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Best 32 HR Magnum Ammo

What Is 32 H&R Magnum Ammo?🤔

It is a rimmed cartridge designed for revolvers. It was developed in 1984 as a joint venture between Harrington & Richardson and Federal Cartridge. The 32 H&R Magnum is based on the .32 S&W Long cartridge and offers significantly more performance, making it an effective choice for small game hunting and self-defence. It’s praised for its manageable recoil and compatibility with small-frame revolvers, making it a preferred choice among many firearms enthusiasts.

Best 32 HR Magnum Ammo


The performance of this ammo can be best described as efficient and reliable.

✅ With a muzzle velocity typically ranging from 900 to 1,300 feet per second, the cartridge provides a swift and potent force, necessary for both hunting and self-defense scenarios. Its enhanced performance comes from a high-pressure load, which significantly surpasses that of the .32 S&W Long cartridge, upon which it is based.

✅ The manageable recoil of the 32 H&R Magnum contributes to its accuracy, allowing for rapid, successive shots without significant loss of aim.

✅ Additionally, the ammo demonstrates impressive terminal ballistics, making it effective for small to medium-game hunting. However, it’s important to note that like any ammunition, the performance can be influenced by the specific firearm used and the skill of the shooter.

Our Top Pick
32 H&R Magnum – Federal Premium Personal Defense
Crafted with utmost precision, these rounds are non-corrosive and feature boxer primed brass cases, ensuring reliability and reloadability. Embrace the assurance of top-notch performance in your 32 H&R Magnum firearm. The Jacketed Hollow Point design guarantees expansion upon impact, delivering unparalleled stopping power—making this selection an optimal and confident choice for any self-defence situation.
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  1. 🔘 Self-Defence: It is an excellent choice for self-defence due to its significant firepower and manageable recoil. The lower recoil compared to larger calibre rounds allows for quick follow-up shots, a critical feature in self-defence scenarios. It’s impressive stopping power is often sufficient to neutralize threats effectively.
  2. 🔘 Hunting: This cartridge is popular among small to medium-game hunters. The combination of high muzzle velocity and effective terminal ballistics ensures a clean, humane kill in skilled hands. It is ideal for hunting animals such as rabbits, squirrels, and even larger varmints.
  3. 🔘 Target Shooting: This ammo is a favourite among target shooters. Its accuracy and manageable recoil make it an excellent choice for both casual and competitive shooting. It’s often used in both bullseye and silhouette competitions.
  4. 🔘 Plinking: This type of casual shooting is another area where the 32 H&R shines. The ammo’s affordability and lower recoil make it great for extended shooting sessions, helping shooters improve their accuracy and gun-handling skills in a relaxed environment.
  5. 🔘 Firearms Training: New or inexperienced shooters often this to be a great cartridge for learning. Its manageable recoil and noise level help less-experienced shooters become more comfortable with firearms, fostering better shooting habits and gun safety understanding.

Firearms chambered for the .32 H&R Magnum 🤩

Ruger SP101: This is a small-frame, double-action revolver known for its robust construction and reliability. The Ruger SP101 offers a six-round capacity, stainless steel construction, and a 4.2-inch barrel, making it an excellent choice for both self-defence and hunting. Charter Arms Undercoverette: A compact revolver designed specifically for concealed carry. The five-shot Undercoverette in .32 H&R Magnum is lightweight yet powerful, making it ideal for self-defence.
H&R Sportsman: A nine-shot, single-action revolver, the H&R Sportsman offers a reliable and affordable option for those seeking a firearm in this calibre small game. It’s long barrel and adjustable sights make it a favourite for target shooting and small-game hunting. Taurus Model 731: This revolver offers a seven-round capacity in a compact, lightweight design. The Taurus Model 731’s rugged construction and ported barrel, designed to reduce recoil, make it a suitable choice for both self-defence and sport shooting.

