, I’m open to suggestions. I appreciate any help and recommendations from the community. Thank you in advance!

          8 months ago

          Based on the recommendations of my friends, I decided to go with the Magpul MOE AR15 Gun Grip. It seems to be a popular choice among many enthusiasts. However, I also have a fondness for the Brownells AR-15 Retro Pistol Grip. Both options have their merits, and I’m considering them for my build.

            Quinto Bailey
            Quinto Bailey
            8 months ago

            I’m a big fan of the Magpul MOE-Plus AR15 Gun Grip. Its shooting angle aligns perfectly with my wrist, providing a comfortable and ergonomic shooting experience. Additionally, the texture of the grip gives me a reassuring and secure hold, enhancing my overall grip and control. It’s my go-to choice for an AR-15 pistol grip.

              Arthur Bailey
              Arthur Bailey
              8 months ago

              When it comes to the best pistol grip for an AR-15, there are numerous options available, and it’s interesting to see the variety of grips people use on their AR builds. However, I’m curious about popular options and why they are considered top choices.

                8 months ago
                Reply to  Arthur Bailey

                In my opinion, the best pistol grip for an AR-15 is the MDT AR-15 Pistol Grip. I particularly appreciate the grip’s design. It offers a more comfortable and ergonomic feel for me.

                  Wells Hernandez
                  Wells Hernandez
                  8 months ago

                  As a newcomer to the firearm community, I’ve been exploring options for upgrading my pistol grip based on the recommendations provided by experienced individuals. Can you also give me some suggestions?

                    8 months ago

                    FAB Defense Ergonomic Pistol Grip For AR15/M16/M4 is my favorite pistol grip. One of the reasons I like is the material molded into it, which appears to handle extreme temperatures more effectively than regular plastic grips.