FAQ – Questions & AnswersCategory: AR-15 FAQHow long is an AR 15 lower receiver?
Barry Scott asked 2 years ago
What is the overall length of an AR-15?

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Lewis answered 2 years ago
The AR-15 is a versatile rifle that can be configured in several different ways, which means that the answer to your question depends on exactly how the rifle is configured. However, in general, an AR-15 lower receiver typically measures around 7 inches in length. This measurement may vary slightly depending on the specific make and model of the gun.
How long is an AR 15 lower receiver?
Now, if we’re talking about an AR-15 with a standard configuration, then the barrel length will be 16 inches. This is because federal law requires that all rifles have a minimum barrel length of 16 inches. However, there are some instances where barrels can be shorter than 16 inches; for example, if the gun is considered to be a “pistol.” But, in general, the barrel length of an AR-15 will be 16 inches.
As for the overall length of the rifle, this will depend on several factors, such as the type of stock that is being used. A collapsible stock, for example, will make the rifle shorter than if it has a fixed stock. Additionally, the length of the barrel will also play a role in determining the overall length of the rifle. In general, however, you can expect an AR-15 to measure anywhere from 26 to 35 inches in overall length. Again, though, this will vary depending on the specific configuration of the gun.

Antony answered 2 years ago
An AR-15 lower receiver is the section of the firearm that houses the trigger and hammer, as well as other essential components. Officially, it is just 7 inches long. However, when measuring an AR-15 lower receiver for length, one must also factor in the length of any attached pistol grip and buttstock. With these additional components factored in, an AR-15 lower receiver can range from 10 to 13 inches in overall length. It is important to note that different brands and models of AR-15s will have slightly different dimensions due to differing designs.
How long is an AR 15 lower receiver?
In regards to width, an AR-15 lower receiver is approximately 2.4 inches wide at its widest point (the magazine well). The width will decrease slightly as it extends from the magazine well to the rear of the receiver.

Ivan answered 2 years ago
The AR 15 lower receiver is the part of the rifle that houses the trigger module and magazine well. The receiver is about 7 inches long and made from aluminum. The front end of the receiver has a short rail for attaching a front sight assembly or carrying handle, while the rear of the receiver has a threaded hole for mounting a buttstock. Lower receivers are also available in different fits, such as ambidextrous or “bullet button” models.
How long is an AR 15 lower receiver?
As far as gun accessories go, lower receivers are one of the most versatile since they can be used with many types of upper assemblies and stocks. For example, a Tactical Rifle (TR) style lower receiver can be mated with an M4 style upper to create a close-quarters battle (CQB) rifle. Alternatively, an AR 10 style lower can be paired with a long-range precision upper to make a designated marksman rifle (DMR). In addition, there are many aftermarket stocks and grips that can be added to lower receivers to further customize the rifle.

Olson answered 2 years ago
The AR 15 lower receiver is the backbone of the firearm, and it is important to know its dimensions to ensure a proper fit with other parts. The AR 15 receiver is measured from the rear take-down pin hole to the front of the mag well. The dimension for a stripped lower receiver is typically around 5.5 to 7 inches. It is important to note that there are different sizes of receivers on the market, so it is best to consult with a professional before making a purchase.
How long is an AR 15 lower receiver?

Jordan answered 2 years ago
An AR 15 lower receiver is the part of the gun that houses the trigger mechanism and connects to the stock. The length of an AR-15 lower receiver varies depending on the manufacturer, but most are about 7 inches long.