Best💣  32 HR Magnum Ammo

1# 32 H&R Magnum – Federal Premium Personal Defense – 85 Gr – 20 Rounds

32 H&R Magnum - Federal Premium Personal Defense - 85 Gr - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

If you’re looking for trustworthy 32 H&R Magnum ammo, then look to Federal Premium’s Personal Defense line. This new production ammunition features 85 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point bullets- excellent for self-defence situations. Non-corrosive, boxer primed with brass cases and reloadable, this 32 H&R Magnum ammo is exactly what you need in your gun. The Jacketed Hollow Point bullet expands on impact for maximum stopping power, making it a great choice for self-defence situations. With a muzzle velocity of 1100 feet per second and muzzle energy of 228-foot pounds, this Federal Personal Defense ammo is sure to give you the performance you need. Don’t settle for less, trust Federal Premium for your self-defence needs.

  • Specifically designed for revolvers
  • Jacketed hollow-point bullet provides stopping power
  • Consistent, proven performance
  • Brass casing with boxer primer is reloadable
  • May not be enough to expand on the impact


2# 32 H&R Magnum – Federal Premium Champion – 95 Gr – 20 Rounds

32 H&R Magnum - Federal Premium Champion - 95 Gr - 20 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Federal Premium’s Champion Centerfire Handgun Ammunition is a high-quality, affordable ammunition option. This ammo is designed specifically for small magnum pistols and revolvers and features high-velocity bullets that are perfect for target practice or competitions. With a nominal diameter of 0.175 inches, you can get 1000 primers in each box, making this an excellent choice for high-volume shooters who want to practice reloading. Accurate and consistent, the new Federal Champion Centerfire Handgun Ammunition is also noncorrosive, so you can shoot all day without worrying about damaging your gun. Don’t miss this great opportunity to invest in top-notch ammunition at an unbeatable price.

  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reloadable
  • Can be hard to find in some areas


3# 32 H&R Magnum – Hornady Critical Defense – 80 Gr – 25 Rounds

32 H&R Magnum - Hornady Critical Defense - 80 Gr - 25 Rounds

View on OpticsPlanet

Whether you’re carrying your gun for self-defence or just to show off, make sure you’ve got a few rounds of Hornady’s Critical Defense .32 H&R Magnum in your clip. This powerful little round is perfect for taking down threats quickly and efficiently, thanks to its patented Flex Tip technology. The Flex Tip ensures that the bullet expands reliably upon impact, penetrating deeply and creating a large wound channel without clogging. This makes it ideal for use in concealed carry guns, where accuracy and dependability are critical. And because each round is individually weighed and measured for consistency, you can be sure that every shot will hit its target. So when the stakes are high, make sure you’re carrying Hornady Critical Defense .32 H&R Magnum.

Video review

  • 100% Reliability
  • Nickel Plated Brass Casings
  • Low Recoil
  • Reduced Muzzle Flash
  • Penetrates barriers well
  • Ammo is more expensive than some other options



Reloading provides an opportunity for shooters to customize their ammunition to fit their specific needs, whether it’s self-defence, hunting, or target shooting.

⭕ The process of reloading requires careful attention to detail to ensure safety and optimal performance. The foremost aspect involves choosing the right components, which include the bullet, powder, primer, and case. For .32 H&R Magnum, bullets usually range in weight from 85 to 100 grains, with the lighter bullets favouring self-defence use and the heavier ones being more suited for hunting and target shooting.

⭕ The choice of powder is crucial for the ammo’s performance. Slow-burning powders are typically recommended for the .32 H&R Magnum to ensure a consistent and efficient burn, translating to better velocity and accuracy. Primers should be chosen based on their sensitivity and reliability, with brands such as CCI and Winchester being among the preferred choices.

⭕ The cases can be used multiple times, provided they are properly cleaned and inspected for any signs of wear or damage before each reload. One of the great advantages of this ammo is its longevity; if properly cared for, brass cases can be reloaded many times.

⭕ It’s important to note that reloading should be undertaken with appropriate knowledge and understanding of the process. Safety measures, including wearing safety glasses and working in a well-ventilated area, should always be adhered to. Finally, the reloaded ammo should be tested in a controlled environment before use in the field.

Reloading ammunition can be a rewarding experience, offering a customized shooting experience and potential cost savings. However, it requires a careful and knowledgeable approach to ensure safety and effectiveness.

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What are the types of .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

There are several types of this ammunition available, each designed for specific purposes and applications. The most common types include:

  1. 🔰 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): FMJ ammunition features a soft lead core encased in a harder metal, such as copper or brass. This type of ammunition is commonly used for target shooting and practice due to its cost-effectiveness and relatively low recoil. It offers good penetration and minimal expansion upon impact.
  2. 🔰 Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP): JHP ammunition is designed for self-defence. It features a hollowed-out tip that promotes controlled expansion upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and transferring more energy to the target. This type of ammunition is intended to maximize stopping power while minimizing over-penetration.
  3. 🔰 Lead Round Nose (LRN): LRN ammunition features a rounded bullet tip and is often used for target shooting and plinking. It is less commonly used for self-defence due to its limited expansion and stopping power compared to JHP ammunition.
  4. 🔰 Wadcutter (WC): Wadcutter ammunition has a flat front that cuts a clean hole through paper targets, making it a popular choice for precision shooting and competition. It is not typically used for self-defence due to its lack of expansion.

When selecting this ammunition, it’s important to consider your intended use. If you’re using it for self-defence, jacketed hollow points are often recommended. For target shooting and practice, a full metal jacket or wadcutter ammunition might be more appropriate. Always choose ammunition that is reliable and well-suited for your firearm and intended purpose.

What is stopping power of the .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

The stopping power of a cartridge refers to its ability to quickly incapacitate a threat or target upon impact. The stopping power of the .32 H&R Magnum is considered moderate in comparison to other handgun cartridges.

While it does offer some stopping power, it is generally not as powerful as larger calibre cartridges commonly used for self-defence, such as the .357 Magnum, 9mm Luger, or .45 ACP. The effectiveness of stopping power depends on factors such as bullet design, velocity, shot placement, and the individual’s physiological response to the impact.

It’s important to note that while stopping power is a consideration, shot placement and the ability to accurately and quickly deliver follow-up shots are equally important factors in self-defence situations. While it may not be the most powerful cartridge available, it can still be effective in self-defence scenarios when used appropriately and with accurate shot placement. As always, individual preferences, skills, and local laws should be taken into account when choosing ammunition for self-defence.

We believe this video can be helpful for you📺


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

This ammo was developed as an improvement over the .32 S&W Long cartridge, which had been in use since the late 19th century. The goal was to create a more powerful and modern cartridge while maintaining compatibility with existing revolvers chambered for the .32 S&W Long. It featured a lengthened and strengthened case compared to the .32 S&W Long, allowing for increased powder capacity and higher pressures. This design improvement resulted in higher muzzle velocities and improved terminal ballistics, making it a more effective cartridge for self-defence and other applications. It has both – strong and weak sides.

Advantages Disadvantages
Moderate Recoil: This cartridge generates moderate recoil, making it more manageable for shooters, especially those who are sensitive to heavy recoil or have limited shooting experience. Limited Effective Range: It is best suited for short to moderate distances. Its ballistics and energy drop off significantly at longer ranges, limiting its use for precision shooting or longer-range engagements.
Adequate Stopping Power: While not as powerful as larger handgun cartridges, it still offers reasonable stopping power, particularly at close ranges. This can make it effective for self-defence scenarios. Availability and Variety: Compared to more popular handgun cartridges like 9mm or .45 ACP, this ammunition might be less commonly found in stores, which could lead to availability and pricing challenges.
Concealed Carry: The relatively compact size of firearms chambered in this ammo can make them suitable for concealed carry, allowing for more discreet and comfortable carry options. Hunting Limitations: While it can be used for small game hunting, its effectiveness may be limited for larger games due to its lower energy and terminal ballistics.
Accurate Shooting: The mild recoil and lower muzzle blast can contribute to improved accuracy, especially for shooters who may struggle with managing the recoil of more powerful cartridges. Personal Preference: Some shooters may prefer the peace of mind offered by more powerful cartridges for self-defence purposes. It might not provide the same level of confidence in certain high-stress situations.
What is the difference between .327 Magnum ammo vs .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

These are two distinct cartridges that share some similarities but also have significant differences. Here’s a breakdown of the key differences between these two cartridges:

.327 Magnum:

  1. ⚪ Calibre: It has a slightly larger calibre. It typically uses bullets around 0.312 to 0.3125 inches in diameter.
  2. ⚪ Power and Performance: It is more powerful. It generally offers higher muzzle velocity, energy, and stopping power due to its increased powder capacity and higher pressure levels.
  3. ⚪ Ammunition Variety: This ammo is available in various bullet types, including jacketed hollow points (JHP), full metal jackets (FMJ), and others. This diversity in ammunition types can cater to different purposes such as self-defense and target shooting.
  4. ⚪ Firearm Compatibility: Firearms chambered for this ammunition are typically designed to handle the higher pressures generated by this cartridge. These firearms are often built on a larger frame compared to those chambered in .32 H&R Magnum.
  5. ⚪ Recoil: It generates more recoil due to its higher energy levels. Shooters who are sensitive to recoil may find it less comfortable to shoot.

.32 H&R Magnum:

  1. ⬜ Calibre: It uses bullets around 0.312 inches in diameter.
  2. ⬜ Power and Performance: It is less powerful than the .327 Magnum. While it offers more power than its predecessor, the .32 S&W Long, it is generally considered a moderate-power cartridge suitable for self-defence at close ranges and small game hunting.
  3. ⬜ Ammunition Variety:  This ammunition is available in various bullet types, including jacketed hollow points (JHP) and full metal jackets (FMJ). It is often used for self-defence and target shooting.
  4. ⬜ Firearm Compatibility: Firearms chambered for this ammo are typically designed to handle its lower pressures. These firearms may be built on smaller frames, making them potentially more compact and suitable for concealed carry.
  5. ⬜ Recoil: It generates relatively mild recoil, making it more manageable for shooters who prefer less recoil.

The main differences between these two ammo lie in their calibre, power and performance, firearm compatibility, and recoil. The .327 Magnum offers higher power and greater versatility in ammunition selection, but it also generates more recoil. The .32 H&R Magnum provides moderate power with milder recoil and is often used for self-defence and target shooting in firearms designed for its specific pressure levels.

Please watch this video to learn more information📺


How to choose .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

Choosing this ammo involves considering several factors to ensure you select the right ammunition for your intended purpose and firearm. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. ⭐ Determine Your Intended Use: Decide whether you plan to use the ammunition for self-defence, target shooting, plinking, or small game hunting. Different bullet types and weights are suited for different purposes.

2. ⭐ Check Your Firearm’s Specifications: Make sure your firearm is chambered for .32 H&R Magnum. Check your firearm’s manual or markings on the barrel to confirm compatibility.

3. ⭐ Bullet Type: For self-defence, consider jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition. JHP bullets are designed to expand upon impact, creating larger wound channels and transferring more energy to the target. For target shooting or practice, full metal jacket (FMJ) or wadcutter (WC) ammunition may be suitable.

4. ⭐ Bullet Weight: Bullet weight affects both recoil and performance. Heavier bullets generally have more recoil and potentially greater stopping power. Lighter bullets may have milder recoil but could offer less stopping power.

5. ⭐ Brand and Quality: Opt for reputable ammunition manufacturers known for their quality and consistency. Research reviews and ask fellow shooters for recommendations.

6. ⭐ Local Laws and Regulations: Ensure you’re choosing ammunition that complies with local laws and regulations. Some areas have restrictions on bullet types or require specific features for self-defence ammunition.

7. ⭐  Consider Recoil: If recoil sensitivity is a concern, you might opt for ammunition with a lighter bullet weight or reduced-power loads.

8. ⭐ Price and Availability: Consider the cost and availability of the chosen ammunition. While it may be less common than some other cartridges, make sure you can acquire it easily.

9. ⭐ Test and Evaluate: Once you’ve selected a type of ammunition, consider purchasing a small quantity to test. Evaluate factors such as accuracy, recoil, and reliability in your specific firearm.

10. ⭐Practice and Training: If you’re using the ammunition for self-defence, it’s crucial to practice with the same or similar ammunition you’ll carry. Familiarity with how your firearm performs with your chosen ammo is essential for effective use in critical situations.

Remember that personal preferences, shooting skills, and intended use play significant roles in your ammunition selection. It’s a good idea to consult with experienced shooters, firearms instructors, or your local gun store to get tailored advice based on your specific needs and goals.



The .32 H&R Magnum is a versatile and powerful ammunition choice that caters to a variety of shooting needs, from self-defence and hunting to target shooting and plinking. Different firearms chambered for this cartridge offer a range of features that enhance its performance across these applications. The ability to reload this ammunition allows shooters to customize their experience further, improving the cartridge’s overall utility. However, this process requires careful attention to detail, knowledge, and adherence to safety practices.

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7 months ago

Hello. What is the typical cost of .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

    7 months ago
    Reply to  Pigeon

    The cost of .32 H&R Magnum ammo can vary depending on several factors, including brand, bullet type, quality, and quantity. On average, you might expect to pay around:

    📎 Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) Self-Defense Ammo: $0.50 to $1.00 per round.
    📎 Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Target Ammo: $0.40 to $0.70 per round.

    Please note that these price ranges are approximate and can fluctuate due to supply and demand, economic factors, and other variables. It’s always a good idea to check with local firearms dealers, online retailers, and ammunition marketplaces for the most current pricing information. Additionally, prices may have changed since my last update, so be sure to research current market prices before making a purchase.

      7 months ago

      Earlier this year, I began using the Taurus 327 and was instantly captivated by both .32 H&R and .327 Federal. However, I did notice a substantial difference in the recoil between the two. The more I used the Taurus, the more I grew fond of the .32 H&R, leading me to acquire the Charter Arms Professional MK IV with a 3″ barrel and 7-shot capacity in 32 H&R. I’ve been extremely satisfied with it ever since.

        7 months ago
        Reply to  Brykk

        My fascination with the 32 H&R has been longstanding and the moment the 327 Federal hit the market, I immediately added it to my collection. The advantage of being a handloader is that I have access to a much larger selection of bullet weights and styles, as compared to the limited options offered by factory-produced ammunition.

          7 months ago

          I’ve been a shooter for many years, and I recently decided to give the 32 H&R Magnum ammo a try. I opted for the Jacketed Hollow Point variant, and I must say, I’m impressed. The rounds were clean and consistent, feeding smoothly into my revolver. I took them to the range for some target practice, and they delivered tight groupings, exceeding my expectations.

            7 months ago

            Hello.  What is the effective range of .32 H&R Magnum ammo?

              7 months ago
              Reply to  Mattty

              The effective range of .32 H&R Magnum ammo typically spans up to around 50 to 75 yards for practical and accurate shooting. However, it’s important to note that the effective range can vary based on several factors, including the specific firearm, the type of ammunition being used, the shooter’s skill level, and the intended target.

              🔴 At shorter distances, such as within 25 yards, the .32 H&R Magnum is well-suited for self-defense purposes, where quick and accurate shots are crucial. The cartridge’s moderate power and manageable recoil make it suitable for close-quarters encounters.

              🔴 As you extend the range beyond 50 yards, the bullet’s energy and velocity start to drop, affecting its trajectory and accuracy. Beyond 75 yards, the .32 H&R Magnum’s terminal ballistics and accuracy may become less reliable, limiting its effectiveness for precise shooting or hunting.

                7 months ago

                My firearm of choice is the .327 LCR, and the ammunition I usually opt for is the federal HST 85 grain .327, known for its manageable recoil. My spouse, on the other hand, prefers to use the Buffalo Bore .32 S&W Long 100 grain hardcast wadcutters with the same firearm. This choice of ammunition is beneficial for those who find heavy recoil challenging to manage. Moreover, in a gel penetration test, it achieved an impressive 16-inch depth. I’m interested to see how it would perform with the gel you utilize…

                  7 months ago
                  Reply to  Rodney

                  When I’m working night shifts, I don’t carry my LCR. I use the same wadcutters as my wife. She tried shooting with the low-recoil 85-grain Federal Hydroshocks, but found the recoil still too strong. So, we’ve opted for the .32 S&W long, which should do the job adequately.

                    7 months ago

                    The Charter Arms Professional 32 H&R mag, owned by my father, is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and instinctive revolvers I’ve ever handled. Its 3″ barrel makes it effortlessly portable, barely noticeable when carried, and still ensures admirable velocities for the 32. The joy of shooting with this small revolver is immense, though the cost of its ammunition is a downside. Shooting with 32 long and 32 short feels akin to using a 22, but again, the ammunition is quite costly.